SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Wasn't Suppose to Happen ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Last time, Lucky's dark secret was reviled and it turns out that he is a Demonican Gundam. Now after chasing them around the base and the gundam force using there dodging abilities, Demonico has ensnared them in a trap and is about to steal Shute's soul! Find out what happens now in Chapter 18.
Demonico's hand continued closer and closer to Shute's neck ready to pull out and feast upon boy's soul. Suddenly his hand stops just short of Shute's neck, “What the heck? What's going on here? Why can't I attack him?”
`Cause I won't let you.
“LUCKY?!” shouted Demonico, “T-then that means…”
“…it's sunup,” said Captain smiling.
The sun appeared as a glowing red orange ball on the eastern horizon. It's warm rays stretched across all of Neotopia, spreading their morning light. Demonico released Shute and his demon magic bonds released the others. They all landed with a loud thump. The demon shields his eyes from the light, “No! This can't be happening!” he screamed, “I'm too close to stop. I need just one more minute.” Demonico's demon crystal crackled and sparked from deep within his host's gunsoul. His silver armor appeared to be retreating from the sunlight and back into his crystal as Lucky's normal white armor took it's place.
“You haven't seen the last of me gundams!” with that Demonico's red eyes changed backed into Lucky's green eyes. Prince Lucky now stood before them exhausted and frightened.
Captain got up, “Lucky? Is that you?”
Lucky began to back down the runway, “H-he got out. Demonico got out. He-he hurt you guys. He almost killed Shute and Guneagle and Entango. An-and killed Gunbike.”
Fleur tried to clam her little brother, “The sun's up Lucky. Kao-Lyn can fix Gunbike. Demonico's gone.”
Lucky shook his head, “He's not gone. He'll never be gone. He'll be here until the day I shut down permanently. I-I shouldn't even be here! I can't stay!” Lucky then turned around and flew far away from SDG base.
“Lucky!” Fleur cried out after her brother, “Lucky come…”
Bakunetsumaru pointed one of his katana's at her neck, “You better have a good explanation for this.”
Lucky flew as fast as possible away from the city, almost breaking the sound barrier. Changing into Demonico and back had worn down his energy cells. And so, Lucky landed near a large lake surround by flowers, a forest and has a rock resting near its shore. Lucky made his way over to a tree and collapsed against its trunk. He tried to go to sleep but sleep refused to come. Too much had happen during the night. “That wasn't supposed to happen,” Lucky said to himself, “I knew it would but I couldn't except it. I'm an idiot.” He crawled over to the lake and peered into the clear blue water, “Please don't be there. Please don't be there.”
“Who me?” asked his reflection. Demonico stared back at Lucky, “You do know that you're talking to your reflection right?”
“Damn,” said Lucky, “Why did you do that last night?”
Demonico shrugged, “I'm a demon that's what we do. Or should I say that you're a demon.”
“No I'm not!” Lucky shouted at his reflection, “I'm King Lucky! Ruler of the Kingdom of Skylark!”
“One you're still a prince and two deny it all you want but you ARE a demonican gundam. You and I are the same being. My demon crystal resides inside your gunsoul just like Demon General's resides inside of Kukajiro's! And it's about time you accepted it!”
Lucky stood up, “You're right. You and I are the same. Now that they know. I'm as good as dead.” He turned his back on the lake and began to walk away, “Now what will I do. I'm a fugitive. What am I going to do?”
“Tell me why you didn't tell me,” Guneagle flew down in front of Prince Lucky.
Lucky sighed and held out his wrist, “Just hurry up and arrest me okay.”
Guneagle pushed Lucky's wrist back down, “Those were my orders but I won't. Why didn't you tell me bro?”
Lucky answered, “You would've killed me on the spot. The only person I told was Fleur.” he couldn't believe Guneagle was still calling him bro.
Guneagle asked, “Has she always known?”
Lucky nodded, “It was suppose to be a secret between Mother, Father, Fleur and myself. We didn't even tell Azural. I don't want talk about it right now bro.” He flew high into a tree
Guneagle looked up at the prince, then down at the lake, “Whoa! Dude!” he jumped back when he saw Demonico as Lucky's reflection.
“What?” asked Lucky.
Guneagle pointed at the lake, “Demonico is your reflection!”
Lucky answered dully, “Ooh…yeah.” He flew over the lake and landed against a rock with writing on it. Lucky read the rock, sighed, and looked at his feet.
