Scooby Doo Fan Fiction ❯ That's Monstertainment ❯ Four ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4




After evading the demonic Zomba, albeit for the moment; the warlock and his female companion breathed a giant sight of relief as they attempted to figure out what their next plan of action should be.




"Phew, I am I glad that creepy Zomba didn't catch us." Velma said, while wiping her brow.




"Indeed. Because if Zomba had caught us, who knows what she would have done with the Chest of Demons." replied Vincent.




"She probably would have opened it, which would have released the spirits that we have already captured from it, then we would have had to start our ghost hunting journey all over again." Velma commented.




"Yes, and if that happened, the ghosts that were set free might have caused who knows what kind of damage to the world we live in. Thankfully, she did not see us and thankfully she did not capture us; with her out of the way… for now. we can return to Dr. Frankenscoob's lab and see if I can figure a way out of this movie." Vincent explained.




"Right Mr. Van Ghoul, I just hope things are going well for Shaggy, Scooby and the rest of the gang." Velma replied.




"For our sakes, and those of the world I hope so." Vincent said, as he motioned for the bespectacled brunette to follow him.




Velma nodded to the elderly warlock and followed his instructions.




The orange sweater clad college student and the ancient conjurer then proceeded down a staircase back towards Dr. Frankenscoob's laboratory.




The pair walked for several minutes before making their way into the dark dismal mad scientist's laboratory, the two soon found themselves inside the same room that they had been in earlier where they were met by their young friend Flim Flam, who was happy to see them and was surprised at the looks they had on their faces.




"Vince, Velma, what happened to you, you look like you just saw a ghost." the young man remarked as he noticed that the pair were attempting to relax.




"Well Flim Flam, we just had a run in with that ghoulish horror movie hostess, as well as the latest specter from the Chest of Demons." Velma explained.




"You mean Zomba?" Flim Flam wondered.




"Precisely. Thankfully we escaped from her, and then made our way back here relatively unscathed; on another subject, how goes the acting so far Flim Flam?" Vincent explained, before asking the young boy about the goings on while they were being chased by Zomba.




"Well, on the Flim Flam scale of 1-10, 10 being the best: I give it a zero." the young boy explained.




"I was afraid of that; I just hope the others can keep this up until I can find a way out of here" Vincent explained.




Meanwhile Dr. Frankenscoob and Igor Shaggy were fulfilling one of any horror movie fan's fantasies, mainly creating and giving life to a previously deceased being, or at least what passed for a monster in this movie.




"Well Dr. Frankenscoob, are you prepared to give your creation life?" Shaggy asked as he laughed evilly a little.




"Res Rhaggy, rive ry reation rife! Rait a rinute, rhat am I raying?" Scooby said with a whimper.




"Like it figures, we've got the only mad scientist, who's afraid of monsters; come on Scooby, we have to play along with the movie or we'll never get out of here." Shaggy said as he attempted to comfort his cowardly canine companion.




"Ri ruess rou're right Rhaggy, ro rhat rould we ro row?" Scooby asked.




"Well Dr. Frankenscoob, it's very simple; all you have to do is set up your equipment so that you can give life to your creation and if I remember correctly Dr. Frankenstein used electricity from a Lightning storm to bring the monster to life." Shaggy explained.




"Rokay Rhaggy, rhen that's rhat re'll ro." Scooby replied.




Scooby or Dr. Frankenscoob was about to begin the process which would give life to the strange monster that his predecessor had created; but before he could do so he heard a knock at the door.




"Who is it?" Scooby asked.




Daphne then opened the door, entered the room and walked up to Scooby, but she was not dressed in her normal purple wardrobe, instead she was dressed in a Bride of Frankenstein style outfit.




"It is I Dr. Frankenscoob your bride to be: Daphne." she remarked as she began kissing him.




"Ruh?" Scooby thought as he was being smothered by kisses.




"Oh Dr. Frankenscoob I missed you so much." Daphne remarked as she continued to kiss him.




"Oh brother, talk about overacting." Shaggy commented under his breath.




"Raphne rhat's the ratter with rou?" Scooby asked.




"What's the matter is that you stood me up at the altar Dr. Frankenscoob, we were supposed to be married tonight!" Daphne exclaimed angrily.




"Re rere? Scooby wondered, clearly confused by what she meant.




"Yes Dr. Frankenscoob, we were!" Daphne replied.




Scooby pondered this and was about ready to answer Daphne, in addition to getting ready to start his experiment yet again, when he was interrupted by yet another knock at the castle door.




"Ro ror reaven's rake" Scooby wondered.




"Like I wonder who it is now?" Shaggy replied.




"Rell, re'll roon rind rout, rome in" Scooby said, sounding somewhat impatient at the constant interruptions.




The door opened and Fred, dressed in a European policeman's outfit walked inside the castle.




"It is I Constable Von Fredereick, Dr. Frankenscoob." Fred commented in a very bad European accent.




"Rhat do rou rant?" Scooby asked.




"I have come to stop you Dr. Frankenscoob." Fred replied.




