SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Lucky's Dark Secret ( Chapter 17 )

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It has been a few days since Lucky made his appearance in Neotopia. Now with another gundam helping, things start to look brighter in the mist of this Demon Nightmare. Or is this just the clam before a storm.
Guneagle sat down near the runways of SDG base, “Another day of peace.” He yawned out of boredom.
“Sure is on heck of a change, dude,” said Lucky sitting down next to his new best friend/twin Guneagle, “I've forgotten what the sun looked like.” He stared off into the endless blue sky.
“Enjoy it while you can bro, said Guneagle, “It feels kinda of weird having a twin now. Even if it was coincidence.”
Lucky nodded in agreement, “Even though technically we're not, I have to admit it's great having brother after living with two sisters forever. Well, someone who's close to a brother anyway.”
“Hey Lucky,” said Guneagle getting up, “You wanta hang out again and go flying tonight. There's a full moon so there will be plenty of light, man.”
“Sure thing bro,” said Lucky also getting up, Sounds like fu…d-did you say a that there will be a f-f-full moon t-tonight?” he asked somewhat sacred of the answer.
“Well yeah,” answered Guneagle, now confused, “Is something wrong dude?”
Fear filled Lucky's eyes as the sounds of humans and gundam screamed and shouted as they each fell to the ground one by covered in blood, “A f-f-f-f-FULL MOON! NO! Not here! Not now! NOO!”
“Yessss. Tonight your friendsss die!”
“Shut up man! Leave me alone!” Lucky ran into the base with his hands on his head, “Go away! Get lost!”
“Lucky!” Guneagle chased after him
Zero was standing in the hallway daydreaming while petting Fenn. The little feather dragon gently purred in the knight's arms. Zero snapped out of the daydream when he heard Lucky yelling, “What in Mana's name is going on?” As an answer, Lucky ran down the hallway a rammed into Zero. Zero landed flat on his back with Fenn floating over him. Lucky, however, stumbled slightly and kept on running.
Zero got back to his feet and shouted, “Watch were you're going Guneagle!”
“I'm Guneagle!” the said gundam raced by them eager to catch up with Lucky.
Zero looked at his fellow Lacroain, Fenn, and then in the direction the two gundams ran, “Might as well see what's going on.” He hovers down the hallway after Guneagle.
Further on down the same hallway, Bakunetsumaru is in his room cleaning his twin katanas, “Soon my swords will be ready for battle. I must take my time if it is to be pre…,” he heard some indistinct shouting and fighting outside his door, “What's causing all that racket?!” Baku placed the sword he was cleaning on a table in his feudal Japan style room and walked over to the door. Before he opened it, something crashed into the said door. Baku opened it and found Guneagle at his feet in a dazed state, “Are you okay?”
Guneagle sat up and shook his head, “He's going to pay for that.”
“Huh?” Bakunetsumaru saw Zero flying down the hall, “Hey Zero! What's going on here?”
“I'm trying to figure that out as well,” he replied.
“WHOA! What the?”
“That was Shute!” said Baku. He ran down the hallway leaving his swords behind followed by Zero and Guneagle. Next thing they saw was Captain trying to wrestle Lucky to the ground.
Zero asked, “What happened here Shute?”
Shute stumbled his words, “I-I don't know. Lucky just came here shouting, well more like screaming something about demons and the full moon.”
Captain kept his hold on the gundam prince, “Lucky! Listen to me. There is no reason to fear a Neotopiain full moon. It's...a harmless space rock that has been captured by earth's gravitational pull and reflects sunlight.”
Lucky continued to struggle under Captain's iron hold, “I don't need I science lesson! I need to get out of here! And you guys need to get out of here before it's too late! Before the demon reaches his full power at the last chime of midnight!”
“What's going on down here?” asked Fleur. She came around the corner with Skylar on her shoulder and Azural right behind her. They saw the awkward scene of Captain wrestling Lucky in the middle of the hall.
“I thought training wasn't until later,” said Azural.
“Umm…can someone tell us what's going on?” asked Fleur
Guneagle answered, “Dude, your brother is whack! I mention the full moon and he freaks out.” At the words `full moon' Lucky yelled and tried even more desperately to escape. Fleur walked up to Lucky, slapped him across one cheek, and backhanded the other one. Lucky stopped panicking and Captain let him go.
Lucky thanked his older sister, “I need that.”
“No problem,” smiled Fleur, “What's troubling you?” Lucky whispered something to her. “Don't worry about it okay Little Lucky?”
“Don't call me little,” said Lucky, “I'm taller than you.”
“Half an inch doesn't count, “she replied.
Shute asked what everyone was wondering, “What was that all about?”
“Nothing,” Lucky answered to quickly, “Oh, and Guneagle. I don't feel like flying around tonight. Sorry man.”
Guneagle shrugged, “No problamo. Could've just said that.”
Mean while at the demon strong hold, EagleEye was surprisingly in a good mood, “This is far to prefect to past up,” he chuckled, “I haven't felt this happily in centuries! He began to do a very poor dance, “ La de du! La de da! I'm such an ingenious guy! Oh, la de do! La de di! Tonight those gundams will die!”
“Bwahh!” EagleEye jumped in surprise. He turned around and saw the DA trio and D.G., all of which were giving him a very strange look, “What do you four want!” EagleEye snarled.
Zapper Zaku answered, “You called us in here for something.”
“I did wh-oh right right right. Now I remember,” said EagleEye, “there is currently a demon named Demonico stationed in Neotopia. Tonight, you four will meet up with him and attack the gundams but don't kill them nor the spirit. I want to enjoy that. Tell Demonico that he can eat that human boy's soul.”
“Not to question your plan,” said Grappler Gouf, “but did you say tonight?”
EagleEye smirked, “ Yes, indeed I did say tonight. For only one reason, there is a full moon in Neotopia tonight unlike here in Skylark.” He looked over his shoulder at the crescent moon high in the demoniac night sky, “Once Demon General and Demonico reach their full power at midnight, it will be far to easy to overpower those gundams. Now go and get ready for tonight!”
“Yes King EagleEye!” The foursome turned on their heels and walked out of the castle while EagleEye started to sing another annoying song. They walked throughout the decaying city as various demons strolled about.
“So how long has Demonico been in Neotopia?” asked Zapper.
D.G. shrugged, “A few days now I guess.”
“Where we going to fine Demonico?” asked Destroyer Dom.
D.G. chuckled, “It'll be much easier then you think.”
“Just make sure that he becomes a full-fledged demon tonight General,” said a pale sliver human demon with spiky dull white hair wearing various chains and spiked wristbands. He was dressed in a blood red shirt and some baggy black denim jeans. The human demon was casually picking his teeth with a bone.
The general replied, “No monks, no priestess, no priests, plenty of souls. I say he will become one Gerome.”
Gerome walked past them holding the bone toothpick in his mouth, “Thrash them hard for my late twin sister Siren.”
“What's `make sure he becomes a full-fledged demon' suppose to mean?” asked Grappler.
“Not to give anything away,” said D.G., “ but I am only one of two demoniac gundams.”
Lucky stood on the runway watching the sun set and the stars come out. He checked his internal clock and sighed, “19 hundred hours. Only four more hours until midnight.” He saw the full moon that was beginning to appear. Lucky felt a strange but familiar tightness in his gunsoul, “Why here? Why tonight?” The young prince sighed again and decided to take the long way back to his room. In doing so, he passed by the break room where Zero and Bakunetsumaru were arguing over something while Fenn watched from the coffee table. He didn't catch it but Lucky didn't care, “I hope that is the worst fight tonight,” Lucky said to himself. He walked on as two SDG mobile GMs tried to settle the fight.” Farther on down he over heard his sisters in the training room. Lucky looked through one of the windows and saw Fleur teaching Azural how to fight in close-range fights with Skylar and Julie in the training room control box watching, “I guess you would've learned it sooner or later lil' sis.” He then turned right down another hallway toward the dorms.
