SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Into the Wasteland Looking for Help ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Gundamusai hurtled into the desolent wasteland below spinning out of control. It scraped the treetops and crashed into the earth. Everyone was screaming as the ship bounced twice before sliding on its side. A fresh gouge and pieces of the burnt left engine shattering and flying everywhere marked the Gundamusai's trail. Dust, ground, and rock flew into the air. The stray pieces of engine started mini fires but the kicked up dust quickly put them out. The Gundamusai did a 180 and somehow settled right side up.
Everyone was groaning from being tossed around; a few cursed under their breath.
Chief Haro's hat was off center and covers his right eye, “Status report.”
“We've completely lost our left our left engine,” aid Julie, “We will be stranded here for a long while. But the good news is that everyone is still alive.”
The ship was no longer a safe haven from the demon dust outside. The dragon's attack had ripped away most of the hull allowing the air choking dust to filter in. The left side where the engine was continued to smolder and spark a little. The mecha employees quickly put out the fire. They now felt helpless and abandoned in this cold dark wasteland, especially since Thief had ran off as soon as he could. Not even the mini base that was set up next to the Gundamusai provided any comfort. A mountain rose in front of them, to there left, a small, dead, pocket forest. Behind them and to their right, the land seemed to either cut off or make a sharp turn down. The humans coughed every now and then from the demon dust even with their jackets pulled up over their faces.
Captain surveyed the area, “Strange. Something in this atmosphere must be interfering with my scanners. I am unable to detect anyone even if they are standing next to me.” Shute rubbed his head, “So now what do we do?”
Princess Rele noticed that Shute was the only human not coughing from the demon dust, “Does this retched demon dust not bother you Shute?”
Shute had noticed it to, “Not really Rele. I guess I'm getting use to it.”
Guneagle flew back to the mini base, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no way we can salvage the engine.”
Chief Haro gave an angry sigh, “I was afraid of that. We don't have enough supplies to fix it either.”
“And you can forget calling for help,” said Bell Wood, “Our dimensional communicator got destroyed in the crash.”
“Can you fix it Bell Wood?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Bell Wood shrugged, “Maybe in about three weeks.”
“Three weeks?” asked Princess Fleur, “We'll be lucky to survive three days.”
Zero noticed Fleur kept shifting her eyes, “Is something troubling you Princess Fleur?”
“I just don't want to get eaten,” she answered.
Kao-Lynn started jumping around like a lunatic again,” Let's not think of that. Instead let's focus on the good things that have happen. Woo hoo hoo! For example, we're still alive are we not?”
“For now,” said Fleur, “and if the demons don't get us I'm sure three Skylarkains called the Guntriplets will try to kill us.”
“Why would they do that?” asked Genkimaru, “We're the good guys.”
“But they don't know that yet,” said Bakunetsumaru.
Skylar came bounding back down the mountain, “You want the good news or the bad news first?”
“Good news,” answered Shute.
“Good news, I found a village not to far from here,” said Skylar, “Bad news, that dragon is guarding it.”
“We'll have to take our chances with the dragon,” said Chief Haro, “Guneagle and Gunchoppers. Return to the skies and keep an eye out for any demons and alert me immediately if you see anything. Skylar, return to the mountain, you are our first line of defense against the demons.” They saluted and left, “Captain Gundam, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Shute, and Princess Fleur, head to the village and try to get some help. We need know if Lucky and Azural are there or not.” All of the radars have been crackling and giving false readings ever since they had entered Skylark so Chief Haro had his doubts on whether or not the radar showing Lucky and Azural's energy signatures was true or not.
Everyone's attention turned to the forest. They could see Thief's illuminated yellow lines on top of his black stripes as he ran at top speed towards them. His four fingered clawed hands clutched something metallic. Thief was panting, “No hurt Thief! No hurt Thief!”
“No eat Thief! No eat Thief!”
The ground shot up in front of the little raptor. Thief smashed threw it with his three-toed clawed feet and kept on running. A pink force field materialized in front of him but Thief quickly zipped around it. Lighting crackled out of the forest almost hitting his tail.
