SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Bathtime ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

lol, thank you people for the ideas! I appreciate it greatly! *gives out candy to reviewers* :D Zero makes a great Tweak LOL!! (see South Park's underpant gnomes episode LOLOL) Look, if I dun update Dangers in the Dark Hole and House Sitting by Halloween, I will take them down. So tell me if ya' care, that way I will be inspired to update. ^^;


S: "Great, I think I have a permanent twitch in my eye..." *secures the rope tied around the four gundams*
B: ^o^ *whistling*
C: ;_________________; *crying*
Z: ±_+ *uncontrollably shaking*
G: o.o;;;;;;; *traumatized*
S: -_-0 "Alright, now what?... okay first, everyone STOP DESTROYING THINGS!!! Baku and Zero for making indents in my wall, Guneagle for blowing up the tv-"
G: "I had a good reason!!"
S: "-and Captain for destroying my workshop. But thankfully Captain created an oil well in my backyard which will repair for the damages."
C: *sniffle* *hic* *smiles a little*
B:"Shuuute, Captain's getting oil on meee..."
Z: "COFFEE!!" >_¼
S: -.-0 "Fine, let's all take a bath together..."

~In da' tub...~

G: "... Wow, Shute, you're preeetttty small..."
S: T_T++++ *throws the gundams in the tub of water*
(A/N: yes Guneagle is talking about down there XD)
B: "Ack! It's too cold!" ><;
Z: "No, it's too hot!!" ±_.
B: "Cold!"
Z: "Hot!"
B: "Cold!"
Z: "Hot!"
S: "Will, you two just shut up?? I'm already on my last severed nerve..." *hops in himself*
*Bubbles come up from the water*
Everyone: *looks at each other*
G: "Alright, who did that?"
C: x.x "I'm sorry."
Everyone: Oo;;
B: "Who knew?"
Z: "Gross..." >_.
S: -.-;;;;;;;;;;;; *forms lather with body wash* *scrubs Captain*
G: "Why am I taking a bath?! I'm not even dirty!!"
S: "Because the rest of us are."
B: "Oooo! Rubber ducky!!" ^-^
Z: "............" *dunks head under water*
C: *blushes as Shute scrubs his abdomen* ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
G: *splashes Baku* >:p
B: ^_^ *having fun making the duck squeak* *is splashed* ;.; "Shute, Guneagle splashed me..."
S: "Baku, shut up." ±_±
B: ;__; "I'M SO UNLOVED!!!"
Z: "............................."
B: "...... Are you worried about Zero also, Mr. Ducky?.... What dya' mean you're not worried at all?!.... Hey, is it so wrong that I care about the well-being of my comrades!?.... I do not like Zero! In fact, I think he's a jerk!!.... Blah!!! What?!?! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!! I certainly DO NOT love Zero!!.... You are pushing it, Mr. Ducky.... What what WHAT?!? Honeymoon, WHAT?!? Alright, that's it! I don't have to deal with this kind of abuse!!.... No, the truth does not hurt because THERE IS NO TRUTH!!!"
G: Oo;;; "Is anyone else here disturbed about Baku talking to an inanimate object about his feelings toward Zero??"
S: Oo;;;;;; "Yes..."
B: "WELL WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK!?!" *throws ducky against a wall* *pouts*
C: <.<;;;;;
S: *too busy watching Baku and hand slips down*
C: ¤_&plus; *faints*
S: *notices where his hand is* Oo;;;; "Oops." ^^;;; "Uhh, sorry Cap't?"
C: x.x
G: ¬.¬ "Kill him why don't cha'?"
S: ^^;;; "It was an accident?" µ_µ;; "I blame Baku."
B: *shakes Zero* "BREATHE DAMN YOU!!!"
Z: >_< "COFFEE!!" *dashes out the bathroom*
S: "Zero! Get back here now! Ah, crud, everyone stay here." *throws on bathrobe and chases after him*
C: x.x
B: *dumps all of the detergents in the water* ^-^
G: ¬_¬ "Why is there a washing machine in their bathroom??"
B: "Err, because Neotopia is weird?"
G: "Works for me."
B: "BUBBLES!!" ^-^
G: "Aww, how cute. Your girlish charms make me retch." T_T;;
B: "........ Hey, did you just call me a girl??"
G: "Yes." >:p
B: ;_; "I am not a girl..." *cries*
G: "Proving my point."
B: ;_____;
G: "... Here, lemme' make it up to ya'."
B: *sniffle* "Hm?"
C: x_x