Guneagle walked over to him, “How about I make a deal with you Lucky?”
“I'm listening,” said Lucky interested.
“You tell me how you became a demonican gundam and I'll plead your case to Chief Haro, dude,” Guneagle suggested.
Lucky gave him a weird look, “Dude, are you serious?”
Guneagle nodded, “Dead serious. That what friends are for right?”
“Deal,” said Lucky, “It all started over 12 years ago.”
(A/N {Lucky's voice over narration})
12 years ago Skylark. Younger versions of both Fleur and Lucky are playing in the castle garden at sunset. {Fleur and I were playing games in the garden when our mom called for us}
An aqua green gundam with a fish like tail walks outside, “Fleur! Lucky! Time to come in!”
Young Fleur stood up, “Coming! Race ya Lucky.” She ran towards her mother.
“Hey!” shouted young Lucky, “No fair! You cheated!”
{(chuckles) We would always race and my luck always saved me. But that night my luck turned bad}
Young Lucky ran as fast as he could to catch up with his sister. Young Fleur taunted him and then ran into their father, King Phoenix. King Phoenix smiles down at his daughter and looks at his son, “Hurry up or the demons will get you!” Aquarmia hits him playfully.
Young Lucky smiled, “I'm to fast for some smelly dumb old demons.”
“Dumb are we?”
{(shivers) A pair of red eyes stared at me from high in a tree. My father tried to tell me to run but I was to scared to move}
Demon General flew out of the tree and snatched up the young prince. Young Fleur and Aquarmia screamed “Lucky!” Phoenix swore out loud and chased after D.G. into the night.
{Next thing I know, I'm being carried high over the kingdom. I was scared for my life. It was like a never-ending nightmare. Then the general dove into a hole that went on for miles}
Demon General laughed, “You'll love my home. Our city is just as big as yours little prince.” He flew out of the bottom of the shaft and into an underground city. Millions of demons roamed around unknowing of what has happen until D.G. shouted, “I got him! I got him! I got Prince Lucky!” A roared of approval erupted from the crowd below. Demon General tossed young Lucky into the air and the prince was caught by some lesser demons. They threw him into the air and at a Black Metal Phoenix. The phoenix caught him then dropped him at Trio Trouble's feet. Sliver Death picked up Lucky by his neck as Fang and MimicCat tugged on his wings. They laughed at his fear as they jumped around the city with young Lucky in tow. Sliver Death then tossed him into a pack of human demons who tossed the frighten gundam back to their General.
{I was so scared. I tired yelling for help but my voice had left me. Next he came.}
“Bring me the prince gundam!” EagleEye appeared and cast his gaze across his subjects. Demon General flew forward and presented Lucky to him, “As you command milord.”
EagleEye took young Lucky inside his castle while the prince shook like a leaf in a storm. EagleEye dropped him into a comfy chair and continued to walk around him.
“Power, “the Demon King started, “What a great thing to have. Don't you agree Prince Lucky.” Young Lucky started at him confused. “Surly you know what I'm talking bout,” said EagleEye, “Why look at you. A prince! You were born with power.”
“Wh-wh-who ar-ar-are y-you? Wh-what d-d-d-d-do you w-w-want,” Young Lucky stuttered.
EagleEye slapped himself “Of course how rude of me. I am King Eagle Eye.”
“My daddy's the king! N-not you!” Young Lucky interrupted.
“Let me finish,” snarled EagleEye, “I am the King of all Demons. And I have a proposition for you.”
Young Lucky asked, “A what?”
EagleEye tried to explain it, “A… request of sorts.”
“I don't take request from stupid ugly demons,” said young Lucky.
EagleEye growled, “You're in no position to insult me shrimp.”
Young Lucky yawned, “You can't do anything to me. My daddy will be here shortly with an entire army to stop you. He is the King of Skylark after all.”
EagleEye grinned, “Oh, really? Then why isn't he here now?” Young Lucky couldn't answer. EagleEye chuckled, “It's because he's scared of me. Daddy won't come to save you. Sure they'll cry `Prince Lucky he was so young why o why you cruel demons' but your parents will just have another son. Or give the crown to your sister.” Young Lucky was stunned by what he just heard. The demon king pulled out a demon crystal, “I, however, will make sure that you are never abandoned again. All you have to do is join me.” The young prince gazed at the dark crystal incased in silver, “I…I….”
