SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Dimensional Hopping Part II: Ark ( Chapter 20 )

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The portal opened in a wooded area. EagleEye, Demon General, and Tallgeese fell from the portal and were quickly pulled into the shadows. Bakunetsumaru, Zero, Fleur, Shute, Rele, Skylar and Entango landed in the woods just behind the others.
Zero growled, “The ran off those cowards.”
“Damn it!” shouted Bakunetsumaru.
Shute sighed, “Now what?”
“Find out where we are?” suggested Fleur.
“Not Lacroa that's for sure,” said Rele.
Baku slid off of Entango and read a near by sign post, “We're in Ark. I'm sure of it.”
“How sure,” asked Shute
“Undoubtfully sure,” Baku answered, “Follow me.” He jumped back onto Entango and rode off. Zero and Fleur flew off after him and Rele made a magic circle to carry Shute, Skylar and herself. They traveled a long time eventually out of the woods and into and open field. Baku halted Entango near a small lake and dismounted the horse.
“Something wrong?” asked Fleur.
Baku shook his head, “I'm just getting my bearing straight.” He continued to walk around unaware of a visitor watching from a tree. Skylar heard something in the tree move. He stared at the tree waiting for it to move again.
Shute kept looking around, “Ever get the felling your being watched?”
As an answer, it jumped from the tree, “I have you now!” It landed onto top of Bakunetsumaru forcing the musha on his back, “Hahahahaha! I got you! I got you! I got you Bakunetsumaru!” It said in a teasing way. The attacker turned out to be nothing more than a kid musha gundam.
Baku pushed him off, “Dang it Genkimaru!”
Genkimaru continued to laugh in victory, “I scared you didn't I! Admit it!”
“Genkimaru!” shouted Zero and Shute at the same time, “Oh no, not again.”
Genkimaru stopped laughing, “Hey-a Shute! Where's Captain? And why did you change your armor?” He was referring to Shute's Lacroaian attire
“Back in Neotopia,” said Shute, “And I didn't change my armor. I needed some spare clothes.” Genkimaru didn't quite understand him.
Rele smiled, “Good thing we met someone friendly.”
Fleur looked at Genkimaru, “Hey Baku. Who's the kid?”
“Kid?!” shouted Genkimaru, “I'm no kid! My name's Genkimaru. And one day I'll be the next Daishogun of Ark.”
Fleur smiled, “You're kinda cute for a kid.”
Genki blushed, “I'm not cute. I'm a tough samurai. Now who are you and what do you want?”
Zero instantly knocked Genkimaru upside the head, “That's no way to talk to a princess.”
“How was I suppose to know she's a princess?” Genki shouted back rubbing his head.
“Go easy on him Zero,” said Fleur, “Greetings Genkimaru. I'm Princess Fleur from Skylark.
“Princess Fleur?” asked Genkimaru, “Never heard a name like that before.”
“Genkimaru! Genkimaru! Where did he go?” Something jumped between the trees, “Gennnnkimaaaaarrruuuu!”
“I'm over here Cobramaru!” Genkimaru answered.
Cobramaru, wearing his snake armor, hung upside down from a tree branch by his armor's tail, “Oh, there you are. You shouldn't run off like that.” He then saw everyone else, “Oh great. The almighty Bakunetsumaru returns.”
“Oh, jeez thanks,” said Bakunetsumaru, “I finally get back to my homeland and I'm greeted my a snake ninja and an energetic kid.”
Cobramaru growled as a reply. Then he noticed Fleur, “Hello,” he whistled and jumped from the tree and landed next to her, “Now your one fine looking gundam.” He growled in approval.
Fleur replied uneasily, “Um…thanks. I think.” She scooted away from him. Zero glared at Cobramaru but held back his rage.
Cobra picked up Fleur's hands, “What's a beauty like you doing with riffraff like them?”
“Riffraff!?” Now Baku, Shute, and Rele were mad.
“They're helping me save my homeland,” answered Fleur, “now kindly unhand me.”
