Scooby Doo Fan Fiction ❯ That's Monstertainment ❯ Five ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


The strong lightning storm continued to brew with the energy and strength of a thousand explosions outside of Dr. Frankenstein’s castle.




Thunder boomed and crashed with enough power to wake the dead at every cemetery in Transylvania, not to mention provide the energy for a mad scientist’s experiments.




All at the same time, the thunder and lightning from said storm lit up the night skies, providing a tremendous light show for all the village’s citizens.




Meanwhile, inside the castle the chicken hearted Great Dane Scooby Doo, along with his owner Shaggy and their friends Daphne and Fred were being stalked by the strange and hideous Frankenstein monster, which Scooby himself had created during his time as Dr. Frankenscoob.




The aforementioned canine, and the rest of his fellow Mystery Incorporated members were in the midst of attempting to capture the thirteen foulest, most evil and especially dangerous ghosts, demons and spirits from the infamous Chest of Demons(which had been set free by the Great Dane and his human companion… naturally by accident).




The team of ghost chasers had decided to take a break from their quest by watching a late-night horror movie at the home the group shared in Coolsville, when they were transported into the aforementioned film, titled The Son of the Bride of the Ghost of Frankenstein.




The cause of this peculiar occurrence was the latest foe of the team, the latest spirit from the Chest of Demons by the name of Zomba.




Now, because of the demon’s interference, Scooby Doo and company found themselves trying to avoid the gruesome Frankenscoob monster at any cost. Because as in any Frankenstein movie(including this one), the previously mentioned creature was very able to create some major havoc… which was not what our ghost hunting heroes wanted at all.




Growling and snarling, the Frankenstein or rather Frankscoob monster threw chairs, tables and anything else aside that he could get his hands on, trying to capture or cause serious harm to the mystery solving Great Dane and friends.




It was clear to everyone involved, that someone needed to come up with a plan they could enact to avoid the monster’s clutches. Whatever that plan was though, the quartet of sleuths needed it right this second.




"Zoinks, like that monster's still coming, and I don't think he wants to play around!" Shaggy remarked nervously.




"I hate to say it Shaggy, but you're right; we've got to figure out some way to escape that creature." Fred replied.




"Does this mean that you have a plan Freddie?" Daphne asked.




"Hmm, you know I think I may have one Daph, and I think I know exactly what we should do." the blond haired investigator replied.




"What's that Fred?" the redhead asked.




"What else, run!" Fred exclaimed.




With that, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby ran out of the room screaming, with Frankenscoob's monster nipping at their heels, not to mention angry villagers attempting to break the door of the castle down with a battering ram at the same time.




The three college students and one canine seemed to run forever, but in reality, it was a few minutes wondering if they could indeed outrun a hideous monster.




Thankfully for the four of them they happened to run past the room where Velma, Vincent Van Ghoul and Flim Flam were currently inside.




For a moment, Velma opened the door to see if the coast was clear and to see if Zomba was anywhere in sight.




As the door was open however, she saw the four of them running from the monster and decided to think of a way to help them escape the creature; finally the bespectacled young woman had a brainstorm and she let her friends know of her, Flim Flam and Vincent's position.




"Hey Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, Daphne, here we are right here!" Velma called out to them.




"Like hi Velma." Shaggy called out in response.




The monster growled yet again as he was getting ever closer to the Great Dane and his friends, this naturally caused Shaggy to gulp and give another response to his bespectacled comrade.




"And like goodbye Velma!" he called as he, Fred, Daphne and Scooby ran past the door.




"Shaggy!" the female sleuth yelled.




"Like what is it Velma?" Shaggy replied.




"I have an idea on how to trap that monster." she called back in response.




"Oh, well like what are you waiting for? Tell me what it is!" he replied, sounding impatient.




"Just lead him over here into the room where Vincent. Flim Flam and I are." Velma explained as she had now left the room along with Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul.




"Okay, like then what?" Shaggy asked.




"Then Vincent and I will do the rest, okay Shaggy?" she replied.




