Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ ALPHA UNIVERSE SAGA: AVATAR TUNER ❯ Chapter 07 ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 07: Prisoner of Labyrinth
“Mai…Aya…Rai…! Reply please…!” Ryusei frantically using his communicator to call his team mates as super robot SRX-01 Altered “Banpreios” stumble on the huge underground sewer. “Ryusei…?” Mai's voice is the first voice being heard by the young Psychodiver as Ryusei sighed in relief. “Thanks God…” Ryusei commented as Mai smiled from her communicator device. “By the way where is it…?” Mai asked. “I'm not sure but it is more like a giant sewage disposal…” Ryusei replied. “For just a sewage disposal it is sure really large…” Mai talked as she checked her surrounding. “We better move now Mai…sitting here will do nothing…” Ryusei commented. “But Aya and Rai still unconscious…” Mai replied. “You can manage T-Link System by your own at the moment right…? We might not encounter combat so it should be fine…until both Rai and Aya awake…” Ryusei answered and smiled toward the younger girl.
Ryusei and Mai must admit that the sewage disposal is bigger than what they thought. Seventy-three meters tall Banpreios seems just like normal human in the middle of sewage disposal with almost half of its body being drained inside the disposal water. “Banpreios function dropped around ten percent…it is alright we still can move and I still can use T-Link Blade Knuckle if enemies attacking…” Ryusei commented. “Hopefully Aya and Rai will awake soon…” Mai whispered. “Don't worry about it Mai…now let's find exit for us…” Ryusei smiled toward the younger girl. “Hai…!” Mai replied and smiled toward Ryusei.
Banpreios hovered lightly as its find better place to stand. It was a stone pedestal as the giant robot walks along the pedestal toward unknown exit. It was Ryusei and Mai that using only their instinct to find out exit and it was a difficult task. Radar and sensor not really functioning well in this unknown place as two SRX Team members try to find their escape along with their other two unconscious comrades. After walks for a while, Ryusei sighed as he decides to stop Banpreios from walking and take several minutes break. Mai in the other hand quickly checked at her elder sister's condition and Rai's. They still unconscious but Mai somehow can manage to control T-Link System by herself at this moment so Banpreios can work quite fine. It is actually also thanks toward Banpreios' state of art technology that T-Link System being perfected and not become a burden of its pilot.
“I wonder how is Ave and the others doing…wether they are save or not…” Mai murmured as Ryusei sighed and he smiled toward the younger girl. “Don't worry…Ave is quite tough and it takes more than universe to destroy him…he should be fine…” Ryusei commented as he tries to encourage the younger girl. “You're right…Ave and the other must be fine and now searching for us…” Mai replied as she smiled toward Ryusei. “See…what I told you and let's go to find them…” Ryusei answered as he begins to re-activate Banpreios. Mai returned to her seat as she checked any other possible exit route without radar as she pointed to Ryusei to follow the water flows for a while. It was her intuition that she might find out exit if she follows the flow of the water.
“Mai…there is light over there…!” Ryusei commented as Mai quickly put Banpreios' scanner on the motion. “It was a similar ray being produced by sun…that means…over there is an exit Ryusei…!” Mai replied. “Yosha…! Let's run toward the exit…!” Ryusei shouted in passion as he activated Banpreios' vernier and make the giant robot dash toward the exit. It was a brilliant sunray but somehow Ryusei and Mai realize that the light are too brilliant and seems want to burn down the entire city. “Where are we…?” Aya suddenly murmured as she regains her conscious followed by Rai. “Aya…!” Mai quickly left her seat and hugs her sister meanwhile Rai begin to run system check for Tronium Engine. “Are you alright Rai…!?” Ryusei asked. “Heh…sorry to make you worry about me…but I am fine…!” Rai replied and smiled toward Ryusei.
Approximately fifteen minutes later…
“I am done with the city map and re-activate some of the sensor…” Aya spoken as Mai checked the new city map one more time. “Tronium Engine also functioning normal…everything is fine…Captain…!” Rai informed Aya about it. “This city…” Mai's sentence being cut when she notice something is moving from her Banpreios' sensor. “Mai…is there anything wrong…?” Ryusei asked. “Something…I am pretty sure there is something that move before…” Mai replied. “I'll check the sensor one more time…hold on…” Aya replied on her younger sister behalf. “It was…that object…it has a life signature on it…” Aya informed. “Shall we check…?” Ryusei enquiries and the others nod in agreement. Banpreios quickly dashed over the object that shown life signature from it and as the giant robot getting closer to that object, Ryusei and the others could see the shape of that object clearly.
“Human…!?” Ryusei stared in disbelief. The object is human, female to be exact and lied on the floor unconscious with the condition seems she was just escape from something. She wears maid attire and her body full with bruises and small cuts. It was Mai that climbed down quickly from Banpreios and helped the unconscious girl. “Are you alright…?” the younger Kobayashi asked. “Ugh….I…where…am…I…?” the unconscious girl murmured as she slowly opened her eyes and stared toward Mai. Ryusei, Aya and Rai quickly climbed down from Banpreios as well and run toward Mai who helping the unconscious girl by put the girl's head on her lap. “I am ensign Kobayashi Mai from SRX Team…I am here to help you…” Mai assures the girl that everything will be fine. The girl sighed for a while before suddenly paled and trying very hard to stand up.