“Yes?” EagleEye brought the crystal closer to Lucky's gunsoul.
“Dad?” Young Lucky jumped out of his chair and ran to a window. EagleEye also looked out the window and saw King Phoenix fighting off all that approached him.
Young Lucky shouted, “DAD! Dad I'm up here!”
EagleEye slammed young Lucky against a wall, “If you won't become one willing, I force you. You will return to me next full moon. Demonico.” EagleEye the thrust the demon crystal deep within Lucky's gunsoul. The young gundam screamed in pain as dark energy surround his body. Then he passed out.
Back in Neotopia now, Guneagle let out a low whistle, “Dude. And you were just a kid. Your life must have been horrible.”
Lucky's hand was over his gunsoul cover, “You have no idea.”
Guneagle stood up from sitting, “Well come on. Time for me to hold up my end of the bargain. I hope the Chief is in a listening mood.”
“Maybe my luck will hold out,” said Lucky. They flew back to S.D.G. base.
Meanwhile, Fleur was being tortured for some answers about Lucky and Demonico. She yelled in pain as the electrocution process continued. Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Azural, Fenn, and Skylar looked on unable to do anything. They were all angry with her for not telling them about Lucky. Chief Haro gave the signal for Julie to stop the torture as Fleur fell to her knees shaking again.
“I'll ask you again,” said the chief, “Why didn't you tell us about Demonico and break your promise to the S.D.G.?” Fleur just gave him an angry glare and remained silent. Chief Haro sighed, “ Julie, up it to the next level.” Julie turned to knob up to four. She pushed a button on the box causing the heavy metal rings around Fleur's neck, arms, and legs to electrocute the princess. She screamed again during the torture. When it stopped, Azural pleaded, “Please Fleur just tell him! You can't do this forever.”
“Stay out of this Azural!” said Fleur, “I lied to everyone and I guess it's time I pay the price.”
“Now talk!” ordered Chief Haro.
“I won't break it,” said Fleur.
Haro growled, “Higher.” Julie turned it to 5. “Higher. “Julie turned it to 7. “What part of `higher' didn't you get?” She switched all the way to 10 and turned it back on. Electricity surged through Fleur's body and she screamed in pain and her systems spark from the overload.
Captain shouted at Haro, “That's enough chief. You'll kill her!” Haro said nothing.
Baku couldn't believe this “She's our ally! Stop!”
Zero flew towards Fleur, “I won't let you die princess.” He grabbed the rings and got a taste of the torture. Julie stopped it after Zero grabbed one of the rings. Zero released the ring with his hands now burned and Fleur fell down unconscious. Captain, Shute, and Bakunetsumaru ran over to them.
“Zero are you alright?” asked Captain.
Bakunetsumaru shook Fleur, “You still alive?”
“Fleur!” Azural ran over to her sister, “Fleur you can't get yourself killed.”
Fleur ignored them and pushed herself up, “I refuse to break the promise I made to Mother, Father, and Lucky. Just leave Azural out of this. She knew nothing of it. I'll tell you nothing more.”
“If you insist,” said Chief Haro, “Julie…higher.”
“Y-yes sir,” she turned it to 12, “Sorry Fleur.” She switched it on as more electricity surged through Fleur's body. The electricity coming off of the rings forced the gundams to back away from Fleur. Skylar and Fenn destroyed the box and ran over to them. Skylar licked Fleur's face and Fenn rubbed against her as she laid on the floor unmoving.
“Sister!” Azural rushed to Fleur and began to pull off the rings, “I don't care that you didn't tell me. You had you reasons right?”
Fleur said softly, “You were to young. We were going to tell you when you were older little sis.”
“What the hell are you doing!?” ordered Chief Haro.
“Haro shut up!” snapped Azural. Chief Haro was taken back by that last order.
“Azural!” said Captain, Shute, Zero and Bakunetsumaru in surprise.
“Are you guys still going to help us?” Fleur asked.
Shute nodded, “We already said that we would so don't worry. But why didn't you tell us?”
Fleur managed to stand up, “I couldn't do that to him.”
“Do…what? Shute asked.
“Well look at it this way,” said Fleur, “you're an older sibling to Nana correct?”
“Yeah,” Shute replied.
