Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos ❯ Of the Day's Annoyances ( Chapter 5 )

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5: Of the Day's Annoyances

That night, after Korbi had been installed as mayor, Chaos and Felonia returned to their temporary home, which was Quarter's former hideout, via a multiple-lightspeed highway. They ate a dish each of spaghetti and meatballs in silence, and after they played "Trivial Pursuit" to pass the time, Felonia went to bed, complaining all the while about a lack of beauty sleep. It was at this moment that Chaos decided to use his special code to tap into the Little Tokyo Treasury.



This took Chaos totally by surprise. Nothing had told him about there being a second code. "Now, what am I supposed to do?" he said to himself.

Then, something that Quarter had once told him popped into memory. :::Think of the most obvious. What it usually is, isn't.:::

Chaos sat alone, trying to think of the most obvious code. The most obvious would be VIOLET-IS-NUMBER1-, but that was way TOO obvious. "I have to give the Council more credit than that," he whispered. Instead, he typed in the code -WTSBBV-, which was short for "Wave the sky Bye-Bye, Vi". For a fleeting instant, he wondered how many people got exiled for using that password in the first place.










Chaos Kitten closed down the program and snickered to himself. Every couple hours, he would sign on again, making increasingly large withdrawls. The more money he stole, the higher the chance that Curtis would be fingered by Violet for the treachery, and the more money C.K. would have to create his army. And even if Little Tokyo won the fight, which was highly unlikely, they would still have to regain all that money. The terrible financial situation would still accomplish his goal of demolishing the city.

Placing the sheet with his account number underneath his keyboard, he switched off the computer, tried not to drag himself to his room, and decided to try to get a few hours sleep.


The invitation from up on high came down to the Pizza Cats that a huge party was being thrown in the town square to celebrate Curtis's victory against Kounn. Regardless of the fact that it had been engineered by Atom Cat and that there wouldn't be enough food for everyone, Speedy, Guido, and GB had all jumped at the opportunity to join in the festivities, leaving the female members of the team to face an important decision: would they open the parlor today, or wouldn't they?

Polly, Francine, Aldonza, and Carla Crow sat together in the upstairs living area to talk about the problem. And their decision was unanimous.

"I say don't open it," Carla started it off. "If those slackers aren't going to stick around to do their work, you might as well not bother."

"Especially with the fact that even with all 4 of us running it, we'd be out of breath before the first hour was up," Aldonza chimed in. She checked the bandage on her right arm; Curtis had heard about what she had said about what happened in the parlor just recently. "Wait until we have a guaranteed day for those idiots to show up at work, then we can open it."

"Well, since we've got the whole day to ourselves, what do you want to do?" asked Polly.

"I still have a large amount of money left in our pockets after that big Garlic Jr. Pizza sale. I'm going to take my credit card, my wallet, and do some decent shopping." Already, visions were filling Francine's head, which consisted of new winter clothing and a brand-new television set.

"DECENT shopping," a voice growled, clearing the fog from her brain. "Don't forget that."

No one even bothered to turn their head. That was a mistake; Ambush Cat dropped down next to them, almost landing on their heads.

"A.C.. How come you're not at that huge get-together on the opposite side of town?" Aldonza asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" snarled the Black Maine Coon, who spoke like a human but preferred to walk on all fours like the cat that he was. "I'm not over there because I wasn't invited. I was planning on doing some prowling around like I usually do, maybe even scare up a few dollars and drop by the fried chicken outlet. I'm also planning on doing some table tennis with the Rescue Team. THEY weren't invited, either." He swiped his tongue over his front paws, then smoothed down the fur on his head.

"And what was that crack about DECENT shopping?" a suspicious Francine said quietly.

"It always pays to leave your closet door closed," Ambush Cat chuckled. "Not to mention your bedroom door. Outfits like that deserve to be cremated."

"If you've touched them----" Francine started to say.

Ambush Cat hissed, cutting her off. In between words, he started grooming his tail. "If you want to go with immodesty, fine. Just don't say I didn't warn you; Curtis wouldn't see you dead in one of those. But then again, he might." He paused. "And you know how Curtis feels when he sees something he doesn't like." He wedged open the window, dropped to the ground below, and scampered away to resume his prowling.


The 4 girls strolled around the department store, pushing a cart ahead of them. The cart was stock-full of the latest fads in clothing, music CDs and tapes, and frying pans. However, the bad stuff started when Francine pulled out her credit card.

The cashier scanned the credit card for a moment, frowned, then scanned it again. Again, the same result each time. "I'm sorry, Miss Manx, but it appears you still owe us AND the credit card company $680 dollars for your purchase of those 2 new credenzas."

"What are you talking about?" Francine said, disbelieving. "I paid for that furniture a month after the comet hit!"

"I can't really explain it myself, Miss," said the cashier, "but I'm afraid you can't buy all the stuff in the cart until you pay us back the full $680. We will need it as soon as possible."

Francine sighed. "All right. What stuff will I have to return?"

The cashier eyed the cart. "Your Sylvia Melika CD, 2 of the Class-93 Non-stick frying pans, that red full-length kimono..." He eyed the clothing in the cart. "And that bizarre dress of yours. I wish I knew how it got in this place to begin with."

"You're better off not getting it," Aldonza said quietly, trying to soothe an enraged Fran. "Like Ambush Cat said, Curtis would probably kill you if he saw you in that."

An angry Francine stared at Aldonza, fury overwhelming her emotions. However, just as she was about to clobber her, Aldonza snarled, "Fine. Punch me as hard as you can, then feel what a Tail Laser Blast is like."

The Pizza Cat continued to look at her, mad at the threat. "Why, you..."

Almost immediately, Aldonza regretted that mistake. "Just calm down," she said as soothingly as she could under the circumstances. "If you would please release your anger on your bedroom pillows later, it'll be a whole lot better for everyone in the long run." She flinched noticeably. "That, and my body still hurts from my last 'claw-ful' chat with Curtis last night." She indicated her left shoulder, which had a large bandage on it. "I have more scars everywhere else on me, and they hurt like crazy. So, please: do me a favor and let me keep myself in one piece."

Fran continued to pout. "Fine!" Paying for the stuff the cashier hadn't rejected, she pushed away the cart to put the stuff away.


Shana Cheese withdrew the credit card from the cash machine, a wild grin spread across her face. Using the codes Chaos Kitten had required, she had just gotten done stealing a heap of money out of Francine's personal account.

That was all part of the plan, of course. If she kept on stealing money from the Cats' personal accounts, the Pizza Cats would have no more supplies to keep making pizzas and would have to go out of business. Also, there was a strange twist to this thievery. No food for the Pizza Cats meant what Chaos Kitten had wanted: a slow, deliberate self-destruction. And then, when Chaos got started draining the funds for the conditions of the Pizza Cat itself, there wouldn't be very much left in the way of utilities: no power, no water, nothing.

The best part was that this whole thing would be blamed on Curtis Wildcat, if Vi continued her practice of jumping to conclusions.

Leaving the room, Shana went to the elevator to report to Korbi the latest happenings with the Operation.