Shute then greeted the depressed prince, “Hey there….” Shute looked at Lucky's crown, “…Lucky. Why the long face?”
“It's nothing Shute,” Lucky replied.
Captain then placed his hand on the other gundam's shoulder, “Just remember Prince Lucky. We will always be there to help you. Especially your sisters.”
Lucky's gunsoul tightened again as he whispered under his breath, “You won't be saying that after tonight.” They went there separate ways, Captain and Shute were going to try and stop Zero and Baku, and Lucky continued is walk feeling as if he was on death row. When he reached his room he heard Guneagle listening to the radio. He quickly entered his room and held back his tears, “Please Guneagle, I beg of you. Forgive me.”
“No school means I get to spend the nights here at the base,” said Shute happily as he flopped on a bed in Captain's room.
Captain sat down on his own bed opposite of Shute's, “I must admit that the base is a lot more fun and more bearable with you up here.”
“It is?” asked Shute.
“Captain nodded, “Whenever you are at school it seems that time slows down since I am to remain here until school hours are over. Then I can go down to your house and `hangout' as you say.”
Shute did his usual smiling laugh, “Glad I'm not the only one who thinks time slows down during school. Being best friends with you makes fighting the Dark Axis and the demons all worth while.”
“So…you do not have any regrets about the day we met?” Captain asked.
Shute shook his head, “None what so ever. Why?”
“No reason. I…I just wanted to make sure is all. What emotion is this?” asked Captain.
Shute smiled, “Its called `concern'.”
“Hey Shute,” said Captain, “Do you have any thoughts about today's events? You know with Prince Lucky saying `I need to get out of here, you guys need to get out of here before it's too late. Before the demon reaches his full power at the last chime of midnight' and `You won't be saying that after tonight'.”
Shute though about it for a second, “Well, yeah a little bit but Fleur told Lucky not to worry so we shouldn't worry either.”
Captain nodded in agreement and then looked at his clock, “11:03pm. We should be asleep. Chief Haro wants everyone awake by 7:00am.”
“Okay,” Shute yawned, “G'night Captain.”
Captain walked over to the light switch, “Good night Shute.” Then, as if on cue, a siren rang through out the base waking everyone up. Shute and Captain rushed toward the main deck.
“What the hell's going on here?” asked Bakunetsumaru. Him and everyone else were at the main computer.
“I was kinda hoping you would know,” said Guneagle.
“Is this someone's idea of a joke?” asked Zero clearly angered. Fenn looked ready to burn the person who woke him up.
“Now that's a rude wake up call,” said Fleur with Skylar on her shoulder half-asleep. Azural yawned and gave a half-hearted nod in agreement.
Lucky was the last gundam to show up, “Okay who's the wise guy?” He didn't look to well. His face and parts of his armor were tinted a slivery gray color.
“Got them,” said Julie who was quickly typing on a keyboard, “Dark Axis activity in central Neotopia.”
Everyone raced into central Neotopia using the street lights along with Captain's, Gunbike's, Guneagle's, and Lucky's headlight to see where they were going. When they were about 500 ft. away from Neotopia Tower, Chief Haro came on Gunbike's communication screen , “Chief Haro to Gundam Force do you read me over.”
Shute, being the closest, answered, “Gundam Force here. Is something wrong Chief Haro?”
“Let's just say that there will be a minor inconvenience,” the chief replied, “We managed to tap into some security cameras around the city and got this.” Everyone gathered around the screen as it showed a security camera spying on Zapper Zaku as he lazily walked by. Then the screen flipped to another camera recording Grappler Gouf jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Then a third camera was watching Destroyer Dom zoom down a street. Chief Haro came back on, “And here's that minor inconvenience as was talking about.” The screen showed a fourth camera getting attacked by a black gundam with glowing red eyes then static.
“ Rewind and freeze frame,” said Captain. The tape rewound and froze showing the gundam getting ready for an attack.
“DEMON!” shouted Azural jumping behind Gunbike.
Fleur's eyes shrunk with fear, “Oh no! It works here to!?” Lucky began to shake like a leaf in a hurricane.
Guneagle knew who it was, “Th-that's Demonican Demon General!”
Chief Haro returned to the screen and sighed, “I was afraid of that. If a full fledged demon is wondering around here at night with a full moon, then you must do everything in your power to destroy him before someone gets hurt.”
“Understood Chief,” said Captain. The screen went blank. “So…ideas? Anyone?” Captain asked.
“Just on question,” said Bakunetsumaru, “How are we suppose to defeat a demonican gundam without getting killed?”
“We could just destroy his demon crystal couldn't we?” Zero asked.
“They know how to kill ussss Lucky. Quickly, we musssst sstrike firsst.” Lucky tried to ignore the voice in his head.
“We could,” said Fleur, “so long as no one has a problem with having to kill the gundam as well.”
“Why?” asked Shute, “Is the crystal close to his gunsoul?”
“More like in his gunsoul and he'll probably thank you for it,” said Lucky. “I heard that!”
“Are you okay big brother?” asked Azural, “Your armor is sliver and your eyes are turning red.”
“ Yeah I'm fine,” Lucky replied quickly, “We just need to get rid of the General before midnight or else his powers will peck until sunup.”
Captain nodded, “ Right. Shute, Gunbike, and I will check north. Fleur, Azural, and Skylar, head west. Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fenn, you three will go east. Guneagle and Lucky, scan the south and the skylines.” Everyone went in there assigned direction.
“Nothing over here,” said Captain, “Zero, Bakunetsumaru, any luck?”
Zero was using a combination of his sword and magic as a light source. Bakunetsumaru was riding Entango while carrying the radio and Fenn was riding on Zero's head. “Nothing yet Captain,” Baku answered.
Captain then called the princesses, “Fleur, Azural, anything?”
Fleur is using her golden feather as their light source while flying a few feet above Azural who is holding both Skylar and the radio as security devices, “We haven't seen anything yet Mr. Captain,” Azural replied.
Captain sighed, “De ja vu. Guneagle and Lucky, have either one of you seen anything?”
Guneagle answered, “Everything is crystal clear up here Captain. But, dude, I'm seriously getting worried about Lucky. He doesn't look to good.” Guneagle looked over at Lucky whose armor was now a dark sliver color.
“Keep an eye on him,” said Captain, “and if necessary, take him back to the base.”
Shute sighed, “Man this is taking forever. Plus there's only sev…make that six minutes left `til midnight.”
“Don't give up yet Shute,” said Gunbike, “Remember what's at stake if we don't find them.”
“Me found you!” Destroyer Dom jumped out of nowhere and fired at Gunbike.
“Hang on!” Gunbike darted down a side street with D. Dom close behind them.
Meanwhile on the eastside.
“We've been searching for 25 minutes,” grumbled Zero, “And there's only 5 minutes until midnight. Where are they?”
Those cowards would always rather hide instead of fight,” said Bakunetsumaru, “Show yourself Dark Axis!”
“Well…if you insist,” Zapper Zaku fired at them from above. Zero quickly put up a shield around them.”
“Where's Demon General?” asked Zero.
Zapper replied, “Probably getting that secret agent he was talking about.”
Over on the west side, Fleur and Azural continued to search the streets. Fleur sighed as she flew by a clock, “11:57. Great,” she landed next to Azural. Skylar then jumped from Azural to Fleur and mewed.
Azural grabbed her sister, “Can we go back to SDG base now please?”
“Not yet,” said Fleur, “We need to find that demon first.”
“Hello ladies,” Grappler Gouf jumped out of the shadows, “Time to meet your dismise.”
Fleur picked up Azural and flew off with Grappler chasing them.
“Aw, dude,” groaned Guneagle, “Everyone else found the DA trio. Looks like we get D.G. bro.”
“Damn it,” said Lucky, “That's the last guy I want to see.” His gunsoul was feeling tighter by the second along with the rest of his body. His breathing had sped up.
