SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Dimensional Hopping Part III Neotopia ( Chapter 21 )

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“Are you absolutely sure Shute?” Zero asked.
Shute nodded, “Positive. It only makes sense that's who he'll go for next.” They were preparing to leave Ark for Neotopia. Genkimaru, Shute, and Princess Rele sat on Skylar's back. Bakunetsumaru carried the Bakushin armor on his back and was riding on Entango. Zero and Fleur hovered in the air waiting for everyone else.
“Do me a favor and try to stay safe,” said Britianmaru, “from here on out, things will only get tougher.”
“We know,” said Bakunetsumaru, We'll be careful.”
Skylar eagerly clawed the ground, “Come on let's go already!” Genkimaru jumped onto Skylar's head and drew a crude square in the air, which expanded, into a dimensional portal to Neotopia. Entango whinnied and galloped threw the portal. Zero and Fleur flew in after him and Skylar jumped threw as the portal closed.
Britianmaru sighed as he watched them go, “It's going to take a miracle for them to survive that demon's wrath.”
In Neotopia, an alarm went off at the dimensional transport device. “Oh great!” shouted Bell Wood, “Now what?” Genkimaru's gate appeared in the sky.
“What in the name of the crown is that?” asked Lucky.
“I recognize the gate,” said Captain, “Genkimaru made it.”
Chief Haro asked, “Is Ark in trouble?”
Entango jumped out of the gate and landed neatly on the walkway followed by Zero and Fleur. When Skylar jumped through and skidded down the walkway. Captain, and the others at the device ran to hide.
“Sweet,” said Skylar, “we're back in Neotopia.”
“But…where's Captain?” asked Shute, “I could have sworn I saw him a few seconds ago.” Shute, Genkimaru, and Rele slid off of Skylar's back.
“Shute?” Captain looked out from his hiding spot, “Shute! You're back!” Captain ran out and greeted his friends, “What happen? Where did you go?”
Shute smiled, “Long story. Where's everyone else?”
“Good question,” said Rele, “I thought I saw others here.”
“Fleur!” Azural tried to run to her sister but Lucky yanked on her tail.
“Don't you see that monster behind them Azural?” Lucky asked.
Azural got back to her feet, “That's not a monster. It hasn't eaten them yet.”
“Yeah yet,” said Guneagle.
“Azural?” Fleur looked around, “Hey Azural are you here?”
Azural pulled her tail away from Lucky and ran up to her big sister and hugged her, “I knew you come back!”
“Hey Genkimaru,” said Bakunetsumaru, “here's someone your own size to play with.”
Genkimaru scoffed, “What are talking about? I'm taller than her.”
“Are not,” Azural stood next to Genkimaru. They looked the same size.
“Cheater! You're standing your…tail?” Genkimaru stared at Azural's tail. Azural pouted and got off her tail. She was a little shorter than Genkimaru.
“This is ridiculous,” whispered Guneagle. Then he shouted aloud, “Yo! Don't you guys see that monster behind you!”
“Hey I'm not a monster!” Skylar barked back.
“Dude! It talks!” shouted Lucky surprised.
“Skylar isn't a monster,” said Captain, “He's the Spirit of Skylark. Surly you remember that Prince Lucky.
Chief Haro looked up with his hat askew, “I'll just trust you on this Captain.”
Meanwhile, Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom along with a majority of the Zako army waited stationed on the outskirts of Neotopia.
“What's taking him so long?” asked Zapper, “this is insane.”
Grappler growled, “That's the 100th you've asked that. He told us the wait right here. And furthermore shut up, you're giving me a migraine.'
“Duh…he said there would be destruction. Me want to make big boom!” complained D. Dom.
Zapper whacked Destroyer up side the head, “Will you be quite! You're working on my last nerve.”
Grappler sighed, “Why am I forced to work with these imbeciles?”
Zapper snapped back, “If you hate it so much then why don't you go back to being to gundams janitor!”
“What!?” shouted Grappler, “I'll kill my self before I do….”
“AHHH!” the trio stumbled backwards scared half to death, “Damn it Demon General! What was that for!” shouted Grappler.
D.G. continued laughing at them, “'Cause I wanted to. You should have seen your faces!” He stopped laughing and acted professional, “And to tell you that he's coming.”
“It's about time!” shouted Zapper.
“Ever hear good things come to those who wait?” EagleEye stood in a tree's shadow still in possession of the golden feather.
“K-King EagleEye!” said Zapper nervously, “I…uh…trust everything went according to plan?”
EagleEye snorted and snapped his fingers. Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru walked forward. They seemed dazed and out of touch with reality. Their eyes had a blank stare unsure of what was happening around them or what they were doing.
Zapper was lost for words, “You got…both how…what but didn't…how…wha…?'
“But I still need one more,” EagleEye whispered something to them. The Dark Axis gasped then cheered
Zapper Zaku had sparkles in his eye, “You mean it? You're really going to do that!”
