SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ The Prince and the Warrior ( Chapter 16 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Back at Shute's house, Keiko and Sayla have made the gundams and Shute some riceballs as a snack.
“WHOA! It's a mountain!” exclaimed Shute.
His mom nodded, “We thought you guys would like a little afternoon snack.”
“Thank you ma'am,” said Captain.
“Yummy, sweet delicious, RICEBALLS!!” Bakunetsumaru stuffed five of them into his mouth.
Zero scolded him, “Bakunetsumaru! Show some self-control! You are in the presence of royalty.”
“Lighten up will ya?” said Fleur snatching two riceballs from the pile before Baku got them. She started on one of them and tossed the other to her little sister Azural. Azural stared at the riceball in her possession. There was nothing wrong with it besides the fact that riceballs don't exist on Skylark, however, her powerful hunger forced her to take a bite.
“This is delicious!” Azural stuffed the rest of it into her mouth and started to grab a few away from Baku. She reached for the last riceball but Bakunetsumaru beat her to it.
“To slow,” he tossed it into the air but Azural jumped up and grabbed the last one.
“Mine!” she shoved it into her face.
Baku said sarcastically, “That was lady like.”
Azural came back with, “You'd be hungry to if you hadn't eaten in two months!” This took everyone by shock.
“T…two months!” said Fleur wide-eyed, “What on earth has happen!? Is food really that scarce?”
Azural looked at the ground, “And so is fresh water. I…I rather not talk about it big sister.”
Fleur sat on her knees next to Azural so that they could see eye to eye, “Please tell me little sis. I need to know what has happen.”
Azural shook her head, “Uh-uh! No way!”
Fleur turned her sister's head towards her own, “Please Azural? If you tell me, I'll tell you what has happen here.”
Azural nodded, “Otay.” She swallowed, “Remember when the city caught fire and Daddy told us to run? Well, the demons chased after us.”
The scene cuts to a flash back in Skylark.
A large city is engulfed in flames as millions of Skylarkains flee into a dark forest under a starless night sky with only a half moon shining high in the sky. The cackles of demon laughter ring and echo throughout the kingdom as they mercilessly slaughter both humans and gundams. Panicked screams filled with fear and dying howls are heard in every direction. Human and mecha blood both stains the ground and forces the rivers to run red. Only a couple hundred thousand reach the entrance to the second largest city by square miles, Dracaion Village.
Once there a gundam who looks like Guneagle named Prince Lucky flies above his subjects in the village, “Rocket! Have your knights count the survivors.”
“At once your majesty,” said Rocket, and knight gundam who is captain of the guards.
A few minutes later, Rocket returns to Prince Lucky, “Sire, the census shows that only 500,000 have made it here. Most are between the ages of 5 and 29. Only a small handful of both humans and gundams are 30 and older.”
“500,000!” shouted Lucky, Out of 10.8 million! What of my sisters?”
Rocket swallowed hard, “Princess Azural is alive and is currently roaming the village but we can not seem to locate your older sister, Princess Fleur.”
Lucky whispered under his breath, “Shit! First mom, then dad, and now Fleur. What else could go wrong.”
A human coughed and bowed to Lucky. It was a monk. “If I may your majesty,” the monk started, “After consulting with my fellow monks along with the priests, priestesses, and professional demon slayers, we have concluded that until the demons are vanquished this sun blocking demon dust will prevent us from seeing the light of day ever again. We are trapped in a never-ending night.”
“So basically, the sun won't rise again until we take out every single demon,” said Lucky wondering why he asked what else could go wrong.
“Or until the Great Protector of Skylark somehow comes back to life and uses his powers to vanquish the demons,” the monk replied.
Rocket chimed in, “Sire, what shall we do to insure the survivors safety.” While Lucky continues to talk to Rocket and the monk, Azural wonders the village trying to find a familiar face in the crowd. She hears four very familiar voices, Fleur's best friends
“Please tell me that you're kidding me Joey,” said Amy, a brown haired, hazel-eyed human girl.
“Why would I joke about that?” asked Joey, a blonde haired, green-eyed, human boy.
“I never thought that she would die like this,” said Techno, a male red, green, and white gundam with yellow lighting bolts on his body.
“She was our best friend,” said Rex, a black haired, blue-eyed human boy, “Why did have to go and die on us Fleur!”
