SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Dimensional Hopping Part 1 Lacroa ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I don't own SD GundamForce. Some season two spoilers up ahead and this is your warning.
“Get back here!” shouted Captain as he chased Zapper Zaku down the street.
Zapper taunted him, “Nah na-nah nah nah! You can't get me slowpoke!”
Shute jumped out from behind a bush and slashed Zapper with his beamsaber, “Gotcha!”
“Annoying organic,” Zapper pulled out his heath hawk and swung it at the boy. Captain blocked the attack and kicked Zapper away from them.
“Well done Shute,” said Captain, “Your training is going well.” Shute was in a battle suit training to fight with the gundams and take Gunbike's place.
“Why did I get these two?” grumbled Grappler as he fought off Zero from the front and Fleur from behind, “Get lost ya metal bird!” He shouted at Fleur.
“What did you call me!?” shouted Fleur. She tried to scratch him but Grappler evaded and kicked her away.
Zero body slammed Grappler, “No one attacks a princess on my watch!”
“Slow down samurai,” Destroyer Dom was chasing Bakunetsumaru down a separate street.
Baku had a plan, “Wait for it, wait for it. Now!”
Azural shot and energy beam from her triton while hanging from her tail around a lamppost and hits D. Dom, “Did I get him?”
Baku stopped below her and replied, “Yeah you got him right in the stomach.”
Destroyer recovered, “That does it. Gallop! Fire full arsenal!” Missiles and various other weapons fired at the two gundams as they ran in different directions.
“What's wrong? Are we too fast for ya?” Guneagle and Lucky were literally flying circles around Demon General.
D.G. swung his sword wildly, “Come here! Gah! Hold…still! Slow down traitor!”
Guneagle fired at D.G., “You want a piece General?”
D.G. growled, “Why you little AHH!” Lucky hits D.G. from behind.
Zapper and Grappler regrouped behind a building. “What's taking him so long?” asked Zapper, “Shouldn't he have given the signal by now?”
“Cool your circuits,” said Grappler, “We have to stay low until then.”
“Had enough?” Lucky asked D.G.
The demon chuckled, “On the contrary, the fun has only just begun.” He released a pulse of energy and forced Guneagle and Lucky against a building.
Zapper smiled, “It's about time. Zakos! Attack!”
“Zako! Zako!” Hundreds of Zako soldiers jumped out from behind buildings and bushes and opened fire on the gundams.
“Look out Shute!” shouted Captain.
“Huh? Whoa!” Shute skated away from the attack.
Zero put up his shield, “Princess Fleur, behind me!”
“Where did these Zakos come from?” Fleur asked.
Bakunetsumaru deflected the shots with his sword, “Haven't you tried a sneak attack already?'
Azural surrounded herself in a water shield, “So glad I'm a water element now.”
“Excellent. All according to plan. Go now General.”
D.G. obeyed the unseen voice that only he heard and flew towards Shute, “You're coming with me human boy.”
“Shute behind you!” Captain's warning came too late for his best friend.
“Captain!” Shute shouted in vain as Demon General snatched him from the street and into the air
“Shute!” Captain couldn't reach them.
“I get him,” Fleur flew at D.G.
He avoided her, “You can't catch me this time.” A dimension portal opened on the street below, “ Ah, right on cue.” He flew into the portal with the struggling youth.
“Gotcha Shute!” Fleur grabbed Shute's arm and stopped them from going completely through. Flying backwards, she attempted to pull Shute of D.G.'s grasp.
“Persistent little pest aren't you?” D.G. wrapped his demon magic around Fleur wings and attempted to pull the grounded gundam in.
“I could use some backup here!” she yelled.
Zero came to her aid, “I've got you princess!” He wrapped his arms around Fleur's midsection and pulled on her. The general growled and pulled even harder on them. Zero faltered and was almost pulled in, “A little help please!”
Bakunetsumaru pulled on Zero, “Why do I always have to save you?”
“Okay now, I'm mad!” D.G. pulled even harder on them. Next, Entango, with Skylar and Fenn on his back, arrived and bulled on Baku.
“Plan B. Take them all somewhere else.”
“As you command sire” D.G. answered the voice. The portal began to pull with the strength of a black hole and pulled everyone in one by one.
“We got them!” Guneagle and Lucky dive-bombed the portal as it closed. They hit the pavement going full speed.
