SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ The Truth: EagleEye's Plan ( Chapter 22 )

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I'm back! And this time it's all about the Dark Axis. Disclaimer: I don't own SD Gundam Force. Cybertoy00 owns M'Fier
Demons cheered for joy in the Dark City knowing that their strength has increased dramatically. Upon EagleEye's return with his new followers, they went business inside the black marble castle.
“You shall rule these dimensions,” EagleEye said to Commander Sazabi, Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru, “The inhabitants will live in fear. They will tremble beneath the demons might. But first things first, we need to rid our selves of the Gundam Force.
“The Gundam Force's power is a joke compared to ours,” said Commander Sazabi.
Tallgeese nodded, “We will take care of them personally.”
“Revenge on those meddlesome gundams will be sweet,” said Kibaoumaru.
EagleEye smiled, pleased that his plan was coming together, “Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom. Step forward.” The trio did so obediently, “I believe it is time for your just rewards.” EagleEye made shadow clones of the trio out of thin air. With a flick of the demon king's wrist, each shadow flew into its designated vessel and power surged through the trio's systems.
Zapper's various projectile weapons sparked from the power surge. Black swirls decorated his armor. Grappler's clawed arm sparked from the surge. Sliver and gray zigzags extended from his arm and covered a majority of his body. Black sunburst covered Destoryer's body and his demon power charged every weapon in his gallop. The trio, now demons, looked down at their bodies and stared in disbelief. They felt power surging throughout every inch of their bodies.
EagleEye, however, read their minds, “Generous yes. But a great deed deserves a great reward.”
Zapper spoke for the others, “Th-thank you your highness.” Him, Grappler and Destroyer bowed.
EagleEye nodded excepting his thanks, “Now to bring the gundams here. Servant!” A small demon ran up to him, “Gather our best hunters and tell them to find the gundam mechanic.” The servant bowed low and hurried out of the throne room. EagleEye dismissed the others form his presence.
“This is awesome!” shouted Zapper Zaku. He continues to break various statues and suits of armor with his new power.
“Now me cause bigger boom!” D. Dom laughed cheerfully.
Grappler flung his oversized claw around the courtyard shattering anything he hit, “I haven't felt this good in…ever. But…why did EagleEye give us these powers?”
Zapper punched him hard in the head, “Are your screws lose? Who cares why?! I'm just happy he's finally seen how useful we are.”
“Yeah…you three are real useful,” a demon standing on to far side of the courtyard said sarcastically.
“What was that?” asked Zapper annoyed.
“Hmm? Oh, nothing. Ignore me. I'm just thinking out loud,” the demon replied.
“Keep your thoughts to yourself then!” snarled Zapper Zaku.
“My evilness you guys are slow,” the demon turned on its heel and walked off.
Grappler watched him leave, “That was weird.” Zapper simply waved it off and went back to breaking things. After a few hours, the Doga Commandos entered the courtyard and ordered the trio away. A minor scuffle broke out between them and the trio ended up leaving.
“Something's not right here,” said Grappler, “the Dogas usually love practicing on us.”
“For once we agree,” said Zapper, “Is it just me or have they seemed quieter to you?”
Grappler nodded, “Yeah good point. Come to think of it, Commander Sazabi has been acting different lately as well.”
“Maybe it's from being brought back?” suggested Destroyer Dom.
Zapper shook his head, “That can't be it. I could've sworn he would have summon us to fill him or to practice on us.'
Grappler crossed his arms, “If I remember correctly, didn't Tallgeese sacrifice himself in order to help the gundams?”
“True,” said Zapper, “And I defiantly remember Kibaoumaru switching sides and helping the gundams beat Zeong. This doesn't make any sense. Maybe this has to do with EagleEye's persuading power Demon General went on and on about.”
“Where is D.G. for that matter?” asked Grappler.