“Leave Thief alone! Thief no steal food this time!” he shouted at his pursers. He leapt into the air, jumped off of a tree and landed just outside the mini base. The lights blinded the red raptor for a second, “Phew! Thief made it.” He was carrying various tools and some scrap metal in his hands and pouch. Four Skylarkains shot out of the forest trying to catch Thief. Two humans and a gundam stopped when they saw the Gundam Force and quickly retreated to the pocket forest. The fourth one, a human, kept on running and tackled Thief. They rolled into the mini base and Thief knocked him off with his tail. The human was tossed into the side of the Gundamusai. The blonde headed green-eyed human rubbed his head and winced in pain. He was wearing ragged clothes that resembled what might had been a castle servant's clothes in a former life. His leather shoes opened up at the top and were almost worn out. His glowing white skin, showing that he was a Skylarkain human, was smeared with dirt and had several scratches. He shook off the blow, stood up and tried to knock some dirt out of his clothes.
“Are you okay?” asked Fleur.
The Skylarkain looked up and realized were he was. Fear struck his face as he flattens himself against the ground Gundamusai. He quickly looked for an exit but Captain, Shute, Zero, Baku, and Fleur blocked his front escape. Genkimaru, Rele, Thief, and some SDG employees blocked his right escape and Chief Haro and the other employees blocked his left escape.
The other three Skylarkains watched their trapped friend from the safety of the pocket forest.
“He's dead,” said the male gundam.
“Yep,” agreed the male human.
“Not unless he has an ace up his sleeve,” said the female human.
Captain tried to calm him, “Take it easy. We mean you no harm.” The Neotopian gundam took on step towards him.
The Skylarkain pulled out a short sword, “S-stay back! I-I-I'm warning you!”
“Joey?” asked Fleur, “Joey…is that you?”
Joey looked past Captain, “How did you know my name?”
Fleur gave him a confused look, “Huh? Joey we've known each forever. We grew up together.”
“Not ringing any bells,” answered Joey.
“It's me,” she said, “Princess Fleur.”
“LAIR!” Joey spat, “You fifthly lair you cant be Fleur! She died. A long time ago.”
Fleur felt hurt, “Joey….”
“You're a mimic demon aren't you!' Joey roared, “Fleur was my best friend in the entire kingdom! Then you damn demons killed her!” He charged at Fleur with his sword raised, “How dare you mimic her! She was like a sister to me! I'll kill you!” He slashed at Fleur but she dodged. Joey then sliced horizontally and diagonally in a blind rage.
“Joey!” shouted Fleur, Open your eyes! It's me! Fleur!” She grabbed his arm and stopped his wild attacks, “E gusipa uis oetayd iatdks equposal rpl Joey.” (I thought you would at least recognize me Joey.)
“Fleur?” Joey said stunned. Fleur smiled and released his arm. Joey stared in disbelief, “Great Protector in the mountains you're alive!” he dropped his sword and hugged his long lost friend.
“Took you long enough,” laughed Fleur.
Joey broke the hug and they started talking at the same time, “How in the world are you alive! Dude! This is impossible! I mean…! This is absolutely amazing! Oh man I've missed you! Oh dear God! You're alive! This is unbelievable!” The two friends were the happiest they've ever been since this demon nightmare started and were freaking out.
“Glad we got that sorted out,” said Shute.
Joey stepped back a little, “Who are you guys?”
“My friends,” Fleur answered, “They've promised to help us against the demons.”
“A proper introduction would be more appropriate,” concluded Captain, “I am Captain Gundam from Neotopia.”
“My name is Shute, also from Neotopia.”
“I am Zero, the Winged Knight from Lacroa.”
“I am Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai from Ark.”
“I am Princess Rele from Lacroa.”
“I am Genkimaru from Ark.”
“Man, Fleur you still have a weird taste in friends,” Joey snickered.
“I can't help I became friends with a samurai, a knight, and a gun wielder from different dimensions,” said Fleur.
“Oh crap, my Dad was right,” said the gundam hiding in the pocket forest.
“Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakusnetukaru, wait that's not it, Bakunetsamuku, no that's not it either,” the male human growled, “Baku, Rele, Genkimaru.” He repeated their names trying to keep them straight.
“Do you think they're friendly?” asked the girl human.
“I don't know,” the gundam answered, “but they haven't eaten him yet so it might be safe.”
“Bakukuscaknaru? Rraah, that's not it either,” the male human growled.
Joey relaxed a bit, “Nice to meet y'all.” He looked up at the Gundamusai, “Is that your ship?”
“It was,” said Chief Haro, “until a dragon shot us down and burned off the left engine.”
“I thought it looked familiar,' said Joey, “Promise me you won't kill Draco for acting out of defense okay?”
“Don't count on it,” said Bell Wood.
“Joey! Joey! Come in! Answer us!”
Joey pulled a small two-way communicator out of his ear, “Are you guys trying to make me deaf!?” he shouted at the communicator.
