Scooby Doo Fan Fiction ❯ That's Monstertainment ❯ Six ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Outside the castle of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein, a group of angry villagers were still attempting to open the door of the great fortress with a battering ram in attempt to enter the structure.




Inside meanwhile, our heroes were still attempting to avoid the wrath of the Frankenstein, or rather the Frankenscoob monster, as Scooby Doo had accidentally revived the creature when he was playing mad doctor, following the real doctor’s retirement.




If all of that sound ridiculous, it is indeed currently occurring as the spirit known as Zomba found a way to trap the Great Dane and his friends in a late night horror movie while she tried to search for the Chest of Demons(in which she was locked in for many years)… before Shaggy and Scooby Doo accidentally released her and the other occupants of the chest.




When she could not locate the box, she appeared in the movie as she attempted to find the Great Dane and his friends, whom she realized had the cursed container… which she desired so that she could set her fellow spirits free, then destroy it.




Mystery Inc. however had found themselves backed into a corner, as the Frankescoob monster had them trapped, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, to paraphrase an old song from the 1960s.




Fate though had other plans for our heroes, for as a result of the noise from the villagers running into the wall with the battering ram, several wooden beams and pieces of stone from the roof came tumbling down… right onto the Frankescoob Monster.




"Jinkies, look out!" Velma exclaimed as she, Shaggy and Scooby managed to get out of harm's way before something happened to them, which they did.




"Zoinks, like boy was that close; we almost wound up squished underneath all that wood and stone." Shaggy added.




"Come on guys; let's get out of here while we can!" Velma urged, in the direction of her companions.




"Like right, come on Scoob." Shaggy replied.




"Rait Rhaggy." Scooby responded.




"Like what for what Scooby?" Shaggy asked.




"Ri'm roing to try rand rescue Rankenscoob's ronster." the Great Dane explained.




"But how Scooby, you can't possibly move all those boulders and wooden beams." Velma replied.




"Res I ran." the cowardly canine said as he reassured his friends.




"But like how are you going to do it?" Shaggy asked.




"Rith Scooby Snacks!" Scooby remarked.




The Great Dane then brought out a box of his favorite treats and quickly devoured them, suddenly his arms became large and muscular and he had the strength of a thousand men, or in this case dogs.




Scooby quickly removed the beams and boulders and tossed them aside as the monster was able to move about freely. He hugged Scooby and called him Mama, as he decided to show his appreciation for the Great Dane, or at least his version of appreciation.




While the monster was treating the canine crime solver like it's mother though, Shaggy and Velma were about to have a close encounter with the latest ghost from the Chest of Demons.




Without warning there was a small flash inside the room that Shaggy, Velma, Scooby and the monster were inside; once the flash faded away a very familiar and very frightening figure was standing before the college aged sleuths.




"So, we meet again, meddling mortals!" the figure growled.




"Zoinks, its Zomba!" Shaggy declared in terror.




"Yes, and now if you don't mind, I would like the Chest of Demons!" Zomba snarled as she saw that Velma was holding the Chest.




"Would you settle for a monster?" Velma asked, with a smirk on her face, that was part sneaky and part cleverness.




"No, I would not!" the creature growled in response.




"Well, you're going to get it anyway. Hey Mr. Monster, Scooby's not your mother, she is!" Velma said as she pointed towards Zomba.




The monster growled as he walked towards Zomba, naturally she didn't like this and attempted to avoid being caught by the creature; while the creature was trying to track down Zomba, Shaggy, Scooby and Velma ran out of the room and back into the hallway.




The trio of detectives then decided to pause in the middle of the long hall as they attempted to catch their breaths after being chased by two horrifying monsters.




"Boy, I never knew that being in a horror movie would result in a lot of running." Velma said, panting as she was attempting to catch her breath.




"Like yeah, now you know how Scooby and I feel all the time." Shaggy replied.




"Reah, ri'm rog rired." the canine added.




"Boy I've sure misjudged you guys, I thought when you guys would run from monsters and ghosts that you two were just, well cowardly. But now I guess that's why you two are in such great shape, running is certainly great exercise." Velma remarked, as she attempted to catch her breath.




