Scrapped Princess Fan Fiction ❯ Most Cherished ❯ Chapter 1

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I have not seen the entire Scrapped Princess series, so please bear with me if I get anything wrong, like ages, parents names etc.
Summary: Shannon muses on Pacifica's childhood.
Disclaimer: Scrapped Princess is the sole property of Sasaki Ichiro.
Most Cherished
I hate roads like this, they make me sneeze. It has been dry for a few weeks and everything is dusty. I look back at my two sisters and smile. Raquel always smiles, even in her sleep, always so happy. When you look at Pacifica, you can't tell that she is such a whiner until she opens her mouth. I can still remember the day that my father brought her home fifteen years ago…
Raquel and myself were playing in the front yard when my father came home from work that day carrying a small bundle. We rushed to greet him like we always did, arms open and he smiled down at us and told us that we had to stay outside while he spoke with mother. Being the well-behaved children we were, we obeyed and waited patiently until he came out and gave us the all clear.
When he came out less than an hour later, he told us that he had a surprise for us. We walked into the house to see our mother holding the bundle. Raquel walked over and gasped when mother lifted the top of the blanket. I was curious but I tried not to show it.
My father put his hand on my seven-year-old shoulder and smiled. “Go and see Shannon, that's your new baby sister.”
I walked over to my mother and cautiously looked under the blanket. Blue eyes looked back at me and I smiled at her before she let out an ear-piercing scream.
I swear, as a baby, she had it out for me. She took her first steps shortly before her first birthday…
Pacifica was hell on knees after she learned to crawl, finding great pleasure in using my hair to pull her into a standing position. I never complained; not once, because Raquel was the same. I was three when she was born and four when she started to walk and I adored her to bits. Now eight, Pacifica would be treated no different to my other baby sister.
I was looking after her while my mother hung laundry, and Pacifica was walking around the furniture. She looked over at me and I looked back, smiling. Slowly, she inched her way off of the living room table and over to me. I remember calling for my mother and telling her that Pacifica was walking. She came running into the house smiling. Pacifica saw my mother and promptly fell on her butt laughing. I picked her up so that I could tell her how proud I was; she looked at me and started to cry.
She stopped crying when I picked her up around age two. When she was seven, a boy from our village kissed her…
I was practicing my swordsmanship in the clearing outside of our house at age fourteen when my baby sister came running at me, crying her eyes out. I put my sword away rapidly and bent down to her level in time for her to throw her arms around my shoulders. “Pacifica, what's wrong?”
She sniffled a couple of times before stuttering out her answer. “S-Sam kissed my c-cheek and now I have cooties! Shannon f-fix it!”
Trying to contain my laughter I wiped her cheek with the sleeve of my shirt. “There, no more cooties.”
She gave me a watery smile. “Now kiss it better.”
Rolling my eyes, I kissed her cheek. “Better?”
She nodded. “I'm gonna go play now but if he does it again, you beat him up for me `kay?”
“Shannon, I hate sleeping in the cart, find me a bed!”
Apparently, Pacifica was awake from her nap. “You've only just got up and already you're barking out orders. Geez, you're such a brat.”
She wrapped her arms around my shoulders from behind. “Yeah but you love me anyway.”
I can't argue with her there. I love my little sisters very much and would do anything for them.
Pacifica is one of my cherished people.
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