Three different voices came over the communicator, “Sorry dude. Is that really Princess Fleur? Are those newcomers nice?”
“Amy? Techno? Rex?” asked Fleur.
Joey spoke into the communicator, “Relax. These guys are on our side and yes that really is Princess Fleur. Now come out from behind those trees.”
“Are you sure?”
“Istovi,” (Positive) Joey answered.
They heard the three Skylarkains fighting, “You go. No, you go. Ladies first. That doesn't apply here you go. You're the strongest. You're a gundam. You're a psychic. You have elemental powers. So do you. I'm a thinker not fighter.”
The other two pushed a green and white gundam with bits of red on his armor and lighting bolt decoration that covered him form head to feet out from behind a tree, “Traitors,” said the gundam.
“Techno!” shouted Fleur and Joey.
Techno looked over at the Gundam Force, “She kinda looks like Fleur.” The ground under him shook and catapulted him into the air, “Curse you Rex!” Techno did a face planter and slid into the mini base. The green and white gundam shook himself off and locked his brown eyes with the Gundam Force's. He immediately jumped to his feet and electricity encircled his wrist Sparks jumped back and forth between his two antenna that went up about an inch from just above his eyes and bent down in front of his eyes and ended in a point. Anything electrical started to fizzle and tried to turn off and the gundam and robot SDG workers got instant headaches.
“Yo! Techno!” shouted Joey, “Turn that down before you fry this whole place. They're nice. I swear!”
Techno turned off his electrical elemental power, “Are you sure about Joey?”
“I already told you they were nice,” said Joey. The gundams and mechas shook off their pain.
Still unsure Techno pulled out a small box with an antenna. He pointed it at Fleur and punched in some commands. The device's screen lit up, said it was scanning, then showed Fleur's profile, “What the!? Princess Fleur is alive!?”
“A chip scanner can't lie,” said the girl human, “I think we're in the clear.” She ran out from behind a tree and up to Fleur, “Fleur!”
“Amy!” Fleur greeted her friend. Amy's hair was cut short and her clothes were in a ragged condition as well. She wore a tattered tank top with a vest over it, a pair of jeans and worn out shoes.
Rex came out from behind the tree and moved at a brisk pace past Techno and to his friends, “Long time no see Fleur. I though you were demon chow ages ago.” Rex was wearing a muffler over his mouth and nose, a worn dark green jacket with the sleeves cut of that was opened to show a black muscle shirt underneath, a pair of biker gloves that were worn out, and some ragged jeans and worn boots. His black hair was spiky and severely messed up. His blue eyes were out lined by a vine and leaf pattern that stretched across his entire body.
“Jeez thanks,” said Fleur. Then she thought, `If only you knew how many times I was almost demon chow.'
“Let's see,” Rex walked behind Fleur. He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up and straight over his head.
“Rex!” shouted Fleur, “Put me down!”
Captain couldn't believe what he saw, “That's humanly impossible.”
“Yep,” said Rex, straining a bit, “Still got it.” He placed Fleur back on the ground.
“Show off,” said Amy.
“You three are Princess Fleur's friends as well,” said Zero, “then maybe you can help us.
“With what?” asked Techno.
“Our ship,” Shute answered.
Techno whistled, “Draco's gotten better.” He ran up to the Gundamusai, “This is unbelievable. I've never seen technology like this before in my life. This engine must have been huge!”
Joey slapped his forehead, “We lost him.”
Fleur couldn't resist, “Can you fix it Techno geek?” The Skylarkains muffled their laughs. Techno turned around and shot a lighting bolt at each of them but purposely missed.
“Can you fix it?” asked Amy.
Techno turned back to the ship, “I can't but my Dad probably can.”
“Okay then,” said Joey, “Who wants to come to the village with us?”
“You'll take us there?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“Sure thing,” answered Joey. His stomach then growled, “Man, I wish I had something to eat.”
Rex's stomach growled, “Don't remind me.'
“All you two think about is food,” then much to Amy's embarrassment, her stomach growled.
“Humans have plenty of food,” said Thief, “Humans never share with Thief. Only nice outlanders share food.”
“Yeah right!” Techno shouted at Thief, “You always steal our food making us go hungry!” Then Techno's stomach growled, “Why did I mention food?”
“Can't we give them some food Chief Haro?” asked Rele.
Chief Haro sighed, not liking the idea, “I guess some of Shute's rice balls won't hurt.”
“Rice whats?” asked Amy.
“You'll see,” said Genkimaru.