Fleur started, “Well, what if Nana had a terrible secret and turned into a monster once a week and terrorized Neotopia. And you knew that it was her. Now let's say Captain asked you if you knew anything about the monster. Would you say that it was your sister or would you lie?”
Shute scoffed, “Well that's easy I would…um…I would…uh…um….” Shute gulped.
“Would you lie Shute?” asked Captain.
“Remember,” said Fleur, “If you tell the truth then she will be killed.” Shute mumbled under his breath.
“What did you say?” asked Captain.
Shute answered, “I would…lie. Even to Captain. I couldn't have Nana's life on my conscious.” Everyone but Fleur and Azural stared at Shute in disbelief.
“You…would lie?” asked Captain, “Even to me?”
Shute nodded, “ We shouldn't be torturing Fleur just because she was doing her job as an older sister.”
“WHAT!?!” shouted Chief Haro, “How can you her side!?!”
“I know what it's like to be an older sibling,” said Shute.
Before an argument could break out, Entango's neighs can be heard from outside.
“Entango!” shouted Bakunetsumaru, “Not again.” They all left the room.
“He-hey there Entango,” said Lucky nervously, “You're not still mad at be are ya boy?”
Entango glared and snorted at Lucky. The horse had squared off against Guneagle and Lucky on the runways.
Guneagle tried to shoo Entango, “Get out of our way Entango.” Entango shook his head, reared up, and neighed again. The mechanical horse threateningly stomped the ground with his heavy black hooves.
Lucky sweatdropped and took a step back, “Hey come on. I'm sorry okay. I had no choice in the matter.”
“Entango!” Bakunetsumaru ran up to his noble steed and spotted Lucky, “You! What are you doing here traitor?”
“He wants you to forgive him,” said Guneagle.
“I'll lose my samurai spirit and honor first!” shouted Baku.
Lucky said to Guneagle, “Told ya it wouldn't work.”
“Lucky!” Fleur ran onto the sense with everybody else, “Lucky are you okay?”
Captain stepped in front of everybody with his beam rifle pointed at the twins, “Step aside Guneagle.”
“Sorry Captain,” said Guneagle, “Not going to happen.”
“Guneagle,” said Lucky, “Stand aside.” Lucky walked forward and held out his arms.
“Yo,” said Guneagle, “What gives?”
Lucky spoke to Captain, “What are you waiting for Captain Gundam? Fire.”
“What?!” shouted Guneagle, Fleur, and Azural.
Captain lowered his weapon, “You want me to hit you?”
Lucky nodded, “To long I've live with this. If I die, so does Demonico. Now kill me! My life's not worth living.”
“No Prince Lucky,” said Captain, “Your life is worth living. There has to be…Chief Haro what are you doing?”
Chief Haro pointed his own gun at Lucky, “Rest in peace.” He fired a beam laser at Lucky's chest. Something made the beam stop right before it hit Lucky and made it ricochet back at Chief Haro but missed.
“What the…How did that happen?” asked Zero?”
Lucky dropped his arms, “Damn, he blocked it again.”
“Who?” asked Baku, “Demonico?'
“Neither one can exist without the other,” said Lucky ignoring everyone else, “He knows that and so do I. One can not exist without the other until the two rival souls become one mighty power. Only then will the demon's might and the spirit's strength be harmonized.”
“And that means what?” asked Shute.
Fleur explained, “It's an old scripture we found in the castle before. Supposedly that's the way to change a demonican gundam back into a gundam. But we have no idea what it means.”
“I'm leaving,” said Lucky. He turned around and walked down the down the runway.
“Wait,” said Baku, “were are you going.”
“Far away,” the prince replied, “I refuse to return here or home until I figure out what it means.”
“I think I've got it,” Azural piped up, “What if Skylar is the key to changing you back?”
She held up Skylar in her arms.
“What are getting at?” asked Zero.
Azural smiled, “Maybe Skylar has some weird power to change demons into good guys. It's worth a try right?”
Lucky stopped and turned around, “Do you know the chances of that working?”
“0.127%” answered Captain.
They decided to try it anyway and moved to the medical bay. Skylar sat on a table on one side of the room and Lucky stood a few yards away. Everybody looked back and forth between Lucky and Skylar wondering if this could actually work.