"Stop me, why?" Scooby asked.




"Because sir, you are insane." Fred replied.




"Rinsane, Freddie I'm not insane" Scooby replied crying.




"Easy Scooby, it's ok; I'm just playing along with the movie." Fred responded in a whispered voice.




"Like yeah Scooby, trust me you're just as sane as I am." Shaggy replied.




"Which means you're both nuts." Fred replied.




Shaggy and Scooby both looked over at Fred and shot a dirty look at him; but deep down they both knew that he was messing around with them.




"Really?" Scooby asked.




"Of course, cross my heart and hope to die." Shaggy responded.




A few feet away in another room, Vincent Van Ghoul sat at a table with a Crystal Ball in front of him, while Velma looked over his shoulder and Flim Flam stood at the room's door watching the performances.




"Looks like everything's going halfway decent with the acting and it looks like Dr. Frankenscoob's experiment is starting." Flim Flam remarked.




"Speaking of experiments, how is your experiment going with the crystal ball Mr. Van Ghoul?" Velma asked.




“So far, so good Velma." Vincent replied.




"By the looks of things, I would say you are trying to use those instruments to heat up the Crystal Ball so that it can transport us home." Velma remarked as she continued to look over Vincent's shoulder.




"Very good Velma, you must have gotten excellent marks in chemistry in school." Vincent replied.




The bespectacled brunette pondered this for a moment, but soon smiled and responded to the warlock’s statement.




“Absoultely. Chemistry and biology were among my favorite subjects; they still are as a matter of fact.” Velma said, with a smile on her face.




“Velma?” Flim Flam asked the brunette.




“Yes, Flim Flam?” Velma replied back.




“Did you ever consider using some of your talents in chemistry or biology to work for some kind of government agency or something similar?” Flim Flam asked her, which made Velma’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree.




“As a matter of fact, Flim Flam, I have. In years past, I have done some consulting work for NASA; in between solving mysteries with the gang once in a while. In addition to our college studies.” Velma replied.




“NASA? Man, that’s pretty impressive Velma.” Flim Flam commented.




“Thank you; I think it is as well.” Velma replied.




“I must say Miss Dinkley, for someone who has a significant interest in scientific studies, you certainly are taking to the existence of ghosts and the supernatural quite well.” Vincent said, as he looked over his mystic instruments.




“Thank you, Vincent. Although, I had inklings of interest in the supernatural long before my friends and I met you and Flim Flam.” Velma noted.




“Hmm…” Vincent commented, a curious look on his face.




“It is actually part of the reason I decided to choose paranormal studies as a minor in college.” Velma replied, as the other two people in the room listened to her story.




“In the past, my friends and I have found numerous paranormal and supernatural happenings. As I have mentioned to you Mr. Van Ghoul and Flim Flam since I met the two of you, we have encountered actual spirits before; we have met actual monsters before, and traveled to places that are among the most famous places in the realm of the supernatural… at least in the mortal world as it were.” Velma explained.




“Certainly, I have been skeptical… certainly I have felt that ghosts did not exist. While I still feel that way, I have begun to soften in my stance; in addition, I feel if that there are others like you among the supernatural realm, or world, maybe I can balance belief in the scientific world, with belief in the supernatural world.” Velma said with a smile, which naturally was directed towards Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul.




“Well said Miss Dinkley, and I applaud you. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with believing in both the natural and the supernatural world; and I believe Flim Flam and myself are the perfect people to answer any questions you may have on ghosts, or magic, or the supernatural in the future.” The ancient conjurer explained.




“Thank you, Mr. Van Ghoul; I will certainly remember that.” Velma stated, as she nodded politely in the warlock’s direction.




“Let’s just hope that you have the opportunity to ask us those questions Velma.” Flim Flam stated.




“Indeed. If we do not escape this movie, our lives will be in great danger from forces here and elsewhere.” Vincent replied.




“Right. Let’s just hope the instruments you are using have enough power to transport us back home and in one piece.” Velma remarked.




"I have great confidence that they will Velma. Both in the instruments themselves, and in myself as a warlock.” Vincent told her.




“I am curious Mr. Van Ghoul; just what process are you going to use to accomplish this task?” Velma asked him, feeling somewhat embarrassed after speaking.




Vincent had a curious look on his face as he considered the brunette’s question, Despite being a practitioner of the mystic arts, he was not quite certain how to proceed in answering her query.




“Miss Dinkley… Velma… I must confess, I am surprised that you wish to know the details of what I am attempting to accomplish. However, if you truly wish to know, I would have no qualms with telling you.” The elderly warlock stated.




“That sounds like a plan Mr. Van Ghoul.” The bespectacled brunette said, nodding politely in the warlock’s direction.




“My experiment is very simple: you see, I am going to attempt to use these instruments to heat up the crystal ball; once the crystal is hot enough and has enough mystical energy to power it, we should be transported home." Vincent explained.




"But how will the crystal be able to transport us home, if there is not enough energy?" Velma asked.




"Very simple Velma, do you hear that noise?" Vincent asked the bespectacled detective.