S: "Zero!! Get back here now!!"
Z: "COFFEE!!" >_&plus; *knocks over vase*
S: >_<++++ "ZERO!!"
Z: *strips off clothes while running* "COFFEE!!!"
S: ¤_o *too disturbed to chases after him* "................................"
Keiko: *comes inside* "Shute! I'm home!! Why is there oil spewing from the ground? And what happened to our TV?!?"
S: x.x "Mom, I need your help. Please catch Zero, I'm going back to watching the others..."
K: "Hm? Uhh, okay..." *is flashed by Zero* O.o "Why is he running around in the nude?!"
S: "He's been eating coffee grinds..."
K: O.o;;;;; *chases after Zero*
Nana: Oo;;;
S: -.-;;; *opens bathroom door to be hit with a giant wave of bubbles* "Blargh!!" *has a mouthful of bubbles*
G: "Yee-haw!!!" *surfing the bubbles with ironing board* ^_^
S: ><++ *spits bubbles out* "GUNEAGLE!!!"
C: x.x *holding onto board for dear life*
G: *slides into kitchen and runs over Zero* "...? Why is he nude?" Oo;;
C: x.x "Look out!"
K: *is hit with a wave of bubbles with two chibi gundams on top* x.x
S: ><;;;;;;;;;;;;; "Mom's gonna kill me..."
N: *playing with the ducky* ^_^
G & C: *keep going THREW the glass door and off the balcony*
G: "WOOHOO!!! Yeah!"
C: x.x *in small voice* "mother..."
G & C: *ski to a halt before reaching the oil*
G: "Aww, ride's over..."
C: x.x "You are in deep trouble."
G: v.v "I'm ALWAYS in deep trouble. But that's why I have wings." >:p "Later!!" *takes off*
C: "Hey!!" *notices dark flame coming from behind him*
S: _/ *gritting threw teeth* "Captain... where... is... Guneagle...?"
C: Oo;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; "Uhhhhhh........................"
Z & K: x_x
N: ^-^
Ducky: *quack*
C: "He... left?" Oo;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
S: *whole face is red* "GUNEAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
C: *slinks off in fear* Oo;;;;;;;; *goes back in the bathroom and stops washing machine to let Baku out* "You alright?"
B: *swaying* @_@ "Wow, that was twice as fun as the amusement park's rides!!" *stumbles* "And three times more nauseating..." *burps a bubble* ".....Cool!" ^^;;;;
C: -.-;;;;; "Riiiiight..."
S: *grabs newly made jet pack and chases after Guneagle*
C: Oo;;; *calls Jake the janitor* "Hey, we have a big mess... can you come over and clean it?... no we don't have any gum under the desks... uh-huh... thanks!" *hangs up phone* -.-; *drags Keiko and Zero into guest room and sighs*
B: *still swaying back and forth* 9_6 "Uhhh, Captain? I think I swallowed some soap while spinning around in the washing machine..." *burps another bubble* x.x
C: -.-; "Just go get a glass of water from the kitchen."
B: "But you broke all the glasses!" *hiccups a bubble* x_x
C: 9.9;; "Oh yeah... well... just drink from under the faucet..."
B: "But-............. is Zero naked?" Oo;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;????
C: ¬.¬; "Yes... why do you care?"
B: "N-No reason!" ^^;; *takes a picture and runs off*
C: "......................................."
Ducky: "I knew it." >:( "And what do I get for knowing the truth?! Thrown at a wall."
C: Oo;;;;;;;;;;;;;

^-^ Heh heh... again thank you for the ideaz guys! And don't ask about the janitor ks? ^_~ R/R!!