“Hell if I know,” answered Zapper, “He ran off as soon as we got back.” They continued to wonder through the castle and eventually they ended up outside in a decayed garden. Even the demon Zakos were giving the trio the cold shoulder. For the first time since joining the demons, they began to wonder if revenge was a good enough reason to serve EagleEye.
Grappler flopped onto his back, “Did we make the right choice? Was revenge a good enough reason?”
Zapper looked down at him, “Stop speaking your thoughts. I'm nervous enough already.”
“They did save us,” Grappler continued, “After the Big Zam was crushed under their base, they gundams pulled us out.”
Zapper growled, “They made us their janitors.”
“Yeah,” said Grappler, “Instead of deactivating us.” He sat up, “You've seen how EagleEye works. What will he do with us once the Gundam Force is gone? We'll be useless.”
“Don't start thinking negative,” said Zapper, “We can withstand sunlight. He'll probably want to keep our help
“How dense can someone honestly be,” a pale demon with spiky black hair and the signature glowing red eyes walked up to them, “Do you honestly think his majesty will keep you three bafoons around for much longer?”
“Who invited you?” asked Zapper
“My name is M'Fier,” the demon answered “And you want cross me if you're smart.”
“Oh, really?” asked Zapper, “And why's that?” M'Fier held out his right hand and opened his eyes wider. Dark magic pulled Zapper Zaku into the air.
Zapper flailed around, “Hey! Put me down!” M'Fier released Zapper and let him fall into the dead plant life. M'Fier chuckled at Zapper's discomfort.
Grappler scrambled to his feet and pointed his giant claw at M'Fier, “Talk! If you're looking for a fight, I'll happily be your opponent.”
“Cool it, I'm not here for a fight,” M'Fier replied calmly, “I just can't stand how dense you three are.”
“What you mean?” asked Destroyer Dom.
M'Fier stared into the moonlit sky, “I do not fear telling you this. It's only fair that you know.” He reverted his gaze back to the trio, “You have already noticed that your so called `comrades' have ignored you. The only time they acknowledge your presence is if you're in their way. Well…here's why. The demons that possess your commanders are keeping them alive and/or quite. They no longer have any control over their own bodies. Same thing with the demon Zakos; the demons in them are keeping them quite.
“Why did he give us demon powers then?” asked Grappler.
“I don't know,” answered M'Fier, “But I'm sure King EagleEye has his reasons. Truthfully, I'm surprised he hasn't turned you three into weapons, or armor, or even building material.”
Zapper stared at M'Fier in disbelief, “You mean…were just tools for him to use?!”
“Exactly,” said M'Fier, “But I have said too much. I almost forgot why I came here in the first place. Now that you three are demons, you must share the responsibilities of one. Go and guard the only prisoner in the deepest, darkest dungeon where not even the moon shines through.”
Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom descended a steep spiraling staircase lined by torches. The moon light faded the deeper they went until it was no longer there. Cobwebs, skeletons of fallen warriors, and the occasional spider decorated the dungeons. A cold wind swept up from the lower cells and a think mist choked the already stale air. Chills ran down the trio's spine whenever the wind blew. At the bottom of the stairs and at the end of a long stone hallway, they heard to voices from in front of a cell with a lonely torch on the wall.
“Bishop to G2.”
“Castle to E6.”
There were two demon guards on duty. One looked like a dog wearing thick heavy armor and had a huge sword leaning against the wall. His head rested on his paw as he looked at something on the ground.
The other demon, that looked like a fox dressed in robes with two short curved swords on his belt, tapped his claws on the cold stone floor. The trio moved closer on saw the demons were playing chess.
The fox stopped tapping his claws, “Pawn to F4.” The pawn moved itself to the space.
The dog smiled, “Idiot. Queen to F4.” The queen moved to the pawn and knocked it off the board.
“Fool,” said the fox, “Castle to F4.” The castle moved to the queen and knocked it off the board, “Checkmate.” The dog stared at the board in disbelief. The fox chuckled, “I win again.” He scratched a mark into the wall.
