SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ May the Gundam Force Be With You ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Yay for a second new chapter!! you know, I really need a plot for this story...-.-;;;; But it's going good so far, so we'll just keep at it. ^^;;; Or I will... w/e.
Wow last chapter was like one of the only chapters Baku didn't eat or try to eat anything!! Amazing lol.
Hey, these are fun! ~_~¤¥«¨¿º¼¹µ¶&plusm n;+~¬ª§ ¥¦¡~•_•££ª¸÷.&divi de;פ¥ª±£Î î-)
you can make a lot of different faces with these but I still enjoy the basics.


S: Shute comes back dragging Guneagle after chasing him for an hour. -.-++++++++++++++
G: *pouting* "damn."
S: "You are grounded until you are no longer my problem!! Is that understood!??!"
G: *grumbles* "Yeah..."
S: *lands with Guneagle* *hand cuffs him to a pole* "Now STAY here, don't touch anything and I'll be right back..." *storms off into his house* -.-+ "I'm back mom."
K: *rocking Nana back and forth* "Oh good! Captain explained everything to me and Jake cleaned up the mess."
S: Oo;;; "Jake?? He better not be your new boyfriend..."
K: "Shute!! Of course not, I would never cheat on your father!!" *whispers* "Besides, he's not that attractive..." >.>
S: O.o "What was that?"
K: ^^; "Nothing dear! We locked Zero in the garage -with his armor back on- and I don't know where Captain and Baku have gotten to..." 9.9;
S: -.-; "Thanks mom, sorry about all of this."
K: "No, everything is made up for from the oil well." ^-^
S: T_T;;; "Yeah..." >.>;;; "I'm going to find Captain... but first I'll check on Zero..." *heads to the garage and opens door* Zero? *turns on the light to find Zero in the corner of the garage, rocking back and forth in the fetal position*
Z: *trembling fearfully* *on the verge of crying*
S: "Hey, what's wrong?" *closes door behind himself and pokes Zero*
Z: "It... It's horrible..."
S: "What is?" Zero continues to stare off into space. "Zero, you're scaring me. Even more than you have been all day..." ._.
Z: "It... it... it... it... it..." ><
S: *smacks Zero*
Z: "It's..." *holds up a cup of coffee* "IT'S DECAF!!!"
S: *falls over* x.x "So?!? And who gave you coffee?!?!"
Z: "Need........... expresso..........." *passes out* x_x
S: ".......... Odd....... maybe Captain knows something about this..."

S: *is in backyard now* <.< "Caaaptaaain.... Hey Cap't, where are ya'?!?" >.> *trips over Baku* "Oof! Sorry."
B: x_x "Owie..."
S: "Hey. Whatcha' doing?" *raises eyebrow* "And why do you have white/purple stuff smeared across your face??"
B: "Uuuhhhhh..." ^^;;;; "I'm just... lying here?"
S: T_T "And the stuff?"
B: *twiddles thumbs* "It's... icing..."
S: _/ "I TOLD you no meals between meals!!"
B: "I-I know..." *cries* "I couldn't help it!!" ;__; "I mean, how often do you find a perfect wedding cake sitting in the middle of nowhere?!?!"
S: Oo; "You ate a whole wedding cake?! That you found in the middle of NOWHERE?!?!"
B: "Actually it was right here in your backyard but yeah..." 9.9;;;
S: T_T;;; "WHY?!?!"
B: "I was hungry... and, beside, the wedding cake was next to this book on world records and it's bookmarked to eating a whole wedding cake in twenty minutes! So I figured that I'd try it out..."
S: *smacks forehead* "How dumb ARE you?!"
B: "My tummy hurts..." =____;
S: "It sounds too much like some one set it up..."
B: *sniff* "You mean, someone wanted me to eat the cake??" =___=
S: "Baku, it might have been poison!!" ><;; "You don't eat things you find!!"
B: *cries* "I'm sorry!!" ;_;
S: "Okay, okay! No one except RW enjoys it when you cry!" (A/N: >:D) -.-0 "I know Kao Lyn is gonna kill me, but I'll take you back to the base to make sure you're alright. But first I need to find Captain!" ><;;
B: *hiccups* *nods head* ~_~;