Cobramaru ignored her request, “Sounds dangerous. I like danger. You should let me help,” he tried to give her a kiss. Now she was disgusted but couldn't free her hands to scratch him. Instead Skylar bit Cobramaru on the butt. Yelling in pain Cobramaru leapt into the air. Skylar jumped back into the Fleur's arms and smiled in satisfaction. They all tried their best not to laugh. Cobra landed close to the water's edge, “Damn that thing has sharp teeth.”
Bakunetsumaru coughed back a laugh, “Have either of you seen four new guys around here?”
“Other that you guys? Nope,” answered Genkimaru.
“Is on of them a black and sliver gundam with bat-like wings?” asked Cobramaru.
“That's Demon General,” said Shute excitedly, “Where did you see him?”
“Back a little ways,” answered Cobra, “A musha ran my be terrified out of his mind. So I followed his trail and found about three guys talking. All I heard them say was `Let's hurry and find this blasted castle'.”
“A castle?” asked Bakunetsumaru, “maybe they were referring to Kibaoumaru's cas…oh this isn't good.” He jumped back on Entango a rode off towards the east.
“Bakunetsumaru!” shouted Zero, “Where are you going?”
Baku shouted back, “I'll explain on the way! Hurry!” The others sped after him.
A castle rested on the far horizon. Quickly approaching towards it was EagleEye, Demon General and Tallgeese.
“I'll still don't think I can trust this guy,” Tallgeese said to himself, “Sure he gave me a second life, undeniable powers, and a promise to control Lacroa after he takes it over, but why? What does he have planed for me?” Tallgeese the yanked on of D.G.'s wings and pulled him down to his level, “Okay talk. Why does he want my help?”
The general yanked back his wing, “I honestly don't know but if I were you I wouldn't give a damn. Besides you have experience with the Gundam Force.”
“He brought me back to life,” said Tallgesse, “Kibaoumaru isn't dead plus he turned good. How is he going to joined us?”
D.G. smiled, “Through persuasion.”
EagleEye, who seemed to be floating on air sniffed the changing wind, “They're smarter that I thought,” he stopped, turned around and saw a cloud of dust behind them, “Faster too.” The dust cloud was made by Bakunetsumaru and Entango, followed by Fleur, Zero, and Cobramaru, then Rele, Shute, Genkimaru, and Skylar bringing up the rear.
“Up there!” shouted Shute.
“Who are those guys?” asked Genkimaru.
“The one's we've been looking for,” answered Bakunetsumaru.
EagleEye held out his hand, “Surround them.” Demon General blocked their retreat, Tallgeese their left and a rock wall their right.
D.G. snickered, “Well, well, well. Look who came back for a beating.”
“What are you up now EagleEye?” demanded Fleur.
“None of your concern,” the demon answered, “Kill them!” Tallgeese charged at Zero and D.G. immediately attacked Fleur. Leaving Bakunetsumaru and Cobramaru to protect the others. Cobramaru hung upside from a protruding rock the gain the higher ground and Bakunetsumaru drew his swords ready for battle.
“Try to keep this interesting,” EagleEye changed into a sliver tiger with black stripes holding his scepter in his tail. EagleEye lunged at them ready to kill. Cobramaru first tried his ninja stars and poison darts. All of which were dodged almost too easily. The demon king then pounced on Cobramaru knocking him down. Cobra slapped his tail across EagleEye's face a slipped out from under his tremendous weight. Turing invisible, he attempted to get behind the demon.
EagleEye similes, “That won't save you. I see all.” He bit into what looked like thin air but was actually Cobramaru's tail. He flung the snake ninja up into the air and kicked him away, “Who's next?”
Baku ran forwarded with his flaming X. Anticipating this, EagleEye slipped under the attack and headed straight for the others. Shute fired his beamrifle at the demon king multiple times. The shots that hit went unnoticed
Shute started to freak out, “This shouldn't be happening. My weapon isn't working!”