“You cheated Nsiga!” barked the dog.
Nsiga scoffed, “You're just a sore loser Tox.”
Tox growled at him, shoved the board into a hole in the wall, and then place the lose brick over the hole, “Feel lucky our relief is here.” Tox grabbed his enormous sword, looked at the trio with his glowing red eyes, and left the dungeon.
Nsiga stood up and stretched, “I was wondering when you guys would get here.”
“So, uh…this guy we're guarding,” said Zapper, “he's don't dangerous is he?”
“Not any more,” said Nsiga, “He gave up struggling ages ago. This is probably the most boring job in the universe.”
Grappler peered through the dark prison cell. His new demon powers allowed him to see a gundam with blank eyes chained to the wall, “A gundam! We're guarding a gundam!”
“Yep,” said Nsiga, “Have fun.” The fox demon started for the stairs, “Oh and before I forget. EagleEye wants him to remain alive so check if he's still functioning every now and then.'
Zapper grumbled, “Great…we get to watch a silent prisoner for the next six hours.”
“And you get first watch Zipper,” said Grappler.
“Why me?” asked Zapper.
“Joining the demons was your idea in the first place,” answered Grappler.
“That was your idea not mine!” Zapper shouted back.
“Was not!”
“Was to!”
“Was not!”
“Was to!”
Their bickering woke up the prisoner. The old gundam opened his flame orange eyes halfway. His eyes were dull and showed sadness, like the final dyeing embers of a fire. He saw the Dark Axis trio and sighed.
Destroyer Dom noticed the gundam, “Prisoner is awake.” Zapper and Grappler stopped fighting and looked into the cell. The gundams eyes pierced through the darkness.
“Who are you?” the gundam asked in a hoarse, raspy voice that had not been used for quite sometime, “What are you?”
“Hey, he can talk,” said Zapper.
Grappler answered the gundam's questions, “We are the Dark Axis. Who are you?”
“My name means nothing to be now,” the gundam coughed from using his voice, “So you are the Dark Axis fools who gamble their very lives?”
“What are you talking about?” asked Zapper.
The gundam coughed again and got his voice back, “You mean to say you haven't figured it out yet?” His voice was now powerful yet warm to hear.
Zapper growled, “Stop talking in rhymes and just say it.”
“EagleEye the pseudo king plans to kill all of you,” said the gundam.
Destroyer spoke next, “But he's our alley Prisoner.”
“Where did `Prisoner' come from?” asked Grappler.
“Prisoner?” asked the gundam, “Is that what you wish to call me?”
“It's better than saying `gundam',” answered D. Dom.
Prisoner nodded, “Very well then.”
Grappler got back on subject, “How do you know he plans to kill us?”
“I heard it from the other guards,” said Prisoner, “They said that EagleEye only gave you three demon powers so he can increase his own.”
Zapper asked nervously, “You do mean increase power militarily wise, right?”
“No,” said Prisoner, “EagleEye plans to take back your powers when the time is right. He only gave them to you so that when he reabsorbs the power, he'll be even stronger than before.”
“Wait a second,” said Grappler, “How do we know you're not lieing? I bet you're just trying to get us killed Prisoner!”
“I would never do such a thing to my loyal followers,” said Prisoner, “And who would you rather take your chances with. Me? Or EagleEye?”
Grappler went deep into thought, “Hey I have an idea. We'll eavesdrop on EagleEye.”
“What?” asked Zapper.
“If we eavesdrop on him then he might slip out what his plan is,” Grappler explained.
“Better question,” said Zapper, “How are we going to do that?”
“The secret passages,” Prisoner answered, “I think I might know where he will be. Just follow my directions and you'll get there in no time.'
“Get your butt out of my face!” shouted Grappler Gouf.
