SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Village of Surviors ( Chapter 25 )

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The other Skylarkains came out of hiding. Most ranged from little kids to older teenagers and young adults. Unsure, they started in awe at the newly arrived gundams. But, if the king said they were safe, then it must be so. The warriors that had attacked them earlier sheathed their weapons; disbelief running through their minds that Fleur was alive and standing before them.
“Thank you your majesty,” said Captain.
“Dude, Captain,” said King Lucky, “You guys are my friends. Don't start calling me `majesty' or `highness' or any of those other titles okay?”
“As you wish, King Lucky,” said Shute.
Azural questioned them, “What took you guys so long?”
“We had to wait on bell Wood to finish his device,” said Bakunetsumaru.
One question continued to burn in Fleur's mind, “Say, Lucky. How did you and Azural escape from EagleEye.” Some of the Skylarkains shuddered at the name while the little kids covered their ears and whimpered.
“Well it wasn't easy,” Lucky started, “after Azural and I flew through the portal, we ended up inside the ballroom…”
Demonico and Azural soar out of the portal and land just in front of the machine. Demons surrounded them, growling and snarling filled the air. The green gundam mechanic, Dr Electrocudo, started in shock at what he saw.
Demonico took command, “Azural! Short out the vacuum!” Flatten against the machine, Azural grabbed her triton and activated her elemental power. Metal pipes creaked and groaned eventually bursting through the ballroom walls spraying everyone and everything with water. Doc caught on a shot a well-placed lighting bolt at the frizzling machine causing it to explode.
EagleEye shook himself off after the water finally stopped. The portal was closed and the machine was in shambles, “Seize them!” Demons swarmed them but Demonico quickly placed a shield up around the Azural, Doc and himself.
“Why are you helping us?!” demanded Doc.
“I'm the good kind of demon,” answered Demonico straining, “How many can you take?”
Doc snapped back, “I'm a thinker not a fighter!”
“You really don't have a choice right no,” said Azural
Doc growled, “I guess maybe 15.”
“Azural, what about you?' Demonico asked.
“Umm…one,” she answered embarrassed.
“Great,” grumbled Demonico, “I get 1,074,967. Okay. One the count of three,” he said, “1…2…3!” Demonico dropped his shield and led the attack. Doc shot multiple lighting bolts at any demon whom approached him; Azural warded off some with her triton; and Demonico took the remainder of the demons that came for him. From his birds eye view, Demonico watched the Dark Axis trio flee from the ballroom and saw Prisoner quickly dart back threw a secret passage, “Was that…?”
“Low down traitor!” Demon General brought him back to reality, “You could have been great.”
“Save your breath,” spat Demonico. He dodged D.G. and flew to the middle of the room and shouted, “All of you demons are blind! Your reign is coming to an end. We need to help the Gundam Force not fight them!”
“Don't listen to him!” shouted EagleEye, “The Gundam Force will fall. Stay on the winning side!”
“Winning side?” interrupted Demonico, “For how long? The sun is gone and is slowly taking the humans and gundams with it! What will you do after you destroy all existence in the universe? What will you do after you catapult everything into eternal darkness? All of you will starve to death that's what!”
“Silence!” EagleEye knocked Demonico into Azural and Doc causing him to change back into Lucky for a quick second then back into Demonico.
“Lucky!” Azural helped him up, “Are you okay?”
“Sire!?!” shouted Doc in disbelief.
Demonico groaned in pain, “Doc, use thunder-strike. We have to run for it.”
“As you command King Lucky,” Doctor Electrocudo formed first an electrical force field around them, then the semi sphere filed collapsed into a straight line that crackled and causes thunder to roar throughout the ballroom. Then the straight line dove into the ground and sent an electric ripple racing towards and up the walls, electrocuting everyone in its path.
“Move it!” Demonico, Azural and Doc raced out of the ballroom. Their footsteps echoed off the tall walls and were soon joined by millions of demon footsteps. Azural looked behind them and screamed as a wave of hungry demons raced towards them, “We're going to die!” The swarm came down upon them. Screams and missed aim shots came from both sides. Then, a miracle; the outnumbered gundams were pulled out of the swarm by three demons leaving the others to fight each other. Demonico gasped for air, Doc was on his knees close to a heart attack, and Azural had been knocked out and her tail spilt down the middle.
“Azural!” Demonico shook the water princess, “Come on. Wake up.”
“Demonico,” one of the demons spoke, “We have switched sides.”
“We rather take our chances with you,” said a second demon.
“You're helping us?” asked Doc confused.
“Thank you,” Demonico scooped up Azural.
The tallest one nodded, “We'll hold them off as long as we can while you three escape.”
“I owe you guys,” he headed for the front doors, “Come on Doc! Move!”