EagleEye chuckled, “You think that excuse for a gun will hurt me?” He continued his charge for them. Princess Rele put up a shield, which EagleEye broke through after throwing his weight against it. Skylar then shot a beam of energy at EagleEye. The attack went straight down his back leaving a burn mark. Pain stopped the demon and he returned to his normal form, “Annoying furball.” He vanished into the shadows.
“Huh? What? Where did he go?” asked Genkimaru looking around holding his knife. Next thing he knew, EagleEye appeared from underneath him and wrapped is hand around the young gundam's neck. He then shot up into the air holding Genkimaru. After grabbing the knife, he pointed it at Genki's neck, “Little boys shouldn't play with sharp toys. Regroup!” Tallgeese and D.G. left their mini skirmishes with Zero and Fleur and flew behind EagleEye.
Baku shouted, “Let go him! He's just a kid!”
“The younger the taster,” EagleEye licked his lips, “Now tell me what I want to know and you might live.” Genkimaru struggled to get free when EagleEye magically froze the young musha. The demon king peered into Genki's frighten eyes, “I see all that you know. Your mind's an open book. Yes, yes. You will prove useful to me later.” He glared down at the gundams, “I have what I need. Until we meet again.” He held up his left hand to snap his fingers, but in an act of bravery, Skylar leapt into the air and sunk his teeth into his right wrist. EagleEye growled in pain for only a second and then ripped Skylar off of his arm, tossed him into the air and sliced the young spirit across the chest with Genki's knife. Skylar fell backwards towards to gundams. Rele covered her mouth with her hands and Shute gasped. Zero and Baku could only stare in disbelief.
Fleur cried out, “Skylar! Nooooo!”
Demon General celebrated, “You did it sire! You slayed the spirit!”
Skylar's crystal on his forehead began to glow brightly. The bluish-white light seemed to engulf him. His body began to stretch and grow in size from within the light.
“Protect. Must protect friends.'
“Did Skylar just say that?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“You have got to be kidding me!” EagleEye stared at Skylar wide-eyed knowing what would happen next. A loud roar echoed across the land and a much bigger version of Skylar did a back flip and landed on all fours behind the gundams.
“What happen to Skylar?” asked Shute. A 7ft tall beast stood behind them It's front paws ended in talons, the hind legs resembled a griffins and looked stronger and more powerful. Fiery red wings on his back stretched a combined 10ft wing span. Razor sharp teeth gleamed in the sunlight showing its ferocity. The only things that resembled Skylar were his two long bushy tails and the purple jewel on his forehead. This huge furious beast leapt at EagleEye ready to chomp him.
EagleEye stammered, “Here! You can have the kid!” He tossed Genkimaru who was caught by Bakunetsumaru, “We're out of here!” He snapped his fingers and they vanished into the shadows. The beast landed solidly on the ground frustrated.
“Are you okay Genkimaru?” asked Cobramaru.
“Yeah I'm fine,” said Genkimaru, “I think.” He picked up his knife EagleEye had dropped, “What is that thing?” he pointed at the beast. It turned around, wagged its tails, and galloped over to them and pounced on Fleur knocking her to the ground.
“Fleur!” shouted Zero alarmed.
Fleur was laughing, “Sto-stop! Knock it off-hahaha-Sk-Skylar! That tic-tickles!” the dust settled and showed the huge Skylar licking Fleur while keeping her pinned with his huge paws, “Ge-get off me Skylar!” Skylar obeyed and sat on the ground in front of Fleur. Everyone else had a `what just happened' looked on their face. Fleur wiped off her face and stood up, “You scared me there for a second.”
Skylar nuzzled his head against Fleur's body, “I'm sorry. But I had to protect my friends.”
“Wait…,”said Rele, “did he just…talk?”
Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fleur said at the same time, “You can talk?”
Skylar gave them a look, “Well…yeah. I've been talking. Haven't you heard me?”
“I don't think `mew' counts,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“ “Mew'?” asked Skylar, “That's what I sounded like? `Mew.' I knew my voice was high pitched but not that high.”
Genkimaru jumped on Bakunetsumaru's head, “What are you guys talking about?”
“It's not important,” said Baku, “what is important is were EagleEye went.”