“Are you okay Lucky?” asked Guneagle. Lucky just nodded.
“Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, midnight grows nearer with each tick, tock, tick, tock.”
Lucky growled, “Shut up man! Leave me alone!”
Guneagle gave him a weird look, “Yo, dude! Where the that come from?”
Lucky just realized that he had said it out loud, “No where, nothing. Uh…sorry bro.”
“Oh yes Guneagle. I'm nothing. I'm just the last thing you'll see before you die. Right Lucky?”
“I said be quite!” Lucky shouted at the voice in his head.
“Okay! You are officially freaking me out! Who are you talking to!?” demanded Guneagle.
“Yes Prince Lucky. Who are you talking to? Would it perhaps be Demonico?” Demon General appeared in front of them as if he had jumped from the shadows themselves. His 5-foot wings pounded the air in front of the two gundams. His glowing red eyes bore down at them, “Ah, the full moon. It's so beautiful isn't Lucky? Or should I say Demonico?”
Lucky snapped, “I'm not a demon! I'm Prince Lucky heir to the throne of Skylark!”
D.G. chuckled, “Still trying to run away from your destiny are we?”
“Ok two things,” interrupted Guneagle, “One, what are you two talking about and two, who the hell is Demonico!?”
“Oh? He hasn't told you yet?” asked Demon General with a threatening tone, “No matter. You'll find out in 3…2…1.” BONG! A clock close to them began to chime. All of the gundams, Shute, and the Dark Axis trio heard it and said in unison, “Midnight!”
“I'm gone!” Guneagle flew away from D.G.
“Wait for me,” said Lucky with his hands on his head.
Demon General laughed, “Go ahead and run! Midnight's already here!” BONG! He began the demon chant, “On this night demon power reaches its full might!” BONG! D.G. chased them into the city, “Gather the hatred from this land! Let it fuel your soul!” BONG! The gundams regrouped with the DA trio close by. D.G. continued, “Above us the moon shines bold and bright!” BONG! “Letting demons charge into this night!” BONG! “Don't let a single mortal see the morning's light!” Lighting cracks and thunder roars as the clouds began to spiral around the moon as a warning to all, suffering ahead. “We'll let Neotopia know!” BONG! “That demons conquer the night!” Lighting cracked around them again and the thunder roared like a dragon.
Shute asked scared to death, “Wh-what's happening? What's going on!? Wh-what's he saying?!?”
“The-the demon chant,” answered Lucky on his knees, “Hur-hurry. Run!”
Baku asked, “What's wrong with you Lucky?”
His eyes flashed red as he faced them and screamed, “GO NOW!” his eyes returned to normal as his gunsoul sparked. BONG!
D.G. chuckled, “Hearing shouts of pain and despair!” The freak thunderstorm continued.
Lucky said the next line, “It-it's music to my ears!” BONG!
D.G. smiled, “Show these mortals your full might!”
Lucky seemed to be smiling, “Seeing them run in fright oh what a delight!” BONG! His armor was slowly turning from white to sliver and black.
Then Demon General and Lucky said at the same time, “Humans and gundams are fools for running for their life! Their souls are mine tonight!” BONG! Lucky stood up laughing evilly as the white parts of his armor turned sliver and the color parts turned black. His eyes turned red with a burgundy background and his mouth changed so that it appeared to have fangs, and his golden crown stood out from the rest of his body. Lucky then shouted in delight as the clock chimed midnight, BONG! “LONG LIVE THE DEMONS!!!!”
“Wh-what happen to him?!” asked Shute.
Guneagle looked at him in disbelief, “He's a…a…a….”
“…a demon.” Finished the now demon Lucky, “or even more precise, a demonican gundam.”
Captain pointed his beam rifle at him, “Who are you and what have you done to Prince Lucky?”
“They call me Demonico,” he replied, “as for Lucky, you're looking at him.”
“Lair!” shouted Azural, “You're not my big brother!”
“Deny it all you want but I am Lucky's demon side. The concentration of all the evil in his heart.”
“That isn't so!” shouted Zero, “Prince Lucky is no more a demon than I.”
“Lucky is noble and honorable,” said Bakunetsumaru, “he can't be a demon.”
Demonico chuckled, “He's been a spy this entire time. I know everything he knows. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Everything I need to know about you.”
“He won't let you get that information!” shouted Fleur.
“Keep dreaming,” Demonico laughed, “But enough talk. I can't wait to kill you all!” Demonico lunged at them but Demon General stopped him.
“Hold it!” said D.G., “EagleEye wants the pleasure of killing them. He said you could have the human boy.”
Demonico grumbled, “Sheesh he's no fun. But since it is a direct order, I just kill Shute.
Shute froze with fear. He forgot how to run and jump back into Gunbike's sidecar.
“Let's move it!” shouted Captain. He pushed Shute into the sidecar as they sped off down the street with the DA trio and both demons right behind them.
“We can't keep this up forever,” said Bakunetsumaru who was riding on Entango.
“We should get out of here. Now!” said Zero.
“NO!” commanded Captain, “If we leave that puts the entire city at risk.”
Fleur spoke nervously, “Yeah just on problem. Which one of us can honestly keep this up until daybreak?”
“Not me,” Guneagle chimed in, “I'll run out of fuel long before then.”
“This is great!” shouted Zapper happily, “It's so exciting to watch those gundams run in fear for a change."
Grappler agreed, “I could get use to this.”
“Duhh…me to!” said D. Dom.
“I've waited to long for this moment,” sighed Demonico, “Tonight, I become a full fledged demon. And no one can stop me this time.”
D.G. grinned at the younger demon, “Just make sure you have his soul in your hands and out of his body before you kill him or the soul will get away.”
“Piece of cake,” said Demonico.
“What are you waiting for Guneagle an invitation?!” shouted Gunbike, “Fire at them!”
“Uh…r-right,” Guneagle flipped over so that he was flying backwards. He pulled down his blue visor, “Aiming…t-target locked.” The cross hairs were placed directly in the middle of their pressures so that all of them would get hit. Something deep down inside of him told Guneagle that he was about to fire at his best friend Lucky instead of an enemy, “Aw, man what's wrong with me? Come on Guneagle you can do this. Just fir…just fi… just…I-I can't do it! I just can't fire at him. Sorry Captain.”
“What do you mean you can't fire at him!?!” shouted Captain angrily.
“Demon or not he's still Prince Lucky! I can't fire at by best friend!” shouted Guneagle in defeat. Fenn and Skylar decided to try and hit them but they had the same problem as Guneagle.
Shute reached for his backpack, “I've got an idea,” he pulls out his voice changer and points it a Zapper Zaku, “I hope this works.” He speaks in Zapper's voice, “Open the dimensional gate!”
“Do I honestly sound like that?” asked Zapper. Before he got an answer, the dimensional gate opened in front of Zapper and the others. It pulled everyone in except Demonico who narrowly avoided it.
Demonico turned sharply to avoid it, “Man he's smart.”
Shute laughed, “Four down one to go!”
“That's going to be the last thing you do Shute,” Demonico dived bombed Shute. The boy screamed out of terror. Captain manages to pull Shute out of the sidecar and into his lap just before Demonico landed on the sidecar and ripped it off.
“Eat pavement demon!” Gunbike sideswiped Demonico forcing the demon to do a face planter and tumble onto the street.
Demonico pushed himself up as the gundams sped away, “Now you're really beginning to piss me off.”
“Are you okay Shute?” asked Captain.
Shute, who was sitting in Captain's lap, replied, “Yeah. I'm fine.”
Fleur, who was carrying Azural, looked behind them, “At least we have some distance between him and us now.”
“True but not for long,” said Bakunetsumaru on top of Entango, “He's getting up.” Demonico was back on his feet and began to fly after them once more.
Zero looked over his shoulder, “Does anybody have plan?” he asked.
“I've already radioed for help,” said Captain, “He better show up soon.”