A few minutes later, an employee walked out with a plate of rice balls. The starving Skylarkains looked at them unsure.
“They look tasty,” said Amy.
Rex picked on up, removed his muffler, and took a small bite out of it. His eyes let up and he stuffed the entire rice ball into his mouth. The other three tried the rice balls and they to began stuffing them into their mouths.
“Man, this is tasty,” said Joey. They finished the plate in less than five minutes.
Rex belched, “I needed that.” He put his muffler back on.
“Hey Fleur,” said Techno, “Where have you been these past who knows how many years.”
“It's a really long story,” said Fleur.
“I suggest you start then,” said Amy.
“Chief Haro! Chief Haro!” Guneagle and the Gunchoppers flew down on them, “That dragon has returned. We saw him walking this way.”
“King Lucky! What are you doing here!?” shouted Joey.
“His name isn't Lucky,” said Captain, “It's Guneagle.”
“Whoa, did I miss something? Where did these four come from?” asked Guneagle.
“They're my friends,” Fleur answered. The four Skylarkains were still confused at how Guneagle looked exactly like Lucky, “And when did Lucky become king?”
“Your father never made it to the village so that automatically makes Lucky king,” explained Joey.
“How fast was the dragon moving?” asked Captain.
Gunchopper 1 answered, “He was to far away to get an accurate reading.”
“Uh-oh,” said Rex, “I think Draco's looking for us.”
“Ah, dang it you're right!” said Amy, “We've been gone for too long.”
Techno started freaking out, “Not good! Not good! Not good! He'll try to bar-b-que you guys on sight.”
Joey started rubbing his head, “It's not Draco we should worry about it's Rocket! He'll kill us for being gone this long.”
Skylar came bounding down the mountain again, “Hey guys we need to take care of that dragon pronto.” The Skylarkains screamed when they saw Skylar.
“What is that!?” shouted Joey.
Fleur looked up at Skylar, “Don't worry. This Skylar the new Spirit of Skylark. He's harmless.”
“New spirit?” asked Amy, “Okay you have a lot of explaining to do now.”
Fleur sighed and told them about what had happen in Neotopia. In return, the Skylarkains told them what had happen. They eventually began to combine their stories in order to make more sense.
While they were talking a pair of hazel eyes watched just out of earshot. The dragon had returned and soon left to tell the villages what he had found.
“Strange,” said Rex, “I never thought the Spirit of Skylark to be nice.”
Skylar was enjoying the free ear scratches and all of the attention, “I'm not mean. Unless you're a demon.”
Joey headed towards the pocket forest, “Hey Captain. You, Shute, Zero, Baku, and Fleur are still coming right?”
“Can I come?” asked Skylar wagging his tails hopefully.
“No offense but they might see you as a threat,” said Fleur. Skylar stopped wagging his tails and his ears and wings drooped.
Joey led the way through the forest. It wasn't very deep. In fact, they could already see the fires and artificial light in the village on the other side.
“We are scrap metal when we get back,” said Techno.
“Oh, come on Techno,” said Shute, “Rocket can't be all that bad can he?”
“You said he was a knight correct?” asked Zero. Fleur nodded. He continued, “Then he is only looking out for your safety.”
“He's an overprotective knight with a title big enough to match his ego,” said Fleur.
“What do ya expect?” asked Joey, “He's Captain of the Guards.” Three blurs passed by them and next thing the Gundam Force knew; Joey, Amy, Techno, and Rex were gone.
Bakunetsumaru instantly drew his swords, “Who's there? Show yourself!”
The copper and gold dragon from before landed in front of them shaking the earth. He roared and spat fire into the air. The dragon reared up on his hind legs showing off his size, stretched his huge magnificent wings and waved his tail slowly back and forth. He growled at the gundams, “Leave this place!”
“Draco!” shouted Fleur, “What are you doing?!”
“You may have tricked them but you won't fool me,” A fighting fire glowed in Draco's hazel eyes. He stomped the ground with his forelimbs, shaking the earth and knocking the gundams down. He snarled and bared his teeth at his targets.
Fleur whistled and Skylar came barreling through the dead trees snarling. He jumped between the gundams and Draco and puffed out his chest trying to imitate the dragon, “Leave my friends alone.”