“Oh that's easy,” said Skylar, “he went to that…I guess castle over there.” He pointed towards the feudal Japan style castle in the distance.
“How do you know?” asked Zero.
Skylar smiled, “I can smell him.”
A black and gold musha gundam that looked to have seen many fierce battles, sat crossed-legged on the floor in the feudal Japan style castle. He rose from sitting and opened his red eyes, “Someone is coming.” He grabbed his sword and walked over to the window. Clouds of dust were approaching his castle.
“Lord Kibaoumaru!” a musha gundam servant ran into the room, “Someone is approaching the castle with Lord Genkimaru and Bakunetsumaru.”
“Genkimaru?” asked Kibaoumaru, “Don't attack. Let them come.”
“Tell me when it's over.”
Genkimaru, Shute, and Princess Rele were riding on Skylar's back as he galloped across the landscape. Genkimaru, sitting in the front, held on to the nape of Skylar's neck fur. Highly disliking the ride, Rele buried her head into Shute's back. Shute sitting in the middle, enjoyed having the wind whip past his face. Entango carrying Bakunetsumaru galloped along side the spirit some how keeping pace with Skylar. Fleur and Zero flew slightly to Skylar's side and only the shaking tree branches saw Cobramaru. Upon reaching the castle, they saw just how enormous their destination was.
“This place is bigger than I remember,” commented Baku. He slid off Entango and looked for the roof that seemed to be hidden in the clouds.
Skylar whistled, “How tall is it?”
“Don't know, don't care,” answered Genkimaru.
Rele whimpered, “Can we please get down now?”
“Huh? Oh, sure,” Skylar lowered his shoulders to the ground and let those on his back off.
Cobramaru perched on an archway that led to a bridge that ran up to the solid wood castle doors, “Come on let's go!” he climbed up the side of the castle and into a window.
The others took the normal route through the front doors. Suprisingly, the ceiling was more than high enough for Skylar to walk under. The explored the many hallways unsure of what to look for.
Kibaoumaru heard their footsteps echo through the hallways. He wasn't sure if it was they, or the evil he sensed.
“Hello? Father? Are you here? Hello!” Genkimaru called out.
“Maybe no one's home,” suggested Shute.
Genki shook his head, “He's here somewhere.” They round another corner.
“Who's there?” Kibaoumaru stood at the other end of the hallway.
“Father!” Genkimaru ran up to Kibaoumaru, “We found you.”
Kiba smiled down at his son, “I think I found you.”
Bakunetsumaru glared at him, “Kibaoumaru.”
Kibaoumaru glared back, “Bakunetsumaru.” Even though they were now allies, there was still tension in the air if they were in the same room, “What business do you have here?”
“A warning,” said Bakunetsumaru, “An evil king named EagleEye is approaching.”
Kibaoumaru scoffed, “Why should I fear this evil king wannabe?”
“Cause he can destroy entire countries in one night just by snapping his fingers,” answered Fleur.
Kibaoumaru looked past Baku to the others in his castle. He walked past Genkimaru and Bakunetsumaru to the others, “Shute, Rele, It's a pleasure to see you two again.
“Pleasure to see again as well Kibaoumaru,” Shute and Liliy replied.
His eyes traveled, to Fleur, “What do you mean he can destroy entire countries Feathered Beauty?”
She blushed, “Um…uh…My-my name's Princess Fleur. And EagleEye has destroyed my homeworld in a single night.”
“He doesn't sound so tough,” said Kibaoumaru, “I can take him out without any trouble. After all, I am the strongest gundam on Ark.”
“I like to challenge that theory,” whispered Baku to himself.
Skylar rolled his eyes on the scene. Then something in the air changed. Ears back, and fur bristled, Skylar growled at the opposite end of the corridor.
Zero asked, “What's wrong Skylar?” Instead of answering, Skylar leapt over all of them and charged an unseen foe. A flash of black light sent him skidding across the floor back to his starting point.