Shute, Fleur, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fenn, Skylar, and Entango fell through the Minov Boundary Sea into another dimension. The portal dropped them in a clearing where grass and flowers were plentiful.
“Is everyone okay?” asked Zero.
Baku shook himself off, “For the most part.” Entango was busy sampling the grass.
Shute spat some grass from his mouth and dusted himself off, “Where's Demon General?”
Fleur unruffled her feathers and looked around, “Where are we for that matter?” Skylar looked around unsure but Fenn seemed to know.
Baku got on Entango, “If we travel long enough we'll find out something. Huh?” A flying, glowing jellyfish like creature floated near the samurai, “GHOST!” He fell from his mount. The jellyfish flew by as if nothing happened.
“That is no ghost,” said Zero, “'Tis a Mn.”
“A what?” asked Fleur. She tried to touch but her hand went straight through it, “That's weird.” She repeated the motion with the same results. Skylar attempted to pounce the Mn but instead went straight through it. Fenn laughed at his confusion.
“It's a lesser spirit of Lacroa Princess Fleur,” Zero answered.
Shute smiled, “At least we ended up in Zero's home world. Finally something good happens today.”
“Okay better question,” said Fleur, “Why did we end up in Lacroa?”
The knight shrugged, “I wish I knew but we need to stop Demon General before he does anything to my home.”
“Hey I remember this place,” said D.G. up in a tree, “This is where I kidnapped that fuzzball.” He sighed, “I wish milord would hurry.” He heard something behind him, “Oh crap!” He hid amongst the tree leaves. The gundams were quickly approaching his tree hiding spot.
“Up ahead, Castle Lacroa!” said Zero excitedly, “Come let us hurry.”
Shute was having trouble keeping up, “Hold up guys! These skates weren't meant for grass!”
“Might as well have some fun while I'm waiting,” Demon General jumped from his perch and landed in the middle of them, “Hello again.” He swung his sword wildly around. The gundams charged him but instead missed and nailed each other. D.G. taunted them from the air, “Catch me if you can.” He flew off towards the castle.
“After him!” Zero lead the chase followed by Bakunetsumaru riding Entango, then Fleur, and Shute, Fenn, and Skylar bringing up the rear.
Some Lacroaian's looked up from their business in the city and screamed in terror, “Evil has returned to our home!” They fled and hid from the general. One of them looked up, “Up there! It's Zero the Winged Knight! He has returned!”
“Let's get rid of him before something bad happens,” said Shute. Now on a paved street, he quickly caught up to Demon General and took aim.
D.G. looked over his shoulder, “Big talk, small human.” He used demon magic to toss Shute into some barrels, “One down, four to go.”
“I have you now,” Bakunetsumaru raised his swords and jumped off of Entango, “Scared arts Bakunetsu… Gaah!” D.G. stopped him in midair.
“Sorry but my strength is multiplied here,” he tossed Baku onto a watering troth.
“Come here!” Fleur shot towards D.G.
“That was foolish,” He simply flew higher and Fleur splatted into a stone wall and crashed into some crates below.
“You'll pay for that fiend!” Zero fires his magic circle at D.G. The general then grabbed the circle and returned it top its sender. Zero put up his shield but was still knocked to the cobblestone road below.
Demon General laughed triumphantly, “Man it feels good to win! Huh?” Fenn and Skylar squared off with him from the front, “What the? Where did you two come from?” The two spirits spiraled their attacks together and took aim at D.G. He held up his arms in defense when a black hand appeared and pulled him to the safety of the shadows.
Bakunetsumaru and Shute caught up to the others, “Are you two okay?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“I've been worse,” Fleur answered back on her feet.
Zero rose to hover again, “I can't believe I let my guard down like that.”
Shute tried to cheer him up, “Don't worry. You'll get another chance at him.”
“Shute!” Three Lacroaians ran towards Shute.
“Noah! Coah! Doah!” Shute shouted happily. The triplets jumped on Shute and knocked him down, “We're so glad to see you again Shute!”
“Ditto, it's been to long,” said Shute
“See,” said Baku, “Thing are already looking up.”
“Zero!” The Princess of Lacroa ran towards them.
“Princess Rele!” Zero bowed, “'Tis an honor to see you safe milady.”
Princess Rele stopped out of breath, “Zero I have some terrible news. The Sacred feather dragon has been….”
“…captured, changed, and napped,” Zero finished for her, “Yes, I know.”