Draco also puffed up, “You dare invade my turf?” he snarled, “Very well then. If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!” Draco tossed his heavy head at Skylar and rammed him in the ribs. Skylar rolled, shook it off, and jumped at Draco. Draco swiped at Skylar and knocked him back down. Skylar saw his chance and scratched Draco's side. His claws managed to pierce the dragon's scales and draw blood. Draco growled a little and knocked Skylar away with his tail. Skylar clamped his jaws around Draco's tail. Draco turned his long neck and spat fire at the unsuspecting spirit. Skylar released Draco's tail and screamed in pain. He then held up his front paws and shot water at the fire and then into Draco's mouth.
Skylar started at his paws, “How did I do that?”
Draco coughed up the water that was in his lungs and shook his head, “What are you?” Skylar, not wanting to take any chances, spread his red feathered wings and shot into the air. Draco followed him high above the treetops and bit Skylar's tails. Skylar howled in pain and got the villagers attention. They stared in disbelief as they watched Draco fight, what they thought was a white and silver monster. Electricity crackled and covered Skylar's body. The dragon immediately lets go of him not wanting to get zapped. Skylar then dove back into the forest and licked his injured tails. Draco took a chance and spat fire at Skylar again. Skylar opened his mouth the fire his spirit blast but instead spat fire. Their attacks met halfway and pushed against one another. After a few minutes they both stopped.
Skylar coughed and rubbed his mouth, “Where the heck did that come from!?”
Draco growled out of annoyance and dived bombed Skylar. Draco roars again and spreads his claws ready to unknowingly kill Skylark's new Great Protector.
No longer thinking, Skylar stomped the ground causing the earth to rumble and explode knocking Draco clear out of the sky and partially burying the dragon. “Okay I'm officially freaked out!” said Skylar.
Draco strained and pulled himself half way out of the mound of dirt, “What are you? How can you use all four elemental powers?”
Skylar bared his teeth and spreads his forelimbs, “My name is Skylar and I don't know how I just did all of that. Now let us pass Draco!”
“I'll never let you outlanders into the village,” Draco then let out a deep growling howl.
“Oh no,” said Fleur.
“What is wrong?” asked Captain.
“RRAAHHH!” A huge hammer swung in front of them twice and then slammed into the ground knocking them backwards. The hammer's owner lifted it up and onto his shoulder The owner was a very unusual and strange looking gundam. His left eye was brown and his right eye was blue. His armor looked like a jumble of mix-matched gundam parts. His shoulders and arms were white and copper, his body had various shades of red, blue, and green, and his legs and feet were maroon red and black and he had wheels on the back of his feet. Even his helmet wasn't symmetrical and his mouth guard didn't seem to match up either. Besides the hammer, he had a variety of numerous weapons ranging from long range to short, medieval to futuristic. All different styles of swords rested on his belt, he carried everything from maces to lances to axes in a huge backpack like carrier on his back and many different kinds of guns were rested either on his arms or legs.
“Who are you?” asked Captain.
The gundam chuckled, “I can be whoever I want. Even you Captain Gundam.” His armor glowed and began to change. The various colors on his armor either faded out or became more prodominate. After only a second or two he looked exactly like Captain. All of his other weapons had seemed to disappeared and he now only carried a beam rifle, a beam saber and a shield that matched Captains shield perfectly. Even his eyes were the same color as Captain's.
“What the!?” shouted Shute.
“You're still out numbered four against one,” said Zero.
“It's actually three against four, “another gundam zipped around the battlefield at a blinding speed. He finally stopped and hovered next to the Captain mimic. He was a green and white knight carrying a plasma sword and a shield. On his cape, the letters GT were inscribed. His eyes were also green.
“What!?” shouted Zero, “You're a knight of Skylark?”
“How observant outlander,” said the green knight chuckled and gave Zero an evil look.
“You'll pay for hurting Draco!” a gundam wearing copper and gold dragon armor jumped up and landed next to the knight with his sword drawn. This gundams eyes were brown.
Baku raised his swords against him, “Speak! Who are you?”
The three gundams answered in unison, “We are the Guntriplets. We have sworn ourselves to protect others from all forms of evil.” The Guntriplets charged the Gundam Force. Captain and his mimic locked beam sabers. Zero and the green knight swapped blows. Bakunetsumaru and the dragon gundam clashed swords. Fleur grabbed Shute and flew into a tree. She motioned to Skylar to hide in the trees.
“Aw, man,” said Shute, “This could get ugly.”
“Trust me,” said Fleur, “It already has.”
Zero and the green knight circled into the air and exchanged blows. Their techniques were similar except Zero struck with magic and the green knight used his speed.
