SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Playground Wars [Part 1] ( Chapter 10 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Whee! Happy Thanksgiving everyboby!! ^^ Here's the next chapter, hope you like it!


S: "Great, now what??" *handing some cocoa to Destroyer*
Dom: "Daaa, yay!!" ^_^ *slurp*
Gouf: "We could go to the pool." 9.9
S: "Naw, we already thought about that. Besides, Baku and Zero can't swim."
DA Trio: *point and laugh at Baku and Zero* >:D
B & Z: *glare at DA Trio* -.-+++
G: *glancing at the fireplace every once in a while*
B: "Oh! I like to fish when I've got nothing to do. Free fish!" ^.^
S: *thinks about it*

B: "Wow!! Look at that big fi-" *gets eaten by the big fish*
Gouf: *pushes Zero into water and laughs with Zapper* XD
Z: x.x *drowning*
Dom: "Whee!! I make big boom!" *shoots missile launcher and hits oil tanker across the way, spilling oil in the ocean* ^_^

S: "No, definitely out of the question."
Z: "Well, we could go to the fair."

B: "Ahhh!!!! Clowns are scary!!" ;__; *getting chased by clowns*
Zaku (this'll be Zapper): *shuves Grappler in big cannon*
Dom: *pulls the string and shoots him out like a human (or mecha) cannon ball* "Big boom!!" ^_^
Gouf: *crashes into wall* x_x "Zapper!!"
Zaku: *laughing his butt off*
C: *in Ferris wheel* *wheel comes off support and starts rolling away* o__o "Shute!!"
G: *uses the high pressure water gun game to shoot at the conductors and stomps on all of the stuffed animals* _/

S: *shudders* "No way, I'm not even going to CONSIDER that option!!"
Dom: "How 'bout picnic?"
B: *jumps up and down* "Ooo! Picnic, picnic!!" ^_^
S: 9.9 "It seems reasonable..."
C: "I'd like to go to the playground actually..."
S: "Alright, we can have a picnic at the playground." ^^
Zaku & Gouf: *shrug their shoulders*

~At the playground...~

S: -.- "Alright you guys, play nice. I'll be allllll the way over here under this tree on this bench..."
B: "Can we have our linner?"
S: O.o "Linner?"
B: "Lunch-dinner!" ^_^
S: -.-0 "Let's call it dinch, and not yet."
B & Dom: *pout*
S: "Just go play already-" *pushes them all away* "Finally." *takes newly prescribed high blood pressure medicine*

