SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Transformation ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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Everyone sitting in circle say in unison like their drones: Hi RW.
Counsoler: Welcome to D.A., RW.
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Captain stretched and yawned. He had a slumber party with Shute the night before, so he was really tired.
C: "Good morning Shute..." Shute looked around.
S: "Where are you?"
C: "I'm right here Shute." Shute looked and double taked. He stared down at his best friend, shocked.
S: "C...Captain?!" Captain noticed Shute's height.
C: "Woah Shute! Did you have a growth spurt?!"
S: "Your...tiny..." He blinked then got on his knees to be at eye level with the foot-high Gundam.
C: "I am?"

Baku rolled over and tried to ignore Entengo.
B: "Just 5 more minutes..." He closed his eyes then opened them again. "How'd you get that big? Did Zero use his magic on you?" She gave him a weird look and shook her head then placed an apple in his lap. "Thanks-woah!! This apple's HUGE! Where'd" He looked up at the enormous tree filled with apples the size of his arm. (X3 KAWAIIII!!) Baku stared at it then began to eat the apple as if he didn't care. "Yum!" Entengo sweat dropped and shook her head.

A lost dog breathed on the sleeping Zero. Some saliva dripped off it's tongue and landed on Zero's face.
Z: "Yuck!!...HOLY CRAP!!!" He stared at the happy beast. The dog picked Zero up by the teeth and shook him back and forth. "I'M NOT A CHEWTOY!!!"

Guneagle flew threw the clouds.
G: "I think the clouds are bigger today..." He accidenly ran into a flock of geese and began to plummet. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Shute ran up to Chief Haro.
H: "Hello Shute!"
S: "Ack!!" He held up Captain.
H: "Awwww. Did you make a plushie of Captain? It's very realistic!"
C: "I am Captain, chief!!"
H: *blink blink* "Did it just talk?" Guneagle burst into the room.
G: "I think we have some problems, sir!!" Zero also burst into the room, wet and twitching.
Z: "I'd say so!!! I have never been so revolted!!" Baku comes in.
B: "Hey! We're all small! That means we can all ride Entengo at the same time!!" Everyone sweat drops.
S: "He sure is optimistic..."
G: "The four of us have been changed into children!!"
H: "In otherwords, you were chibified."
C: "...uh-huh."
H: "This is serious...Shute, I'm going to ask a big favor of you."
S: "Sure."
H: "I need you to babysit the four of them-"
All 4: "What?!"
S: "Umm...Why?"
H: "Because the rest of us are going to try and fix the problem!"
S: "Well, sure. I can handle them." Haro nodded.
H: "I'm sure I can count on you!" Haro walks away.
C: "...Now what?"
B: "...Let's have breakfast!!"

Short but to the point. Here are their new chibi personalities!
Captain- Clutz
Guneagle- Bully
Zero- Brat
Baku- Ditz/Goody goody w/e you wanna call it. ^^; I couldn't think of anything for Zero, but it is funny!