The mimic had copied Captain perfectly. No matter what Captain tried, his mimic matched it blow for blow. Eventually Captain felt like he was fighting a mirror version of himself. The dragon gundam's single sword was a small disadvantage against Bakunetsumaru's twin katanas. Baku repeatedly landed hits on the dragon gundam, but they went unnoticed as the dragon gundam stayed on the defensive. Baku finally got careless and allowed himself to get attacked by the dragon gundam's tail. Baku recovered and jumped right back into the fray but his strikes continued to bounce off of the dragon gundams armor.
“Pretty good outlander,” said the green knight.
“You're not to bad yourself,” said Zero.
The green knight placed his shield on his back, “Maybe I should stop going easy on you.” He placed both hands on the sword's hilt and pointed it at Zero. Zero raised his shield ready for a straight on attack. The distinct sound of an engine revving up came from the green knight, “Time to live up to my name.” The flight boosters in his feet fired up causing a small flame to appear out of the bottom of his feet and sent him straight towards Zero like a rocket. Zero flew higher and dodged the attack. The green knight kicked off of a tree and came back for him.
Zero ducked and dodged again, “Speed isn't always a good advantage. Lacroaian Crescent!” The green knight ricocheted again but this flew straight into Zero's attack, knocking him out of the sky. The green knight slammed into the ground below with tremendous speed.
“Rocket!” the dragon gundam broke away from Baku and ran over to him, “Are you okay brother?”
Rocket stumbled to his feet, “I'm file…five…fine! I-I'm fine Dragoon. Just a little sore.”
The mimic looked away from Captain for only a second to check on his brothers. Captain took the open opportunity and punched the mimic straight in the gunsoul. Well more like gunsoul's cover. The mimic slammed against a tree and changed back into his original form, “Cheap shot,” said the mimic.
“Wheeler!” shouted Rocket and Dragoon. They both ran/ flew past Baku and Captain to their brother, “Are you okay?”
Wheeler shook it off, “I'm fine brothers.”
“Hold up,” said Shute, “They're related?”
“Yes Shute,” Fleur answered, “They're triplet brothers. You mean `Guntriplets' didn't give that away?” Shute felt stupid. Fleur laughed softly at Shute's confusement then shouted, “Guntriplets! Stop attacking guest of royalty.”
The Guntriplets finally noticed Princess Fleur.
“What the hell!?!” shouted Dragoon.
“Who are you and why have you copied the late Princess Fleur?!” shouted Rocket enraged.
“I am Princess Fleur!” she shouted.
“Lair!” shouted Wheeler, “Reveal yourself!”
“Use your scanner Wheeler,” said Fleur, “That will prove my innocence.”
A green visor came down over Wheeler's left eye. He did a quick scan of Fleur, “So you have cloaking chip as well? Impressive.”
Fleur almost fell out of the tree, “You have got to be kidding. Even they don't believe me?”
“How dare you mimic the princess!” Rocket got ready to attack Fleur but Skylar pounced on the Guntriplets.
“Run! Get to the village!” Skylar ordered, “I can smell Lucky and Azural. They'll sort this out.”
“You're not getting pass me,” Draco was back on his feet and blocked their path. He breathed fire but the Gundam force zig-zagged out of the way and passed the dragon. Before Draco could attack again. Skylar pounced on him and the Guntriplets chased the gundams.
Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fleur, ran/flew straight into the center of the village. The Skylarkains gasped and ran screaming at the gundams sudden appearance. They knew already that Shute wasn't from Skylark since his skin did not glow a bright white color.
“So much for a good first impression,” said Shute. An alarm horn blared and hundreds of human and gundam warriors appeared and quickly surrounded them. The Guntriplets emerged from the forest and pointed their weapons at them. Draco tossed Skylar out of the trees and pinned the young spirit under his tremendous weight.
“Hands up! Drop you weapons!” an archer shouted.
Captain, Zero, Fleur, and Shute obeyed and held up their hands in defeat. Bakunetsumaru however, kept a tight grip on his swords, “I will never surrender my sacred blades.”
Zero tried to talk some sense into him, “There's already enough tension. Just drop your swords and stay alive.”
Baku refused, “I would rather die with them in my….” Two well placed shots knocked Baku's swords clear out of his hands.
“Go ahead pick them up,” said the human gun wielder, “I dare ya.” He cocked the gun. Baku growled and unwittingly raised his hands as well. A few Skylarkains took their weapons.
Rocket, Dragoon, and Wheeler walked slowly around there captives. Shute tried to show that he wasn't scared but failed whenever one of them waved a weapon in his face.
“This is only a misunderstanding,” pleaded Captain, “I assure you, we mean you no harm. We attacked only out of defense. I'm sure King Lucky can sort this….”