“Stop trying to run over me!” Zapper Zaku shouted back. They are crawling through a narrow passage in the castle wall. Destroyer Dom stayed behind since he couldn't fit.
“Finally! It gets wider up ahead,” Zapper crawled out of the tunnel and in to a small room.
Grappler crawled out behind him and stood up, I'm taking the lead for now on.” He jumped for the next tunnel and slipped landing on his butt. Zapper laughed at the sight. Grappler growled and jumped for the tunnel again, this time making it. Zapper jumped in after him. They crawled a little longer then found a ceiling vent. They looked into the vent and saw a very well kept room. Expensive antique furniture filled the room, a fireplace was going and EagleEye was pacing on the plush carpet.
“Hey, Prisoner was right,” said Zapper, “But how did he….”
Grappler cut him off, “Sshhh! He'll here us,” he whispered.
“If I use the black metals then the gundams would…no, no, no. I tried that already,” EagleEye grumbled, “The slayers! That would…no, no. Skylar could kill them just like that,” he snapped his fingers, “ A swarm attack maybe? Right now that's my….” An opening door cut him off.
“May I enter King EagleEye, sire?” It was Demon General.
“Huh?” EagleEye looked up, “Yes, enter General.”
D.G. entered and closed the door, “What ails you, sire?”
“None of your concern,” snapped EagleEye, “How goes the hunt?”
D.G. answered nervously, “We still haven't found that gundam yet, sire.” He closed his eyes and waited for his punishment.
“What!?!” roared EagleEye. He wrapped his hand around D.G.'s neck choking him, “I need that gundam to bring the gundam force here!”
“Yes, sire,” the gray and black demonican gundam strained to answer.
EagleEye threw D.G. against the door, “Now don't come back until you have that gundam!” Demon General literally flew out the door. EagleEye rubbed his temples, “I've surrounded myself with idiots. Where was I?” the demon king walked over to an elaborate table and flipped through a document on the table. He mumbled under his breath.
Zapper growled in annoyance, “Speak up damn it.”
“Who's there?” EagleEye spun around and shifted his eyes around the room. Zapper and Grappler backed away from the vent hoping he wouldn't see them. EagleEye shrugged it off, “I'm working too hard.”
Grappler whispered, “Smooth move Sherlock.”
“Shut up,” Zapper whispered back. They crawled back to the vent and looked into the room again.
EagleEye continued to flip through the pages of the document, “Yes, yes. This is perfect. If all goes as planned, I'll be the strongest being in the universe. And those Dark Axis fools haven't a clue.” EagleEye laughed. “Let's see. Sazabi, Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru…if they beat those gundams, which I'm positive they will, I'll keep. Maybe the Dogas if they prove themselves useful. But that dimwitted trio and the regular Zakos have to go. The demon Zakos I'll keep. They're disposable. Once the gundam force is gone, I'll wipe out the Zakos first. Then I'll reabsorb the demon powers gave to Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom. Along with what little power they posses. Oh well…every little bit counts, or so I've heard. Wait a second I almost forgot about the prisoner. I just kill him when I'm done with the gundam force. Crap, I lost my place…here we are. Next I'll take Demonico's demon crystal out of Lucky's gunsoul and absorb whatever demon power it has left not to mention killing him in the process. Skylar will have to fall next. And Fleur will have to be killed A.S.A.P. before she turns into her spirit form again.” EagleEye shuttered, “That's the last thing I want to deal with. After she's gone…I'll send out my minions to find and eat any remaining Skylarkains, continue with Neotopia while it's weak. Skylark's, dang it EagleEye you did it again, Demonlark's neighboring kingdoms are getting suspicious so I'll take care of them first and gain control of the planet. Lacroa and Ark will have to fall soon as well before they formulate a counter attack. After those places are taken care of, I can start on the rest of the universe. Hahaha! EagleEye you're a genus!” EagleEye continued to laugh at his brilliant plan.
Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf crawled back into the small room now scared for their lives. “I…I don't believe it!” said Zapper Zaku, “This guy is worst than Emperor Zeong was!”
Grappler swallowed loudly, “Not good, not good, not good! We need to get back to Prisoner now!” They quickly crawled back through the secret passages and into the dungeon. Grappler immediately opened the cell door and began to unchain Prisoner.
“I take it you believe me now?” asked the gundam.
“We rather take our chances with you,” said Zapper. Grappler finished unchaining Prisoner. Prisoner's arms fell to his sides and he rubs his wrist, “Thank you Dark Axis.” Prisoner walked into the torchlight and shook off some dust that had settled on his armor. The trio saw that his armor was mostly white with bright flame marks encased in gold decorating his body. A mustache covered a majority over his mouth guard. The gundam rubbed his neck and stretched his aching gold-feathered wings, “It feels wonderful to finally be out of those chains.”
Grappler had to ask him something, “How did you know EagleEye would be in there?”
“The true king always went in there to think,” Prisoner answered.
“Were you a servant here?” asked Zapper.
Prisoner stumbled his answered, “I…uh- yeah. I-I was a servant here. I was the uh, royal advisor.”
“Hey Dark Axis!” a voice echoed down the dungeon hallway. The trio began to panic. What if whoever it was saw that they had freed Prisoner? They turned to face him but Prisoner had vanished. A serpent like demon with six-pairs of legs appeared, “They found that gundam mechanic. His majessty wantssss everyone in the ballroom, pronto!” The serpent slithered back up the stairs.
“Hurry! Go!” Prisoner looked out from another secret passage, “I'll stay hidden near the ballroom. GO!”
Every demon in the kingdom was crammed into the enormous and elaborate ballroom along with the members of the Dark Axis. Some were even on the walls, statues, ceiling or those who could fly were doing so. When the trio entered, the demons were shouting and cheering for something they couldn't see. From the center of the room, electricity shot up aiming at random demons but was always either dodged or reflected. The trio pushed their way through, well more like Destroyer Dom pushed everyone aside so Zapper and Grappler could get through, to the center of the room were a machine stood waiting. A green gundam with yellow lighting bolt decoration and a toolbelt around his waist stood in the center clearly exhausted from a fight. His eyes were brown and his face was blacken form countless explosions cause by who knows what. The gundam's most noticeable feature were the two pointed spikes that stuck out from under his helmet just above his eyes. They went straight out pass the sides of his helmet then made a sharp curve up. Electricity jumped between the spikes and encircled the gundam's wrists.
EagleEye chuckled, “Come now Dr. Electrocudo. You don't want any innocent lives on your hands do you?”
The green gundam spat back, “I'll never help you damn demons no matter what.”
“No matter what?” asked EagleEye, “Not even if it means saving your son?”
“You leave Techno out of this!” roared the doctor.
“Do as I wish,” said EagleEye, “and I will not harm him.”
Dr. Electrocudo thought it over, “I'll do whatever want. Just don't hurt my son.”
“Good boy Doc,” said EagleEye, “Now fix this machine.”
Meanwhile back on Neotopia, the gundams have recovered from the near fatal encounter. Captain now remained in hyper mode, Kao-Lynn had finally finished placing Gunbike's recovered AI into Gunpanzer, Bakunetsumaru was training harder then ever, Zero focused on perfecting his magic, and Fleur, Lucky, and Azural had lost all hope for saving Skylark. Shute, Rele, and Genkimaru tried in vain to bring the gundams out of this depression. Guneagle and the Gundivers knew it was pointless to try and cheer them up.
Shute finally got fed up with everyone sulking, “Will you guys just forget about what happen! It's in the past! Forget it and move on! And don't lose hope just yet. There's still a chance. It's the Gundam Force's mission to protect all living creatures right?”
Captain answered, “While that is our mission Shute with the Dark Axis's increased power I estimate a….”