“You're wrong!” Azural appeared next to them, “You're all wrong! Fleur is alive! She just has to be!”
Joey sighed, “Azural…there's a 99.9% chance that she's dead.”
“Then there's still a chance,” said Azural.
Rex shook his head, “Fleur is strong no doubt about that. But she's not that strong. It would take a miracle for her to still be alive.”
“Everyone lost someone,” said Amy, “We just need to except it.”
Techno looked at Azural, “Do yourself a favor and move on with your life. Right now we need to figure out how we're going to survive.”
Azural glared at them, “She's alive. I'll prove it.” Many months passed and many more died. The sun has not risen on Skylark and now the once beautiful kingdom is nothing more than a cold, lifeless, barren wasteland with bones scattered around. Food and water has become scarce. Thousands died from either, starvation, thirst, or they committed suicide. Azural decides to leave the village and search for her sister.
Scene fades back to Shute's house.
Azural sniffled, We have begun to call this the Demon Nightmare. That's what it feels like. I was so scared when I left to try and find you.”
“But you cam anyway,” said Fleur hugging her little sister, “Thank you you courageous little gundam.”
Azural blushed, “Aw, Fleur.” she giggled, “Okay now tell me your story! Please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh pleeeaaassseee!”
Fleur laughed, “Okay okay! Clam down.”
“Why did I get air patrol?” grumbled Guneagle, “What a bore. It's not like anything is going to happen.” He sighed as he flew high above the city.
Chief Haro radioed him, “Guneagle, a small gate has appeared in your area. I want you to investigate it before I call the others.”
“Whatever Chief,” Guneagle searches the Neotopian skyline for anything out of the ordinary, “What am I suppose to be looking for? A zako?”
“That's a pretty good trick Guneagle,” said Julie over the radio, “How did you do that?”
Guneagle was confused, “Huh? Do what?”
“Make your signal come from two places at once of course,” said Kao-lyn.
“Dude, what on earth are you talking?” asked Guneagle.
Julie answered, “Your signal is coming form the east of Neotopia Tower and from the south of it at the same time.”
“Okay.” said Guneagle, “First off, I'm east of the tower and second are you sure that the computer isn't….”
“Burn in hell demon!”
“What the? Holy!” Guneagle dodged a beam saber, “Dude! Who or what was that!?”
Guneagle looked around and saw his attacker, a gundam that looked just like him. The lookalike faced Guneagle, “Dude, are a mimic demon or something?” The gundam also sounded like Guneagle.
“”What?! I'm not a demon!” shouted Guneagle, “How do I know that you're not a demon mimicking me?”
The lookalike chuckled, “E work aro cinetant ougefd. (I know the ancient tongue.)
Guneagle said in surprise, “You know Skylarkain? Well that answers two things. Manly that you're not a demon.”
The lookalike gave Guneagle a look of surprise, “You can understand it? Then you're defiantly not a demon. Who are you?”
Guneagle pulled out his beam rifle, “My name is Guneagle of the GundamForce. Now who are you and why are you here?"
“Careful dude,” said the lookalike also pulling out a beam rifle that was similar to Guneagle's, “You're not the only one with a gun. As for who I am and why I'm here, I can't tell you that Guneagle.”
Chief Haro whispered into Guneagle's radio, “Disable him and bring him back to the base. We can question him here.”
“Understood,” Guneagle fired at the lookalike. The lookalike dived into the city and returned fire with Guneagle chasing after him.
The two gundams weave through the city and only used their beam rifles when they had a clear shot. Neither one wanted to harm a bystander. After a few minutes they both flew high above the city.
“You're pretty good,” said the lookalike.
Guneagle smiled, “If it wasn't for that thing on your head we could be twins.”
“You mean my crown?” asked the lookalike.
“Whatever,” replied Guneagle, “Now who are you and why are you here?”
“I already told you that man,” he said, “I can't tell you.”
Guneagle got out his beam saber since his beam rifle ran out of ammo, “Okay, we'll do this the hard way.” Guneagle charged at his lookalike but the next thing he knew, the lookalike had jammed his crown over Guneagle's eyes and flew off.
“Oh for the love of...That is one rude gundam!” shouted Guneagle as he blindly flew around.
“WOW! You defeated a gundam slayer!” said Azural excitedly, “That proves it. You are the strongest gundam in Skylark.”