“But how?”
“Fenn found me,” Fenn flew on top of Zero's head.
“That's the feather dragon?” asked Noah, “No way.”
“He doesn't look furious,” said Doah.
“He looks like a useless fuzzball to me,” said Coah. Fenn growled at him but Zero stopped the little dragon.
Shute whispered to Coah, “If you're smart, you won't insult him.”
Skylar jumped onto Fleur's shoulder and mewed. Fleur seemed to understand, “I'm not sure. I'm as confused as you are.”
“Oh that's right,” said Zero, “Please forgive me. Princess Rele, I would like you to meet, Princess Fleur from the Kingdom of Skylark.”
“A friend of Zero's is always welcomed in Lacroa,” said Princess Rele, “Please to meet you.” She did a polite head bow.
“Thank you,” Princess Fleur returned the bow, “And this is Skylar.” Fleur decided to keep quiet about Skylar's importance for now.
“No fair. You have a pet, lucky,” said Rele jealous. Fleur almost looked for her brother.
“Why have you returned to Lacroa Shute?” asked the triplets.
Shute tried to explain, “Well…did you see that demon we were chasing? He dragged us here for some reason.”
“Come,” said Rele noticing the gathering crowd, “let's talk in private inside the castle.”
With the Dark Axis trio gone, Captain, Guneagle, Prince Lucky, and Princess Azural returned to the Dimensional Transport Device in order to fetch their lost comrades.
“Hurry and start this thing Bell Wood,” said Guneagle, “It's fixed isn't it?”
Bell Wood looked up from his computer, “Just because it looks fixed on the outside doesn't mean it's fixed on the inside.”
Chief Haro asked from a platform, “How long will take to fix?”
“Not long,” answered Bell Wood, “maybe two or three weeks.”
“Two or three weeks!” shouted Lucky, “Do you know what can happen in that amount of time?”
“It's not that bad,” said Captain, “They could have landed in someplace friendly.”
“Friendly?” asked Azural.
“They could be in either Lacroa or Ark,” he answered.
Azural sighed, “I hope so. I hope they are alright.”
“Understood,” said the Lacroan King, “We shall not allow the tragedy of Lacroa to be repeated. Although I understand that other worlds are endangered, we must first insure Lacroa's safety.”
“Understood your highness,” the gundams and Shute answered. The king dismissed them from the castle. Rele lead them outside into the castle gardens, sat down, and sighed.
“Is something wrong milady?” asked Zero.
Rele shook her head, “No. Just thinking.”
“About what?” asked Shute.
“Nothing of importance,” Rele answered.
“Wondering about what will happed now that evil has returned and wanting to know what you can do to help,” said Fleur.
Rele glanced at Fleur, “Are you a mind reader?”
Fleur smiled back, “Nah. I just know what it means to be a princess.”
Rele giggled, “You're not what I expected from a gundam princess.”
Fleur sat down next to her, “Do you know that you're the first person?”
“I didn't mean to insult you,” said Rele.
“Don't worry you didn't,” said Fleur.
Noah, Coah, and Doah rolled their eyes and tugged on Shute's shirt, “Come on Shute. We want to show you our new magic.” They ran off to another section of the garden. Bakunetsumaru meanwhile had already left to go sleep by a tree. Zero returned to his knightly duties by guarding the garden gate.
“Have you any brothers or sisters?” Fleur asked.
Rele shook her head, “I'm an only child. Those three are the closest people to being my brothers,” she gestured towards the triplets, “What about you?”
“I'm the oldest of three,” said Fleur, “I have a little brother and a kid sister.”
“I wish I had a sister,” said Rele, “Where are they?”
Fleur shrugged, “Lucky and Azural are back in Neotopia I guess.”
“If everything you've said is true,” said Rele, “Then your parents must be worried to death.”
Fleur shook her head, “Worry didn't ki…” she choked on the word, “k…kill them. EagleEye did.”
Rele gasped, “I…I'm sorry. I-I didn't think. I just….”
“Don't worry about it,” said Fleur, “I've made peace with it. What of your parents?”
“My mom died when I was very young,” Rele answered, “It's just me and my father. I guess those triplets are somewhat like my brothers.” Fenn and Skylar came out of no where and sat in their laps.
Fleur scratched Skylar's ears, “What are you guys doing here?”