“Don't finish that sentence Captain,” Chief Haro ordered.
“Yes, sir Chief,” said Captain.
Rele sighed, “I can't believe it. It's like Lacroa's destruction all over again. What do plan to do if they attack our home next Zero?”
Zero didn't want to answer but did so anyway, “Honestly princess, I don't know what I'll do….”
Genkimaru looked up at Bakunetsumaru, “You're not going to give up are you?”
“I would never give up,” said Bakunetsumaru, “it's against my code. Even though more than likely…I will die the next time I fight Kibaoumaru.”
Shute growled, “I can't believe all of you are going to give up like that! Don't you remember what happened everytime we held onto the very last strand hope? We won! That's what happened! There's always hope to hold onto no matter how small!”
“Hope?” asked Fleur, “That's seems like a foreign word to me now. We're fighting a losing battle.”
“True,” said Chief Haro, “but the tables of a losing battle can always turn.”
“Whatever,” said Lucky and Guneagle in unison. Haro shook his head sadly and continued on his rounds.
Julie walked up, “So that's it huh? You're just going to give up?”
“Why not?” asked Azural, “Our chances of winning are a trillion to one!”
“Then there's still and chance,” said Julie.
Skylar, who was stretched out on the base near the runways, sighed deeply wishing he could believe Julie. Then he noticed a change in the air, “Oh crap.”
An alarm went off on the base, “A portal is opening in…SDG's airspace?” A portal, bigger then the base appeared right next to were the gundams were.
Chief Haro stared at the portal, “This can't be good.”
The machine on the other side roared to life. It created a vacuum like pull on the base trying to bring it to the demons. The suction drew in anything not tied down threw the portal. Humans and mechas held onto anything stable for dear life. Gunpanzer's sheer weight held him and the Gundivers down. Guneagle got pulled toward the portal before grabbing onto the base and he tried to fly away from the suction. Captain used a combination of his boosters and grappling equipment the hold down Shute and himself. Zero jammed his sword into the base and Rele held onto him. Bakunetsumaru forced his twin katanas into the base and crouched down to prevent himself and Genkimaru from going through. Lucky used Demonico's powers to hold himself down. Fleur sunk her claws into the base and had on arm holding down Azural. Skylar stayed on his belly and sunk his claws into the base while Julie held onto him.
EagleEye grew impatient, “More power!” The gundam doctor unwittingly turned up the machine. He could here everyone on SDG base screaming in terror. SDG base began to swing towards the portal. Everyone had heard EagleEye and knew what waited for them on the other side.
“The base can't take much more of this!” shouted an employee, “Any more stress on the junction point coupling and the base will literally tear away from the satellite's cable!” The junction point was slowly weakening and began the spark from the vacuum like pull.
“Come face your worst nightmare gundams!” EagleEye shouted into the portal.
“What are we going do!?” shouted Guneagle, “We'll be killed if it pulls us in!”
Captain knew what needed to be done, “We need to short out that machine somehow!” The junction point creaked and groaned under the stress as the base swung ever closer to the portal.
Lucky got an idea,” Hey Azural! Think you could short out that machine with your water ability?”
“If there's water near by then I guess I could,” Azural replied.
Lucky maybe his way to his sisters, “Come on Azural lets do it then.”
“Do what?” asked Fleur.
“You've saved our hides more times then I care to count Fleur,” said Lucky, “It's time we repaid you and we're starting with this machine.”
“Over my dead body!” shouted Fleur, “I thought I lost both of you once and I'm not going to lose you two now.”
“If we don't go then we're all dead,” said Azural. She grabbed Lucky's hand and held onto him.
“We'll meet you in Dracion Village,” said Lucky, “You have to stay here and show everyone else the way.”
Fleur grabbed her brother's wrist, “How do you know this will work?”
“I don't,” Lucky answered, “Just keep holding onto hope for us okay?”
Fleur looked in her younger siblings' eyes and smiled with renewed hope, “Though we may made worlds apart….”