Grappler was about to cry, “Finally after all these years.”
D. Dom was cheering, “Those gundams don't stand a chance now!”
The Zakos bowed to the demon king, “Thank you o kind king zako.”
EagleEye smiled a toothy grin, “Now take me to his grave.”
Back on SDG base, the proper introductions have been made. Shute was finally out of the itchy Lacroaian clothes and back in his regular clothes. Bakunetsumaru has placed the Bakushin armor in his room and tended to the armor's fire. After what felt like an entirety, Captain and the others were brought up to speed about what had happened on Lacroa and Ark and learned what they were up against.
“You saw him!?” asked Lucky, “Dude! How are you still alive?”
“We saw him, fought him, and almost got killed by him,” said Shute.
“So, now what?” asked Skylar. He was laying down on the outside part of the base.
Chief Haro answered, “Stop whatever EagleEye has planed for Neotopia.”
“Easier said than done,” said Zero.
“For once, I agree with him,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“Ah man. We are in way over our heads,” said Guneagle.
“Maybe not,” said Rele, “Surly he has one weakness.”
“Yeah right!” said Genkimaru, “every time we managed to nick him he healed like that.” Genki snapped his fingers.
“Besides,” said Azural, “He got rid of his only weakness.”
This caught Captain's attention, “Was his only weakness Skylar's predecessor?”
Fleur nodded, “Yeah. But I think it was 4000 years ago EagleEye slayed Ancient, the old spirit, but Ancient gave the last bits of his power to the last two usable shards of his crystal. One, I guess, went to Skylar but the other, no one knows what happen.”
“Skylar's all we have but I don't think he stands a chance against EagleEye,” Demonico's voice came from Lucky as his eyes glowed red, “Besides we have bigger problems to deal with. I sense EagleEye in Neotopia somewhere.”
Princess Rele and Genkimaru stared at Lucky's sudden change. “You're a…a demon?' asked Rele.
“Spirit Demon!” Demonico snapped back.
“Cool it Demonico,” said Shute. An explosion erupted form the city below.
“We have a code red in downtown!” shouted a male SDG employee, “Looks like the Dark Axis has some new friends.”
A building crumbled into the streets. Countless Zako soldiers were firing into the street at anything that moved. Mechas and civilians both were caught in the crossfire.
“Make building go boom!” shouted Destroyer Dom happily.
Zapper Zaku ran down a street leading towards the Neotopia Tower, “I haven't had this much fun in forever!”
Grappler Gouf ran down a separate street slashing at anything and anyone in his way with his claw, “Not even those gundams can stop us now.”
Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru still in a puppet like trance attacked whatever they were told to attack without caring. EagleEye walked slowly down the street enjoying the mass destruction, “It has been to long since I've witness a city's annihilation. And yet, those two insist on stopping me.” Lucky and Guneagle flew in to the city firing missiles into pockets of Zakos.
“Get out of my city Dark Axis!” shouted Guneagle.
Lucky noticed the demon king, “Dude! EagleEye's here! Be careful bro.”
EagleEye turned on his heel and fired two shots at the gundams. The fliers rolled out of the way and returned fire. EagleEye step in between the shots and then swung his scepter in front of him causing and invisible force and pushed Guneagle and Lucky into an already unstable building.
EagleEye chuckled as the skyscraper tumbled down, “Crushed a gundam and a traitor at the same time. Not bad.” He turned again and saw the rest of the gundam force blocking his path. The Dark Axis trio, D.G., Tallgeese, Kibaoumaru, and the remaining Zakos were squared off against them. Captain, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru stood in front ready to fight, behind them, Shute, Fleur, Rele, Genkimaru, and Azural were poised. Skylar stood in the rear, wings unfurled and teeth bared.
“Stand down,” EagleEye ordered his troops, “The great Captain Gundam. We meet at last.”
Captain locked onto him, “Attention EagleEye! You and your followers are to lay down your weapons and withdraw from Neotopia at once!”
EagleEye stifled a laugh, “I didn't know you had a sense of humor. I mean honestly. You threaten me with such primitive weapons? But seeing as how you don't want to talk, I'll get straight to the point. The easy way: You let me pass and get what I want. The fun way: I kill you and your teammates then reach the tower.”
“We can take you,” said Captain, “Alright men! Don't let them reach the tower!”
EagleEye sighed, “If you insist. Attack!” Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru instantly went for Zero and Bakunetsumaru. Everyone else went straight for the rest of the force. The Zakos sheer numbers and weight forced Skylar down to the ground and nearly blinded everyone else in such close quarters. EagleEye, the only one not fighting, attempted to jump straight over them and to the tower. However, Guneagle and Demonico punched him back down. Both were a little scratched up, beyond pissed and wanted EagleEye dead. The demon king snarled, jumped back into the air and slammed both of the gundams into the chaos below. He didn't stay to savor the victory, instead, he went straight for the tower and planted his scepter in its base.