"Like that's for sure, oh by the way Velma." Shaggy remarked.




"Yes Shaggy." the bespectacled sleuth replied.




"You know if you ever want to or decide to go with us when we split up for clues during a mystery you're more than welcome to." Shaggy commented.




"Shaggy, I would be more than happy to." Velma replied with a smile.




"Like that sounds good to me. By the way, we haven't seen Frankenscoob's monster or Zomba for a while so it looks like we're in the clear for a while." Shaggy explained.




"Yeah, it certainly looks that way to me." Velma replied.




Meanwhile, back in another part of the hallway Fred, Daphne, Flim Flam and Vincent were attempting to figure out where their friends had gotten to and if they were still in one piece.




"Freddie, I'm getting really worried about Velma and the others; we haven't seen hide nor light or dark brown hair of them in quite a while." Daphne remarked with some concern in her voice.




"You're right Daph. We’ve got to keep looking for them before those two creeps show up again, come on." Fred said as he, Daphne, Vincent and Flim Flam continued the search for their missing comrades.




Back in the portion of the hallway where Velma, Shaggy and Scooby were, the trio of detectives were about to meet their ghastly foes yet again, only this time the two creatures were ready to make sure that the three sleuths would not escape them again.




"Well Velma, I have to say I think we're finally rid of those two creeps once and for all." Shaggy said as he, Velma and Scooby approached a long, winding staircase.




"Shaggy, you know something I think you're right." the bespectacled sleuth commented as she started up the stairs with the cowardly college student and his canine companion in tow.




Unbeknownst to Shaggy, Scooby and Velma however, Zomba and Frankenscoob's monster were starting up the stairs after them; at that same time Fred, Daphne, Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul, who had been looking for their friends saw Zomba and Frankenstein's monster walking up the stairs after the trio of sleuths.




"Jeepers Freddie, look!" Daphne exclaimed as she pointed out the grotesque creature and the red demonic figure.




"Yeah, I see them, but there's only one problem" Fred replied.




"What's that Fred?" Flim Flam wondered.




"Velma, Shaggy and Scooby don't know that they are being followed; come on we've got to figure out a way to help them." Fred explained.




With that Fred, Daphne, Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul walked through another portion of the hallway. This portion of the hallway led to the castle drawbridge which Fred, Daphne and Flim Flam walked through, hoping that they would be able to help their friends.




Meanwhile, Vincent Van Ghoul walked over to a nearby window and did the same thing as his fellow ghost hunters.




While Fred, Daphne, Flim Flam and Vincent waited for the rest of Mystery Inc. in their respective places, Shaggy, Scooby and Velma had made their way up the staircase and outside of the castle, specifically the structure's tower; as the three detectives paused after walking outside, they noticed a particularly unpleasant site, which caused the chicken-hearted college student and his canine companion to gasp in fear.




"Zoinks, like that sure is a long way down." Shaggy remarked as he looked down towards the waters of the moat below.




"Yeah, I would hate to fall way down there, not to mention I don't think it would be very pleasant." Velma replied.




As Velma, Shaggy and Scooby stood on the small stone bridge which led from the castle tower to the outside of the fortress, the trio of detectives saw a familiar site which they were clearly unhappy to see; the site being a crimson colored demonic creature, clearly exhausted as she stepped outside the castle.




"Zoinks, it's Zomba again!" Shaggy exclaimed.




"Wait Shaggy, I think she might be out of breath, this might be our lucky break." Velma replied.




Unfortunately for Velma and Shaggy, they were both about to be completely wrong, because Zomba was slowly approaching them and she didn't look too pleased to see the three sleuths.




"So, it's you three again! Well, this time you will not escape me, now give me the Chest of Demons or be destroyed!" Zomba growled as she took a swipe at Shaggy, Scooby and Velma.




"Jinkies, now what are we going to do?" Velma wondered aloud.




Velma didn't have too long to ponder her and the others fate because a few minutes later the group saw yet another familiar site, but this time it was the site of a gruesome looking creature which was coming towards them.




