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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Who Are You?
Sanzo and his gang were driving to the next town……………
“Hey Sanzo, I'm hungry!” complained Goku.
“Shut up!” said Sanzo as he whacked Goku on the head with a fan.
“Hah! That's what you get for complaining you stupid monkey!” Gojyo teased.
“ Quiet you water sprite!” Goku defended himself.
“I told you to shut up!” Sanzo shouted.
“Now guys, stop fighting. We're already entering the next town.” said Hakkai.
The town was very nice. They found an inn and got some rooms. They found a restaurant ordered what they wanted and were eating their meal. Suddenly………….
CRASH! Demons were attacking! Sanzo and his friends were about to stand up `til two females got out of their seats. One was tall and had dark brown hair that was fixed into a braid, had blue eyes and was wearing glasses. The other had vermillion colored hair that was tied to a ponytail by a yellow ribbon and two little bells, green eyes and was almost was as tall as Goku. They looked at the demons, but didn't seem to be afraid of them.The first one brought out a staff used by a mage out of nowhere and the other took off the bells on her hair.
“Hana …. “ the first one whispered to her companion giving her a signal.
The young girl was extremely quick. She did a handspring and jumped into the air.
“Everyone, go to the other side of the room!” the tall woman instructed. She muttered some words, which were suppose to be an incantation used to cast a spell which created a barrier to keep the people away from the demons.
All the people followed except for Sanzo and his friends. They were still standing there watching. The girl rang her bells and strings with accurate speed came out directly going for the demons. In seconds, strings surrounded them.
“This is nothing.” Said a demon as he charged for Sanzo, but was provoked, and slashed by the strings, surrounding the demons.
The girl pulled her bells making the string grow tighter around the demons until they were slashed to pieces. I t only took thirty seconds…. the barrier lost it's effect and disappeared. The duo, were about to leave `til Hakkai stopped them.
“Hey …… thanks for doing our job.” Hakkai said.
“Yeah. Thanks. Hey, who are you guys?” Goku added.
“We're strangers to you, but we'll meet again soon.” The young girl answered mysteriously.
They walked outside the door and onto the street. Goku and Gojyo followed them to the front of the restaurant while Hakkai was leaning on the door watching the girls wave goodbye. After that, the asked for their bill, but the manager said it was for free. Soon after that, they found themselves inside one of their hotel rooms. Goku was sitting on a chair beside Hakkai. Sanzo was reading the newspaper while Gojyo was leaning on the window.
“Hey..” Goku said.
“What?” Sanzo answered looking up from the newspaper.
“I wonder what she meant when she said `we'll meet again soon'?” Goku asked innocently.
“Who?” asked Gojyo.
“You know, the girl who had bells on her hair.” He answered.
“Oh, you mean the one with a pink long-sleeved shirt and denim overalls up to the knee? Gojyo confirmed.
Everyone sighed. Of course, Gojyo was the ladies man among the group.
“Yeah, that one.” Goku answered.
“I'd like to ask myself that.” Hakkai interrupted.
Everyone stared at him as he looked up into space.
Oh no ….. he's taken a trip down memory lane! Gojyo thought as he closed his eyes and sighed.
The woman with glasses reminded him of his late sister………..Kanan.
The only thing that was boggling their minds was the question: Who were they?