Rele petted Fenn, “How did you know we needed cheering up?” An explosion came from Shute, Noah, Coah, and Doah's direction. Everyone else hurried to where they were.
A huge hole marked the explosion point. Debris fell around Shute who was shielding the triplets.
“What happen?!” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Coah looked at the hole, “We don't know.”
Noah spoke next “We were showing Shute are new magic.”
Doah finished, “But then the ground exploded!”
“Have you three been practicing Dark magic?” asked Zero.
The triplets answered in unison, “We would never do that Zero!”
Fleur flew into the air to get a better view. While up there, she saw another black circle draw itself around the others, “LOOK OUT!” The enclosed ground exploded beneath them. Luckily, Baku jumped out of harms way, Zero flew into the air carrying Fenn and Skylar, and Princess Rele made a blue magic circle to carry Shute the triplets and herself to safety.
“Is anyone hurt?” asked Zero. They heard someone laughing gleefully.
The smoke cleared and show Demon General being the one laughing, “Now I know why Destroyer loves it so much! Hahaha!” He continued laughing.
Baku drew his swords, “We've should known this was your doing.”
“Who me?” D.G. asked innocently, “I was merely following orders. Besides, milord is eager to meet you.”
“Your lord?” asked Zero, “We do not fear him.”
“Poor, poor insolent gundam.” A tornado of demon dust appeared from the ground and stretched upwards. A pair of red eyes glowed from within as something laughed demonically and made the humans freeze in fear. The whirlwind vanished and left behind the very essence of evil. King EagleEye himself. The pitch black demon king stood tall and menacingly adorned with a flowing silver, red, and nearly black purple king's robe. A golden crown with red velvet and various jewels sewn into it and his hands rested atop a long slender scepter decorated many fierce animal and had a single crystal clear diamond on top. His eyes had a look of evil that you could never forget “Greetings Gundam Force.”
Shute stammered, “Wh-who is t-t-that?” Fleur stared at EagleEye fearfully, shaking in her armor. Skylar and Fenn quickly hid behind Shute. And Rele along with the triplets stood frozen in fear.
The Demon King smiled, “Surely you've heard of me,” his voice was deep, threatening and seemed to poison the air, “I am the master of darkness. Every wise creature trembles in fear of my name. I am…King EagleEye.”
“Oh no,” Fleur said softly, “Not him. Not here. Not now.”
“It's about time you show yourself EagleEye,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“You have no idea what your up against musha,” EagleEye stepped forwarded and squinted in the sunlight but was unaffected by its light, “Well, well, well. It seems my spell continues to work on that puffball.”
“You did this to my precious Fenn!” shouted Zero outraged.
EagleEye answered lazily, “Even I know when to fix a few things.”
“How did he know about Fenn anyway?” asked Coah.
“Who told him?” asked Noah
“And why?” asked Doah.
D.G. answered all of their questions, “Don't let the knight fuse with the feather dragon or you're in for a tough fight. That what the Dark Axis told us.”
“Should have seen that one coming,” said Shute.
“Why are you here you monster!?” demanded Princess Rele.
EagleEye looked at his intended target, “Purely business with Princess Fleur.” he took a step towards her.
Fleur stumbled backwards, “Get-get away from me!”
“You are not my target,” said EagleEye, “but since you refuse to talk sensibly, I'll take what I want by force.” He stretched out his right hand as ropes sprung from his wrist and captured Sklyar pulling the struggling spirit into his hand. Now in EagleEye's grasp Skylar mewed for help.
Fleur quickly found the courage to rush EagleEye and sink her claws into his wrist, “Release him!” EagleEye let out a low roar in pain and released Skylar. Fleur instantly flew back to the others with Skylar shocked at what she just did.
EagleEye snarled and looked at his wrist and whispered, “Damn it. It's true,” then aloud, “By the way you reacted Fleur, you'd think he was your…son.”
“What!” said Fleur blushing, “No! He's just an-an important ally and friend.
“Call it what you want,” EagleEye hit the ground with the scepter causing and earthquake. The humans and Bakunetsumaru stumbled off balance. Next, EagleEye moved in close and grabbed Doah around the next choking him.
Doah struggled to breath, “Let go! Put me down!”
“Get your hands off of him!” Baku attacked the demon from behind. Without turning around, EagleEye ensnared Bakunetsumaru.
