SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Arrival in Neotopia ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“This is so boring,” complained Guneagle.
Shute groaned from Gunbike's sidecar, “ Will you stop complaining Guneagle.”
“Seeing as how no one has attacked Neotopia in a year means that we are correctly performing our duty Guneagle,” said Captain while riding on Gunbike
“I can't believe I'm about to say this but I'm with Guneagle on this one,” said Gunbike, “It has been somewhat boring here since we stopped the Dark Axis.”
“Aw, come on guys,” Shute said cheerfully, “We should be enjoying the peace. Although you would think that something would happen by now.” Shute laughed at his joke for only a few seconds. Next thing they all knew, a dimensional portal appeared in the sky a few blocks away, “What the…I was just kidding!”
Captain took command, “It doesn't matter if you where kidding or not Shute, We must take them down!”
“Dude, finally some action!” exclaimed Guneagle happily.
Don't get to excited,” Gunbike cautioned, “we don't even know what we're up against.” They all sped off toward where the portal was spotted.
Demon General slid across the cement but quickly recovered from Fleur's attack. He looks around puzzled, “Where did this sunlight come from? Humph, no matter I'll just kill Fleur.”
Fleur landed closer to the dimensional portal's origin also confused, “Where are we? Guess I'll find out later, after I take out Demon General.”
Captain and the others had arrived on the battlefield. Guneagle readied his weapons as Captain jumped out of Gunbike, “Halt! I have been issued a special permit to use this firearm in the defense of Neotopia. Lay down your weapon and withdraw at once!”
Demon General looked over at Captain, “What the…where in demons name do you come from!” While Demon General was distracted, Fleur rushed in and slashed him again, “Oof! Cheap shot!” Demon General drew his sword and attacked back hitting Fleur a few feet away.
“Wait, who's the good guy?” asked Guneagle.
“Good question,” replied Shute.
Captain came up with a plan, “We can't take any chances, we will have to disable both of them. Guneagle, take the black gundam. I'll take the blue one.”
“Roger Captain,” Guneagle charged Demon General and Captain locked onto Fleur.
Guneagle drew his beam sword, “I'll show you not to invade my city!” He attacks Demon General. Demon General blocks his attack and flies higher.
“Just who do you think you are you little punk! I've taken an entire Kingdom! You can't defeat me!” shouted Demon General as he brought his sword down on Guneagle. Guneagle dodged his attack. They began to continuously attack one another.
Captain began to fire his beam rifle at Fleur trying to knock her out of the sky, “Last chance. Surrender now!”
“You're making a terrible mistake!” Fleur said to Captain from above, “If I am destroyed then all hope for saving my home of Skylark is lost.”
“Why should I believe you?” asked Captain.
“Because it's the truth.” replied Fleur. Guneagle fell past them and smashed into the ground. Guneagle was quickly back on his feet and in the air again.
Demon General laughed evilly at Fluer, “Hope? What hope? All hope was lost when the spirit disappeared and abandoned all those he swore to protect! The demons shall reign supreme over your followers princess. This is the dawn of a new era! Long live King Eagle Eye! Long live the demons!” Demon General continued his evil laughter.
“So you're the bad guy!” shouted Shute.
Demon general stopped laughing and swallowed loudly, “Heh heh, I…I was just kidding. Honest,” he smiled nervously.
Captain and Guneagle raised their beam rifle and aimed at Demon General, “No point in begging for mercy,” said Captain, “FIRE!” Captain and Guneagle fired multiple times on Demon General. Then another portal opened.
Demon General quickly flew toward the portal, “I'll be back you annoying gundams!” He disappeared.
Shute stepped out of Gunbike's sidecar, “Way to go guys! Hey…huh…what the…she's gone!”
“What?” asked Captain.
“The princess gundam, she gone!” explained Shute.
Guneagle rolled his eyes; “There's gratitude for ya. We save her life and she doesn't even thank us.”
Captain scanned the area real quick; “Well she didn't go back through the portal. She must be hiding somewhere in the city,” he conclude, “let's get back to SDG base, maybe they can track her.”