Lucky said the next line, “…And all hope of meeting again seems lost….”
Azural finished it, “…We will hold each other and the last strands of hope close in our hearts.” Fleur released her little brother's wrist. Lucky changed into Demonico and him and Azural charged into unknown danger on the other side of the portal. All eyes were glued on the portal. Time seemed to stand still then the suction stopped and the portal closed. The base swung back and forth a few times before settling. Everyone breathed a sighed of relief.
Shute looked in the sky were the portal once was, “They…they sacrificed themselves…in order to save us.”
Chief Haro took off his hat in respect, “Lucky and Azural. May we find you safe.”
Fleur held back tears, “They'll be fine. I have faith in them. And Skylark…Skylark can be saved I just know it.” Bell Wood picked up a box of supplies and carried it to a helicopter ball, “You guys better be ready to leave by tomorrow `cause that's when I'll have my device fixed.”
“You can fix it that fast?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“Yep,” answered Bell Wood, “Even if it means working straight throughout the night it will be fixed by tomorrow.
Chief Haro nodded and placed his hat back on his head, “Alright Gundam Force listen up!” The Gundam force snapped to attention, “Any last minute training, preparations, or what have you, do them today! Tomorrow we load up the Gundamusai and head to Skylark. I want all of you up and ready to go at 700 hours. Understood?”
The Gundam Force answered in unison, “Sir, yes, sir!”
Zako Zako Hour
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlbots. Today's meeting is all about.
Z1 & Z2: What the heck are we going to do now? (crowd cheers)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: What the heck are we going to do now zako? Z3 has turned against us. (holds up Z3 blue mic with his yellow mic)
Z1: Well it's not all that bad zako. After all we have this guy on our side. (screen shows picture of Prisoner)
Z2: This is Prisoner a Skylarkian gundam that has agreed to help us zako. All we currently know about him is that he was the true king's advisor zako zako.
Z1: I not too sure about that zako.
Z2: Zako? What do you mean?
Z1: Well, when Lord Grappler Gouf asked him he did kinda of stumble through his answer zako.
Z2: He's been locked up for who knows how long zako. He probably almost forgot what it was called.
Z1: I guess so zako zako.
Z2: Okay so we know the entire demon Zakos have turned against and so has, well, every other member of the Dark Axis zako.
Z1: Well that's depressing zako. So now our hope rest with the gu…the gund….
Z2: Please don't say it zako.
Z1The Gundam Force zako.
Z2: Zakooooo! I asked you not to say that!
Z1: It's the truth and you know it
(Prisoner flies in) Okay I defiantly don't remember ever seeing this in the castle.
Z2: Prisoner! Mind telling something about the demons zako?”
Pris: (shrugs) Okay sure. (lands on the stage) What do you want to know?
Z1: Exactly how long has EagleEye been planning this zako?
Pris: More than likely ever since the Dark Axis joined.
Z2: Oh great zako. But-but-but you are going to help us right zako zako?
Pris: I'll gladly help and defend those loyal to me zako. (realizes what he just said) Dang it! You guys got me doing it.
Z1: If I didn't know any better, I say you were the king zako.
Pris: What makes you think that?”
Z1: Well you just act so noble zako. You could pass yourself off as royalty zako zako.
Z2: Do you know if EagleEye has any weakness zako?
Pris: Only one thing, the Spirit of Skylark. But he beat the spirit long, long ago.
Z1: I'm guessing Zapper Zaku and the others didn't tell you about Skylar zako?
Pris: Who?
Z1: I would explain but (iron curtain falls) were out of time today. Anyway for the future of our lives.
Crowd: Normal Zakos fight! Yeahhhh!
That wraps up another chapter. The Dark Axis is in trouble and they need the Gundam Force's help. But will the gundams get to Skylark safely and can they survive being on the demons home turf? Find out next chapter. Review please.