Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Fiction ❯ Operation Pulverize Pizza Cats: Kittens of Chaos ❯ Little Tokyo Giants ( Chapter 18 )

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18: Little Tokyo Giants

Chaos Kitten sat in the pilot's seat of his Vile-class Goliath. How dare this one cat? Curtis Wildcat, the Lone Destroyer, finally could be made out in his personal sight.

He had obviously delayed; that was a given, knowing him. The calico was walking forward slowly now, sword in paw. Each step was deliberately planned; there were no mistakes involved.

Chaos scoffed. <Well.> Watching the calico walk towards him, he started thinking that Curtis would be making a lot of mistakes tonight. What could one cat and a sword be able to do against the most heavily armored weapon in Chaos's arsenal?


<You're going down, Chaos Kitten. It's as simple as that.>

Curtis walked slowly towards the Goliath. This was the moment he'd been waiting for ever since the battle started. He knew what he was supposed to do; this was his prime objective.

And there was no way, in any of his 9 lives, that he was going to turn back from that.

And, if things got rough, he had a few surprises to call on.

Curtis stopped walking, a full 50 paces away from the Goliath. Even with nearsighted eyes, he could see Chaos Kitten's smirk clearly. Curtis snarled in response, then turned his eyes towards the Goliath.

The thing was huge; approximately 39 feet, 2 inches high, and was a cross between Vile's robotic walker and the Terran Goliath. It had fists on its sides that it could use as weapons, as well as quad machine guns, rocket launchers, and a green jewel in its chest that could fire laser beams. The robot's armor had INSANE strength.

This was not going to be easy. <But, then again, nothing ever is.>

Curtis finally smiled. This action was noticed by Chaos Kitten. "Hey, Tiny!" the evil cat shouted. "What's so funny?"

Curtis looked up at the figure in the gigantic machine before him, and said 2 words. 2 words that would set the stage for the battle to come.

"It's showtime."


"What do you mean, it's all your fault?" asked the gray cat. She and Francine weren't doing a very good job of comforting Felonia, regardless of all their attempts.

"It's my fault," Felonia sobbed. "I was the one that told Chaos Kitten to use that Goliath to knock Francine silly. I was the one that told my boss to mess up your mind. It was all MY doing!"

"What motivated you to do all of this?" the gray cat asked, waving a paw towards the window, at the catastrophic conditions outside.

"I thought I was fighting for a just cause," Felonia cried, pounding the pillows in frustration. "Just LOOKING at you made me think of my OWN past!"

Francine sat down on her bed. "Tell me."

"Tell you WHAT?" Felonia said, sniffling.

"What happened to you in the past that caused you to join Quarter," Francine said.

Felonia waved a paw, exasparated. "I don't know what to say. Jealousy, abuse....that sort of thing."


"The stage is set, and the rules have been placed," Chaos Kitten purred. "Your move, Wildcat."

Curtis clenched his sword and began the process of morphing it into something; but Chaos stopped him before he could, holding up a small rectangular remote. "Just thought I'd remind you of something, Wildcat. If you try to morph that sword into anything dangerous enough to defeat me, your Princess will receive a shocking reception."

Curtis's mouth fell open, and his sword stopped glowing. "Blast," the cat muttered angrily. "Then, I guess I'm just going to have to do this the HARD way!"

"Oh?" asked Chaos Kitten, bored with the proceedings. "What's the HARD way?"

Curtis just chuckled. "You'll see. I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this, but you haven't left me with a whole lot of choice."

Almost immediately, Curtis dived forward, holding his sword in front of him. Increasing his speed, he dashed by the Goliath and slashed at it at the knee----

And nothing happened.

As Curtis stared, aghast at what at happened, the Goliath slowly turned around and let loose a series of machine gun fire. Curtis quickly dodged it, still searching for a weak point.


"Define jealousy and abuse," said Francine. She folded her arms the best she could.

"Jealousy...." Felonia hesitated. What would they do with this knowledge? "....of Curtis. I used to be a Super-Cat..."

The gray cat abruptly turned away. After a moment of silence, she moaned a bit, and then turned back to Felonia. "Go on."

"There was a mean streak planted in me by my relatives. That was what caused me to abandon him and pursue my own goals."

"You mentioned abuse," said Francine. "What about it?"

"Let me show you something." Felonia brushed aside some fur on her forehead, and traced a finger on the 3 scars that ran down her face. "I was abused as a kitten physically. My cousins---well, most of them, anyway---and my uncle and aunt would pick on me at the drop of a hat. It wasn't a coincidence when my uncle's claws met my face for the first time on my first day of grade school. I was 6 standard Kittenoan months old at that time, which would be equal to about 5 years on a human's scale."

Felonia looked at Francine, who was deep in thought. The Samurai Pizza Cat then looked up at her. "Sounds like you've had a rough childhood."


Getting back on his feet from the near hit, Curtis propelled himself forward, deciding on a different strategy. Right before the right fist on the Goliath could make contact with him, he leaped, landing on top of the fist just as it started its swing back to a "ready" state. Right when the fist stopped, he jumped again, letting his momentum carry him.

Chaos saw this, and began turning the machine around; however, barely had he started when energy blasts from Curtis's Shape-Shifter began slamming into the machine. Desperately hoping that the armor would hold, he continued turning the robot around.

Finally, the robot made a complete 180 degree turn, and when it was done, there was not a single scratch on the robot's paint job.

Snickering, Chaos Kitten hit a lever in front of him, putting the robot into "Charge" mode. The robot flew foward faster than thought possible and drove the left fist straight at Curtis. Unable to dodge, the metal made contact with the calico and slammed him into a nearby building. The cat fell to the ground, leaving behind a massive imprint.


Hearing the screaming, Chaos Kitten quickly spun the machine around---and was promptly met by a full-scale Ginzu attack: the Cat's Eye Slash, the Firebat, the Heart Breaker, and the Worc's Fire, all launched at the same time and impacting one after another. Shielding his eyes, he felt the robot stagger backwards a few steps.

While this was going on, no one noticed the white flashing that eminated from Shape-Shifter.


The light flashed insistently, finally splitting open the statue on the very top of Mount Coochiyama. When the dust had settled and the rumblings had dissipated, a large golden robot could be seen. A noise burst forth from its vocal speakers that could be construed as the equivalent of a roar; and seconds later, its rocket thrusters activated, sending the robot towards the ruins of the city.

As Guru Lou and Atom Cat watched this occur from inside their lab, there was no doubt in their minds that the Supreme Catatonic had returned.

Atom Cat sighed. "The legend is back."

Guru Lou looked at him and shook a finger pointedly. "I told you not to read my collection of sci-fi books."

Atom Cat snickered. "I haven't been reading yours! Honest!"

Guru Lou shook his head. "Look. Let's just get back to work on this project. We have a very tight schedule for the next week and a half."

The two turned away from the window and got back to work.