Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ ALPHA UNIVERSE SAGA: AVATAR TUNER ❯ Chapter 06 ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter 06: The Other Side
“Where are we…?” Halko murmured as she stared at her Daughtress Neo monitor.”Alisa…?” the white mobile suit quickly run toward the Jenice Kai that kneeled not far from her location. “Are you alright Alisa…? Answer me…!” Halko yelled from her communicator as the younger girl replied. “I'm fine…don't worry Haruko-san…” Alisa replied and smiled toward her friend. “By the way…where are we…?” Alisa asked as she turned around to see her surrounding with her Jenice Kai's linear cockpit's monitor. “Somewhere that we never know existed Alisa and it seems really dark here…” Halko commented.
The place seems to be a city but really dark. It was like a night that eternally envelops the city like a dark mantle as no lights from the sky or artificially generates shines the city. It was strange and it seems nobody lives in the city and only two of them Halko and Alisa that standing in the middle of nowhere. “We better to move…I wonder if it will do any good if we just stay in this spot…” Halko commented. “I am agree with you…at least we can find out where are we and why the place seems really empty…” Alisa replied. The two of them began to wanders through the dark part of city, as it seems nobody appeared to be living in that place. Suddenly Jenice Kai stopped as Alisa spotted something from the nearby huge building.
“Alisa…what's wrong…?” Halko asked as her Daughtress Neo walks closer to Alisa's Jenice Kai. “The sign board and it says…Survivor of Messiah Raids…” Alisa replied as her mobile suit pointed at the sign on the front gate of the huge building. “Somehow…this building reminds me with Mall…” Halko commented as she stared at the tall and huge building. “Maybe it is a former Mall until something happened before…and I think that's the story behind Messiah Raids…” Alisa replied. “The only think we can do at this moment is to figure out…about what is actually happened…” Halko grinned. “Not many choice I think…let's go then…” Alisa nodded and smiled at her companion as both of them climbed down from their respective mobile suits and entered the building.
“Pharmacy…Armoury…and Bar and Bistro…” Alisa commented. “What should we do then…?” Halko asked. “If we really want to learn about something…the only place possible to do that is by going to the Bar and Bistro and collecting information as many as possible…” Alisa smiled. “You seems smart in this kind of think…” the older girl commented. “Not really…but it is something that I learn from playing Role Playing Games in the Playstation Console before…” Alisa smiled as Halko just sighed when she heard Alisa's answer.
Both girl entered the Bar and Bistro as they saw people sit on the chairs and chats each other. It is a normal thing you see in the bar except those people seems less human than what normal human should have. Some of them try to hide their facial bodies with their black cloaks as the other stared at Alisa and Halko with sentiment on their eyes. Alisa and Halko quickly walk to the bar as the bartender stared at them in suspicious before asking for the order. “What is actually happened here…?” Halko asked as she drinks her beer meanwhile Alisa just ordered a toast with ham since she can't really takes alcoholic beverages. The bartender remains silent for a while until Halko repeats her question.
“Young lady…if I become you…I prefer not to open old scars from people here…” the bartender replied. “Old scars…?” Halko asked. “Haruko-san…” Alisa elbowed her companion lightly as Halko understand about what the younger girl trying to imply. All of people presented in the Bar and Bistro stared at both Halko and Alisa. They are those people who experience the old scars like the bartender implied. It was a very unpleasant scenery that makes even Halko gritted her teeth as she feel her anger built up as she saw everything. Suddenly Halko grabbed the bartender's collar and glared at him. “Who did this…!?” she asked as Alisa backed a bit. “There is nothing you can do…even if you already know about them…” the bartender answered and his face seems emotionless as usual. “Damn…!” Halko cursed meanwhile Alisa just sighed.
“If you really desperate want to know about them…I might give you the information…although I want something in return…” someone suddenly spoken as a tall figure stood and removes her cloak. “Who are you…?” Halko asked as she saw the figure is actually a woman with blue hair and cold expression on her face. “Haruko…she's from…” Alisa suddenly elbowed her partner again lightly as her other hand pointed over the insignia on the woman's uniform. “SRX Team…?” Halko stared in disbelief. “My name is Viletta Badam…and I am from SRX Team…I presume you all meet my subordinative before…” Viletta replied. “It was around two years ago…we fought against Rogue Flamers…” Halko replied.