“Warrior form the past, this spot your grave. Return to the realm of the living and fulfil your desire!” Lighting struck the scepter and thunder shook the earth. Those fighting stopped and watched the scene unfold. The Zakos still had the gundams pinned down.
“Died in battle, faced a warriors end. You rest in remorse wishing for nothing more than to kill your foe!”
Chief Haro stared at a computer screen, “This can't be happening.” Pieces of Commander Sazabi's armor that they had recovered came to life and shot out of the storage hold, turning it into swiss cheese. The armor followed an unseen path to the tower. Clouds gathered blocking out the sun and thunder quaked the earth as the laws of death were broken.
“Show yourself once more. Rise from the grave to fight today Commander Sazabi!” Lighting flashed across the sky and a powerful wind howled threw the city. EagleEye tossed a demon crystal into the air near the armor. The armor took its place on a shadow. Crimson armor filled the gaps until the entire shadow took on Sazabi's form. The wind whistled and howled again. Lighting crashed, thunder roared. Sazabi looked up with his glowing dark red eye and started into the sky wondering how he was alive again. His hands clenched the air and his laser blasters darted around the commander's head. Sazabi lowered his gaze and fixed it on Captain.
“Captain Gundam,” Sazabi spoke, “allow me to escort you to the other side.” Commander Sazabi flew at Captain and punched him square in the jaw, then he kicked to unsuspecting gundam into the towers and opened fire on him
“Captain! Get up!” shouted Shute. Captain couldn't answer or react in time to dodge the heavy damage.
EagleEye turned his stare to Tallgeese and Kibaoumaru and gave a small nod. As if acting on cue Tallgeese picked Zero up by the neck and slammed him into the ground a few feet away. Then continuously picked up the knight, punched him down into the street and picked him up again. Kibaoumaru kicked Baku in the stomach then stared punching the daylight out of him. After running out of ammo, Sazabi stomped on Captain and punched him in the face knocking off half of the gundam's mouth guard.
EagleEye laughed demonically, “But why should I stop here when I can do oh so much more.” He raised his scepter into the air and said another spell, “Four more Gundam Force foes, I summon thee back to this world!” The four Doga Commandos armor flew from SDG base and into the city. Four more demon crystals and the four Commandos were brought back to life. Doga Commodo Grey, Purple, Yellow and Blue hovered in the air unsure of what just happened. They saw the scene before them and soon realized that they were once again alive.
“You have got to be kidding me!” shouted Guneagle.
“What kind of monster is he?!” shouted Chief Haro.
EagleEye clapped his hands, “Enough! Save some for later when we have the home field advantage.” They regretfully stopped beating up the gundams. Everyone else struggled to get out from under the Dark Axis's weight but it was useless. “Okay, one more hit,” EagleEye said.
Commander Sazabi picked up the battered gundam, “What happen to the great Captain Gundam?” he punched Captain hard enough to send the gundam skidding towards the tower unconscious.
Tallgeese gave Zero one last kick in the stomach, “You're useless with that feather dragon aren't you?” the knight landed close to Captain, also unconscious.
Kibaoumaru picked up Bakunetsumaru, “You live for now. But at least I get to take your samurai honor.” He threw Bakunetsumaru hard into the street making the samurai's helmet come off.
EagleEye opened a portal, “I must admit, this was rather fun gundams. Next time we meet in battle, I will have the home field advantage.” EagleEye and his followers disappeared into the portal.
Baku, being the only one still conscious, stared into the sky, “There too powerful. We don't stand a chance.”
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlbots, today's meeting is all about
Z1, Z2 & Z3: The return of Commander Sazabi! (crowd cheers and whistles)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: I can't believe it zako. After all these years we finally have the great commander back zako!
Z3: Now with the three most power guys the Dark Axis has ever known, those gundams don't stand a chance ZAKO!
Z1: And let's not forget that we also have the four Doga Commandos back zako zako.
Z2: But how did EagleEye bring back Commander Sazabi zako zako?
Z1 & Z3: (hits Z2) Who cares zako? We got him back and that's what counts zako zako!”
Z2: I was just curious zako!
Z3: If you really want to know zako, King EagleEye bent the laws of nature and brought them back zako zako.
Z1: That explains the strange weather at least zako.
Z2: But did you see the way Commander Sazabi was waling on Captain Gundam. He couldn't even get a single hit in zako.
Z3: Well what did you expect zako? Their strength has increased by at least 10,000.
Z1: And makes you think it's that zako.
Z2: And don't you dare say it's because you're one of the zakos that got turned into a demon zako.
Z3: Fine then I won't zako. Besides that was a guess anyway zako zako.
Z1: I knew it zako. Would like to say more but…
Z1, Z2, & Z3: We're all out of time zako.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis
All Zakos: Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!