Fleur blushed, “Ah, come on. I'm not the strongest but I think that I am one of the strongest.”
“Quite being so modest will ya?” said Shute, “You're lucky to be alive after that.”
Captain added, “Shute does have a point. If that, thing hadn't appeared when it did. You would probably be dead by now.”
“But I still can't remember what that thing is,” said Fleur embarrassed.
“You'll remember it big sis,” said Azural, “sooner or later.”
“Stop worrying about past victories,” said Bakunetsumaru, “ if what Azural said is true then we will need to be at our very best in order to save your home.”
Azural said in a worried voice, “I hope we can.”
Zero presented her with a princess rose, “Even if hope is all that we have to go on it will be enough for the gundam force young princess.” Azural was trying to figure out what Zero had just said when Guneagle crashed into the table, accidentally knocking Fenn and Skylar into a bush.
The crown was still stuck on his head, “Gahh! Get off! Let go of me!” he continued to try and remove it.
“Guneagle! What happen?” asked Captain.
“Captain?” asked Guneagle, “Thank goodness it's you. Okay get this, I was attacked by a gundam that looked just like me, then I tried to disable him, and the next thing I know, the dude jams his crown over my eyes! Where am I anyway?”
“At my house,” said Shute.
“Maybe I can get it off,” Fleur wedged her claws in between the crown and Guneagle's. head. She couldn't pull it off, “A little help please.” Zero, Azural, and Shute helped Fleur pull on the crown while Captain and Bakunetsumaru pulled on Guneagle. After a few minutes of pulling and straining, the crown popped off and everyone fell backwards.
Guneagle rubs his head, “Thanks. I was getting a headache from that thing.” Fleur studied the golden crown in her hands. There was a very predominate four leaf clover shaped emerald in the very center of it along with many other jewels.
“Let me see,” Azural stood up on her tail in order to get a better view of the crown, “It kinda looks like Lucky's crown. Maybe he came here looking for us and attacked Guneagle?” The sisters broke out in laughter.
“I highly doubt that little sis,” laughed Fleur.
“Believe what you want I know what I saw,” said Guneagle, “Hey, where are those two furballs?” In response Skylar bit him and Fenn torched him, “OW! Call them off! Call them off!” Guneagle flew up a few feet. Skylar went over to Azural for some attention and Fenn flew up to Zero.
“You asked for that,” said the Winged Knight.
Captain's head lit up, “Dark Axis activity detected.”
“Where did that gundam go!” growled Zapper Zaku.
“He has to be here somewhere,” said Grappler Gouf, “At least D.G. isn't here to screw things up again.”
“That's true,” Zapper replied, “See anything yet D. Dom?'
“Duh, no gundams yet,” answered Destroyer Dom. The D.A. trio was wearing flying contraptions and they were searching Neotopia's outskirts for Guneagle's lookalike.
D. Dom asked, “Is Prince Lucky even in this dimension?”
“He has to be,” growled Grappler, “This is were the gate opens to.”
“Hmm…what was that?” asked Zapper. He looked behind him, “Oh great! Here comes the GundamForce!”
Captain and Shute were riding in Gunbike, Bakunetsumaru is riding Entango, Azural is using her tail to hop right behind Gunbike while carrying Skylar, Zero was flying over head with Fenn, and Guneagle and Fleur flew next to Zero.
“There they are,” said Captain, “Alright Guneagle and Fleur. Get up there and take them out. We'll catch up later.”
“Roger Captain!” Guneagle and Fleur flew higher in order to reach the trio's altitude.
Zapper laughed, “ This is to prefect. Only two of them can fly high enough to reach us.”
“Our orders are to find Prince Lucky,” growled Grapper, “let's forget about them and find him.”
“But I want to smash the gundams,” D. Dom whined.
Zapper agreed, “I'm with Destroyer on this on. Besides, we out number them and Demon General isn't here either. We actually have a chance of winning!” The D.A. trio flew towards Guneagle and Fleur.
“So it's just those three huh?” said Fleur.
“Piece of cake,” said Guneagle, “I'll take on Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf and you get Destroyer Dom.” They flew towards their intended targets.
“Bring it on punk!” shouted Zapper as he opened fire on Guneagle.
Guneagle easily dodged the onslaught, “Let me show you how it's done!” He shot his beam rifle at Zapper.
