Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Fan Fiction / Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction / Gensomaden Saiyuki Fan Fiction ❯ Four More ❯ Allies ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

It was nightfall. Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai went to their separate rooms tired of thinking about the incident earlier and who were those two girls. Goku was approaching his room, but stopped walking for a moment then shrugged thinking of that silly thought.
Maybe they were just street fighters in the town, minding their own business `til those stupid demons showed up. Yeah that's it. Silly me.” He thought, trying to make a better explanation for himself.
The next day Goku was with Hakkai and Gojyo shopping for some supplies. The market was crowded. It wasn't long until he got separated from the other two. The bag of vegetables was big, so it blocked his sight a bit, what's more is that it's really heavy! He was walking straight and couldn't see where he was going. Until he bumped into somebody, it was a girl. She landed with a thud on the ground. Goku put down the bag and was going to help her get up. But it wasn't any girl………it was the girl who fought in the restaurant!
“It's you!” Goku blurted out.
“Huh. Oh! Your one of Sanzo's group, right? She remembered.
“Hey, what's your name? Goku asked as he helped her up.
“It's Hana, Hana Shibuya. I'm 15 years old and I'm grade 9. And you must be Son Goku, right? You stand 162cm tall and your age 18.
“Yeah. How'd you know? I don't suppose I've met you before……..have I? He asked curiously.
Hana chuckled.
“Of course you haven't. Hey, can I help you with that? She offered.
Goku knew what she meant. She was pointing to the bag of vegetables that was on the ground. He really wanted help with it.
“Sure, but……”
“But what?” Hana asked innocently.
“Well, just don't get mad at me, okay? He asked permission.
“It's because you're a girl and I think you'll have a bigger problem carrying it than me.” He said.
“That's what I have to be mad about? Don't worry, you might be surprised to see me carrying this.” She assured him.
She lifted the bag from the ground with one hand and looked as if she didn't have any trouble at all. Goku's jaw dropped in amazement seeing a girl 3 years younger than him carry a bag that he couldn't even carry.
“Wowwwwwwww. You're strong! He exclaimed.
“Well, duh. I'm a fighter. I'm suppose to be.” She told him.
“But, I am too, and I can't carry that easily. Hey, can you come with me to the inn?” he asked.
“Of course. You poor thing, you have to carry this big bag the whole way all by yourself.” Hana worried.
“Not really. I just got separated from Gojyo and Hakkai. They might be back at the inn already.” He calmed her.
“Let's go.” She said.
Before Goku noticed it, they were both walking at the same steady pace. They were already approaching the inn.
“Oh where could Goku be?” Hakkai said with a worried face.
“Don't worry. Goku might appear in just a few minutes.” Gojyo said as he was looking outside the window.
Just then, something caught his eye. It was Goku, but there was somebody else with him. It was the young girl from yesterday. She was walking with him and talking.
“Guys, you've got to see this! Gojyo called for the other two.
Sanzo looked up from his newspaper and stood up, Hakkai turned around and started heading for the window.
“What?” asked the two.
“Look there.” By there, Gojyo was pointing to Hana and Goku
“It's that girl.” Sanzo recognized.
“Yeah.” Hakkai agreed.
“But what's she doing with Goku?” Gojyo asked.
They ran out of their room and went downstairs.
On the other hand………….
“Well, I have to go now, my friends are waiting.” She said as she handed the bag to Goku.
“Friends? I thought there were only two of you.” But Goku was too late. She had already ran off and disappeared in the crowd.
Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai ran up to Goku.
“Oh hey guys.” Goku greeted.
“Who was that girl?” Sanzo asked.
“Her names Hana, she says she's 15.” Goku answered innocently.
“And I guess you were getting to know her, right?” Gojyo nudged him.
“No way am I like you, you silly pervert!” Goku returned.
Thwack! Sanzo hit them with his fan.
“Shut up! We'll talk about it later, right now, get those vegetables up so we can eat! Sanzo yelled.
They all went upstairs to their room and Hakkai cooked sukiyaki for dinner, which of course led to some quarrels between Goku and Gojyo and getting hit by Sanzo. All went to bed, but Goku was still awake. Hungry? No. He's a bit restless because of his conversation with Hana.