“Ever wonder why I'm called EagleEye?” he asked, “because I see all.” He then spun them around and tossed Doah into his brothers and Baku into Zero. Shute then threw his beamsaber at the demon king hoping to stab him. Instead EagleEye caught it and hurled it back to the sender. Zero came up and skewered EagleEye in the midsection and pinned him to the ground.
Zero stood victoriously, “Survive that!” EagleEye did and preformed a backbend pushup off of the sword and over the hilt effortlessly, painlessly, and bloodlessly.
He chuckled, “Do you honestly think you can still win?”
Rele gagged, “That's disgusting!”
“He's not of this world!” shouted Noah scared.
Shute stared in surprise, “Is he even beatable?”
Coah sighed, “Well, we're done for.”
EagleEye pulled Zero's sword out of the earth, “ A fine blade,” he said examining it, “Now I'll show you how to handle a sword.” He twirled it around and pointed it at the gundams. To his embarrassment, a rose appeared on the end of it, “What is this? A magic sword?”
Bakunetsumaru hit Zero upside the head, “Nice going idiot. You gave him a weapon.
“Shut up,” Zero spat.
EagleEye pulled off the rose and continued to inspect the sword. Fenn came up to him and breathed fire on him. EagleEye easily sidestepped the fire, “I don't have time for you.” He nailed Fenn with his scepter. The little fuzzball whammed into the ground and rolled towards Zero.
“Fenn!” Zero picked up the little feather dragon, “Are you okay?”
“Frrenn, fenn, frren frreen.” Fenn spoke. Zero seemed to understand and nodded, “It's worth a try.”
Demon General, who had been celebrating, stopped and felt a strangeness in the air, “Sire, do you feel that?”
EagleEye had also noticed the change, “It's coming from that blue puffball.”
Fenn's body began to grow and stretch as a pair of wings appeared, then a long white tail, clawed feet and finally, Fenn took his true feather dragon form. He let out a loud screech and flew above the battlefield.
“Of course,” said EagleEye, “now my spell wears off.”
Fleur started in disbelief, “What the? Is that thing Fenn?”
Everyone else cheered Zero on, “Take him down Zero!” They shouted in unison. Zero then fused with Fenn becoming Zero custom, Kinght of Sliver Wings.
“Now EagleEye,” said Zero, “You will pay for your deeds against all of our homeworlds.” Zero then summoned his two swords, fused them into one, and charged EagleEye. EagleEye dodged the attack.
“Now I'm interested,” EagleEye stretched a pair of black feathered wings and soared into the sky after Zero, “Come on Knight of Lacroa! Show me what you got!” They did a mid-air dogfight but Zero never once landed a hit. EagleEye sighed, “And my hopes were so high. Oh well.” He vanished and appeared behind Zero, “You're not even considered a warm up.” He placed his hand on Zero's back and separated him from Fenn. Zero and Fenn screamed in pain from the forced separation. EagleEye then tossed Fenn behind him and kicked Zero into the ground. Everyone stared wide-eyed in disbelief.
“Th-that's impossible!” said Rele.
“H-How strong is he?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“Zero!” Fleur called out, “Are you alright?”
“Don't worry princess,” said Zero, “I'm just fi-gaaahhhh!” EagleEye quickly skewered Zero with the knight's own sword and pushed the hilt all the way to Zero's mid-section.
He chuckled, “Gotcha.” He released the sword's hilt and let Zero fall at his feet. The sword stuck out of Zero back covered in a dark black substance.
Zero choked, “You…bastard.”
EagleEye smiled down at his kill and turned towards the others, “The rest of you get to live. I have more important matters to attend to. `Till we meet again. General! Move out!” With that they both disappeared into the shadows.
Everyone ran over to aid Zero.
“Zero! Zero! Can you hear me?” asked Fleur.
“Hang in there Zero,” said Bakunetsumaru, “We'll get you help.”
The triplets cried, “That demon….”
“Don't even finish that sentence,” said Shute.
Rele got done talking to a servant who came to see what was going on, “Hurry! Bring inside to the medical room!” Baku carefully picked up Zero and swiftly but cautiously carried him inside.
At the castle's medical room, Zero laid semi-conscious on a cold metal table. The doctor was trying to figure out the best way to remove the sword without hurting Zero further.
Zero said weakly, “Just…pull it out. Please… I…beg of you.” He groans in pain from talking.
Baku tried to reason with him, “If we just pull it out you'll bleed to death.”
