SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ The Living Nightmare Begins ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A sky blue gundam with white-feathered wings on the side of her helmet, purple flames on her chest, a pair of white-feathered wings on her back, and a tiara on her head, rushes into a city engulfed in flames. There is a black smoke covering the sky called demon dust blocking out the sun. The brave yet scared female gundam hides behind a building as demon darts by her. She begins to think to herself, “Alright Fleur just take this a step at a time.” Fleur looks up toward a burning castle that was her home, “All I have to do is get into my room undetced and get the item that will save my Skylark from these retched demons. Man, I thought being a princess was going to be easy.” Princess Fleur navigates her way through the city without being seen.
“Alright so far so good,” she thought. Fleur hears swords clashing from below her. She looked down and sees a white and gold gundam with golden feathered wings fighting the Demon King, EagleEye. EagleEye had lead the demons right into the city without anyone noticing. His hoard of demon followers no swarm the city.
“You are becoming quiet an annoyance to me Phoenix,” EagleEye growled, “Why do you protect those weaker than you?”
“Because I will not allow any of my loyal subjects to die at the hands of evil,” answered Phoenix.
EagleEye hit Phoenix with the broad side of his sword knocking him to the ground. EagleEye snickered as he raised his sword above Phoenix's chest, “Time to die you highness.”
“NOOO! Papa!” Fleur shouted accidentally.
“What the…” EagleEye spun around, “Princess Fleur!”
Fleur released her mistake far to late, “Oops,” she said sweatdropping.
EagleEye smiled evilly, “Perfect…destroy her my minions!” Every demon that is destroying Skylark turned its attention towards Fleur.
“NO!” shouted Phoenix jumping to his feet, “get out of here at once Fleur! Leave! Now!!”
Fleur shakes her head, “Not yet. I can save Skylark trust me!” She flies into the burning castle, breaking a window.
“Demon General!” shouted EagleEye, “Bring me the princess.”
“Yes, milord,” Demon General, a black and sliver gundam with batlike wings, flies off after Fleur.
EagleEye turns toward Phoenix, “As for you, I'll let you suffer instead.”
Fleur franticly flies through the blazing inferno up to her room at last. She coughs a little while looking around her room. She spots the white a gold box that she was looking for, “Found ya! Now to get out of here.” She grabs a purple cloak from her king-sized bed and puts it on. As she heads toward the door, Demon General kicks it down as Fleur stumbles backwards in surprise.
Demon General eyes the white and gold box that is now on the side her waist on a belt, “Ah, so this is where Ancient hid it. Now,” Demon General looks at Fleur, “Now…be a good little princess and just give me the box and you will live to fight another day, or, lose it in a fight to the death.”
Fleur backs up toward the balcony; “The spirit entrusted me with this item. No way am I going to give it to you damn demons.” Fleur flies off as fast as she can from the balcony back into the flame engulfed city trying to get away.
Demon General is right behind, “Get back here you brat!”
Fleur ahs almost reached the main gate when she heard a voice talking to her in her head, “Do you have the sprit energy box?” asked the voice.
Fleur replied, “Yes, but I still don't see why the demons want it.”
“The sprit energy inside the box is the only thing that can stop the demons now,” explained the voice, “and once is has finished forming, you must guide the new spirit back to Skylark.”
Fleur was confused now, “New spirit? And what do you mean `back to Skylark'?”
“All will be made cleared in time,” replied the voice.
“Gottcha!” Demon General grabbed Fleur's right foot.
“Hey! Let go!” just as Fleur slashed Demon General with her retractable claws, they both flew into a dimensional portal.