“I guess Fleur taught you how to fight,” EagleEye stood alone at the end on the hallway. His crown neatly perched atop his head and on hand on his scepter, “You should know better than to listen to Princess Girly-Girl.” He laughed at his insult.
“What did you call me?!?” shouted Fleur outraged, “No calls me a girly-girl and gets away with it!” She charged EagleEye in a blind rage.
“Wait Fleur! It's a trap!” Zero's warning went unheard. EagleEye changed in to a snake and constricted Fleur. Cobramaru appeared out of no where and aimed some stars at the demon.
EagleEye hissed, “If you attack me, you rissssssk hitting Fleur.” He gave a hissing laugh. The trapped princess freed one of her arms and sunk her claws into the snake's body. The demon king released Fleur hissing in pain then swiftly sunk his fangs into her in the arm. Using his tail, he pinned her to the ground before she could get away, “Ssssss, your life endsssss here.”
“I won't fail this time!” Zero pointed his sword at EagleEye's head and attempted to skewer him.
“Zero don't! He'll kill you!” Fleur yelled. Zero didn't here her.
“Didn't you try thissss before?” EagleEye sprouted a second tail and lashed at Zero knocking the knight back into the others, “Who'sss next?”
Bakunetsumaru drew his swords, “Sacred Arts. Bakunetsu…Tek-no-ken!” he attacked EagleEye with his flaming X. The demon opened his mouth and spat pitch black demon dust at the musha. The dust extinguished the flaming X and forced Baku down.
“Figures I would have to do this,” Kibaoumaru raised his blade against EagleEye.
“Lord Kibaoumaru,” said EagleEye, “we meet at last.” He changed back to his original form and placed he scepter near Fleur's neck.
“How do you know my name?” asked Kiba.
“The Dark Axis has told me all about you and how you controlled Ark with an iron fist.”
Kiba growled, “The Dark Axis was the worst mistake of my life. I've changed my ways since then.”
EagleEye smiled, “You're lieing through your teeth so to speak. Evil still lives in your heart. The Dark Axis brought it forth and it felt wonderful didn't it?”
“Shut up!” shouted Kibaoumaru, “I'll teach you to call me a lair!” He charged at EagleEye. The demon king held up his hand and Kibaoumaru became paralyzed, “What happen? I can't move.” EagleEye pointed to the ceiling and the invisible bonds and Kiba's body pulled him into the air, “Hey! What the? Put me down!” EagleEye swiftly brought his hand down which forced Kibaoumaru to slam into the floor. Then EagleEye made the musha hit both walls.
“Stop it!” shouted Genkimaru, “Leave him alone!”
EagleEye then made Fleur fly into the air and slammed her against Kibaoumaru. Both went flying backwards into the others.
“Here's my offer Kibaoumaru,” said EagleEye, “Join me and a gain powers beyond your wildest imagination or lose you son. You have until sunset.” And with his offer said, EagleEye disappeared in to shadows once again.
Genkimaru looked at his father, “What are we going to do?”
Kiba stood up from the attack, “Don't worry, we'll figure something out.
“You idiot!” Zero shouted at Fleur, “What were you thinking? Or did you even think?”
“What was I thinking?” Fleur shouted back, “You're the idiot trying to get himself killed!”
You attacked in a blind rage! You were at death's doorstep again!”
“Oh yeah your one to talk you over protected knight. In fact stop being knight. I! Don't! Need! Protection! I can take care of my self!”
“Oh yeah you did a REAL good job back there you thick headed princess!'
“Useless flower gundam!”
“Weak feathered gundam!” They turned their backs on each other.
“Whoa, never saw those to fight before,” said Bakunetsumaru surprised.
Princess Rele tried to reason with Zero, “Come on you have to forgive her. Besides…she's hurt.”
“I though she could take care of herself,” answered Zero coldly.
Shute looked at Fleur's snake bite, “Will you gold feather fix that?”
Fleur nodded, “It would, if EagleEye hadn't took it.”
Tallgeese sighed, “Officially bored out of my mind.” Him and Demon General were waiting in a cave for EagleEye's return.
“Where is he?” asked D.G.
