Scooby Doo Fan Fiction ❯ That's Monstertainment ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Chapter 2




After being somehow transported from their home back in Coolsville, through the television set in the living room of the house the group shared while they attended college, into the world of the aforementioned electric medium, our heroes found themselves going on a strange and impossible journey.




Not one of the college aged sleuths, Flim Flam, Scooby Doo, or Vincent Van Ghoul could make heads or tails of what appeared to be a bizarre tunnel which would lead to who knows where.




Finally, after what felt like an eternity to the mystery solvers, they felt themselves land respectively… somewhere…




After the initial shock of actually landing somewhere, Scooby and company found that each member of the group(including Fred and Daphne) were wearing regular clothing, instead of bedroom apparel.




This surprised our heroes at first, but once they respectively pulled themselves together, they could start getting their bearings and see just where Zomba had dropped the group.




However, where Zomba had deposited them appeared to be a typically creepy spot(typical as far as Scooby Doo and the gang were concerned that is, as they had a lot of experience with such places).




Specifically speaking, our heroes found themselves behind a large headstone in what appeared to be a cemetery. Where this cemetery was located however, and what the group were about to get themselves into was yet to be seen.




For now, the college aged sleuths felt a need to make certain there was no imminent danger to any of them, while trying to make some sense of their present situation.






"Oh, brother do I have a whale of a headache, everybody else OK?" Fred asked while holding his forehead.




"I think so, I just wish I knew where we were." Daphne replied.




"By the looks of things, I would say we're inside the very movie that were watching." Velma commented.




"Zoinks, like how did that happen?" Shaggy asked.




"Somehow Zomba must have known that we were watching and she must have set this whole trap up." Vincent explained.




"Then she must be from the Chest of Demons." Daphne wondered aloud.




"Unfortunately, yes, Zomba is indeed one of the thirteen ghosts from the chest." Vincent replied.




"Like oh great, we're in the movie now what are we going to do?" Shaggy asked.




"There's only one thing we can do, and that's to play along with the movie until we can find a way out of here." Fred replied.




"Terrific, I always wanted to be an actress." Daphne responded with a small amount of happiness in her voice.




"Daph, I don't think now would be a good time to play actress." Velma replied as she attempted to remind her comrade of exactly what kind of situation the gang was in.




"Oh, I guess you're right." Daphne responded with a small amount of disappointment in her voice.




"How exactly is playing along with the movie going to get us out of here?" Shaggy wondered.




"It's pretty simple Shaggy, all we have to do is go along with the movie until it's conclusion; I just hope that there's some way we can escape this ghastly creature feature before something happens to us." Vincent explained.




"There is no hope for you Van Ghoul! For now that you are trapped in the movie I can look for the Chest of Demons and once I find that accursed box I shall set my fellow spirits free, and then destroy it once and for all; after that I shall be free!" Zomba exclaimed now standing in the gang's living room and helping herself to some popcorn.




Back inside the movie Mystery Inc. attempted to piece together the current events that they were experiencing.




"Anybody have any ideas on what we should do next?" Daphne wondered.




"Simple like all we have to do is figure out what part of the movie this is and we can go from there." Shaggy explained.




"Alright Shaggy, you and Scooby are horror movie experts, right?" Velma asked.




"Like I guess you could say that, why?" Shaggy replied.




"Well maybe you and Scooby can figure out what part of the film this is." Velma remarked.




"Hmm, like ok I'll try." Shaggy commented.




The horror movie loving sleuth looked around at the gang's surroundings and smiled as he told the gang of their current situation.




"Like right now we're at the very beginning of the movie." Shaggy explained.




"How can you tell?" Daphne asked.




"Simple, I remember this part quite well actually. This is the part of the movie where the villagers are chasing Dr. Frankenstein and Egad through the cemetery attempting to catch them." Shaggy replied.




"I just hope you're right Shag." Fred remarked.




"I am right, look over there." Shaggy said pointing several hundred feet to the right.




Shaggy and the rest of the group saw a man dressed in a white lab coat and medical equipment, as well as a shorter hunchbacked man being chased by an angry group of people with torches, rope and pitchforks.




The two men managed to duck out of sight of the angry mob and decided to hide behind an old headstone; by a remarkable coincidence and by a very interesting piece of fate it was the same place that Scooby Doo and the rest of Mystery Inc. were.




The college aged sleuths noticed this and decided to engage the two men in conversation to figure out who they were.




"Who are the two of you?" Daphne asked.




"Like I know exactly who they are, you're Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Igor right?" Shaggy asked.




"Yes, we are." Dr. Frankenstein replied.




"Jinkies, I've always wanted to meet you Dr. Frankenstein. Your work is pretty fascinating; even though you are a mad scientist, your work is still rather intriguing." Velma said, admiration creeping into her voice.




“Thank you young lady. That is very kind of you.” Dr. Frankenstein replied, nodding at the bespectacled brunette as he spoke.




"It is nice to meet at least one fan of my work, although apparently, the townspeople don't think so and frankly I'm getting sick of it." Dr. Frankenstein explained, after complimenting Velma.




"Getting sick of what sir?" Fred asked.




"Hundreds of times we've been chased through this dumb movie, hundreds of times we've gone through the same old thing over and over again." Dr. Frankenstein said.




"Yeah and we're done with the whole darn thing, we're through!" Igor added, rather emphatically.




"But you can't just quit a movie when you're already in it, can you?" Fred wondered.




"Well we can and we are." Dr. Frankenstein remarked.




"Yeah, let someone else get chased by those dumb villagers hundreds of times." Igor replied.




"So, you're just going to get someone to replace you, just like that?" Shaggy said snapping his fingers.




"Yes that's the idea." Dr. Frankenstein commented.