The young sleuth listened carefully and heard what sounded like lightning and thunder directly outside the mansion.




"Yes, I do hear it; it sounds like an incredibly powerful thunderstorm brewing outside." Velma said in response to the warlock's comment.




"Excellent; my plan to get us home is this: with any luck that thunderstorm will provide us with enough energy to power the crystal, sending us home." Vincent replied.




"Good plan, Vince; and maybe this will give us some added power." Flim Flam said turning up a few of the Bunsen burners.




"Wait Flim Flam, don't!" Velma yelled.




"Flim Flam, don't turn those up!" Vincent added as the crystal began to rattle and shake.




"Jinkies, what's happening Mr. Van Ghoul?" Velma asked nervously.




"It's just as I feared, the crystal has too much power now, and as a result it's going to explode!" Vincent exclaimed in horror.




"Jinkies, what should Flim Flam and I do if that crystal's going to explode?" Velma wondered.




"There's only one thing to do, get behind the table and hope everything turns out alright." Vincent replied.




So, Velma and Flim Flam moved behind Vincent Van Ghoul as the three of them backed away from the table, hoping that they were far enough to avoid the force of the crystal ball's explosion; a few moments later as expected, the chemicals Vincent was working with began to heat up and exploded, scattering all over the room.




"I guess you blew it Vince." Flim Flam remarked.




"Yes, I believe my calculations regarding the crystal were a bit off the mark so to speak" Vincent replied.




"Well now that the crystal's out of commission, what are we going to do?" Velma wondered aloud.




"The only thing we can do. Hope that now we can capture Zomba in the Chest of Demons, that should break her spell on us and we can return home." Vincent explained.




Meanwhile back in Dr. Frankenscoob's laboratory, the canine mad scientist was attempting to figure out how to bring his monster to life; Shaggy stood nearby, also eager to bring Dr. Frankenscoob's monster to life saw the situation and attempted to shed some light on it and attempted to help his canine companion out.




"The storm appears to be at its height Dr. Frankenscoob, now is the time to finish your experiment and to bring your creation into existence." Shaggy explained.




"Res Rhaggy ri rill ring ry reation to rife!" Scooby replied.




Naturally because of the lightning storm outside of the castle, Dr. Frankenscoob needed some extra power to make it work; so Fred and Daphne decided to help out, the blond unofficial leader of the group chose to do some vacuuming while listening to a walkman, while Daphne decided to dry her hair with a large blow dryer; thankfully for Scooby and Shaggy this was more than enough juice for the canine's experiment.




"Res, res, rise, rise!" Scooby said as the table which the monster lay on began rising towards the ceiling; unfortunately for Scooby Doo his lab coat was caught on the table and when the table began to rise, the cowardly Great Dane detective began rising as well.




"Zoinks! Like Scoob, you're caught on the table!" Shaggy exclaimed, trying to alert his comrade of his current situation.




"Ri know Rhaggy, ri rknow!" Scooby replied as he rose higher and higher towards the roof.




A few minutes later the table and Scooby had been lifted outside of the castle, and into the violent thunderstorm which was raging outside.




Aa lightning bolt struck Scooby, but thankfully for him the lightning only blackened the Great Dane and his lab coat a little; in fact for the most part Scooby seemed to be relatively unharmed, however the canine's college aged master was quite concerned by what had happened and decided to go check on his pet.




"Like are you okay Scoob?" Shaggy asked.




"Roh rother, ri rhink ro Rhaggy." the canine mad scientist replied.




Suddenly Scooby's eyes began to light up like mini flashlights, which caused the gang to smile and the canine's master to make light of the current situation.




"Like that's looking on the bright side Scoob!" Shaggy remarked.




"Oh brother." Fred commented as he rolled his eyes at his friend's pun.




However, the college aged sleuths and their canine's humorous moods would soon be darkened greatly; out of the corner of his eye Shaggy happened to look over at the table where Dr. Frankenscoob's monster sat lay, the cowardly teen shook nervously as the strange creature began moving.




Scooby Doo also saw this and looked over at Shaggy, naturally both of them didn't know what to make of things at first but as the pair would soon see, and they both would have something quite unpleasant to look at very soon, namely the monster.




"Jeepers, look at that!" Daphne shrieked.




"Creepers, I don't believe it!" Fred added.




"Rit's alive, rit's alive!" Scoob exclaimed as the monster sat up from the table and began walking towards Scooby, Shaggy, Fred and Daphne.




"Like yeah, it's alive alright, but is it paper trained?" Shaggy quipped.




The strange Frankenstein like monster continued to advance on them as the three teenage sleuths and their Great Dane wondered just what this monster was going to do them, and whatever it was would they come out of it alive?




Author's Notes: Sorry if this seems like a short chapter, although I guess it doesn't really matter how long a chapter is in a Fan Fiction story; BTW, while Chapter 5 will have some moments in it that are similar to the original 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo episode of the same name as this story, most of it will be improvised, because that's what Fan Fiction is sort of all about; anyways, hopefully everyone likes it.