SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Friend or Foe? ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fleur had flown off while they we're fighting Demon General and is now hiding in an alley. She needed some time to pull herself and her thoughts together. “Okay,” she thought to herself, “let me get this straight. I got the sprit energy box, somehow a dimensional opened, Demon General and I went through it, I fought Demon General, then those gundams showed up out of no where, I know I'm not on Skylark right now, but, then where am I and why did I hide inside a dumpster. Man, this is embarrassing.” She climbed out of the dumpster and began to clean her pure white-feathered wings. She knew it would take a while to clean each and every feather. Then she brushes herself off and tries to figure out where she is, “If I just knew where a dimensional transportation device was I can get out of here,” she took the box off of her belt and opened it slightly. A brilliant bright purple light shone from within the box, “…and hopefully save Skylark.”
“Who's down here!?” shouted someone.
“Yikes!” Fleur jumps back into the dumpster.
A mobile citizen police officer looked down the alley, “No point in hiding. I heard someone down her. I saw the light! Come out with your hands up!” The police officer starts down the alley. Fleur sits in the bottom of the dumpster praying that he will just go away. Then she could find a better hiding spot. The police officer walked up to the dumpster and slowly opened the lid. Fleur took a risk and sped out of the dumpster and flew toward the docks.
“Whoa! What the heck was that?” said the surprised officer; “I must've scared a cat.”
Fleur was now hiding under a pier holding on to it with her claws, “That was far to close. I have to be more careful.” She slowly sneaks her way back into Neotopia.
Meanwhile at SDG base Captain, Shute, Gunbike, and Guneagle have just returned and where talking to Chief Haro.
“Yes, I see,” said Chief Haro, “Your knowledge of their fighting strategy should prove helpful later on. Right now we are trying to locate the blue, feathered gundam. We can't let him destroy the city.”
“Her, Chief Haro,” Captain corrected.
Chief Haro gave the gundam a strange look, “Excuse me Captain?”
Captain cleared his throat; “The black gundam called the blue on a princess so that would make her a girl gundam.”
Chief Haro nodded, “I see… anything else any of you would like to tell us?”
Captain started, “Well sir, we are 99.9% positive that the black gundam is evil and 99.9% sure that the princess gundam is a friend.”
“I trust that you are not just saying that because she is a princess,” said Chief Haro.
Shute replied, “I assure we aren't saying that sir. The black gundam did say something about him taking a kingdom called Skylark and the princess said she was the only hope for her kingdom and would not allow any more lives to be taken.”
“Come on chief this one is obvious,” said Guneagle, “The princess is the good guy, umm, girl.”
Gunbike revved his engine and reared up on Guneagle, “Don't get cocky ya punk! For all we know this could be a trick rookie!”
Guneagle raised his arms in defense; “Ye-yes sir.” Gunbike dropped back down.
“There is only so much that we can do here,” said Chief Haro frustrated, “Guneagle, patrol the airways. Captain and Gunbike, Check the streets, Shute you look everywhere else and ask around. Maybe some one saw this gundam.”
“Yeah everyone who watches the news has seen those new gundams,” said Bell Wood. Bell Wood, Kao-Lyn, Julie, and all of the other SDG operatives are watching the news on the monitoring screen.
Captain, Shute, Chief Haro, Guneagle, and Gunbike turn their attention towards the screen. A news reporter is covering the story; “Earlier today two new gundams appeared next to the downtown factories in a flash of light. Here is what our camera mange to capture.” The screen shows the last half of the fight, “Who are these new gundams? Are they friends or foes? Did the Dark Axis have one last trick up their sleeve? And can Captain Gundam defend our city from this new threat? Stay tuned for more later.” After watching the report, the gundams rush back to the city.
“Oh that's just perfect!” said Fleur scarcatiscaly, “Now I'm public enemy number one,” she growls and shakes her head. “Just when you think things can't get any worse.” Fleur had watched the news report from behind a trashcan. She was about off fly off when she heard an engine revving. Instead she hid under an overturned cardboard box.
Gunbike came around the corner, “Who's there? Where are you?” Gunbike quickly looked around, “Guess I was hearing things,” he continued down the street.
“Note to self,” said Fleur, “When hiding, keep quite.” She got out from under the box, “I have to get out of this city somehow.”
“Any luck yet Guneagle?” asked Captain.
“Not yet. What about you Captain?” replied Guneagle.
“Negative. Gunbike, what about you?” Said Captain.
“Nothing so far,” said Gunbike
“What about you Shute? Did you find out anything?” Asked Captain
“Nope, no one has seen anything except the fight on the news,” replied Shute.
A police officer walked up to Shute, “If I might of any help, I did see a strange purple light come from an alley.”
Shute got excited, “Can you take me there?”
“Sure thing,” the officer leads Shute back to where Fleur was hiding earlier.
“Thanks,” Shute begins to explore the alley like a detective. He looked behind trashcans, in empty boxes, and by the dumpster. Next to the dumpster Shute finds a white and gold box Fleur accidentally dropped earlier but didn't notice.
Shute picked up the box and examined it, “Who would throw away a beautiful box like this? Hmm…I wonder what's inside.” Shute slowly opened the box and the purple light shined brightly on Shute's face, “Whoa! That hurt… Wow! What on earth is that?” Shute looks at the beautiful crystal with a shiny purple something encased within it, “Amazing…. It…it's beautiful what ever it is. I better bring this back the Blanc Base. It might be a clue to one of those gundams.” Shute closes the box and calls Captain on his communicator, “Captain, I think I have found something that the princess gundam may have dropped.”