“Don't know, don't give a damn,” answered Tallgeese. He waved his own gold feather across his face.
Demon General sighed then looked up, “Here he comes now.” EagleEye stepped out of the shadows Fleur's feather now adorning his crown, “Greeting sire!” said Demon General enthusiastically. EagleEye walked by him and sat on a rock. D.G. looked around, “Umm…where's Kibaoumaru?”
“He declined didn't he?” asked Tallgeese.
EagleEye chuckled, “No one declines my offers I just gave his to sunset to either join us or lose his son.” Tallgeese groaned in frustration and laid back down on a rock.
“If I may ask sire,” said D.G. timidly, “why do you have Fleur's feather?”
EagleEye took the feather out of his crown, “Poison courses through her veins. Without this, she will die at sunset.”
“But aren't you scared? Even a little bit?” Skylar asked Genkimaru. They had long since left the castle and were following Bakunetsumaru somewhere.
Once again on Skylar's back, Genki played with the neck fur, “Yeah, I'm scared to death. But…he's my father. He wouldn't let anything happen to me, would he?”
“Of course not,” said Shute, “He'll find a way out of this.”
Genkimaru looked at the human sitting behind him, “Yeah, I guess your right.”
Rele looked down at Kibaoumaru, “Poor guy. You can only imagine what's going through his head.” Kibaoumaru would mutter something to himself, shake his head, and repeat to gestures. Cobramaru was no where to be found, since he was probably invisible again. As the poison took effect, Fleur felt her right arm go numb, “What did he do? Spray demon dust into it?' she asked herself, “Let's go with that.” She was unaware of the poison in her bandage arm.
“Fleur?” asked Skylar, “Why are you talking to yourself?”
“I'm just thinking aloud,” she answered then flying up to Skylar and scratched his ears to reassure him.
“I'm just saying Zero, you should go talk to her,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“Not going to happen,” said Zero, “I'm right and she knows it. She can say sorry to me.”
The samurai growled, “I thought you loved her.”
“What?” said Zero, “I still do love her it's just…don't mess with my head Bakunetsumaru.”
Baku sighed, “Come on Entango. We still need to get to master's house before sunset.” Entango trotted faster ahead of everyone else. They walked for about two hours before they reached their destination; A feudal Japan style house sitting in an open field accompanied by some trees. A very short, but old and wise musha sat under a tree mediating. Bakunetsumaru slid off Entango and walked up to the old gundam, “Master? Master Britianmaru. I need to speak….” Britianmaru slapped Bakunetsumaru upside the head with a fan.
“Do not interrupt em when I am mediating,” Britianmaru replied.
Baku rubbed his head were the fan had hit, “Forgive me master. I came here for the Bakushin armor.”
Britianmaru opened one eye, “Why do you require such powerful armor?”
“It's a long story but I need it before sunset,” answered Bakunetsumaru.
“Well then,” said the old musha, “I suggest you start.” Baku groaned and told him the story.
A long while later, Baku finished the story out of breath. The other were sitting in the grass half asleep.
“My…” said Britianmaru, “that's quite a fish tale Bakunetsumaru.”
Bakunetsumaru nodded, “So you see, that's why I need the armor now.”
The old musha stood up and looked up at his pupil, “After some training.” Everyone facefaulted.
“Training!” shouted Cobramaru, “We don't have time for training.”
Britianmaru glared at Cobramaru, “There's always time for training snake ninja.”
“Okay fine we'll train,” said Bakunetsumaru, “But I need that armor before sunset.”
Everyone was forced to train on Britianmaru's custom training equipment. Witch truefully they needed.
“Come on! Faster! Work harder!” Britianmaru surveyed them as they broke countless plates, logs, avoided swinging logs, practiced on wooden dummies, and many different obstacles. Before sunset, they finished and all of them, including Skylar, were lying down on the grass exhausted. Unfortunately, the training only made the poison spread faster and Fleur had to stop before anyone else.
Britianmaru looked over at Fleur, “What's wrong with that feathered gundam. I thought you said she was a warrior.”