Rocket punched him square in the jaw, “Speak not our king's name.” Captain didn't flinch but mearly remained quite. Rocket hovered to Fleur and landed in front of her, “State your name.”
“Princess Fleur,” she answered.
Rocket backhanded her, “You know, I don't like to hit ladies. Now tell me your real name.”
“That is my real name,” Fleur answered.
Rocket knocked her down, “Your real name.”
Fleur couldn't believe the Captain of the Guards just knocked her down, “How dare you treat a princess like that.”
“Rocket pointed his plasma sword at Fleur's neck, “So…you say that you are our long since dead princess. Well then, where's your golden feather?” Now they were in trouble. EagleEye still had the feather as far as she knew.
“EagleEye took it,” she answered. Several Skylarkains broke out into laughter.
Rocket chuckled, “It seems we have a comedian in our midst.” He moved his sword away from Fleur's neck, “Get up,” he ordered. The knight roughly yanked on Fleur's wings and pushed her back against the gundams.
“Are you okay princess?” asked Zero.
“I'm pissed off more than anything,” Fleur whispered back.
Rocket hovered over to Shute, “Well, you're defiantly not from around here.”
Shute locked eyes with him, “Okay, look. We're not here to cause trouble. We just want to help free Skylark from the demons. The village broke out in laughter again.
“Ask your king,” said Zero, “He'll tell you the truth.”
“Silence you!” Wheeler punched Zero hard in the stomach.
“Just go get Lucky and Azural,” said Bakunetsumaru, “They'll…”
Dragoon gave him a swift uppercut, “You will address royalty properly.” Nothing was working. They were staring down the wrong of countless weapons and the villagers refused to believe them. Some curious little kids looked out from behind the houses and torch stands.
Joey, Amy, Techno, and Rex climbed onto a rooftop for a better view. Much to their horror, they saw the Gundam Force surrounded and defenseless.
“What are y'all doing!” shouted Joey.
“You blind idiots!” shouted Amy, “That's Princess Fleur!” they jumped off the roof and ran towards their friends.
“No! Stay back!” some older Skylarkains held them back, “Princess Fleur is dead! These outlanders have violated our village. They are working for the demons.”
“Do they look like demons!?” shouted Techno, “No! They are our friends! That's Princess Fleur!”
Rex struggled to get free, “That over sized mutt is the Spirit of Skylark! They are the Gundam Force! They're here to help!”
“What's going on out here?” Azural stood on a tall hill overlooking the scene. She was wearing robe lined with fur, a jeweled choker around her neck, and her tiara sat on her head and she had metal bandages covering most of her body. She looked down and saw her friends surrounded, “Fleur! Captain! Shute! Zero! Bakunetsumaru! You guys came!” she ran down to greet them but was stopped by a knight, “Hey! Let go!”
“Forgive me princess but I must look out for you're safety,” the knight apologized.
“Azural!” Fleur and the others shouted. They were relived and happy to see her alive.
Azural struggled to get free, “Guntriplets don't you dare hurt them and especially not my sister!” Now the Skylarkains were in a stalemate. They were suppose to protect the village but have just received direct orders not to hurt the outlanders.
Skylar struggled under Draco's weight. All he had to do was howl and Chief Haro would send reinforcements. He finally dislodged his mouth from Draco's claws and howled at the top of his lungs. Draco covered his ears the howling was so loud.
Chief Haro heard Skylar's cry for help, “Guneagle! Gunchoppers! Rele! Genkimaru! Lock onto that howl and move out!” Skylar continued to howl causing everyone else to cover his or her ears.
“Yo! Skylar! Chill out already!” Guneagle flew in followed by the Gunchoppers, then Rele and Genkimaru on the blue magic mana circle.
“What are you guys doing here!?” shouted Captain, “Fall back! Fall back now!”
“What are you talking about?” asked Genkimaru, “You guys need our help.”
Shute shouted, “Get out of here before they…”
“Fire!” Wheeler shot multiple missiles at Guneagle an the others.
“Scatter!” said the Gunchoppers in unison.
“Send out the flight restrainers!” ordered Rocket. Ten flight restrainers shot into the air attempting to ground Guneagle and the Gunchoppers.
“Come on Princess Azural,” the knight picked up Azural and ran for cover. Rele and Genkimaru landed in the middle of the Skylarkains and quickly knocked the Gundam Forces weapons back to them. Unfortunately they soon found themselves staring down the wrong end of every weapon imaginable.