S: *comes around the front of the house while dragging Baku* "Could you just walk??"
B: *bottom lips trembles* *tears coming to eyes*
S: "Okay! Just don't do that!" ><;;;
B: (^_^)
S: -.-;;;; "CAPTAIN?!? Hey, where are you?!?!"
B: o.o "Eep!" *hides behind Shute* ;.;?? "Wh-what was that??"
S: "I dunno. Let's see!"
B: oo;;;;;; "Let's not!!! It might be a ghost...." o_o;;;;;;;;;;;
S: T_T "Fine, you can stay here all by yourself, defenseless to the scary unknown, as I go find out who made that scream."
B: o.o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "On the other hand, I'll go with you!!" *clings onto Shute's leg* ;.;
S: 9.9; "Hey, wait-a-minute! I left Guneagle around here-"
B: o__o "It's Guneagle! Okay, let's go now that we know who screamed-"
S: "Baku, he's gonna get me in trouble if he keeps disturbing the neighborhood! Besides, weird things have been happening: first it was Zero having decaf when no one would be stupid enough to give him ANY form of coffee, then there was the cake thing with you, and I still can't find Captain!"
B: "I think you're just paranoid." ^^;;
S: >.>; "I don't think so."
B: v.v "Shute, denial isn't just a river in Egypt."
S: T_T+ "Do you want Kao Lyn to look at you or not??"
B: "Well, I dunno, he's a real fruit bat... I mean, really, who thinks this *holds up a rope with a knot in it* is a spaghetti noodle in cherades?!?"
S: T_T;;;;;;;;;;;; *drags Baku along* "Guneagle what are you doing?"
G: *flailing about with a CareBear chained to his arm* "GET-IT-OFF, GET-IT-OFF, GET-IT-OFF!!!! It BUURRRRNNNNSSS!!!"
CareBear: "I love you! Let's sing a song!"
S & B: Oo;;;;;;
CareBear: *singing* Head, shoulders, knees and toes- knees and toes! Head, shoulders, knees and toes- knees and toes! Eyes and ears and mouth and nose!
B: *actually doing the hand gestures with the CareBear* ^^
CareBear: "Yay! Great job! Who wants a hug??"
S: O_o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
CareBear: *wraps it's arms around Guneagle* "I love you!!"
G: *writhes in pain* "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" He rips off his arm with the CareBear chained to it and stomps on it before tearing it's head off with his teeth. He gnashed at the fabric, stuffing flying everywhere. Once the play toy had been brutally massacred, Guneagle stood and beat his hands against his chest. "I AM GUNEAGLE, THE CAREBEAR SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *foams at the mouth while breathing heavily*
S & B: Oo;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; *slowly back away*
B: ".............. I am willing to accept your theory about something strange happening around here........"
S: -.-;;;;;; "I think I'm scared..." Oo;;; "We need to find Captain PRONTO!!"
B: "Heck yeah..." *stares off into space*
S: "??? Baku??" He waves his hand in Baku's face.
B: *shakes head* "I... I'm sorry... I feel really sick. I'll only slow you down, go on without me..."
S: "... Alright. Stay here on the side of the building in case Guneagle goes any crazier than he already has..." <.<;;;
B: "Kay..."
Shute runs around the long way to stay away from Guneagle, going inside from the broken window from the porch to the kitchen. He looked around at the tons of pears and ferrets in the house.
S: Oo;??? "What the...?"
Ferrets: ??? *notice Shute* *immediately attack him*
S: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" *tries to run away as they latch onto his ankles with their teeth*
He runs into the living room to find Keiko and Nana tied up.
S: "Mom!!" *unties the handkerchief tied around her mouth* "Are you alright?? Who did this?!"
K: "Oh thank heavens you're here Shute!! They flooded the house with rabid ferrets and unripe pears!! You must stop them!!"
S: "Who is 'them'??!"
K: "They're-"
Suddenly another wave of ferrets and pears washed over them.
S: "Ack! Mom, Nana!!" *digs around trying to find his family* "Where the hell is Dad when we need him?!?!"

Mark: *taking Juli out to dinner*

S: >_<;;;;;;;; "CAAPTTAAAIIINNNN!!!!"
C: "SHUTE!!!" His hand waved around from the sea of pears and ferrets. Shute pulled him up.
S: "Captain! Captain, what's going on?!" Captain buried himself in Shute's shirt.
C: "S-Shute... I'm so scared... I have no clue what's going on!! A-And... I-I have something to tell you..."
S: "Yeah?"
C: *on the verge of tears* "I...I..."
S: "Look, I already went threw that with Zero, just spill the beans."
S: ".......................................................................... ......."
C: "S-S-Shute?!?"
Suddenly something hit Shute on the back of the head and everything went black...

Ooooh, snap!! CLIFFHANGER!!! XD WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!?! You'll have to wait for the next update to know!! ^_^ Muahaha!!!! R/R! ;p