"Zoinks, like as if Zomba wasn't bad enough, here comes Frankenscoob's monster again!" Shaggy screeched as the creature came ever closer.




The strange Frankenstein Monster backed Scooby and company up towards the edge of the castle tower/stone bridge. The creature took a swipe at them which caused Shaggy, Scooby and Velma to lose their respective balances and fall off onto a windmill which was directly below the castle tower.




The three investigators hung on for dear life as the latest villain from the Demon Chest attempted to get the Chest of Demons from Shaggy, Scooby and Velma the only way she knew how: by reaching out and trying to grab the chest from them while the trio spun around and around on the windmill.




"The Chest!" Zomba growled angrily.




"You missed Zomba!" Velma said to the enraged creature.




"The Chest!" Zomba yelled once again.




"Missed again." Velma said.




"The Chest!" Zomba growled once more.




"Like strike three, you're out!" Shaggy quipped.




It was then that the Frankenscoob Monster put his hand on Zomba's shoulder, picked her up and flung her off the tower bridge and onto the windmill. After that, the monster reached down and spun the windmill like a roulette wheel; the windmill spun around several times, which made Shaggy, Scooby and Velma quite dizzy as they wondered just what would happen to them.




Finally, Shaggy, Scooby, Velma and Zomba found themselves flying off the windmill and back down towards the main part of the castle; luckily Vincent Van Ghoul was in the right place at the right time to catch Velma, who looked quite relieved that the warlock was there to save her.




"Phew, thanks Vincent, you're a life saver!" Velma said wiping her brow in relief.




"Please Velma, call me Mr. Van Ghoul; in any case, you are quite welcome." Vincent replied.




Next, Shaggy and Scooby found themselves heading towards the moat, but luckily Fred and Daphne were in the right place at the right time to catch their cowardly friends, while Flim Flam was in the right place at the right time to catch the Chest of Demons, which had been held by Shaggy.




"I've got the Chest of Demons." Flim Flam said.




"And we've got Shaggy and Scooby." Fred remarked.




Finally, Zomba flew off the windmill right towards Scooby and company; thinking quickly, the youngest member of the group opened the chest and the crimson colored creature was transported back to where she belonged.




"So long Zomba!" said the gang in unison as the demon was sucked back into the Chest of Demons.




Suddenly, there was another tremendous flash of lightning, but this time it was good news; after the lightning subsided, Scooby Doo and the rest of Mystery Inc. found that they had been transported safe and sound from the movie back into the living room of the gang's house, which was still covered in popcorn.




"Well gang, it looks like we're back home." Fred remarked.




"And it looks like everybody's intact and healthy." Velma added.




"Yep, the movie's finished." Flim Flam commented as the screen showed the words The End.




"Naturally. When Zomba was boxed her spell on us was broken." Vincent explained.




"Phew, like thank goodness; and I'm sure glad we've seen the last of Dr. Frankenscoob's monster right Scoob?" Shaggy commented.




"Reah, rlad." Scooby replied.




Velma then smiled briefly at the duo, before noticing that a very familiar monstrous figure was standing in the kitchen.




"Oh, I don't know about that Shaggy." she remarked.




"Like why?" Shaggy wondered aloud.




Curious as to know what she meant, Shaggy and Scooby then walked into the kitchen and saw that of course, the Frankenscoob monster was seated at the kitchen table eating popcorn.




"Like oh no, not again." Shaggy bemoaned.




“Told you so…” Velma said, with a smirk on her face, while her male companion simply shook his head in disbelief.




"Mmm, Franken Scooby Snacks." the monster stated.




"Rhat's rhy boy, Franken-Scooby-Doo!" Scooby remarked as he and the monster howled in unison.




And so, with Zomba captured and the movie over, Scooby Doo and the gang were able to relax, at least for now as they awaited their next ghost chasing assignment, which was sure to be whatever the next ghost was from the Chest of Demons; but whatever the assignment, there was no doubt that they could handle it easily.




Author's Notes: Hopefully everyone enjoyed this story and I definitely intend to keep writing Scooby Doo Fan Fiction; also thank you to everyone has read my stories and believe me, there is much more to come from my account on here.