“Demonico's coming!” shouted Azural.
“Time to die,” Demonico reached out for Gunbike when he was shot at from above, “OUCH! Grrrr… who did that!?”
“Gundam Force up here!” it was Chief Haro on his white gunperry, “Hurry!”
Everyone jumped or flew into the gunperry's side openings closed. Chief Haro shot at Demonico one last time and jumped into the gunperry, “Damage report Captain Gundam.” said the chief.
Captain answered, “Gunbike's sidecar has been ripped off and…Prince Lucky turned out to be a demonican gundam, sir.”
“Care to explain this on Princess Fleur?” asked Chief Haro.
Fleur was trying to comfort her little sister, “I… rather not sir.” She didn't even bother to look at him. Skylar looked up at her and softly mewed.
“Why Lucky?” asked Guneagle, “Why didn't you tell me!” he slammed his fist against the gunperry's side, “Why (BAM) didn't (BAM) you (BAM) tell (BAM) me (BAM)!”
Captain grabbed his arm, “Because if he told you then you would've had to turn him in Guneagle.” Guneagle yanked his hand out of Captain's and leaned against the side of the gunperry.
Shute asked, “Now what?”
“We will perform a total base lockdown,” answered the chief, “no one will get in or out of the base until I say so. That will keep us safe until sunup.”
“What about the city, sir?” asked Captain.
Haro sighed, “We won't be able to protect Neotopia tonight.”
“What?!” shouted Shute, “What do you mean that we won't be able to protect the city to night? We are the Gundam Force aren't we. We can't just let a demon roam around freely. You should practice what you preach Haro!”
Chief Haro backhanded Shute, “Do you think I like this plan Shute?” shouted Chief Haro, “And furthermore there's no point in putting your lives at stake against something that will eat each and everyone of your souls.”
Shute growled and headed for the much smaller side door, “I'm not letting that demon eat my family and friends.” He opened the door and stepped halfway outside.
Bakunetsumaru asked what everyone was wondering, “What are you doing Shute?”
“You'll see,” said Shute. Then he shouted at the top of his lungs, “HEY DEMONICO! I'M UP HERE! COME AND GET ME IF YOU CAN!”
Captain quickly pulled Shute back inside and closed the door as Demonico ran into it, “Are you crazy! What were you thinking Shute?” demanded Captain.
Shute smiled, “I was thinking that we could just dodge and hide from Demonico inside the base. How hard could that be?”
“That's suicidal!” shouted Zero.
“That's the smartest thing I've heard all night Shute,” said Fleur
“Fenn?” (Huh?)
“Mew?” (What?)
Captain and Zero stared at her wide-eyed.
“As a matter of fact,” said Fleur, “that's brilliant! You guys just need to follow our demon dodging tricks.”
Baku thought it over, “That is smart. If we keep Demonico locked inside the base than Neotopia will be safe. Shute you're a genius. But will we be alive after all of this.”
Azural giggled, “We're still alive aren't we?” They formulated plan.
“Open the side panels,” said Fleur.
Chief Haro sighed, “I hope you know what you're doing.” He opened the side panels of his white gunperry.
Demonico, who has been tailing the transport, saw this move, “Big mistake,” he flew at the gunperry.
“Now!” Captain shouted. The gunperry went up on its right side. Everyone except Demonico slid out of its right side and onto the runways. Demonico on the other hand flew out of the left side as the gunperry went into its hanger. Captain and the others scattered in opposite directions around the base. An electric force field came down around the base trapping everyone, including Demonico, in side the base.
The demon chuckled as he watched everyone scatter, “You can run but you can't hide! I'll find all of you before sunrise.” He began to hunt them down.
Bakunetsumaru ran as fast as he could, leaving a trail of fire behind him. He soon found himself inside the training room, “Okay, I should be safe in here for awhile. I can't believe I ran away from him.” He sighed, “A true warrior would have stood his ground.” He took a look around the immense room, “Hello? Is anybody else here? Heeelllllooooo? Huh. What happen to everyone else? Oh well. They're probably safe somewhere.” The samurai heard someone sniffling.
“Where is everybody? I don't want to die.” The sniffler started to cry out of fear.
Baku looked up at the box above the training room, “That's coming from the spectator box. Looks like I'm jumping up there.” He walked about halfway across the training room floor then ran as fast as possible and jumped through one of the box's windows. The glass shattered and covered the floor.
“AHHHH!! Don't eat me!” shouted a little kid's voice. Bakunetsu spun around and saw a small, green, shivering, mermaid like gundam that had a triton pointed at him with its eyes closed, “Azural?”
Azural opened her eyes, “Ba-Bakunetsumaru?”
Bakunetsu sighed in relief, “Thank goodness it's only you.”
Azural jumped out from under a table and hugged Bakunetsumaru after dropping her weapon, “Yay! You found me! I thought that demon was going to get me! But now you're here to guard me.'
“What?!” shouted Bakunetsumaru, “I never agreed to that.”
“Pweeze Bakunetsumaru?” asked the young princess with a puppy-eyed look.
Baku tried to resist, “Gah! I hate that face! Stop it! Grrr! Okay fine, I'll protect you. Now will you let go of me.”
She obeyed and looked up at him, “Now what Mr. Bakunetsumaru?”
“Please don't call be that,” said Baku, “just Bakunetsumaru okay? As for what we're going to do, we need to find the others before Demonico does.” He looked at a nearby clock, “it's 12:32. Grab your triton and let's go.” Azural grabbed her weapon and placed it in it'd usual spot on the underside of her tail. Then she grabbed Bakunetsu's right arm.
Bakunetsumaru groaned, “It's going to be a long night.”
Meanwhile, Zero has flown into the storage area in the base's basement, “Good. I think I lost him,” said Zero. He flew among the maze of boxes and crates marked with S.D.G., “Unfortunately, I've also seemed to have lost everybody else.” He sighed.
Then he heard something topple over one of the crates and say, “Fageto! Qua dolm ne lcra esh rruta.” (Damn it! I hope no one heard that.) It scurried away.
Zero looked around, “Skylarkain? Can Demonico speak it?” Zero flew towards were the voice came from. The knight found the toppled crate, which had fell open. A white BaguBagu sat in the bottom of a jar, some deactivated control horns were scattered around, and there were a few BaguBagu guns along with some Zako machine guns, and finally there were some pieces of Commander Sazabi's armor. Zero grimly looked at the various items as memories of Lacroa came rushing back. He then righted the crate and begins to carefully place the Dark Axis items carefully back inside. His head shot up when he heard something move, “Hello?” Zero scanned the darkness, “Is somebody there? This isn't funny. Come out, come out, whoever you are.”
“You should never give away or position, “said a voice. It shot out from behind a stack of crates and charged at Zero. The knight quickly summoned his shield and sword and swung it at the quickly approaching figure. His sword lodged itself in the thing's armor as claws closed around his neck.
“Wait a second,” thought Zero, “Claws?” he looked at a pair of light purple eyes glaring at him, “Princess Fleur, is that you?”
“Zero?” asked the now recognized gundam. She looked at his cerulean eyes, “Is that you? Wait, hold on. Lunmeris!” her golden feather, which was still in her tiara, lit up a 3ft radius around them. Zero's sword was lodged in Fleur's shoulder armor and his shield was pushing against her left hand while Fleur's right hand claws were around his neck. They quickly let go and apologized to one another.
“I thought you were Demonico,” said Zero a little embarrassed.
Fleur blushed, “I…uh…thought you were Demonico and had followed me down here.” She looked down at the Dark Axis stuff on the floor, “What's this junk?”
“Recovered Dark Axis items from when they invaded Neotopia,” Zero continued to place the various objects back into the crate and closed it, “Do you know were everybody else is princess?”
Fleur shook her head, “I've lost everybody Zero.”
“One quick question,” said Zero, “Can Demonico speak your homeland's language?”