“Well done Shute,” replied Captain, “everyone return to Blanc Base.”
“Roger Captahhhhhhhhh!” screams Shute.
“Give me that box!!” demands Fleur. Fleur jumps from the rooftop and dive-bombs Shute with her wings spread, claws out, and a look of anger in her eyes ready to slash Shute into ribbons. Shute turns on his roller rocket skates and avoids her in the nick of time.
Shute runs for his life with Fleur close behind him, “Captain!! Heeeeeeelllllllllp meeeeeeeeeeee!” screams Shute scared half to death.
“Get back here kid!” Fleur flies closer and closer to Shute. She doesn't want to hurt him but she will if she has to. Fleur is within grabbing distance when Guneagle appears and kicks Fleur out of the air and away from Shute . Fleur slides a few feet on the pavement.
“No one attacks by buddy!” Guneagle shouts at Fleur.
Shute turns around and faces Guneagle, his heart going a mile a minute, “Thanks man I owe you one,” Shute and Guneagle faced Fleur as she staggered to her feet a bit dazed.
Fleur shakes off the attack, “Today just isn't my day.” She hears something coming from behind her.
“Yee-HAW! Y'all didn't plan on leaving us out of the fun did ya?” asked Gunbike. Captain is riding in Gunbike. They almost hit Fleur but she back-flips out of the way they stop next to Guneagle and Shute.
“Shute are you alright?” asked Captain
“Don't worry I'm fine,” Shute replies.
“I guess we were wrong to think that you are the good guy,” said Captain to Fleur.
Fleur starts to get frustrated; “I am the good guy. That human's the thief.”
“What!?” shouted Shute, “I'm not a thief!”
“Don't play dumb,” said Fleur, “ you are a thief. You stole my box! Okay look, I don't want any more trouble. Just return the box and you will never see me again.”
Guneagle replied, "Why should we believe you? How do we know that you're not going to try and kill Shute again or destroy the city with it?”
Fleur replied calmly, “First off, I have nothing against this city and I wasn't going to kill him. Second, the item inside the box will help me save my home of Skylark.”
“Stop worrying about Skylark and worry about your life!” said a voice from behind Fleur. They saw Demon General standing a few feet away with his sword drawn, “Tsk tsk. You where so worried about one foe you forgot about me. I thought that was a little too easy getting inside the city. Now… your time has come Fleur!” He body slams her then pins Fleur to the ground. Demon General raises his sword above Fleur's gunsoul. Fleur sinks her claws into his wrist and kicks him off. He lands on his back.
“Ow! Grrrr…you just don't know when to give up do you?” growled Demon General getting back up.
Fleur jumps up and flies a few feet off of the pavement, “What are you doing here Demon General!” she demands.
“You show know that answer by now princess. Where is the box?” asked Demon General.
Fleur smarts back, “ Don't you know that answer. I will never give it to you.”
Shute got a crazy idea. Maybe he could distract Demon General long enough for Fleur to attack, “Hey Demon General guy!” Shute shouts, “Looking for this?” He holds up the white and gold box.
“What are you doing kid!?” Fleur shouted.
“It's mine!” Demon General sped towards Shute at an alarming rate. Suddenly he stopped. Fleur grabbed him by his bat like wings.
“Leave… him…a…lone!” Fleur clawed, punched, and kicked Demon General away from Shute.
Demon General is stunned by her attack, “What are you doing…they attacked you!”
Fleur laughed, “Sometimes friends get off to a rough start. Perhaps they will help me take you down.”
“Of course we'll help our friend,” said Captain jumping off of Gunbike. Captain and Guneagle fired their beam rifles at him.
“Not again!” Demon General tried to dodge the attack but gets hit multiple times.
Fleur jumped in front of them, “Hey boys don't steal all of the fun.”
Guneagle and Captain stopped firing, “Sorry,” said Captain, “why don't you finish him.”
Demon General was a little woozy from the attack, “Thank goodness they finally stopped…whoa, whoa, whoa, ahhhhhhhh!” Fleur grabbed him by the ankle and sent him flying back through the portal.
“And don't back!” shouted Fleur, “Hmm…that was pretty fun actually.”
“Nice job you guys, “ said Gunbike.
Shute walks over to Fleur, “Here, I believe that this is yours.” He hands her the box, “Sorry about taking it. I was just curious that's all.”
Fleur took the box, “Thank you,” she opens it, smiles, then closes it again, “Sorry about attacking you earlier.”
Shute laughed, “ Don't worry I'm use it. I've been in worse situations before. Oh wait a minute we haven't been properly introduced yet. My name's Shute.”
“I am Captain Gundam.”
“The name's Gunbike”
“I'm Guneagle, the coolest one”
Fleur giggled at Guneagle's comment; “I'm Princess Fleur of Skylark.” They all bow to Fleur, “I know this sounds crazy, but, do you guys know where I can find a dimensional transportation device?” she asked.
Captain nodded, “We know where one is, just follow us.”
“Are you serious?” asked Fleur some what stunned.
“Dead serious,” said Shute, “Come on.”
“Things are starting to look a lot brighter,” said Fleur following close behind them.