"Like okay sounds good to me. Come on everybody, Velma wants us to lead that ugly monster into the room that she was sitting in with Mr. Van Ghoul and Flim Flam earlier." the cowardly college student said as he explained the plan to the rest of the gang.




"Okay Shaggy, lead the way." Fred replied.




With that Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Scooby ran towards the door where Velma was standing; after a few minutes they arrived and waited for their bespectacled comrade and their warlock friend to do their part.




"Okay Mr. Van Ghoul, get ready." Velma said as the monster ran right towards the door where she and the warlock were standing.




"I am ready when you are Velma." addressed Vincent.




"Ready, one, two, three and now!" the bespectacled sleuth yelled as she and the warlock closed the door, leaving Frankenscoob's monster inside.




The monster growled and pounded the door as he tried to get out, albeit to no avail because the door was locked from the outside.




"Phew, that was close; like I think my heart just skipped a few beats trying to escape that creepy monster." Shaggy explained as he wiped his brow.




"Yeah, that Frankenstein monster didn't seem to want to give up." Fred remarked.




"I would not celebrate yet everyone, because now that we have one monster trapped, we now must contend with another monster." Vincent replied.




"You mean Zomba, right Mr. Van Ghoul?" Velma asked.




"Correct, we have to figure out a way to capture her in the Chest of Demons now that the Crystal is of no use." the warlock explained.




"You should really watch what you say Van Ghoul, because you will never trap me in that chest again!" an unseen voice said from another part of the room.




Scooby Doo and company tried to figure out where the voice was coming from, in addition to who the voice belonged to.




However, it was apparent to the Great Dane and his fellow sleuths as to who was speaking and as she stepped forward out of the darkness, Mystery Inc. knew exactly what they were dealing with.




"Zomba!" everyone said in unison.




"Just what do you want with us Zomba?" Fred asked.




"For starters this is what I wanted all along, for the seven of you to be trapped in this movie for all eternity, but since you asked, I would like the Chest of Demons if you please; and you will not trick me again, now give me the Chest or I shall destroy you now!" Zomba growled.




"Not a chance. We wouldn't give you the chest if you paid us a million dollars!" Fred replied.




"Actually Fred, we don't really have a choice in the matter; Zomba beat us fair and square." Flim Flam explained.




"What are you talking about Flim Flam, we can't give her the chest." Fred said in a whispered voice.




"Don't worry Fred, I have a plan to hoodwink old Zomba, just trust me." Flim Flam replied with a wink.




"Now where have I heard that before? Alright, I guess I trust you, I just hope this is a really good plan." Fred responded, albeit reluctant to have Flim Flam lead them.




"Don't worry Fred it is." Flim Flam replied.




"Okay Flim Flam, good luck; you'll need it." Fred said.




"Alright, enough of this stalling, where is the Chest of Demons?" Zomba asked, sounding impatient.




"We hid the chest right in there Zomba, we hope you enjoy it and use it good health." Flim Flam explained, pointing to the very room where Frankenscoob's monster was locked inside.




Naturally, the demonic crimson creature thought the gang was being serious and that the chest was inside the room, but unfortunately for her Mystery Inc. was pulling a little trick on her once again.




Zomba walked over to the nearby door and opened it, and got a big surprise when she did; for when she opened the door she saw Frankenscoob's monster, bolts and all.




"Looks like we tricked you again Zomba, ha ha!" Flim Flam said happily as he walked over to the rest of the gang with the Chest of Demons in tow.




"Jinkies, good work Flim Flam, you got Zomba good." Velma said as she shook the young boy's hand.




"Thanks Velma, I think I did a pretty good job at catching old zombie face." Flim Flam replied.




"You sure did Flim Flam. I have to admit, you are certainly becoming a big part of the team." the bespectacled young woman responded.




"You're welcome Velma, and I was more than happy to be of service." the young boy replied.




"Well now that we've taken care of Zomba, what should we do know?" Daphne asked.




"For starters, we are not quite out of the woods yet everyone, we still have Frankenscoob's monster to contend with, at least when he gets through with Zomba, not to mention we still have to capture her in the Chest in order for her spell on us to be broken." Vincent explained.