“Princess Rele!” Zero went for his weapons but Dragoon cuts him off and clamps a flight restrainer around Zero's neck and pointed his sword at the Winged Knight's neck “You're not going anywhere. Take down those other fliers!” Some flight restrainers had clamped around the Gunchoppers necks and forced them down. The villagers closed in and surrounded all seven of them and forced them to drop all of their weapons
Skylar slipped out from under Draco and ran to assist his friends but Draco quickly pinned him again.
Several aerial units circled Guneagle and knocked him out of the sky. “Speak!” said an aerial gundam, “Who are you mimic?”
“Dude! Get off of me!” said Guneagle, “I'm Prince Lucky's friend, Guneagle!”
“Lair!” spat his capturer.
“What's going on here?” Lucky flew a few feet in the air and was covered in metal bandages. A fur-lined robe with a four-leaf clover on the back draped his back. His crown sat neatly atop his head and he held something in a tightly clutched fist.
“King Lucky,” all of the Skylarkains bowed and forced the Gundam Force to do so as well. No one dared moved without unless Lucky said so. Lucky's gaze swept over the fire lit village. As he surveyed his subjects. It was deadly quite except for the crackling fires. His eyes traveled to the knight holding Azural, “Release my little sister.” The knight obeyed and Azural swiped at the knight. Lucky slowly flew down the hill, his robe slowly waving in the wind. He froze when he saw the Gundam Force and how they were being treated, “What are you doing? Release my friends and my older sister!” Rocket, Dragoon and Wheeler instantly moved away from Captain, Shute, Zero, Baku, and Fleur, Draco got off of Skylar, The flight restrainers were removed from the Gunchoppers' and Zero's necks and Rele, Genkimaru, and Guneagle were freed. A murmur ran through the crowd.
“Fleur!” Azural raced down the hill to her big sister, “I knew you would come!”
Fleur picked up and hugged her sister, “I promised I would.”
“Azural! Your tail,” said Shute in alarm, What happened?” Her entire tail was covered in the metal bandages.
“The demons got us,” answered Lucky. He flew towards his friends and landed in front of them, “Are you guys okay?”
“Besides the unwelcoming committee,” said Guneagle, “Yeah we're fine, bro.”
“Sire?” asked rocket cautiously, “Not to doubt our judgement your majesty but…are you quite certain that she is your older sister? She does not posses a gold feather.”
Lucky held up the gold feather that was clutched in his fist, “You really need to learn some patience Rocket.”
“My feather!” Fleur took it from her brother, “I owe you one Lucky.” The Skylarkains gasped, realizing they had just committed treason. They all instantly bowed to Fleur and begged forgiveness. “Knock it off,” said Fleur, “I forgive you.”
“You fought EagleEye?” asked Captain. Some Skylarkains cringed upon hearing his name.
“It's a long story,” said Lucky, “But first, allow me to welcome all of you to the Village of Survivors.”
Z1: Is it safe zako?
FFD: Yeah, it's safe for now.
Z2: (pokes head out of bag) Good zako. I was getting claustrophobic.
Z1: (pushes Z2 out of bag then gets out of bag) Greeting ladies and gentlebots today's meeting is all about
Z1 & Z2: All of these new Skylarkains! (crickets chirp)
Z1: Huh? (looks around) Hey where's our audience zako?
FFD: (points at readers)
Z2: Fine then zako. (tosses blue mic at FFD)
FFD: What am I suppose to do with this?
Z1: We don't know squat about these guys and you're the author zako.
FFD: Fine.
Z2: First up are these guys zako. (Joey, Amy, Techno, and Rex appear on the screen)
FFD: These guys are Fleur's best friends in the entire kingdom.
Z1: And?
FFD: That's all.
Z1: That's all?
FFD: Yep.
Z2: Give a better explanation zako!
FFD: Okay, okay! Don't blow a circuit. Techno has the elemental power of electricity. Rex has the elemental power of earth. Amy's a psychic. And Joey has known Fleur since they were both very little zako. You got me doing it now!
Z2: Okay and what about these three zako. (Guntriplets appear on the screen)
FFD: In order from oldest too youngest these guys are Rocket, Dragoon, and Wheeler. They are the only set of gundam triplets ever born in Skylark.
Z1: How are they related zako?
FFD: They're brothers.
Z2: Not what we meant zako. They don't even look alike zako zako.
FFD: Neither does Fleur and Azural. Or Fleur and Lucky for that matter zako. Dang it!
Z1: Good point. Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis… Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!