Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos ❯ City Under Siege ( Chapter 11 )

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11: City Under Siege

Felonia Jase stared at Chaos Kitten as they stood in front of their bunker, extremely nervous. After all, this wasn't any minor raid. After all the preparations and waiting had been completed, Chaos's plan for global control was about to be launched.

However, if Chaos was feeling nervous, he was certainly keeping it to himself. "The 185 Sub-Land Artillery units will attack from the south and southeast. The 30 armored Land Bombers will attack from the southwest. The 25 Mine Laying cycles and the 120 Arclite Siege Tanks will attack from the west and northwest. The 6 Armored Land-Air Eggs will attack from the north and northeast. I'll take the Vile-class Armored Goliath and 5 Stealth Tanks and attack from the east."

"What about me, Chaos?" Felonia asked. "What do I do?"

Chaos thought about that for a moment. "Let me think about that for a moment...." He then raised a claw as an idea struck him. "Now I know what the backseat cockpit is good for. I need you to stay in there and shoot at any targets that come from the air. The Vile Goliath doesn't have a lot of air defenses, so I'm counting on you to get whatever airpower they have off my back."

"I suppose that's as good a role as any," Felonia said, smiling. "How much longer do we have until we start the attack?"

Chaos reached over his shoulder and flicked a few knobs and levers. "We don't need to bother with anything as dramatic as a countdown. We shall commence NOW!" He tapped a silver-colored button.


At first, the rumbling was distant, like the thunder before the storm. Chico Melika, taking a short snooze on his bed, deep inside the Rad-Cats' home, had originally paid it no heed. He merely turned over in his sleep, muttering.

Then, a set of loud explosions jolted him awake. Nearly stumbling over something, he hurried on over to the window.....

....and the sight of the oncoming force nearly gave him a stroke.

Over in the distance, like some scene from Starcraft or one of his worst nightmares, were a set of Siege Tanks, currently blasting away at the scenery.

He raced downstairs. The other Rad-Cats, plus Sylvia and Alice Melika, were flicking through the television, looking for something good to watch. "Guys, guys...." Chico started to say, but he kept on tripping over his words.

"Speak up, bro!" said Runner, the muscle maniac. "What is it?"

Chico nearly screamed out the words. "The city's under attack!" An explosion, closer than the last one, backed up his words with force.

"Sound the alarm!" Teasy snapped. "Get Curtis and Big Al Dente on the line! Maybe we can stop those tanks before they burn this part of the city!"

"No need to," Alice moaned, dread deep in her voice. The finger on the remote control had come to rest, and the news reporter was on the screen.

"Commander in-Chief of the Little Tokyo military forces, Big Al Dente, has passed out with total shock as the city has fallen under attack on all fronts. Various types of vehicles have surrounded the city and are pummeling all the various buildings. Some are assumed dead or missing, and at least 45 are injured, including Francine Manx, the latest inductee of the Samurai Pizza Cats. Curtis, Al's lieutenant and commander of his own spaceship fleet, has already noticed the attack and is currently calling the Super-Cats to arms. The Empress is waking up Dente and is declining comments at this time---"

Daniel's mouth fell open, and, with a rage that startled everyone, pierced the television screen clean through with his fist. A couple of sparks flew and the picture burned out, but nothing else happened. The young cat stood there for a few moments, regaining his breath.

"Aw, brilliant, Daniel," Teasy moaned. "Now we'll have to pay for a new televison set!"

"Let's worry about that later, guys," Daniel hissed. "Time to roll! We need to stop them before they hurt anyone else!" He paused, and his voice came out choked, as if he was almost ready to cry. "We need to stop them before they KILL anyone else!"

As the Rad-Cats gathered their fighting gear and departed, Alice and Sylvia stared at each other. "Well?" Sylvia asked, pulling off the silver necklace she was wearing.

Alice nodded her head, grabbed Sylvia's hand, and led her down the hall.

None of them noticed anything, but a black shadow glided silently into the room as the lights faded away. He spoke, his tone thick with anger. "You can get the Rad-Cats on this job, Curtis, or even get the rest of the Super-Cats to handle the job. But one way or another, someone's going to pay for what was done to Francine."