Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Know your Samurai ❯ Hayashida Heihachi ( Chapter 3 )

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Authors Note:
Okay here is another hopefully funny chapter of Know your Samurai,
Our victim err volunteer this time around is Heihachi Hayashida.^^.
< br> After around 5 minutes of what seemed like an eternity of elevator and
easy listening the system was fixed and we can vaguely see a variety of bored to death characters with funny looks on their faces.
Some looked like screaming in terror.

But onto the latest, Heihachi Hayashida.

The music stopped and someone that sounded like Kiku and Katsu shouting finally.

The spotlights did their thing and the lights showing Heihachi sitting happily on his stool thinking of rice probably.

"your Samurai, Know your Samurai, Know your Samurai..."

"Um hello,"
He looked a little bit confused but waved anyway, Despite the fact if anyone could see him or not.

"Let's get to know Hayashida Heihachi."

"Um okay."

"Hayashida Heiahchi.......Has hair the color of a carrot."


"Hayashida Heihachi.....has been associated with this riddle.
How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood."

"I don't get it. I haven't been associated with that riddle?"

"You have been now."
"What is the point of this?"
Heihachi was annoyed by this guy.

"To know your Samurai of course."

"But none of this is true."

"How do you know?"

"Aren't we the actual Samurai that your getting to know?"

"That's questionable."

This must be a test for his patients.

"Well Shimada Kambei is wanted for identity theft."

"I am not!!"
Kambei shouted,Obviously still angry from earlier.

"Okay then, See."

"No not really."

"We're moving on to the getting to know you part."

"But none of it is true."
Heihachi was slightly confused.

"Hayashida Heihachi....likes to dress up like a girl when he is alone."

"Hey I only did that once!"

"Hayashida Heihachi...thinks he is a pretty girl."

"I only did that once! Once I tell you!"

"Hayashida Heihachi....secretly likes Katayama Gorobei."

"Hey wait a minute."
He had a small blush.

"Hayashida Heiahchi......hates rice."

Time stood still for a minute and a look of pure evil came from Heihachi as he looked around trying to see where the announcer was.
He turned his head and you could see flames in his eyes that promised pain in a slow torturing fashion as well as suspenseful music.

"I do not hate rice"
He said through gritted teeth.

"I was only kidding......pysche."

Heihachi now explodes.
He huffed and attempted to regain his composure.

"Hayashida Heihachi has no patients."

"With you no!"

"Hayashida Heihachi is slightly evil."

"You insulted my unquestionable love for rice by saying I did not like it! Nothing you say is true!"

"Now you know, Now you know, Now you know Hayashida Heihachi."

The camera started zooming out.
"No they don't, Everything you say is a lie!...almost everything you say is lie!
I love you rice!"

Next time on Know your Samurai it's Lady Kirara's turn!.
Authors Note:
I'm gonna have fun with her turn.^^.

Have a good day or night or both or whatever.^_^.

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