“That incident…I remember…but I didn't get involved with that…” Viletta replied. “We better get going and find other place to discuss this…and Mr. Bartender…I apologize for this thing…” Viletta smiled as she hauled Halko and Alisa from Bar and Bistro. “Who are you anyway…!?” the bartender asked before three of them exited from Bar and Bistro. “We just people that never surrender our fate to anybody…” Viletta answered and grinned toward the bartender as she walks away followed by Halko and Alisa. “So…what should we do…?” Alisa asked. “First let me explain about everything first…about Messiah Raids and also about this place…” Viletta replied. “Yes…I also always keep wondering about what is actually Messiah Raids is…?” Halko enquiries. “It will going to be a long story…don't feel asleep…” Viletta grinned.
“It was when Nirvana being attacked…when Jehovah and His army taken over the Eden and banish Lord Lucifer to the hellish part of this universe…Pandemonium…” Viletta explained. “Wait…are you saying that from the first time…Lucifer is the lord of Eden…why it is so different from what I learn from before…!?” Alisa protested. “It was His lackey…they put a heavy censorship over holy manuscript and even the Holy Empire of Vatican being influenced by them from the shadow…” Viletta explained. “Your explanation is seems unbelievable…how do you know this kind of things while you're not even Earthians…?” Halko asked. “The answer is simple young one…it is because I am a Time Diver…same with your comrade…Ave…” Viletta answered as Halko and Alisa gasped after they heard about that explanation.
“This event and another following event later on being called Messiah Raids…here people being slain for their own freedom…if they didn't follow what Jehovah instructed to them…it was a grim fate of humanity…” Viletta explained meanwhile both Halko and Alisa decide to remain silent. “I am not sure if you both actually realizing how there was a strain when you do something…there is something that clouded your mind until the first Balmar War broke before…and Ave returned as Time Diver…” Viletta speaks. “Now you mention it Viletta-san…” Alisa answered. “I feel like I can do something…not like powerless me before…” Halko added. “That's the power that being released from your limiters…making yourself obtain the power of creation that being referred by Ave as the power of Imaginer before…” Viletta answered.
“Power of creation…?” Halko and Alisa asked. “Any of you are Christian or Catholic here…?” Viletta asked and Alisa quickly raised her right hand. “Do you remember what God's said in one of Genesis Chapter from your bible about the creation of Men…?” Viletta asked the youngest girl. “Is it the part when God said that He create Men based on His figure…?” Alisa asked. “Do you remember exactly about the passage…?” Viletta asked again. “Not really remember…it just like…after that…He said…God create human base on His figure…Men and Women…” Alisa stopped as she realizes something strange here. “Do you realize something…?” Viletta asked again as the youngest girl nodded. “What is it actually…?” Halko asked, as she didn't really understand about it.
“Creating human base on His figure and those human are Men and Women…” Viletta answered. “But what's wrong by that…?” Halko asked again. “Alisa…mind if you explain this to her…?” Viletta asked. “In later passage it is far later…they told people about how God created human based no…I mean female…women…based on one of Men's ribs…as the first man was called Adam…and then the second woman was called Eve…” Alisa replied. “It is actually quite the opposite…” Viletta commented as both girls stared at the Time Diver. “The first man and woman weren't created by God…they were created by The Will of Universe…they were Adam and Eve…but as Jehovah reigned Nirvana and banished Lucifer to Pandemonium…He begin to act like God…” Viletta explained. “How can this be happened…?” Halko asked.