Skylar closed his eyes as the purple crystal on his forehead began to glow. Then he open his eyes which were now a solid silver white color. He opened his mouth and fired a bright light straight at Lucky's gunsoul. Lucky braced for impact as the beam came closer and closer to him. The light manages to engulf Lucky and appears to stun him. Lucky can here Demonico choking and gasping for air as he feels his gunsoul beginning to grow tighter. Everyone watched looked on when Captain noticed that Lucky's power levels were steadily rising, “His power levels are going off the charts!” They all then heard a cracking sound. It came from Demonico's demon crystal and Lucky's gunsoul. Both were beginning to shatter.
Lucky said to himself, “He's…he's going to kill me.”
“No I won't,” Skylar was talking to Lucky.
“He can talk?” Demonico asked Lucky.
“Just hang on a little longer. I'm almost done.”
A black line drew itself straight down the middle of Lucky's body. The prince's body became engulfed in both light and dark energy. Lucky screamed and passed out on the floor as Skylar stopped his attack.
“Lucky!” shouted Fleur and Azural.
“Whoa! What happen to him?” asked Guneagle.
“He- he's changed,” said Captain.
“Into what?” asked Shute.
Lucky shook his head, “Oh, man. What happen?” He looked down at his arms and hands. His right hand and arm were silver and the other was white, “What the?” he shot to his feet and examined the rest of his body. The left half and wing was Demonico's silver color while the right half was his normal white color. His legs matched his arms, “I'm…I'm…what am I?”
“His eyes are two different colors,” Zero noticed.
He's two different colors,” said Bakunetsumaru.
Lucky looked in the reflective wall and saw that the right half was sliver and the left half was normal. His right eye was red and his left eye was green, “Dude! What happen to me?!” His crown remained unaffected.
“Is that still Lucky?” asked Azural.
Captain answered, “My scanners say that he is indeed Prince Lucky but his power levels are immeasurable.”
Skylar smiled and mewed, “Power down and you'll look normal.”
Lucky jumped, “Okay, how long have you been talking you two tailed furball.”
“Uh…Lucky,” said Fleur, “Skylar can't talk, just mew.”
Skylar explained to Lucky, “Only you can understand me because Demonico is now a spirit demon.”
Everybody hears Demonico, “I'm a what?! There's no way I'm going to be a spirit demon and your underling.”
Shute screamed, “Demonico's back.”
“Pipe down,” Demonico snarled, “I can't eat your soul now that I serve him.” He gestured towards Skylar.
Lucky powered down and looked at his reflection, “Please don't there, please don't be there,” he opened his eyes and saw himself for the first time in over 12 years. A white flying gundam with a golden crown on his head, “I'm free. I'm finally free of that curse! YAHOO!!!!!” A beam of demonic magic accidentally shot out from his hand and almost hits everyone else. They all glared at him. Lucky sweatdropped, “Oops. Sorry guys. I guess I need to work on that.”
Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlbots. Today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z2, & Z3: What the heck is a Demonican Gundam zako! (crowd cheers)
Z1: Zako zako.
Z2: So how many Demonican Gundam's are there exactly zako zako?”
Z3: As of right now there are only two in existence. Our beloved Demon General and Demonico zako.
Z1: Wait wait wait. Demonico doesn't count anymore. He got turned into a spirit demon. Remember zako.
Z2: Thus making Demon General the one and only Demonican gundam.
Z3: Hmmm. But how does one get turned into a Demonican Gundam zako.
Z1 & Z2: You should know that zako! You're possessed by a demon aren't you?
Z3: That doesn't mean I know everything zako.
Z1: (growls)
Z2: Good thing I already arranged for us to have a special guest zako.
Z1 & Z3: Who zako zako?
DG: (flies in) what do you three want this time.
Z1: How does one become a Demonico gundam zako?
DG: Simple. Have Lord EagleEye place a demon crystal inside your gunsoul.
Z3: Are you really over 250 years old zako?
DG: Yep. 262 to be exact. Much older then I would have been If I was still a gundam.
Z2: Is your real name Kukajiro zako zako?
DG: What! Who told you that? (strangles Z2) Answer me!
Z2: Demonico did zako! I over heard him and Lucky talking zako.
DG: (lets go of Z2) If your smart you'll never repeat that name again.
Z1: And one last question zako. Why did Lord EagleEye want you to kidnap Lucky as a kid.
DG: (shrugs) I don't know. He just said so it and I obeyed. Something about getting closer to the source I forgot. Anyway for to future of the Dark Axis.
All Zakos: Zako soldiers fight! YEAH!