Samurai 7 Fan Fiction ❯ Know your Samurai ❯ Katayama Gorobei ( Chapter 2 )

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Authors Note:
I'm working on new chaps for my other S7 fics.^^.
Same for this one.
Well time for Katayama Gorobei.^^.
The spotlight did it's little dance and the announcer started.

"Know your Samurai, Know your Samurai, Know your Samurai."

The light went over Gorobei's head.

"Lets meet Katayama Gorobei."

For some reason he had a bad feeling but maybe that was because of Kambei's turn not long ago.
So he settled himself in his stool.

"Katayama in trouble for copying the matrix."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember your slow motion spinning and catching/ breaking arrow darts in your first episode appearance.?"

"I've never even heard of the matrix."

"Uh-huh, we believe you."

"It's the truth."

The announcer decided to move on.
Music started to play.

"Katayama Gorobei....likes red heads and he cannot lie.
The other Samurai won't deny that when a red head walks in with a mop of red hair in your face you get....
"Stop that!"
In his opinion this was messed up.

"Kat...ayam..a Gor..obei.....

It sounded like the announcer was having difficulties.

Some other announcer came on.
"Due to technical difficulties you will have to wait a little while but upon return we are switching over to another person. We leave you with some music for your entertainment. Good day."

But with suspenseful jaws theme playing kind of scenario the real music that started playing was.....none other than.....Elevator Music and Easy listening!
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Authors Note:
I know it was short but I'll probably be back at a later date to add something else since I don't know that much about Gorobei.
The song parody was Sir-Mix-Alots I like Big Butts.
That's getting a fic all it's own later on.^^.

Next victim..err guest shall be Heihachi,^^,
Have a good day err night or both or whatever.^_^.

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