One demon in the swarm looked up, “They're getting away!” The swarm broke up and charged again. Demonico's followers slowed them down before they too ran out of the castle.
Demonico sped threw the forest carrying Azural and Doc. His followers galloped close behind. Battered and severely injured, all of them made it to Dracion Village a.k.a. the Village of Survivors. The Skylarkains gasped in fear but Doc managed to calm them and told what had happened. Demonico changed back into Lucky, “No one is to harm these three demons. They are allies.” Then he passed out from exhaustion.
Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fleur, Rele, Genkimaru, Guneagle and the Gunchoppers started at Lucky in disbelief.
“You sir, are officially crazy,” said Guneagle.
Lucky chuckled, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
“Does the word `suicide' mean anything to you?” asked Bakunetsu.
“You could've been killed!” said Zero
“You idiot!” shouted Fleur, “You do realize that you, Azural, and me are the family we have left?”
“Course I do sis,” Lucky answered, “But we're still alive aren't we?”
Shute smiled, “I guess that's why you're called Lucky.”
Captain scolded him, “Your luck held out this time must next time you will not be as lucky Lucky.”
Sensing something Skylar had wondered off during the story. He quietly sneaked towards the familiar smell. “Hello,” he spied three demons crouched down in the grass out of sight of the villagers. Muscles tensed, he sneaked on his belly threw the dead grass. Teeth bared, Skylar let out a low growl and pounced at the demons brandishing his hippogriff like fore claws.
The demons heard and fled from him just in time yelling, “Demonico! Demonico! Heeeeeeellllllllllp!”
“Come back here!” Skylar tore after them hot on their heels eventually chasing them into the artificially and fire lit village.
The demons, two of which are half human half animal and the third one was a strange creature almost the size of a giraffe, ran for their lives, Skylar snapping at them trying to catch at least one.
Lucky shouted, “Skylar! Knock it off!” The three demons saw their leader and made a tight turn, throwing Skylar off his balance, and tried to hide behind Lucky
“Save us Demonico,” pleaded on of the demons.
Skylar slipped and rammed into a tree, “What are you doing?”
“You didn't here any of that story did you?” asked Azural.
“I wondered off,” Skylar answered.
Joey slapped his head, “I can't believe I'm about to say this but…they're on our side.” He shivered at the thought.
Baku eyed the demons, “How do we know it's not a trap?”
Azural smiled, “Don't worry they're harmless.” She walked up to the tallest one.
Fleur watched her. “Um…Azural? What are you doing?”
Azural flopped against the tall demon, “See? Nothing.”
“Hey,” said the tall demon, “Get off.”
Genkimaru asked, “So what are their names?” The three demons first looked at Lucky, who nodded it was okay.
A five foot six inch female demon stood up first. A bit of fox demon made her disobedient fluffy hair brown, and have the ears and tail of a fox. Her glowing red eyes stood out from her slightly tannish skin, I'm Karisa Ti'Sharul.”
Next, the six-foot tall female stood up. She looked like a cross between a human and a raptor. Her feet were that of a velociraptor, scales are tannish brown, and her right hand was clawed while the left hand was human. Her ears are very long ending in black tips; black stripes run down her neck and back all the way to her tail ending in a black tip. Stripes also ran along her legs to the top of her knees; her elemental power, fire, “My name is Raptor.”
The last demon is a super tall male that walks on four legs. Two arms held a pair of wings down and out of the way. His long whip like tail had a sail spine running down it. The top of his round head also had a small sail spine. He towered over the other and was only shorter than Draco. His skin is silver and his spines are black, “I'm Hubert.”
Rele smiled, I guess they're not to bad.” Genkimaru agreed. A Skylarkain gundam scoffed and jumped into a tree. The gundam had solid black armor with green eyes and had a spike coming off of either shoulder. His pet, a bat known as a flying fox, hung down from on of the spikes. Then gundam glared at the demons with the look to kill.
“What's his problem?” asked Shute.
Fleur answered, “That's a demon slayer. It's their job to kill any demon they see and are usually black or gray.” Karisa, Raptor, and Hubert took a few steps away from the silent gundam.
Captain got back to business, “Guneagle and Gunchoppers, return to the Gundamusai and tell Chief Haro what we found.
“Roger Captain,” Guneagle and the Gunchoppers flew back to The Gundamusai. While Captain filled Lucky and Azural in on what had happened, the Guntriplets discussed amongst themselves.
Rocket growled, “This just doesn't make any sense.”
“Everything checks out,” said Wheeler, “She is our long lost Princess Fleur.”
“How is she still alive after all this time?” Dragoon asked, “That's impossible!”
Wheeler rubbed his head, “This is nonsense. Demons are the predators and we're the prey. Now one is our king and three more want to help.”
