Scooby Doo Fan Fiction ❯ That's Monstertainment ❯ Chapter 3

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Chapter 3




After being transported inside an old horror movie by a specter named Zomba, Scooby Doo and the rest of Mystery Incorporated figured that the worst would be over for them.




Ah, but that was not the case. For as the college aged sleuths arrived inside said movie, they were faced with new dangers: like villagers with torches and pitchforks chasing them for one.




Added to that, Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Igor decided to quit the movie and left Scooby Doo and Shaggy to become the movie’s new mad scientist and his assistant.




Now, as we rejoin our heroes, they have landed with something of a soft thud inside Dr. Frankenstein’s lab, after being transported down a secret tunnel via a slide which led from the cemetery the group had been earlier to said doctor’s laboratory.




As the team figured out their next plan of action, Shaggy and Scooby stood up and brushed themselves off as they prepared to act out the roles of Igor and Dr. Frankenstein, or at least their roles in the movie.




While Shaggy and Scooby got ready to play doctor and assistant, Flim Flam instructed Fred and Daphne in the roles that they were going to play in the movie.




While the young boy turned movie director was doing all of this, Vincent Van Ghoul and Velma had made their way into another room nearby; the gang's warlock friend and ally set up a crystal ball and a few miscellaneous instruments as the bespectacled female sleuth looked on and wondered what the sorcerer was up to.




"It appears that I can now begin my experiment with the crystal ball." Vincent said simply.




"I'm curious Mr. Van Ghoul, what are you going to do with all that equipment and the crystal?" asked Velma.




"Well Velma I'm glad you asked; you see what I'm going to try and do is use the Crystal Ball to try and make contact with the real world in hopes of seeing if I can figure a way out of here." Vincent explained as he and Velma looked into the Crystal which sat on a wooden table.




The crystal's reception was quite hazy for a few minutes but very soon it would clear up, however in this case the great warlock wished that he didn't see the real world through the crystal ball.




"Velma, I do believe my experiment is working, I can see the real world; but I don't like what I see at all." Vincent said with a gasp.




"Why's that Mr. Van Ghoul?" the bespectacled girl asked.




"Because I see one of the ghosts from the Demon Chest in the crystal." Vincent explained.




"Jinkies, you mean Zomba?" Velma asked.




"Correct." Vincent replied.




The crimson colored demon known as Zomba was standing in the front room of Scooby and the gang's house back in Coolsville and had already dispatched with the security system that had protected the Chest of Demons; Vincent and Velma saw this and were quite displeased as the warlock spoke up.




"What do you want from us Zomba?" Vincent asked.




"I already have what I want Van Ghoul and friend, the Chest of Demons! Now I shall set my fellow spirits free, then once I've done that I shall destroy the chest, and there's nothing that you can do about it, because you are trapped in that old movie!" Zomba explained as a crooked smile crossed her face.




"Now to set my fellow spirits free, so they can roam the Earth causing terror in the hearts of mortals everywhere!" Zomba exclaimed as she opened the sinister box.




The demonic creature was pleased that her spirits would be joining her in causing chaos around the world, or she would be had she opened the real Chest of Demons; however, as she would discover Scooby and company had decided to play a little trick on her.




"No, it's a fake!" Zomba lamented as she had opened the box only to find a Made in Taiwan sign inside the box.




"Sorry Zomba, but if you really want the Chest of Demons, you're going to have to come in here and take it from us." Vincent explained as he took it out from behind his back.




"Way to go Mr. Van Ghoul, you sure pulled a fast one on that creepy Zomba." addressed Velma with a smile on her face.




"Thank you Velma, now maybe she'll leave us alone for a while." Vincent replied.




Suddenly the crystal ball began glowing and a familiar demonic figure clad in red materialized in the same room as Vincent Van Ghoul and Velma; seeing who the figure was caused the pair to slowly step backwards and also caused the great warlock to gasp in terror.




"Think again Vincent Van Ghoul!" the figure declared as she stepped towards Vincent and Velma.




"Zomba!" Vincent and Velma both declared in horror as the evil spirit smiled back menacingly at the pair.




"You thought you could escape me so easily, but you were both wrong; for no one escapes Zomba!" she growled.




"Well we're sure going to try, run Mr. Van Ghoul!" Velma said to the powerful sorcerer as he ran up a set of nearby stairs with the bespectacled sleuth in tow and the demonic Zomba close behind, nipping at their heels.




Meanwhile back downstairs in Dr. Frankenscoob's lab, Scooby and Shaggy were attempting to give their own interpretations of the mad doctor and his assistant; their performances weren't necessarily Academy Award winning, but they were still able to get the job done.




"Well Dr. Frankenscoob, here we are and now we are ready to begin your great experiment." Shaggy explained.




"Ruh? Rhat experiment Rhaggy?" Scooby replied with a curious look on his face.




"Why Dr. Frankenscoob, you don't remember do you?" Shaggy said.




"Remember rhat Rhaggy?" Scooby asked.




"Tonight, in fact this very night is the night that you will begin your great experiment: to bring your great creation to life!" Shaggy remarked with some vigor in his voice.




"Res, res ring ry reation to rife!" Scooby remarked.




Meanwhile in another portion of Dr. Frankenscoob's castle, Velma and Vincent Van Ghoul had been running from the demonic Zomba who had still been trying to take the chest from the bespectacled sleuth and the warlock, but thus far had been unsuccessful in her plans.




Having escaped the clutches of the demonic Zomba, albeit temporarily; Velma and Vincent Van Ghoul walked behind yet another staircase in Dr. Frankenstein's lab, hoping to hide from the latest of the thirteen ghosts; the sinister red clad figure, who coincidentally looked like something out of a horror movie, was looking high and low for the bespectacled detective and her sorcerer friend and the Chest of Demons.




"I will find you Vincent Van Ghoul and your meddling mortal friend as well; I know you're in this old black and white movie somewhere and in living color too!" Zomba snarled as she walked away, looking clearly upset that she was unable to find Vincent and Velma.




Author’s Notes: Sorry, this chapter is so short, but I promise the other chapters will hopefully be a lot longer.




Thank you to all my readers and followers as well, as I greatly appreciate everyone who reads my stories and reviews them and the like.