"Who in the world would be dumb enough to want to replace the two of you in this movie anyway?" Shaggy asked.




"Reah, rho?" Scooby added.




Dr. Frankenstein and Igor then looked over at the Great Dane and his college aged companion and smiled wickedly; Shaggy and Scooby happened to notice this and were taken quite aback by this development as they realized what exactly this meant.




"Oh no, like Scooby and I aren't going to be a mad doctor and his assistant." Shaggy said, arms folded and shaking his head.




"Reah, rot a rhance!" Scooby agreed.




"And what exactly is wrong with being a mad doctor and his assistant as you put it young man?" Dr. Frankenstein asked looking annoyed.




"Oh, did I say that, I meant to say being a mad doctor and his assistant are noble professions and should be admired, and the two of us are in trouble, aren't we?" Shaggy asked.




"Yes, you are, but we're not mad at the two of you." Dr. Frankenstein explained.




"We're not?" Shaggy asked looking thoroughly confused.




"Not at all, you two are just going to take our places in the movie forever." Igor replied.




"Oh, like is that all, we're just going to replace the two of you." Shaggy remarked, however he stopped speaking after he realized what he had just said.




"Like what I am saying? We can't replace the two of you!" Shaggy exclaimed.




"And what may I ask is wrong with that?" Dr. Frankenstein asked.




"Well for starters, like we're not part of this movie, we're just visitors." Shaggy remarked.




"Well you are now!" Dr. Frankenstein declared as he took his clothes off and dressed Scooby in them.




"Yeah good luck, you'll need it!" Igor remarked with evil laughter as he took his clothes off and dressed Shaggy in them.




Dr. Frankenstein and Igor quickly ran out of sight, making sure that the villagers wouldn't catch recognize them and eventually catch them; Scooby and Shaggy now dressed in the clothes of the doctor and his assistant, bemoaned their current situation and wondered why the two of them had been chosen to replace the strange pair.




"Like it's just our luck Scooby Doo, we get handpicked to become the new Igor and Dr. Frankenstein." Shaggy complained.




"Reah, rhy us Raggy; row rome re rave ro rlay roctor rin a rold rorror rovie?" Scooby asked his companion.




"Beats me old buddy, but I guess for the most part it's just dumb luck." Shaggy remarked.




"Reah, rumb rluck." Scooby replied.




"Well gang, it looks like we're in some pickle." Fred remarked.




"Not only that but I think we're about to get a taste of what Dr. Frankenstein and Igor were talking about." Daphne replied.




"Why's that Daph?" Fred asked.




"Look over there." Daphne said pointing to the same group of people that were chasing the doctor and his assistant.




"Zoinks, like it's that angry mob again!" Shaggy exclaimed.




"I think it would be best if we get out of here." Vincent replied.




"Right, come on gang!" Fred explained.




With that Fred, Daphne, Velma, Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul began to run away from the villagers at top speed and as fast as their feet and paws could carry them; Scooby and company's young friend decided to bring out a megaphone and had decided to start wearing a director's hat as well as beginning to act like a younger version of Steven Spielberg.




"OK everybody; head this way aaand roll 'em!" Flim Flam declared as he ran behind Fred, Daphne, Velma and Vincent Van Ghoul.




Scooby and Shaggy meanwhile found themselves attempting to escape the angry mob that were not only brandishing pitchforks and torches, but had also been chasing the titular character of the movie and his assistant.




"Rikes, rhat are re roing to ro Raggy, rhat rangry rob ris right on rop of rus!" Scooby shrieked.




"Like don't worry Scooby, your best friend has a plan to escape from those villagers." Shaggy replied.




"Rhat's rhat Raggy?" the Great Dane asked.




"Simple, like if I remember the movie correctly, there's a secret tunnel somewhere in the graveyard." Shaggy explained.




"A tunnel? Do you know where exactly the tunnel is located Shaggy?" Velma asked as she, Daphne, Fred, Flim Flam and Vincent had caught up to the cowardly pair.




"Hmm, if I remember right the tunnel should be around here somewhere." Shaggy explained as he walked around the area that he and the rest of the gang were standing in.




"Okay Shaggy, since you and Scooby are the horror movie experts, we trust you." Fred replied.




"Like sounds good to me, now let me see; if I were a tunnel that led into a mad scientist's laboratory, where would I be? Wait I know!" Shaggy thought aloud.




The cowardly college student walked over to a nearby headstone with Scooby, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul following closely in tow; Shaggy saw a gray lever on the side of the headstone and decided to let the rest of the gang know of his find.




"Here it is, this is the lever that when pulled will open the tunnel which leads to Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory." Shaggy explained.




"Shaggy, are you entirely sure about this?" Velma asked.




"What makes you say that Velma?" Shaggy wondered.




"Well, we are in a cemetery, not to mention we're standing right next to a headstone, at night, in an old horror movie." the bespectacled sleuth explained.




"Come on Velma don't start acting like Scooby and I, believe me as long as we play along with the exact plot of the movie we'll be fine." Shaggy remarked.




"Well I guess we'll be alright, especially with you leading the way Shaggy." the petite college aged detective said with a smile.




"Thank you Velma, now gang stand back and I'll open the entrance to the tunnel." the cowardly college student explained.




Scooby and Velma decided to stay close to Shaggy, while Fred, Daphne, Flim Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul stood behind them watching the proceedings carefully; the cowardly sleuth then walked over to the gray lever which he had pointed out to the rest of the group earlier and pulled it down.




"So, what are we supposed to do know?" Fred asked.




"Just wait a few seconds, the tunnel should open up, right about noooow!" Shaggy cried out as he, Scooby, Velma and the rest of Mystery Inc. found themselves sliding down a long, twisting slide which led into a dark tunnel, which led into Dr. Frankenstein, err Dr. Frankenscoob's lab.