“Got it,” the doctor pulled out a small metal trinket, “This will heal him by day break tomorrow. Now Princess Rele, Princes Fleur, and Shute; you three hold him down and Bakunetsumaru, pull out the sword. Don't worry he won't die.”
“Um… okay” said Shute uneasily. Rele and him held down Zero's lower body and legs and Fleur put her weight on Zero's arms and shoulders.
Baku grabbed the swords hilt, “Okay on three. 1…2…3!” He pulled the sword out a couple of inches before Zero yelled in pain as his wound violently sparked. He fought weakly against those holding him down.
“Take it easy Zero!” Rele shouted.
Zero finally stopped fighting back and relaxed slightly. He breathing was heavy and every inch of him hurt, “Mana help me.”
“Let's try it again,” said Baku, “1…2…3!” he pulled the sword out even further but not all the way. Zero started struggling again.
“Relax Zero!” Fleur shouted, “it's almost out. The sword was no longer sticking out of his back.
Baku got a better grip on the sword, “1…2….3!” He pulled the sword all the way out of Zero. The knight yelled in pain as his wound sparked violently. The doctor instantly pinned Zero on his back and said a spell. The magic blue circle appeared and wrapped itself around Zero's mid section. Zero passed out from the agonizing pain and probably out of relief that it was over.
They let go of Zero and looked at him with worry in their eyes. The doctor sighed, “There is nothing more I can do. It's up to the Winged Knight now.” He then left the room as doctors often do.
Rele soon followed the doctor out unable to look at the fallen hero, “Come on guys. The guest bedrooms have been made up for you. And Zero needs his rest.” Shute and Bakunetsumaru looked at him one last time and followed. Fleur waited for the others to leave and then gave Zero a quick kiss and quickly followed Shute with Skylar at her heels.
“How I love the night time,” said EagleEye. He sat high in a tree looking into the city. Lights in houses slowly died one by one.
“Sire! Sire!” shouted Demon General from a lower branch, “What shall we do about Zero? He's still alive.”
“Get the one he slained to finish him off,” EagleEye answered. He pulled out a compass that pointed towards some caves behind them. He flew off towards the caves with D.G. close behind. After traveling for many miles under a starry sky they arrive at the entrance of the dark hole.
D.G. looked over the edge, “Are you positive he's down there ahhhh!” EagleEye had kicked him into the hole and jumped in behind him. Demon General recovered and flew in the air, “He could've flagged.” The general's eyes glowed red in order to see in the darkness.
EagleEye dived bomb past him, “Hurry up slacker!” He flew deeper and deeper into the dark hole's depths. A pinging noise made by the compass reverberated throughout the cave as they got closer to their target. Arriving at their destination, they found a white gundam embedded in a rock spire. EagleEye smiled, “Those three finally prove useful.”
“Umm, sire?” said Demon General cautiously, “how will we awaken him. Our magic is no good down here.”
“Who's `we'?” EagleEye pulled out a demon crystal incased in sliver, “Whomever awakens him will release a great evil upon Lacroa.” He flicked the crystal into the gundams gunsoul, “Oops.” The crystal merged with the gundam's life source. Electricity surged once more through the gundams veins. The seal that bound him to the rock was broken and the white gundam fell to the floor and looked up at the demon king.
“Who are you?” asked the gundam.
Demon General stepped forward, “You are Tallgeese are you not?”
“How do you know my name?” Tallgeese asked.
EagleEye explained, “You remember Zero the Winged Knight do you not?”
“Yeah I know him,” Tallgeese answered standing up, “He killed me. But how is it that I'm alive again?”
“I gave you new life,” EagleEye answered, “My name is King EagleEye. The Dark Axis has told me of your desire to control Lacroa.”
Tallgeese stepped back in surprise, “You're working for the Dark Axis?”
Demon General scoffed, “They're working for us.”
“Join me as and I will see to it that you get a demon griffin to merge with and increase your powers enough to once and for all destroy Zero and take control of Lacroa,” EagleEye held out his hand, “What's your answer?”
Tallgeese took his hand and bowed, “You've got I deal, your majesty.”
The morning sun brought a false sense of security to the unexpecting city in Lacroa. Zero was still sleeping on the metal table. He stirred from his slumber and tried to sit up. A hand gently pushed him back down, “Not so fast. Your should take it easy for a while.” He knew that voice, “Princess Fleur?” Zero turned his head and saw Fleur leaning on his table while sitting in a chair.