“Speak but not understand,” she answered quickly. Zero senesced her uneasiness and decided to save his next question for later.
“Come on,” said the Winged Knight, “We should get out of her.” Zero led the way throughout the maze of boxes and crates.
While that was happening, Guneagle had scattered into the Re-equip ring's hanger. Using his light, the gundam scanned his surroundings, “No one, at least that I can see.” He checked his fuel supply, “Half a tank. My refueling station should be around here somewhere.” He walked through the darkness, constantly checking his scanners. Somehow, Guneagle made to his refueling station unharmed, “Sweet! Luck must be on my side tonight.” Unfortunately, when he said `luck' he began to think about Prince Lucky and what had happen about an hour ago. “Come on dude. Think of something else.” Guneagle steeped into his refueling station and monitored its process. He checked his clock, “1:02 am. I wonder were everyone else is. I haven't seen any of the workers.”
“Mew mew mew.”
“Frenn fenn ferrrnnn.”
“Mew mew?”
“Huh?” Guneagle disconnected from his refueling station, since he was done anyway, and hid behind a wall. Guneagle looked around the corner and saw Fenn and Skylar walking together, “Great,” said Guneagle, “I get stuck with these two furballs.”
The two little spirits heard Guneagle and looked around in the dark. Without a source of light, they were both pretty much blind. One thing that they did see was Guneagle's outline and mistook him for Demonico. Fenn spat fire at him and Skylar used his energy blast on him.
“OWWWWW!! HEY! DUDE! I'm sorry! EOWCH!! STOP!!” Guneagle shouted during the attack, “It's me! Guneagle! GUNEAGLE!” The spirits stopped and realized their mistake. Fenn and Skylar sweatdropped then tried to look innocent. Guneagle glared down at them, burned with little whips of smoke coming off of him, “And I thought you two were on my side.' They gave him a puppy-eyed looked and begged for forgiveness. Guneagle tried to resist, “I'm not going to fall for that. Just go on ahead and give up. I'm going to fall for your cute…ness. Aw, man it's too cute. Okay I forgive you guys.” The spirits smiled and wagged their tails. Guneagle sighed and started to wipe off some of the burn, “Come on you two. Let's get out of here and find the others.” Guneagle walked out with Fenn and Skylar close behind him.
“Well that about covers it,” said Captain typing on a computer, “All of the door's automatic electronics are shut down so we will have to use the master code on the keypads. Blanc Base's electronic force field is up, so besides the fact that a demonican gundam is running around, we are safe.”
“You sure have a weird definition of safe Captain,” said Shute while lying down on top of a table. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, “It's 1:17. How much longer do I have to stay awake?”
Captain replied, “If you remember Shute, both Demon General and Demonico a.k.a. Prince Lucky both said numerous things about the mornings sunlight. Also, Fleur has told us that demons hate sunlight. Therefore, if we stay in hiding until sunup, then I estimate that we will be 100% safe.”
Shute shrugged, “Makes sense.” He yawned again, “Wake me up before sunup.”
Captain stopped him, “No Shute! Do not fall asleep.”
Shute groaned and glared at him, “Why not Captain? I'm tired! I can't go 24 hours without sleep.”
“But you do fall asleep then Demonico can easily steal your soul,” said Captain.
Shute woke up a little, “That's…a pretty good reason. Okay, how about I just take a nap and you wake me up when Demonico gets near?”
Captain nodded, “Very well Shute.” His scanner came down over his right eye, “Don't fall asleep!”
Shute, whose head had been in his arms, looked up, “What is it?”
“I finally found ya,” Demonico darted out from behind a large computer. Shute screamed and held up his arms in defense. Captain pushed Shute out of the way and pulled him under a desk.
“That was too close,” said Captain.
Demonico skid to a halt and turned around, “Come out come out wherever you are.” The demon sniffed the air, “I smell blood.” Shute looked at his arm and saw a shallow two-inch cut on his lower left arm.
“No,” Shute tried to stop the bleeding.
Demonico walked over to the desk they were hiding under while twirling his beamrifle around his finger, “I've never been on a hunt before. This is actually rather fun.” He smashed the desk that they were hiding under with his free hand, exposing Captain and Shute., “Good thing I found you first Shute,” he put away his beam rifle and raised his right hand, “So long little boy.”
Shute shouted, “CAPTAIN!”
Captain's soul drive was activated. His eyes glowed with a fighting fire and his right hand lit up. He pulled back his glowing hand and aimed at Demonico who was stunned by the sight, “Sorry Lucky!” Captain swung and punched Demonico clear across the room and into a wall. Demonico left an imprint and fell onto the floor face down. Captain and Shute ran out of the computer room.
Shute gasped for air, “Man, I thought I was a goner.”
Captain stared down the left hallway, “Come on Shute. He will only be knocked out for 7.2 more minutes. We need to find the others along with any S.D.G. employs that are still up here.” Shute followed Captain as they hurried down the hall.
Bakunetsumaru and Azural walked into the dormitory hallway. Azural was having trouble keeping up since she was very sleepy. Baku stopped for what felt like the 100th time and waited for her to catch up, “Hurry up will ya? I'm sick and tried of waiting for you.”
Azural rubbed her eyes, “I'm sorry. I'm just…” she yawned, “…tired. I need some sleep.”
The samurai groaned, “Fine then. Go to sleep and I'll stand watch.”
Azural shook her head and caught up with Baku, “If I fall asleep then Demonico will get me after he gets you.”
“What was that?” asked Bakunetsumaru as he spun around.
The water princess asked, “What's what?”
Baku answered, “I could've sworn I heard something in Lucky's room.”
Azural hid behind Baku, “M-maybe it's Demonico! We should go back.”
“If it's Demonico then we should stop him,” said the Blazing Samurai. They sneaked toward Lucky's room. Bakunetsumaru slowly punched in the master key code. The door slid open revealing a very plain room. The only pieces of furniture were a simple bed, a nightstand, a broken mirror, and a small desk with a worn book and a computer on it.
“No one's here let's go,” Azural quickly turned on her heel to leave but Bakunetsumaru gently stepped on the end of her tail, stopping her, “Not yet,” he said, “we need to check it out first.” Azural loudly gulped.
With the hallway's light filtering in, the two gundams slowly walked into the dark room. The light strangely stopped at the doorway's entrance and refused to go any further. Something watched them from behind the desk as they inspected the room. It grabbed a gun, “Rest in peace.” It jumped out from behind the desk and opened fire on them. Being quick on his feet, Bakunetsumaru used his katnas to deflect the shots. Azural screamed and curled into a tight green ball. The gun-wielding foe ran out of ammo and left himself wide open. Bakunetsumaru took a chance before it reloaded and rammed it into a wall hitting a light switch. Chief Haro laid against the wall rubbing his abdomen were Baku hit him.
“Chief Haro?” asked Baku.
“Bakunetsumaru?” asked the chief, “Good, it's only you.” Chief Haro stood up, “Have you located anyone else?”
“Just Princess Azural,” Bakunetsumaru pointed at Azural. She was still in a tight green ball shaking from fear. Bakunetsumaru tapped on her armor, “Relax Azural. It's just Chief Haro.”
Azural moved her tail and reviled her eyes, “Chief Haro?” she jumped out of the ball and landed on her feet, “Chief Haro you sacred me.”
“Sorry princess,” said Chief Haro doing a small bow, “but it's a good thing that you are here,” he picked up the worn leather book, “I was hoping that you could read this. Azural took the book and flipped through it.
“This is Lucky's journal,” she said with an evil grin.
“Read it!” said Bakunetsumaru.
“No,” said Haro, “We will not violate…what's it say?”
“A bunch of nothing now,” said Azural as she flipped back and forth in the book, “wait, here's something.” The entry was dated over 12 years ago.