Zapper dodged, “Is that the best you can do?”
“Time to say goodnight gundam!” Grappler fired his arm missile at Guneagle.
“I don't think so,” Guneagle fired his own missile at Grappler's. They exploded on impact creating a cloud of smoke.
“Duh, hold still!” Destroyer Dom was having trouble locking onto Fleur. She was zipping by him to quickly.
“What's the matter?” she asked, “Am I to fast for ya?” She continued to close in and scratch him every few of passes.
Destroyer growled, “Now you're annoying me!” He predicted were Fleur was going to show up next and managed to punch her square in between the eyes.
Fleur recoiled from the attack, “That was a cheap shot.”
“Cheap but effective,” Destroyer Dom took aim at her once more but she flew off. Frustrated, D. Dom. chased after her.
Guneagle was having trouble dealing with Zapper and Grappler, “Aw, man. This is not looking good for me. Hurry Captain I need backup!” Zapper shoots him from behind while Grappler sucker punches him.
Zapper chuckled, “What's wrong gundam? Can't you handle a simple skirmish? Hey!” a beam rifle shot hits him in the shoulder.
“Leave him alone Dark Axis!” It was Captain on a gunperrry with Shute and Gunbike. Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Entango, Azural, along with Fenn and Skylar were on another gunperry.
“ And just when you think things can't get any worse,” Grappler sighed.
“Thanks Captain I owe you one,” said Guneagle as him and Fleur flew in between the gunperrys.
“Oh that's just great,” said Zapper, “ Now we have to deal with all of them!”
Baku shouted, “What are you lowlifes up to now!”
D. Dom replied, “We're looking for Prince Lucky.”
Zapper and Grappler shouted at the same time, “Destroyer!” Zapper put his hands over Destroyer's mouth, “Shut up!”
That caught Fleur's interest, “Say that again.”
Zapper panicked, “Wh-what? He-he didn't say anything.”
Grappler shook his head, “Nope, nothing. Nada. Zip.”
“Prince Lucky?” asked Azural, “Why are they looking for our brother?”
“Good question,” said Fleur.
“Why are they after your brother I wonder,” said Zero.
Shute said, “You think that they would be after you two and Skylar.”
“We'll find out later,” said Captain, “Right now you two need to take care of them and then we'll find Prince Lucky.
“You got it,” Guneagle thought back to earlier and whispered to himself, “Even tough I think we've already met.”
Zapper chuckled, “What are you guys blind?! We still outnumber ya!” Zapper laughed in triumph when, as if it came out of nowhere, something shot pass everybody at a seriously high speed.
Shute looked behind them, “Whoa! What was that!?”
“It was fast whatever it was,” said Gunbike.
“Nice going Zapper!” said Grappler hitting him upside the head, “You jinxed use again.”
It came back rapidly firing at the Dark Axis, “Alright who wants a taste!” It sounded like Guneagle but said gundam was right next to everyone else. The D.A. trio flew higher in order to dodge the attack.
“I know who it is,” Guneagle held out his arm and clothesline the mysterious warrior. It managed to recover and hovered next to everybody. It was Guneagle's lookalike.
“Ha! So I was right!” shouted Guneagle pulling out his beam saber.
The lookalike turned around, “What the? Aw, man not you again.” He pulled out his beam saber. Everyone else's eyes bugged out.
“Since when does Guneagle have a twin!” shouted Bakunetsumaru.
“He doesn't!” replied Captain in shock.
“You're the jerk who blinded me!” shouted Guneagle.
“Ever hear of self defense copycat!” the lookalike shouted back. The D.A. trio flew back down to the gundams altitude.
D. Dom asked, “Are there two Prince Luckys?”
The lookalike shouted, “That's King Lucky to you three!” Lucky accidentally reveled himself.
“You're Lucky?” Shute asked.
Lucky glared at him, “King Lucky you disrespectful human.” Guneagle was about to say something but Fleur butted in.
“King?” she asked, “Since when did you become a king?”
Lucky stared in disbelief at his long thought dead sister, “Fleur?! Dude, now I'm seeing things.”
Grappler looked at the perfectly identical gundams, “So which one's Lucky?”
“We'll just capture them both,” said Zapper, “FIRE!”
“Will you three get outta here!” shouted Guneagle and Lucky at the same time as they fired a missile at the trio. They quickly ran through a portal.