“Yeah she is,” said Bakunetsumaru, “Maybe she's having a bad day.”
Skylar went over and nuzzled Fleur, “What's wrong with you?”
Fleur replied in pain, “My body is numb, sore, and stiff. I wish I knew what was wrong.” She felt a hand on her forehead. It moved and went down her back to her wings. She looked up at the hand's owner, “Zero?”
Zero looked back at her, “Hey princess. Do you mind if I just look over you?”
“No not really,” she answered, “Hey Zero, sorry I was fighting with you. You were right.”
“That doesn't matter now,” said Zero, “All that matters is finding out what's wrong with you.”
Britianmaru looked at Bakunetsumaru, “You still want the armor or not?”
Baku instantly stood up, “Yes master. Were is it?”
“Where you left it,” he replied. Bakunetsumaru ran into Britianmaru's house. It was eerily quite except for the sound of a crackling fire. Baku followed the sound into a hidden room. Engulfed in flame's the Bakunshin armor stood waiting for Bakunetsumaru. It looked similar to Baku's armor but was more decorated.
“At long last we meet again,” Baku walked to the flaming armor and reached out the touch it. When he pulled his hand out of the flames unscathed, “Still loyal as ever,” Baku grabbed a piece of bamboo and blew air through it making the fire hotter.
Back outside, everyone except Fleur was back on his or her feet. Shute and Rele were still slightly sore. A cool breeze brought relief and a false of security. All but Skylar were fooled. He growled into the wind, reared up, and howled a warning.
“What's got into him?” asked Britianmaru.
“Here we go again,” said Shute.
“Damn it,” Kibaoumaru drew his sword still without a plan.
Baku heard Skylar's howl, “Took him long enough.”
A swirling back ball appeared before them. It folded in on itself and left, EagleEye, Demon General, and Tallgeese in their midst, “Time's up,” said EagleEye, “what's your choice Kibaoumaru?”
“To kill you,” said Kibaoumaru.
EagleEye chuckled, “You honestly think that you can save your own life much less your son's? And what of your friends? Are your protecting them as well?”
Kibaoumaru glared at him, “You've left me no choice.”
“You doing a lousy job of protecting them,” said EagleEye. He reached behind his robe making everyone tense. Instead of a weapon, he pulled out a glass vile filled with an acid green liquid. He causally tossed it into the air, caught it, and repeated the action.
“What's that?” asked Rele.
“The antidote,” said EagleEye.
“To what?” asked Zero.
“My poison,” EagleEye replied calmly.
After hearing that, Fleur ripped off her bandages and looked at her wound. Sickly green lines stretched from the wound bite, “That bastard poisoned me!”
“What?!” shouted everyone else.
Demon General laughed, “And you call yourself a Skylarkain gundam? If you are one then you know you only have a matter of minutes left to live!”
“Then hand it over!” Bakunetsumaru, now as Bakushinmaru jumped through a window aiming EagleEye.
The demon king jumped back, “Not bad samurai. You almost caught me off guard.” EagleEye's scepter became a sword and he charged Bakushinmaru. Baku dodged and tried to slice EagleEye. EagleEye grabbed the swords with his bear hands and pulled Bakushinmaru closer to him, “Too bad I can't say it was nice knowing you.” Skylar ran to Baku's aid and sunk his teeth into EagleEye's arm. The demon yelled in pain and released Bakushinmaru's katana's. EagleEye's attention turned towards Skylar, “Annoying pup. I'll finish you just like I did Ancient.”
“You have to catch me first,” Skylar took to the air using his fiery red wings for the first time. EagleEye followed. D.G. and Tallgeese tried to block Bakushinmaru but the samurai quickly knocked them out of his way and followed EagleEye.
Skylar's crystal on his forehead glowed and he fired a beam of energy at EagleEye. The king ducked and smiled, “Thanks fore showing me were your soul lies.”
“Where my what huh?” asked Skylar confused.