(A/N This first entry is suppose to be misspelled)
Day XX
Somthing wierd hapened last night. There was a full moon and I cant remember any thing. But I was awake. I herd Dad saying something about demons and Demonico. I hope he doesnt find out what hapened in the demon city over in the wast lands. Joey and Fleur didnt talk to me today but just ran away from me. Mom was crying everytime she sawed me. And dad wont look at me no more. Does this have to do with there being a scroll on my head and gunsoul when I wokeed up? Did I do smothing bad last night?
“Do you know anything about this Azural?” asked Chief Haro.
Azural shook her head, “This was before I was born and his spelling stinks.” She flipped ahead five years in the journal.
Day XA Moon: Full
I HATE the full moon! It's already happening again. My armor is turning sliver I hate my life so much. I just want to die sometimes. Forget about becoming king I just want to have a normal life. I don't want Demonico to hurt my new baby sister Azural. Then again, I can't even stand to see my own reflection anymore. Every time I look in a mirror, I see that demon. I can't go on like this. I'm going to ask that priest tonight if he will just kill me instead.
Baku looked at the broken mirror, “Poor Lucky. His life has been so miserable. At least now we know why the mirror is broken.”
“That's why they didn't tell me?” said Azural, “They didn't want to hurt me?” She flipped ahead to the most recent entry
Neotopia Day V Moon: Full
Dude! Neotopia rocks! This is the first time I've written in a while. Anyway I've ended up in a different dimension and this gundam named Guneagle looks exactly like me. No lie! The sun, it's so warm and bright. Man, I forgot what it had looked like. Also I found my crazy runaway sister Azural
“I'm not crazy!” Azural shouted at the book.
“Will you keep reading it,” said Chief Haro.
And my long thought dead sister Fleur. I seriously thought she was demon chow a long time ago. There are three other gundams here and human named Shute. They call themselves the `Gundam Force'. Captain is really strong. Maybe even stronger then me. Zero is a knight and he's okay. I think he likes Fleur. He better not get any ideas. Bakumtesukarou, I think that's how it's spelled, is really powerful but is hothead at times. It's actually a good way to waste some time watching Zero and Hothead fight each other.
Azural started laughing her head off from what Lucky was calling Bakunetsumaru.
“Why that little,” Baku was infuriated at Lucky now.
“Wait, wait, wait there's more,” said Azural.
The only bad thing is that the full moon here has the same effect as the one back home. Fleur said not to worry but I have my doubts. I don't want him to hurt my new friends.
Azural closed the book and tossed it back on the desk, “Bakumtesukarou!” she continued to laugh.
Chief Haro spoke, “Fleur knew about this and didn't tell me. She just broke her promise to the S.D.G.”
Azural stopped laughing, “So…are you going to hurt her?” Haro didn't answer. “Now what?”
Baku walked toward the door, “We find the others and avoid Demonico.”
Captain and Shute have run into the weapon storage. Captain busied himself with cleaning and reloading his weapons while Shute slept peacefully on the floor. A beam saber handle stuck out of his backpack. Captain replaced his beamrifle back on top of his jetpack boosters, “I estimate a 1.2% chance that Demonico will not find us in here. Perhaps the others are safe as well.” He was talking to Shute but the sleeping human didn't here it. Captain heard some talking from below the floor, “What on earth?”
“Finally, I thought we would never find a way out.”
“This door shouldn't be to heavy.”
Something hit the floor under Captain's feet with a loud thump. The floor opened slightly but Captain's weight held it down.
“What was that?” asked Captain as he scanned the floor.
Shute yawned, “What was what?”
“That didn't work.”
“Maybe if we get a running start.”
The two unknown figures rammed into the floor harder causing Captain to lose his balance. The floor opened a little more but closed back again.
“What was that?” asked Shute.
Captain scanned the floor again, “My scanners are unable to detect anything. The floor is to thick.”
“Is there something on top of it?!”
“On the count of 3 then. 1…2…” Captain stepped off of the floor panel “3!” The floor panel shot open with a loud crash. Zero and Fleur flew out of the trap door.
“Finally,” said Fleur.
“Captain? Shute?” asked Zero, “Is that you?”
“Zero! Fleur!” said Shute happily, “Boy, am I glad to see you two.”
“Are you two all right?” asked Captain.
“For the time being,” answered Zero, “Where's Demonico? Have you seen him?”
“Yes,” replied Captain, “Approximately 47 minutes ago in the computer room.'
“He didn't hurt you two did he?” asked Fleur.
Shute shook his head, “We got away after Captain knocked him out.” He looked down at his arm, “At least that stopped. G'night guys,” Shute yawned and placed his head back on his backpack.
“Sorry Shute,” said Captain, But you have to remain awake again. I estimate a 97.6% chance that Demonico will now find us before sunup.”
Shute groaned, “Captain.”
That's…probably our fault, “said Zero, closing the trapdoor.
Fleur checked the hallway outside, “Let's hurry before he show's up.” They all scurried down the hallway.
"2:22 am. Man, I've never been up this late before,” said Guneagle. Skylar and Fenn were sleeping in his arms, using each other as a pillow. Guneagle hears something running towards them, “Captain? Is that you? Hello?”
“Who's there?” said Demonico.
“Crap!” Guneagle ducked into a supply closet with various office supplies in it. Demonico walked up to the door and sniffed the air. Guneagle could see the demon's feet from under the door crack. Fenn and Skylar woke up and sensed Demonico on the other side of the door. They shrunk back in fear and pressed themselves against Guneagle's chest. Guneagle could here Demonico begin typing the master code into the door's keypad. Then and engine revving sound stopped him. The demon narrowed his eyes and walked off. All three sighed in relief. Guneagle opened the door slightly and saw Demonico's retreating figure. He chuckled quietly, “Later.” Then his foot knocked over a bucket.
Demonico turned around, “You!”
Guneagle flew as fast as he could down the hallway, “Nice job dude. You just had the kick the bucket didn't ya?” Demonico chased after him and used his demon magic to grab Guneagle's feet. Guneagle was pulled back and down towards Demonico. Fenn and Skylar jumped out of Guneagle's arms and ran for their lives. Guneagle, know pinned on his back and abandoned, struggled to get free.
Demonico closed one hand around Guneagle's neck trying to choke him, “Hey bro, what do ya know?”
Fenn and Skylar continued to run down the various hallways when they heard three familiar voices. They followed the voices and ran in to Bakunetsumaru, Azural, and Chief Haro.
“Fenn! Skylar!” said Azural happily as she picked up the terrified spirits, “We found you!”
Baku noticed that they were shaking, “What's up with them?” Skylar and Fenn tried to tell them in their language what had happen to Guneagle.
“To bad we can't understand them,” said Chief Haro. Fenn and Skylar face faulted.
Bakunetsumaru looked down the hallway were they came from, “If we follow their trail back, we might figure out what they're saying.” Skylar pushed against Baku's right leg and Fenn pushed against Baku's body trying to make him go the other way.
Azural liked their idea, “I say we go this way.” She pointed down the opposite hallway. Something roared from were Fenn and Skylar just came from. Azural froze in fear while Chief Haro and Bakunetsumaru drew their weapons.
“Come on let's move,” said the chief running past Azural and Bakunetsumaru. The samurai raced off after him with Azural and the spirits bringing up the rear.
Captain's group also heard the roar.
“Wh-what was that?” asked Shute from behind Captain.
Captain checked his scanners, “I am unable to recognized what caused that roar.”
“Shall we check it out Captain?” asked Zero.
“Affirmative,” said Captain.
Fleur stopped them, “Wait! What if it's Demonico?”
“Then we will have to fight him,” Captain answered
Zero noticed something approaching them from behind, “Princess Fleur! Behind you!” Before Fleur could react, Zero pulled her down as Guneagle flew over them and crashed into Captain, knocking both of them to the floor.
Guneagle stumbled to his feet with Captain's help. His right wrist was sparking and it looks like it has been bitten.
Guneagle held his injured wrist, “Dude, I officially have bad luck with demonican gundams.”