“Don't move too much…you sustained a lot of injured…” Aya concerned as she force the girl to laid down on her youngest sister's lap. “Margaret Ojousama…I need to save her…” the girl murmured. “Mistress…?” Mai asked in confused. “I am sorry Mai-san…my name is Elanore Baker…I am a maid of a young girl…Margaret Burton Ojousama…but something happened and I…I need to save her…” Elanore explained as she winced when Aya carefully tender her injuries. “Sorry if its hurts…” Aya apologized.
After a while, Elanore seems calmed down as she stared over her saviours. “Thanks for your help…” she smiled toward Mai, Ryusei, Aya and Rai. “Don't worry about it…! Champion of Justice will help people who need help the most…!” Ryusei replied as he grinned toward the young maid. “Ryu…!” Aya glared toward her teammate as Ryusei just winced. “Hehe…gomen…” he replied sheepishly. “What's going here…!?” Rai asked with his usual cold voice. Elanore remain silent for a while as she stared toward SRX Team members before let a heavy sighed begins her story.
“I am not sure about this place…but somehow…I heard this city called Kadath…” Elanore explained. “Kadath…” Mai murmured as she memorized the information on her mind. “I am actually not alone but with my other two companions…a mercenary girl called Madlax and my mistress…Margaret Ojousama…but when I realize…I have been separated from them…” Elanore explained as her eyes begin to swell with tears. “I was attacked by unknown habitant of this city…but somehow I manage to escape…until you all found me…” Elanore finished her story. “Habitant of this city…?” Rai asked. “The shape looks like a shadow but I am not sure since it was blurry and I just run as fast as I can…ignoring the injured I sustain from their attack…” Elanore replied.
“I see…so in other word…this city habitants are dangerous…” Aya replied as the young maid nods. “Don't worry Elanore…I will help you to find your Margaret Ojousama…you have my words…!” Ryusei grinned as he put her hands on Elanore's shoulders. “But…Ryusei…we still need to find Ave and New York Kagekidan…” Mai stared at her comrade and enquiries. “Well…I can't just let people suffer…and we can look for them in the same time as well…” Ryusei grinned. “I agree…that's our Ryu after all…” Aya sighed and smiled. “How about you Rai…?” Aya asked. “I don't object if you agree as well Captain…” Rai answered.
It was when SRX Team along with Elanore agree to search for Margaret and Madlax meanwhile unknown by them that Margaret and Madlax already meet with Ave. In the meantime on the other side of the city…
“According to Serph's map…it should be here…” Ave commented as he adjusted his map from his Argan's monitor by pressing the touch screen. “Um…it needs to enter…that…” Margaret pointed toward the entrance toward the tunnel. “It seems like a labyrinth for me…” Madlax commented as she leaned on Argan's right hand thumb. “So far there are no enemies…but we cannot let our guard down…” Ave informed. “I know about that and let your guard down wasn't a good idea anyway…” Madlax replied and smiled toward the young Time Diver. “I just…let you know…” Ave replied.
“Ave-san…this tunnel…how about the mysterious monster that being informed by Serph before…?” Margaret asked as she reveals an object like mirror on her hand. “We stole this one from the museum here…hopefully this Magatama Mirror can be used…” Ave commented. “It should be…or else it means dead for us…” Madlax added. “Hey…don't jinx us…!” Ave glared toward the female mercenary as Madlax giggled. “Anyway…let's enter this tunnel and find out…after all this tunnel is the only way to connect us with the other side of Kadath…!” Ave commented as his Argan walks slowly toward the tunnel entrance.
It was when in the same time SRX Team along with Elanore entered the same tunnel from another entrance. “Why we entered this tunnel again anyway…?” Mai asked. “I think if this suppose to led us to another exit…we can find other place as well…” Ryusei replied. “Never realize that you can think as well sometimes Ryu…” Aya smiled as she replied her teammate. “Soukai…?” Ryusei grinned as Elanore giggled. Elanore by the way share the same cockpit with Ryusei as that's the biggest cockpit compare to other cockpit block of Banpreios. It is still little bit cramped actually but in this kind of situation nobody care about it anyway.
As Banpreios entered the tunnel nobody realize that both SRX Team and the other being watched by something mysterious. As the mysterious figure smiled it was disappeared beyond the darkness of the city and the brightness of the city. It was the city of labyrinth where people are prisoners of it. No exit for prisoners as this city will hold them captive eternally. But as the power of the city itself weakened, the day where Pandemonium rise and Lord Lucifer reigned his army against Jehovah will be begin. It is only in the matter of time but as the prisoners struggle to free themselves, nobody can help them. It was when the city of labyrinth being forgotten by people from ages and millennial….
Until now….
To Be Continued
Performed By: KOTOKO
ano yaketa kumo ni nokoru kageotte...
sora wo waketa koe wo tayori ni
nemuri ni nita michi wo aruku
tobikata nado dare mo shiranai
atari ni chirabatta fujouri
uzumaita daishi nara kitto aeru
utsukushiku kikazatta doukegao no RIARU
naze koko ni umare soko wo aruku no ka?
tsumiagaru kabe ni kagiri no nai yumemaboroshi mure wo nasu
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