Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos ❯ Moon Rabbit Flies Sky-High ( Chapter 8 )

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8: Moon Rabbit Flies Sky-High

Curtis went down on one knee and picked up the sword, releasing his grip on Vi. He hadn't been that emotional since.....he didn't know when.

He, however, had to clear his mind of all other thoughts NOW so that he could offer Vi a little gift to keep his power alive. Slowly but surely, he threw all thoughts of Shila from his mind and started concentrating.

For a moment, Shape-Shifter started glowing a deep purple. Then, without warning, something dropped to the floor from the ceiling, causing a loud clatter. Curtis opened his eyes, stopped concentrating, picked it up, and gave it to the Princess.

"What is it?" she asked, gripping the sword. For a moment, she tested it out, then put it inside a sheath that had mysteriously appeared, as well.

"I called upon all the power encased in this sword to release an exact duplicate from the mysterious somewhere that it was created. Neither I nor anyone else I knew that made this sword; it was a little something I got from one of the alien races I fought against years ago. These swords are rare, but they can be found."

Violet apparently didn't understand. "But what do you want me to have THIS for?"

Curtis took a deep breath. "Because you've earned it. You're starting to develop the behavior of a TRUE ruler of the city. You've gotten a lot smarter since I first arrived in town. Not only that, but you're starting to care more and more about the people under your rule. You didn't even get mad when I showed up unexpectedly earlier."

He looked in her eyes. "Which goes to show that while you possess a lot of power outside of you, you also have a large reserve inside of you."

"Those classes that I've been taking have had an influence on me," replied Vi. "I admit it. For the first time...I've been starting to comtemplate the results of my own actions. I shouldn't have been so trigger-happy when it came to exiling everyone in sight. As far as I'm concerned, the people of Prisoner Island can return at any time, with the exception of the Big Cheese. HE deserved it."

Curtis gulped. She probably wasn't going to like this, but he still had to say it. "See, that's another thing I thought I'd mention. Prisoner Island isn't what it is, anymore."

"You mean it's not a place for exiles to spend the last few years of their life?" Surprisingly, she wasn't even ticked.

"I promised Seymour I wouldn't tell remember I. Beam, don't you?"

"Yes, I remember him."

"Here's the thing, Vi," Curtis explained slowly. "Not long after he got there, he turned half the island into a beach resort."

"Oh. Well, in that case, they can stay there, then. I'll just think of something else to do with the people that violate my orders numerous times. Taking the prisoners away from a paradise would be an even worse punishment."

"And just in case you're wondering, Cheese plans on staying anyway."

"Just as well. Cheese isn't going to cut itself---" Vi paused for a moment to hold back a sharp laugh.

Carlos Cosmos walked inside just then. "You called for me, Highness?"

Vi slowly turned around to face Carlos. Her eyes looked hopeful, and Carlos couldn't discern any request behind them, at first.

Finally, she spoke. "Yes, I was kind of hoping...." Vi hesitated for a moment, then said, "Carlos, would you be able to marry me?"

Curtis's mouth fell open, and his eyes widened in total shock.

Carlos paused for a moment, surprised, then chuckled. "To be honest, Princess, I was just about to ask you the same thing. See, I haven't had a lot to do, even with my duties as starfighter commander. I figure having a couple of kids and a wife would do me some good." He paused for a moment. "I'm of legal age, in case that's what you're wondering---"

"No, don't worry about it," Vi interrupted. A broad smile appeared on her face. "I just can't think of a time I've been happier!"

"Tell that to Teasy Melika," Curtis laughed, shaking away his shock. "He got ticked off when he found out Polly and Speedy were going to have kids. He almost hit the roof!" He turned serious. "I have the feeling, Carlos, that Chaos Kitten and Felonia Jase are planning a massive attack. I need you to have your squadron ready in case anything comes up."

"I have the distinct feeling, Admiral, that having Cosmos Squadron ready is not going to be a problem," said Carlos quietly. There was a slight edge in his voice; one that neither Curtis or Vi had heard before. "Keep ready, indeed."


Shana grinned mirthfully as she withdrew her card one more time. As it was, she had taken the last of Francine's money, while Chaos Kitten had been stealing the money from the Pizza Cats in general, as well as that of the Palace. Now, all the stolen goods would go straight into Korbi's plot to overwhelm the United States by force. The money Chaos had taken would turn the drones and artillery into impressive war machines.

The destruction of the Pizza Cats had begun. And with it, the destruction of the rest of the world.

Clenching the card in one hand, she pushed open the door. Whatever Korbi's reaction to all this was, she wanted to be around to see it.