"And you won't even have that chance, because when I get through with you Vincent Van Ghoul and the rest of your meddling mortals, you'll wish you had never seen the Chest of Demons or me!" Zomba growled as she opened the door and stormed into the room with Scooby and company.




"Zoinks, it's Zomba again!" Shaggy declared in terror.




Suddenly the door opened wide yet again and this time the grotesque Frankenscoob Monster stepped out into the room following Zomba close behind, thinking she was his mother for some reason or another.




"Jeepers, it's that creepy Frankenstein Monster again, and it looks like he's trying to catch Zomba, who's still trying to catch us." Daphne remarked.




"Yeah, I hate to say it but we're going to have to split up. Daphne, Vincent, Flim Flam and I will try and find a way out of here and try to avoid Zomba and the Frankenscoob monster, while Velma, you Shaggy and Scooby, try and see if you get that monster on our side so he'll help us in catching Zomba." Fred explained.




“Like are you nuts Fred? You want to try and get that big hulking monster on our side?” Shaggy asked, in a surprised tone of voice.




“I know it sounds crazy Shaggy, but it’s the only plan I have to get us out of here.” Fred replied.




“OK Fred, I just hope this works.” Shaggy replied.




“Of course, it will. Not only that, but I have a good feeling we’ll all be back home soon.” Fred remarked.




"Right Fred, come on you two." Velma said as Zomba and the Frankenstein Monster chased the trio of sleuths through the door of the lab and into a hallway.




"Jeepers, Zomba and the Frankenscoob Monster went after Shag, Scooby and Velma; now what are we going to do Fred?" Daphne asked.




"Follow them and see if we can help Shaggy, Scooby and Velma out, what else." Fred explained as he, Daphne and Vincent Van Ghoul followed the two creatures and their friends out of the room.




Meanwhile, Zomba and the Frankenscoob Monster had chased the trio of sleuths down a long hallway towards a set of doors, which Scooby and company hoped would hide them from the two villains.




Velma and Shaggy soon found themselves in front of a large wooden door with iron hinges, as the bespectacled sleuth and her cowardly companions noticed this, the pair realized maybe this would be a good place to hide from the pair of monsters.




"Phew, am I glad to escape those two again." Velma said with some relief in her voice.




"Like yeah, it looks like we've given Zomba and the monster the slip for good." Shaggy replied.




"Reah, rand ri reed to relax rafter rall that running re rid." Scooby remarked as he sat down on a nearby chair made of stone, however the Great Dane was unaware that he was sitting in the lap of the Frankenscoob Monster.




At first the canine sleuth had no idea of what was happening but after a few moments Velma, who had decided to light a match to brighten up the dark room noticed that the canine was in a little bit of a jam.




"Sc-Scooby, the m-m-m!" Velma started to say in a frightened voice.




"Like what is it Velma, what's wrong?" Shaggy wondered.




The bespectacled detective pointed to where Scooby was sitting as her cowardly companion saw exactly what she was talking about and naturally had the same response as her.




"The m-m-monster!" Shaggy shouted in horror.




"Right, that's what I was trying to tell you guys!" Velma replied with a raised tone of voice.




"Like zoinks, Scooby look out it's the monster!" Shaggy exclaimed.




"Ripes, rhe ronster!" Scooby said as he looked up to see the face of the hideous creature.




Scooby leapt out of the chair and into Shaggy's arms as the cowardly pair and Velma slowly backed away from the strange creature.




It seemed like the trio of ghost chasers had no escape from the Frankenstein Monster and were possibly in the midst of their last mystery as they were backed into a corner of the room.




"Zoinks, like we're done for!" Shaggy declared in terror.




"Jinkies, I hate to say it Shaggy but I think you're right, it would take a miracle for us to get out of here!" Velma replied.




Author’s Notes: Hopefully all of you are enjoying this slightly different version of the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo episode “That’s Monstertainment”.




There is definitely more to come after this, including a few changes in other 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo episodes, which I think will be rather fun; at least, I hope all my readers think so.