“Guneagle what happened?” asked Shute.
Guneagle faced them, “Well I had already found the two furballs. We were heading down the 2nd floor southeast hallway when I heard Demonico. We hid inside a closet and luck…fortunately he walked by us. Then I was about to leave the closet when I…uh…knocked over a bucket.” Guneagle was embarrassed. Shute slapped himself on the head in disbelief, “ Anyway,” Guneagle continued, “Demonico heard it and came after us. He grabbed me with his demon powers and those two little guys abandoned me. The Demonico pinned me flat on my back. He put his face 5 inches away from mine,” Guneagle shivered, “Those eyes. Those glowing red eyes. Man, I will never forget what they look like as long as I function. Then Demonico said something about this hunt was wearing him down and that he could use a snack. I think he was smiling at my fear. Then his mouth guard changed somehow. It's- it's hard to describe but it seemed to split horizontally across the middle. It changed into an-an-an open mouth with-with fangs!”
“What!?!” shouted everybody there, “Are you serious?!”
Guneagle nodded, “Dead serious. Demonico said that he wouldn't kill me just eat a few bites of my armor. Before he could do that, a shoved my beamsaber in his mouth and said he could chew on this. He bit down on my wrist and I turned on the beam saber. He roared and released me. Demon magic and all.”
“That explains the roar at least,” said Zero.
Captain looked at Guneagle's wrist, “How do feel Guneagle? Are you going to be alright?”
“I'm not real sure Captain,” said Guneagle, “I can't move my hand. Yo, Fleur. I'm not going to die right?”
Fleur shrugged, “That depends if he poisoned you or not.”
Guneagle stared at her, “If he what!?”
“Clam down,” she said, “just let me see your wrist.” Guneagle held kept his left hand over his broken wrist.
Captain removed his hand, “She won't harm you.”
Fleur gently held Guneagle's right hand and wrist in her own. The bite didn't look too severe. Just a few wires had been bitten in two. Guneagle flinched as Fleur gently ran her finger over his wound. Nothing pointed towards signs that he had been poisoned.
Fleur smiled, “You'll be fine.”
Guneagle sighed and held his wrist again, “Man, that's a relief.”
Captain nodded, “ Now that that's done. We need to fine Kao-Lyn and get you repaired Guneagle. Come on Shute. Shute?” Shute was on the floor asleep…again. Captain groaned and tried to wake up the human for the third time tonight, “Shute. Come on Shute you have to wake up. We need to move again.”
Shute opened his bloodshot eyes, “What's the possibility of me getting a goodnights sleep tonight?”
“23.27%” answered Captain. He helped Shute back up.
Zero looked at the two halls before them, “So which way now Captain?”
“Hey, where are you two going?”
“Mew! Mew! Mew!”
“Frrenn! Fenn!”
Fenn and Skylar shot around the corner and jumped/flew into their master's arms.
“Fenn! You're okay,” said Zero, “Thank goodness.” Fenn purred happily.
Fleur hugged Sklyar, “My sweet little Skylar. Thank the crown you're okay.” Skylar mewed and waged his tails.
“Man they're fast,” said Bakunetsumaru as he came around the corner followed by Azural and Chief Haro who was out of breath. Bakunetsumaru saw Captain and co., “Captain. Shute. Zero. Fleur. Guneagle. You're alive!”
“I'm glad to see that you three are alive as well,” said Captain.
Shute rubbed his eyes, “Chief Haro? What are you still doing up?”
“Looking for you,” he answered, “Are you alright?”
“Besides the fact that I haven't gotten any sleep, yeah, I'm fine,” Shute answered.
Fleur looked at Azural, “It sure has been a rough night huh little sis?”
“Umm…yeah…it-it has,” Azural started at her feet.
“Is something wrong?” Fleur asked
Azural nodded, “You didn't tell me.”
Fleur blinked, “Tell you what? Are you mad at me?”
“She has the full right to be mad at you,” answered Bakunetsu coldly.
“What are you talking about Bakunetsumaru?” Fleur asked confused.
Chief Haro spat, “You should know that! Why didn't you tell us?!”
Fleur recoiled, “Why are you three mad at me?”
Azural sniffled, “Stop playing stupid. You know what we're talking about!” Tears were in the little gundam's eyes. Captain, Shute, Zero, and Guneagle stared at her in disbelief. They had never seen Azural jump at Fleur like that before.
Fleur stopped playing dumb and turned her head away from them, “You're right I should have said something. This wasn't suppose to happen.”
Shute asked what everyone wanted to, “What are you guys talking about and what going on?”
“We'll tell you later,” answered Bakunetsumaru.
Captain changed the subject, “Chief Haro, sir. Do you know the current location of Kao-Lyn? Guneagle was attacked by Demonico and needs some repairs.”
“What? Where?” asked Chief Haro.
Guneagle showed him his bitten wrist, “My wrist is broken and my right hand is unusable.”
“Kao-Lyn is currently in the safe house,” said Chief Haro, I will take all of you there just as soon as we find Gunbike and Entan….” Entango neighing for help in the distance cut him off.
“Entango!” Bakunetsumaru ran toward the distressed horse with everybody close behind.
They zigzagged through the maze of S.D.G. base's hallways. Baku was in the lead followed by Zero and Captain, then Fleur, Azural, and Guneagle, and Chief Haro and Shute bringing up the rear. The next corner they rounded brought a horrifying sight. Demonico was bent over Entango, eating away at the poor horse's side. Entango neighed weakly for his master's help.
“Get off of him!” Bakunetsuamru kicked Demonico off of Entango and into the far wall, “Entango speak to me!” Entango looked up at his master. His side was missing most of it's metal covering as some sparks flew from the broken circuits and chewed wires. Baku gently petted his old friend, “Don't worry Entango. I'll fix you. Kao-Lyn has all sorts of tools. You'll be better in no time. Please, just don't leave.”
Demonico growled, “How dare you ruin my snack Bakunetsumaru!” His mouth guard was back to normal.
“Snack!” Baku growled.
Captain stepped in front of him, “What do want Demonico?”
Demonico sighed, “Man, I'm really getting tired of saying this. I want Shute's soul. And for the Gundam Force to hand itself over to the great King EagleEye.”
“EagleEye is the worst king ever!” shouted Fleur and Azural in unison.
“Silence sister dear,” said Demonico, “EagleEye has blessed me with this gift. And I intend to use it to its full extent. Besides who going to stop me?”
“The Gundam Force Triple Attack!” shouted Captain, Zero and Bakunetsumaru.
“Spirits in the realm of magic. By your pact with the Winged Knight gather into my wings!”
“The heavens call out! The people call out! Justice calls and I answer. Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai of Ark!”
“Soul Drive Activate!”
Demonico stared at them wide-eyed, “Dude! What the hell is this?”
Shute cheered them on, “Hit him with everything you got!”
Zero pointed his sword at Demonic, “Blow, Magical Violet Tornado!” Violet rose petals flew out of the magic circle.
Baku pointed his swords out to his sides and made two circles, “Sacred arts Bakunetsu,” the two circles became one with his symbol inscribed in the circle. He ran trough the circle, “Wahh…Tek-no-ken!” he made a flaming X with his sword that followed Zero's attack.
“Captain punch!” Captain wound up his punch and followed Baku's attack.
Demonico chucked, "Not bad,” he put up a barrier in front of him to block the attack. The gundam's attack went through the barrier and hit Demonico in the chest with a powerful force. Fenn and Skylar cheered in their little language.
“That was awesome!” shouted Azural
“Did they kill him?” asked Guneagle.
Captain, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru landed in front of everybody exhausted. They put everything they had into that attack. Captain spoke, “I estimate a 99.99% chance that Demonico has been destroyed. Unfortunately so was Prince Lucky.”
Fleur nodded, “He would've wanted that way.”
Bakunetsumaru picked up Entango onto his back, “Come on. I owe you ride. They turned their backs on the battlefield and walked away.