Guneagle turned back to Lucky, “As I was saying earlier when we first met, why are you here?”
“I came for my little sister Azural,” Lucky answered.
Azural was surprised, “For me?”
“Well, yeah,” said Lucky, “You're the only family I've got left. And what are you doing hanging around with these losers, a Fleur copycat, and two fuzzballs?” Zero had to hold Fenn and Skylar back.
Azural snapped back, “These guys are my friends, that is our big sister, and those two cute fuzzballs are powerful spirits.”
Lucky sighed, “Azural, it's been, who knows how long. Fleur. Is. Dead.”
“Uh, hello!” said Fleur, “I'm right here. Fully functional.”
Lucky growled at her, “You have some nerve playing with us like this! Stop imitating my dead sister and show your true form!” He charged at Fleur but she dodged barely. Then Guneagle came up behind Lucky and hammered him in the back. Lucky turned around and punched Guneagle. He swung again but Guneagle shot high into the air. Lucky followed him with everyone else bringing up the rear.
Lucky and Guneagle were high in the sky with all of the clouds exchanging firepower and body blows. They were evenly matched as Guneagle hit Lucky with a 1-2 punch. Lucky came back with a roundhouse kick. Guneagle recovered, got Lucky into a headlock, and disabled all of his missiles. Next, Lucky elbowed Guneagle hard in the stomach and got free. Then he disabled all of Guneagle's missiles. Guneagle saw SDG base close by and force both him and Lucky into a death spiral aimed at the base. They both crashed into SDG base and scared half of the workers.
Bellwood, who had just hit his head on a wall, saw the two gundams fighting, “Whoa! I must have hit be head pretty hard `cause I'm seeing double.”
“You're not the only one,” said Julie. The rest of the gundam and Shute arrived at the base.
Chief Haro demanded, “What the hell is going on here Captain!”
“Long story sir,” Captain answered.
“Seriously dude! What is your problem?!” asked Guneagle.
“If you just let me take my little sister back to the safety of Skylark then there won't be a problem!” answered Lucky
Azural quickly snatched Lucky's crown from Shute, ran up to Lucky, and the crown over his eyes, “That will clear things up and safety of Skylark my tail!” Lucky unjammed the crown and placed it comfortably on his head.
Zero spoke next, “At least now we know who's Guneagle and who's Prince Lucky.”
“Who is Lucky?” asked Chief Haro.
“My little bro,” answered Fleur, “or as I like to call him Little Lucky.”
Lucky knew that only Fleur would even dare call him that, “Okay I'm convinced. You're Fleur. Just don't start that stupid chant.” Azural quickly stepped behind the nearest gundam, Baku.
“Chant? What chant?” Fleur asked innocently, “Oh you mean this one?”
Fear struck Lucky's eyes, “Don't do it man. Don't do it!”
Fleur said in a teasing voice, “Little Lucky, Little Lucky, tiny little baby Luck-y.” Everyone who heard it broke out in laughter. Some were down on all fours beating the ground.
Guneagle laughed, “Dude! Now that's embarrassing!”
Lucky blushed and the roared at Fleur, “That's it! I'm going to rip every single feather out of your wings!” he started to chase Fleur around the base.
“I'm happy to see you to Lucky,” said Fleur running off.
Azural shook her head, “Surprisingly, I've missed this.”
Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlebots. Today's meeting is all about,
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Guneagle's lookalike Prince Lucky! (demons in crowd surprisingly cheer)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: Prince Lucky is Fleur's little brother and Azural's older brother. Also, he is the heir to the throne of Skylark zako zako.
Z1: So what did EagleEye want with him zako?
Z3: I can answer that zako. Prince Lucky has a (duct tape covers his mouth)
Z2: I guess FFD doesn't want us to say it just yet.
Z3: (rips of duct tape) ZAKOOOOOOOO! Damn that hurt zako.
Z1: Would like to tell us anything else about him zako?
Z3: Not right now zako. I don't want to have to do that again zako zako.
Z2: Just out of curiosity zako. What happen to Demon General zako zako?”
DG: I got cut from this chapter what does it look like happen!
ZZ: He's over here!
DG: Uh…gotta go! (runs off stage)
(DA trio runs by after DG)
Z3: Does that answer your question zako?
Z2: Not exactly what I was looking for but good enough zako.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!!!