“Morning sleepy head,” Fleur greeted him.
“How long have you been there?” Zero asked.
Fleur shrugged, “Since everyone else fell asleep. I felt kind of guilty just leaving you down here by yourself.”
“You felt guilty?” Zero asked confused, “What for princess?”
Fleur blushed, “Well you stayed by my bedside after SliverDeath almost killed me so I thought I would return the favor.”
Zero smiled, “Thank you.” Zero tried to sit up again.
“It's going to hurt,” said Fleur.
“Some minor pain won't slow me down,” said Zero, “Observe.” He flew into the air and spun around. After that, his midsection sparked in protest, “Ouch.”
“Told you so,” said Fleur standing up.
Zero hovered down to her, “Don't worry. I'm fine. Let's go find the others.”
“Has anyone seen Fleur this morning?” asked Rele, “She's not in her room.”
“She'll show eventually,” said Shute. He was dressed in some Lacroain style clothes since his battle clothes had been completely torn up from yesterday.
Bakunetsumaru showed up stretching, “Maybe she went to see her boyfriend.” Shute and him cracked up from the joke but Rele didn't get it.
“We heard that!” Zero and Fleur shouted together. They looked up to the second floor and saw everyone.
Shute looked over the side railing, “You know we're just joking right?”
Fleur answered, “You, yes. Baku, no.”
“Hey!” shouted Baku feeling shot down.
Rele shouted, “What in Mana's name are you doing up Zero? You should be resting.” Roses appeared in Rele's hand.
“Nay,” answered Zero, “I am feeling fine your majesty.” He tried to bow but his midsection sparked again in protest, “Ow.”
Skylar ran into the room, tugged on Fleur's foot and ran back to the door mewing for them to follow. Curious, Shute, Rele, Zero, Fleur and Bakunetsumaru followed him outside. Fenn, the sacred griffin, and the other three sacred beasts were upset and roaring into the sky trying to warn everyone. Thick black smog covered the ground and circled around their feet.
Shute coughed, “What is this stuff?”
Fleur tried to blow it away with her wings, “It's demon dust!”
Noah, Coah, and Doah ran up to them, “What's going on?”
“We meet again Zero,” Tallgeese descended onto the scene.
“AH! TALLGEESE!” shouted the triplets in unison.
“How did you get free?” demanded Princess Rele.
“How do ya think?” Demon General Flew above them, “The all mighty EagleEye has freed him from your spell.”
EagleEye stepped forward as the citizens of Lacroa scattered in opposite directions screaming, “Greetings once again gundams.”
Bakunetsumaru drew his swords, “Vile fiend. Prepare to taste my blade!” He ran forwarded but EagleEye held up his hand forcing Baku to stop and flung him backwards.
“Do you any idea what you have done!?” shouted Zero.
EagleEye chuckled, “I gained some useful help.” He drew a portal in the air, “And I intend to get more. Come Tallgeese and Demon General.”
“What happen to our deal!?” Tallgeese shouted at him.
“All in good time,” EagleEye answered calmly, “Once these gundams are out of the way, you will have Lacroa. Now come!” Tallgeese unwillingly went through the portal. EagleEye stepped through after his followers.
“Get back here!” Shute, Bakunetsumaru, now riding Entango, Zero, Princess Fleur, and Princess Rele ran through the portal after them just before it closed.
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlebots. (Chief Zako knocks Z2 of the stage) Today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z3, and CZ: The return of our beloved Lord Tallgeese! (crowd cheers)
CZ: Lord T is the coolest Zako!
Z1: Zako Zako!
CZ: Lord T was sealed away after his battle with Zero and the others. Then the almighty King EagleEye brought him back to life Zako! (passes out)
Z1: But how did EagleEye do it exactly zako?
CZ: (wakes up) Who cares zako zako?!
Z3: Lord T was sealed into the rock after losing to Zero in the battle for Lacroa. EagleEye made a demon crystal especially for Lord T and used it to bring back one of our most powerful warriors.
CZ: (dances) We got Tallgeese back! We got Tallgeese back.
Z3: Now the Dark Axis stands a fighting chance against those gundams
Z1: For the future of the Dark Axis, Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
The fight between Zero and Tallgeese I'm not sure of. Everything else I think happens in season 2. R/R