G: "Sweet, no one's here!" *hops on a digger thingie* (x.x you know, those things that look like cranes and lil kids can sit in them and "control" the crane with two levers to dig in the sand? It's now called the digger thingie v.v)
B: *hops on swing* ^.^ *swings back and forth*
Dom: *running up stairs to the top of the fort* *sliding down slide* "Dahaha!" ^_^ *repeat*
Z: *watching them* "Playing is for children. Knights such as myself do not play." v.v
B: *rolls eyes while swinging back and forth* "Yeah, they just f. around all the time." ^^
Z: "Oooh, Baku said a bad woorrrdd..." :p
B: x.x "Not childish at all, huh...?"
Gouf: *climbs up tree* "This is lame. Get me when we're going to eat dinch." -.-
Z: "Not a bad idea actually." *also climbs up tree on a branch next to Grappler*
Gouf: *pushes Zero out of the tree*
Z: *falls on his butt* x.x "Owww..."
Gouf: *snickers* ^^
Z: "Hey, that wasn't fair!!"
Gouf: "I thought of the idea first, go get your own idea!"
Z: "If you didn't want me to take your idea, you should have copyrighted it by now!!" *climbs up tree and pushes Grappler out* >:p
Gouf: *huffs* *shakes tree, forcing Zero to tumble out* "Hah, what now?!"
Z: "I don't need to deal with you , it was a stupid idea anyway!" *sits in the sand and pouts*
Gouf: *rolls his eye and climbs back up the tree*
C: *climbs to the top of the fort* ^_^ "Fort Gundam sounds good! Or maybe SDG Fort..." 9.9
Zaku: *pushes Captain down the slide* "I don't think so! This is the Dark Axis Fort!!"
C: *plops down in mulch at the bottom* *glares up at Zapper* "I hope you know this means war!"
Zaku: "Bring it on, Gundumb !" *laughs*
Z: *stands up and walks next to Captain* "You? A challenge? You flatter yourself!" (that quote seem familiar?)
C: "Yeah, looks like it's 2 against 1!! What now Zapper??"
Zaku: "Well I still have the fort! Nyah!" >:p
C: "Not for long!" *climbing up with Zero*
Zaku: "Ack!!" *glances over at Grappler in the tree* "Grappler! Get over here and even the odds!"
Gouf: *hands behind head* "Ah, go suck a cow."
Zaku: "Oh, I'm sorry, I meant get over here NOW!!"
Gouf: "Make me!"
Zaku: "Get over here now, Grappler, and help me kick the gundams out of my fort or I'll tell Commander that you chickened out against the gundams!!"
Gouf: *grumbles* "FINE! Geez..." *hops out of the tree and climbs up the slide behind Zapper* -.-++ "Happy now?!"
Zaku: "Good." *grabs Destroyer from sliding down the slide again* "You're helping, although I'd rather you not..."
Dom: "Can I blow up stuff?"
Zaku: -.- "Yeah, sure."
Dom: "Yay!! Me make boom!" (geez he sounds like Fat Buu from DBZ x.x)
Zaku: "HAH!! Now it's 3 against 2, Captain!!"
C: "Dang! I will succumb to your quickness in recruiting... But! You can take our money, you can take our government, you can even take our homes, but you will never TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!" ^(>_<) >
Z: *shakes Cap't* "Captain, calm down! They didn't take anything from us, especially not those things..." -.-;
C: "Oh... yeah... well... you still can't take our freedom." 9.9
Gouf: "We don't want it at the moment." 7_7;;
Zaku: "And it doesn't matter, we still out-number you!!" *gloats* ^_^
Z: "Baku, get up here and JOIN THE ARMY!"
B: *still swinging back and forth* *looks up* "I'm not old enough to join the army."
Z: "Navy?"
B: "No."
Z: "Air Force?"
B: "Not even close."
Z: "War on terror?"
B: "What?" O.o
Z: "I dunno, I saw it on the news." =/
C: "Zero, the media wouldn't put that line out, it's impossible to have a 'war on terror' because terror is simply a natural reaction to things unknown or threatening." -.-
B: "How's it impossible though?" O.o
C: "It's only a state of mind, a figment of our imagination. It's simply a title for something we feel, like happiness." v.v "You can't literally fight something that doesn't have matter."
Z: >.> "Yeah... either way, help us out!"
B: "I dun wanna fight today." v.v "I just wanna swing."
C: "Baku! Don't you understand?! They're questioning your honor as a samurai!!"
B: "Dude. I'm five. I don't care..." T_T;;;;
Z: "They fail to taste your blades?" >.>;;
B: "I don't even have my swords, they're back at the base cuz, 'children shouldn't play with swords!'" -.-++ "Bah." *continues to swing*
Z: "...That was a hopeless cause."
C: "...Guneagle! Help us out!"
G: "No way, I'm with Baku on this one." -.-
C: "Guneagle... I know I shouldn't be telling you this but... they're Carebears!!"
G: *freezes*
C: "Under all that filth and armor are lovable rainbow colored Carebears! There, I said it! I told you the truth..."
Gouf: "What a crock of-"
G: "BRING IT ON, CAREBEARS!! BRING IT ON!!!! " *flies off the digger thingie and lands in front of them* _/++
C: ^_^
Z: -.- "Wow, that worked."
C: "Now it's even!"
Zaku: "Oh yeah, well we can still take you on!!"
B: -.- *yawns* -o- *hops off swing and walks over to tree* *goes to sleep against the base of the tree*

yay, done! As Baku takes another nap against the tree, the Playground War begins! Which team will prevail over the other: Team Captain or Team Zapper? See the battle break out in the next chapter! ^.^ R/R!