EagleEye disappeared and reappeared in front of the spirit. He raised his scepter over Skylar's deep purple crystal, “Time to die.” Bakushinmaru ran up Skylar's back and slashed the antidote out of EagleEye's hand, “Catch it!” Genkimaru jumped up and grabbed to antidote. Tallgeese tried to black him but Zero kicked Tallgeese in the face. Genki ran pass everyone else and handed Fleur the antidote. She quickly pulled out the cork and swallowed bitter antidote.
“Damn,” said EagleEye, “That wasn't suppose to happen.” Bakushinmaru, perched on Skylar's head, slashed at EagleEye again. The frustrated demon spat demon dust into their faces and dive-bombed Genkimaru.
“Genkimaru!” shouted Kibaoumaru, “Look out!” Too late. EagleEye had to kid musha gundam in his grasp once again.
“I see you have made your choice Kibaoumaru,” said EagleEye, “Now watch me kill your son.”
“No! I-I give! I'll join you! Just don't hurt him,” pleaded Kibaoumaru.
EagleEye ordered, “Toss your sword.” Kiba obeyed. “Surround him.” Demon General and Tallgeese blocked Kibaoumaru from the others. EagleEye dropped Genkimaru and landed in front out Kibaoumaru, “Now bow to me.” Kibaoumaru unwillingly did so, “You've made a wise choice.”
“Father! Don't do it!” shouted Genkimaru. He tried to run to his father but Cobramaru held him back.
Skylar and Bakushinmaru landed at the scene. Baku shouted, “Kibaoumaru! What are you doing!?”
“I have no other choice,” Kiaboumaru shouted, “He's my son. I can't let anything bad happen to him.”
“Fatherly love,” said EagleEye, “I think I'm going to be sick.” He held up a demon crystal in the fading light, “Don't worry. As our deal nothing will happen to Genkimaru. At least not by me.” He thrusted the crystal deep into Kibaoumaru's gunsoul. Crackling sparks engulfed him and electricity shot into the air. Kibaoumaru didn't make a sound but only whispered, “Genkimaru, please forgive me.”
“Welcome to the demon side Kibaoumaru,” EagleEye stepped back and let his new follower stand up. Kibaoumaru's hate burned in his eyes after being suppressed for far to long.
Kibaoumaru looked at the gundams, “I haven't felt this good in ages.”
EagleEye laughed evilly and turned towards the gundams, “My forces grow strong as yours grows weak. They'll be even stronger, next time we meet.” He snapped his fingers and they vanished into the shadows.
Tears formed in Genkimaru's eyes, “Father, why did you do it? This doesn't make sense. He stared to cry. The others lowered their heads in respect of a lost comrade.
Fleur hugged Genkimaru, “Tearing families apart is how he tries to weaken us. Don't worry, we'll get your father back.” Genkimaru buried his head into her arms and continued to cry.
Cobramaru noticed a note were the demons once stood, “Hello,” he picked up the note and read it, “Clever.”
“What's that?” asked Bakushinmaru taking off his helmet.
“Here, take a look,” Cobramaru gave Baku the note.
Baku read it aloud, “Bakunetsumaru,
I regretfully must join this monster. Next time we meet in battle, free me of any curse he places on me. I ask you this on behalf of all of Ark.
Shute spoke next, “We need to get back to Neotopia. Now.”
“What's the rush?” asked Rele.
“There's a pattern here,” explained Shute, “First we went to Lacroa and he brings back Tallgeese. Then we come to Ark and he forces Kibaoumaru to join. If I'm right, that leaves only one more person.”
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlebots. Today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z2, & Z3: The return of Lord Kibaoumaru! (crowd cheers)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: Lord Kibaoumaru once ruled the country of Ark with an iron fist so to speak when he was on the Dark Axis's side
Z3: But then the gundam force brought him over to their side zako zako.
Z1: But now he's back on our side zako. Thanks to King EagleEye.
Z2: King EagleEye is the greatest zako zako! Not only do we have two more powerful warriors but I've also heard he's going to get one more zako.
Z3: Bet you I know who it is zako.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis. Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
Three guess who the next guy is. Nah, two. No! One. One guess. That's all you get. R/R