“Power of creation…after He banish Eve from Adam's side…He attempt to create another woman but failed since Jehovah never have power of creation…He finally use Adam's rib as a material and base to create the female counterpart of Adam himself…this new woman was actually Lilith…woman that her and her descendants harbour hatred over men and sons of Adam and daughters of Eve…they act as Jehovah's spies…I mean sons and daughters of Lilith…” Viletta replied. “I never heard about this…” Alisa commented. “Neither I…” Halko commented. “All of the information being sealed in the Holy City of Vatican and feared for being destroyed by Jehovah…it is quite the opposite…if thinking the existence of the Holy City first was to worship the being so called God…it's actually being built to fight Him to the bitter end…” Viletta explained.
“You mean all of the information about it being hidden from us…?” Halko asked. “Not really being hidden but it was humanity itself that decide to not seeking for the truth…the fear inside their mind manifesting as they think their life under Jehovah are better rather than against Him and death wait them as penalty…” Viletta answered. “Now…you mention about it…there are many figures that being killed since their teaching are simply showing humanity about truth…” Alisa commented. “And…that's the scar from Messiah Raids…never can be healed as long as His reign still exist in this universe….” Viletta replied.
“Many human are Lilith's descendant rather than Eve's…after her banishment…Eve going exile and she bore the child of Adam….she finally gave birth of twins…Son of Adam…Abel and Daughter of Eve…Nephilim…” Viletta explained. “Let me guess…after that…both Abel and Nephilim's descendants also live in this world…” Halko suddenly commented. “Exactly…some still retain the pure blood of Adam's and Eve's meanwhile some already mixed with Lilith's…for example…Alisa…you're the pure blood including you Halko…but Ave is mixed blood as his father side is Adam and Eve's descendant but her mother side is Lilith's…” Viletta explained. “How do you know about all of this thing…?” Alisa asked.
“I am Time Diver…and I am bestowed by this knowledge…Ave also…but this knowledge sometimes act also as double edge sword…if you let your knowledge to take control of yourself…you will lose your sanity and act no different with Lilith's although you're Adam and Eve's…” Viletta replied. “Did Ave know about this…?” Halko asked. “He knows…but he also blessed by Nashim GunEden including Dis Lev power…it was something that need to be counted…Helios Olympus chose Ave by himself…for some reason Ave is the carrier of the ultimate factor…but not yet emerged…” Viletta answered. “Ultimate factor…?” Alisa asked. “It was like saviour for Time Diver…not an Originator but retain the original power of the Originator…not wise but able to express himself without being a hypocrite…it was something that Helios hoping for Time Diver's future generation…” she replied.
“Anyway…what should we do now…? We know about this surprisingly unknown knowledge about our existence and we need to do something…” Halko suddenly commented. “She's right Viletta-san…we need to do something and this place is not really right…something wrong happened here before…and this is why we are all being summoned here…” Alisa commented as well. “This place…the place where everything started…if all of you still insisted want to do something about it…I will help you two…” Viletta answered as she smiled toward Alisa and Halko. “We need to find out…about the source of this darkness for the time being and after we annihilate this darkness…we gained trust from those people and gained more information about this place as well…” Halko grinned. “Not bad strategy…” Viletta commented.
“It was caused by the monster resides on the lowest level of the basement I heard before…” Viletta suddenly speaks as Halko and Alisa stared at her. “Monster…?” both girls asked. “It was information from two folks that talking in the bar one day ago before you two arrived…” Viletta explained. “You mean if we defeat this monster so this town will returned to its normal state…?” Alisa asked. “I am not sure about that…but let try it first if you two don't mind…” Viletta answered. “In this kind of situation…Ave wouldn't mind especially helping other people….” Halko commented. “Neither I…” Alisa smiled toward Viletta and her companion.
As Viletta activated her R-Gun Powered, Halko and Alisa already prepare themselves and their mobile suits to fight the monster that resides in the lowest level of the basement. What kind of monster they will face and the most important thing, are they any monster in that place actually…? Or it just more like a fear created by humanity themselves…?
One more thing for sure…
There is nothing worst than being chained by your fate in the past. Walks and runs for your future is the most thing important for you're live. Never want to be dictated by someone else as humanity has ability to shape his or her own fate in this universe. It was the most important thing as the fate of this universe begins to move and the gear of destiny rotated throughout time and space.
The real battle will be started….
To Be Continued