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Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos

Author: G.A. Wildcat

Welcome back. Apparently, after reading the Covert Operations set, you've decided that you wanted a taste of the aftermath. Well, here it is. It has appearances of all the characters of the TV series (not counting some of the minors, and Lucille has a slightly smaller role), the major characters of the Covert Operations set, as well as a few new ones.

I'm going to tell you right now, there are a lot of references to popular items, phrases, and other things in this story. Those items are the sole property of their respective owners and companies, and are copyrighted as such, just like I mentioned before the "Four Jokers" fanfic. As Jonas Miles once put it, it's merely "echoing the greats", or something or other. There will be no danger involved in putting something in to spice up the story a little. (Those "greats" include such notables as Skankin' Speedy. Forgive me, but I didn't want to repeat the phrase "Great Warrior" over and over, and I couldn't think of another "medieval" name to use.)

And to all those who can spot all the references, then 3 cheers and pat yourself on the back.

This story takes place not long after the conclusion of "Owner of a Lonely Heart". The Pizza Cats and Curtis's team of Super-Cats have joined together and have defeated the A.L.D. once and for all. Question is, was their job thorough? Well, that's what we're going to find out.



He watched the short film clip for possibly the ninth time in the span of an hour. How that cursed Curtis Wildcat had taken his sword and had sliced and diced Quarter and his motley group into the eternal darkness that was domestication. How, in the end, that idiot Seymour "Big" Cheese had tried running to the mountains to escape the destruction, but had unwittingly got himself caught in the hands of the traitorous rock group, the Rude Noise. In all that time, he had come to one conclusion:

The Cheese stood alone.

Neither Seymour or Quarter could be equal to Curtis in terms of power or speed. Also, the calico had his newfound friends, the Samurai Pizza Cats, helping him all the way; and in the end, it was Speedy Cerviche, the leader of the bunch, who had destroyed the nuclear silo and, in the process, destroyed the Animal Legion of Doom along with it.

But, surprisingly, he wasn't overwhelmingly mad about it, as the Big Cheese usually was. He was young, but he wasn't stupid. He was Chaos Kitten, and when the time came, he would match wits and power with Curtis and come out the victor. He wasn't just a hapless kitten that Quarter had sought ever since the U.S.'s National Guard burned away the lives of his alcohol-obsessed grandparents, who had gone on a spree of riots in his hometown in South Dakota. He wasn't even the spy who had unwittingly gotten himself knocked out in a small grocery store. Chaos K. had since recovered from that attack; now, it was time he seized the opportunity to flaunt his power.

But first, he had to do something about those Pizza Cats. They were strong, and had the potential to become even stronger; perhaps even stronger than Curtis himself. However, they had their weak points; they argued a lot, and tended to ignore things that started out small before they got large, like that alien pig that Speedy had once become attached to.

Fortunately, if the plan he had been working on for the past 3 weeks started out as well as he planned, he wouldn't have to worry about any of it.

"Hey, Chaos?" a female voice shouted through his bedroom door.

That was his cousin, Felonia Jase. She had started out as a clueless, abused yellow kitten; now, she had become as lethal and dangerous as the Ginyu Force warrior that she was named after. Perhaps even more so. She had ties to Curtis, as she had been accepted as a Super-Cat once before; however, she had become overly jealous of Curtis's extreme power, causing her to flee. She eventually joined Quarter and worked undercover to derive the latest news and information. "What is it, cuz?" Chaos shouted through the door.

"I think you might want to check out the news," she shouted. "Something interesting is happening overseas."

Chaos complied, pushing open the door to check out what Felonia had deemed important enough for him to see.

And indeed it was. When he walked out of that room 6 minutes later, he had himself the plan. He would take down the Pizza Cats; but he would make that destruction slow. So slow, that by the time those nitwits had found out about it, it would be too late to do anything about it. And, by those means, he had discovered the perfect attack against Curtis. It wasn't any type of strength or energy. C.K. had plenty of those, but he had something else in mind. Rather, Chaos would make him look bad in the eyes of the Council and of the increasingly calm bunny that was Princess Violet. And he knew just the weapon to accomplish that goal:

The destruction of the Pizza Cats.

And, with that, the A.L.D.'s latest operation was spurred into motion.