Shute smiled, “Thank goodness that's over.”
“Oh no human boy,” a pair of red eyes stared at them, “It has only just begun.” Every turned back around as Demonico stepped out of the shadows. His sliver and black armor was healing itself.
“What the!?” shouted Zero, “That's impossible! He should be dead!”
The demon laughed at their confusion, “You fools just don't get it do you. I'm immortal.” He held up his hands, “And I believe that this is yours.” Demonico fired the triple attack right back at them. Everyone got tossed down the hallway and landed in a dogpile. Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru and Entango were on the bottom. Then Guneagle, Fleur and Azural. And on top were Shute, Chief Haro, and the spirits. They were all dazed by that surprised taste of their own medicine.
“I feel like a Zako, owie,” said Azural.
Captain couldn't move, “Whoever is on me please get off.”
“I'll move when Shute and the chief move,” said Guneagle. They managed to untangle themselves.
Baku dusted himself off, “Where's Demonico?” The said demon whistled.
“Over here,” Demonico charged them when Gunbike shot out of and adjacent hallway and into Demonico.
“Hurry get out of here,” ordered Gunbike, “I'll keep him busy. Run!”
Chief Haro ran down a hallway, “This everyone.” They ran down several more hallways and into the Gundiver's training pool. Chief Haro pressed a hidden button witched opens a door on a blank wall. The door opened to a slide that went deeper into the base. “Quick down the slide,” ordered Chief Haro. Shute, Azural, and the spirits went first followed by Guneagle, then Fleur and Zero, then Bakunetsumaru with Entango, and finally Captain and Chief Haro. The steep slide deposited them inside a hidden room at the bottom of the base. All of the SDG employees were down here, most were asleep.
Shute looked around the room, “Now where are we?”
Captain shrugged, “I don't know Shute. I've never seen this room.”
Julie greeted them, “Nice to see you guys are still alive. You are now inside the safe house.”
“The what?” asked Guneagle.
Chief Haro answered, “It's a special room that was made just incase one of you attacked the base.”
Captain asked, “And why would we do that sir?”
“He wouldn't tell us,” answered the Gundiver squad. After a few minutes of getting everyone updated and some repairs done. The room became silent except for some snoring people.
Several hours later Captain awoke again to check if everything was safe. It was 5:15 am and the sun wouldn't be up until 6:17am. Captain needed to ask Fleur something about how to change Demonico back into Lucky. The room was very still and quiet. Fleur and Azural were sleeping near each other on the floor with Skylar in between them. Zero and Fenn were asleep on the floor further away from Captain. Bakunetsumaru and Entango were leaning against the wall. Guneagle and the Gundivers were also leaning against a wall asleep. The humans were all on mats and a few GM's were walking around. Captain looked behind him and saw that Shute was still peacefully sleeping on his own mat. Captain got up and walked over to Fleur. He tried to wake her up, “Fleur…Fleur wake up,” he whispered. Fleur covered her face with one of her wings and mumbled something. Captain shook her, “Wake up. I need to ask you something.”
Fleur opened on eye, “What?”
“Will Demonico change back into Lucky at sunup?” he asked.
“If the sunlight hits him then yes,” Fleur went back to sleep.
Captain walked back over to Shute and sat awake for 30 minutes. He was thinking of a plan when he heard something. Captain scanned the room but detected nothing out of the ordinary. He went back to thinking when to sound came again. This time he stood up and looked around. All he heard was people snoring or taking in their sleep. Skylar and Fenn had looked up from they're sleep. All they saw was Captain standing up. Captain noticed them and walked over to them, “Do you two hear that also.” They nodded. Fenn and Skylar talked to each other quietly and walked over to Zero with Captain following. They tried to wake up Zero but the sleepy knight just pushed them away. Captain caught on and started to shake Zero, "Wake up Zero.” The knight mumbled something. “I said wake up,” ordered Captain.
Zero woke up, “What do you want?”
Captain pointed to Fenn and Skylar, “I think they have a plan.” Fenn and Skylar separated and began to wake up all of the gundams and Shute. Shute tried to attack them but tripped from tiredness.
Baku whispered, “Why did they wake us up?”
“I think they have a plan,” said Captain. The strange sound came again and seemed to surround them. The two princess's gasped and looked around.
“Oh, no,” said Azural, “he found us.”
“Who?” asked Baku, “You mean Demonico?” Fleur nodded.
“But…how can this be?” asked Captain, “Even I did not know about this room until tonight.”
“That doesn't matter,” said Bakunetsumaru, “demons are tricky. He found us, somehow.”
“I don't see him,” said Gundiver 1. “See him,” said the other 6 Gundivers in unison.
“Pick a shadow and he's probably there,” said Fleur, “Maybe even your own.”
A chewed up beam saber falls from the sky and landed at Guneagle's feet, “Dude that's my beam saber. But I thought I left that with…ooh shit.”
Demonic laughter filled the room from a source unknown waking everybody. A black circle appeared on the far wall. The incased section exploded, scattering rubble all around the safe house.
“Did you miss me?” Demonico flew into the safe house. The employees ran for their lives as the gundams stood there ground, even though Shute and Azural were terrified. “Ah, so many souls, so little time,” said Demonico, “Oh, and Captain. Here's your instructor back.” Demonico tossed the front half and the back half of Gunbike into the room.
“Gunbike! What have you done to him!?” demanded Captain.
“He wasn't very tasty so I gave him back,” said Demonico causally. He used his demon magic to pull Shute into the air and close to him, “Now you on the other hand will be quiet delicious.” Shute freed his hand and lodged the red beam into Demonico's shoulder. Demonico roared in pain, released Shute and pulled out the beam saber. Captain caught Shute and they ran out of the safe house through Demonico's entryway. The demon growled and chased after them again completely forgetting about the employees, Gundivers, and Entango.
Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Guneagle, Fleur, Azural, Fenn and Skylar ran out onto the outside deck. The stars had begun to fade and the full moon was low on the horizon.
“How much longer are we going to have do this?” asked Shute.
“Ten minuets,” answered Captain. Demon magic grabbed all of them and pinned them to a wall. Demonico stepped out in front of them, “My, my, my. Look at what I've caught: 5 gundams, a human boy, and 2 spirits. I guess I have some of Lucky's luck.” Demonico laughed at his joke, “You might as well stop struggling. You can't get free ahhh!” Fenn and Skylar tried to hit them but missed. Demonico snapped his fingers and cut off their long rang attacks, “As I was saying, You can't get free until I release you.” The demon walked up to Shute. Shute whimpered as he started into Demonico's cold red eyes. Not even Lucky's crown on the demon's head seemed friendly.
“Don't you lay a finger on him!” threatened Captain.
“Or what?” Demonico placed a single finger on Shute's forehead. Captain strained eve harder against his binds as his soul drive hummed rapidly and his fist glowed. Demonico enjoyed Captain torture, “Now, now Captain. watch your temper.” Demonic removed his finger from Shute's flesh and wrapped his left hand around Shute's neck.
“Leave him alone!” shouted Zero.
“He's just a kid!” shouted Bakunetsumaru.
Demonico smiled, “I've heard the younger the better.” Shute breathing quickened as adrenaline rushed through his veins.
“You big meanie!” shouted Azural, “Leave him alone!”
“You should learn to respect you older brother Azural,” said Demonico.
“I can't believe I called you my twin brother,” snarled Guneagle.
“Don't worry bro,” said Demonico, “I see if King EagleEye will change you into a demonican gundam also. Then we will truly be twins.” He raised his right hand above Shute's neck, “Goodbye Shute.” Shute couldn't even scream for help he was so scared.
“I know you can hear me Lucky!” shouted Fleur, “Fight back! Don't let him win!”
“Shut up Fleur!” spat Demonico, “Oh, and by the way, thanks for not ratting me out.” Demonico brought his hand down closer and closer to Shute's neck.
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