“Everything I know is a lie!” Rocket covers his face.
Dragoon looked over at the Gundam Force, “It wouldn't hurt to give them a chance. The new gundams and humans, I can handle but Skylar. I don't trust him.”
“You're scared of him?” asked Rocket, “You raised a dragon from an egg. Why are you scared of him.”
“He's got you there,” said Wheeler.
“I know that,” Dragoon snapped at his brothers, “But I know Draco won't harm Dracoin Village. It's part of his territory.”
Rocket looked back at Captain, “We should keep an eye on their leader. Just in caahhhhh!” the Guntriplets were snatched into the air by an almost invisible wire, got swung around in the air and pelted with bright florisant paintballs, and then smacked into a tree upside down hanging from their feet in a daze. Paint in every florisant color imaginable covered their armor. The royal siblings busted out laughing along with Joey, Shute, Techno, Amy, Rex, Genkimaru, and pretty much the entire village. Neither Bakunetsu nor Zero could hold back their laughter.
“Serves them right,” said Baku.
Dragoon shook it off, “Ah-ouch. What just happen?”
A young Skylarkain, a little younger and shorter then Shute with lettuce green hair was laughing harder than everyone else, “Hahaha! You should've seen your faces.” He had on a blue backpack and tattered clothes.
Rocket blew a circuit, “Jay Turner! Just wait `till I get my hands on you!” He struggled to get free. Wheeler pulled out what looked like a yo-yo with razors on it and trained it to the nearly invisible wire cutting it. Dragoon and him fell out of the trap but Rocket flew straight at Jay. Jay stopped laughing and managed to out run Rocket, at least until he cornered himself. “I've got you now.” Rocket reached out to grab Jay but the quick kid darted out from under him causing the green knight to slam into a building. Rocket stood back up holding his head, “One of these days Turner!” he proceed to wiping off some of the paint. Jay Turner stopped near Shute and the other kids still snickering.
“That was awesome,” said Shute
“You have to show me how you did that,” said Genkimaru.
Jay did a quick bow, “Thank you, thank you, you're a wonderful audience.”
After a scowl from Dragoon, anyone still laughing instantly stopped.
Jay then changed from a mischievous brat into someone friendly, “Name's Jay. And, if I remember, you guys are Shute, Princess Rele, Genkimaru, and of course the noble Princess Azural.” He bowed to the water princess.
Azural answered trying to sound important, “Correct Jay.”
“That was rather clever, “ said Princess Rele, “How did you do that?”
“Simple,” Jay answered, “Some trip wire, a few well placed paintball guns, and you guys as a distraction and viola! My backpack's full of all kinds of stuff.” The four kids continued to talk amongst themselves.
“Saves me the trouble of messing with them,” said Fleur.
Zero finally had to know, “Why is it that both princes and princesses love to tease knights though we risk life and limb to protect you.”
“It's fun,” answered Lucky, “Besides, there's nothing else to do inside a huge castle.”
“What are you two doing up?” Lucky and Azural froze at the voice. A green gundam with yellow lighting bolt decoration stood a few feet away.
Techno groaned, “They're fine Dad.”
Dr. Electrocudo shook his head, “Neither one can fight and they shouldn't be walking around with those kinds of injuries.” His gaze shifted to Fleur.
Lucky sighed and held his head, “Here we go.”
“And you princess Fleur,” Doc walked up to her and grabbed her wrist.
Fleur fought back, “Hey what are you-ouch!” Doc used his elemental electricity power to expose Fleur's retractable claws, “What have you been sharpening your claws with? A rock?”
“Well um…yes?” Fleur sweatdropped in embarrassment.
Doc scowled at her, “Your claws are dull and not to mention off center.” He dropped her hand and walked behind her, “And your wings aren't much better.” He reached out to grab one. Fleur quickly turned around, “Whoa! Don't think so Doc. What's wrong with my wings?”
Doc answered rather professionally, “One, your feathers are out of aliment. Two, I can tell you broke them at least once. And three, I can also tell you used your golden feather to fix them along with a severe injury on your left arm both of which were caused by a demon knowing full well that the fix was only temporary and that the wound would eventually reopen after you used it one to many times. You better let me give them a proper repair.”
Captain was impressed, “How were you able to conclude all of that by just looking at Princess Fleur.”
Doc answered rather proudly, “It's my job as a gundam mechanic.”
This caught Shute's interest, “A gundam that repairs gundams?”
“Basically,” said Joey.
Amy suddenly remembered something, “Say, didn't you guys need Doc to fix your ship?”
“The Gundamusai,” said Baku, “I'd almost forgot about it.”
“How could you forget about our way home?” asked Zero.
“You know good and well that we're stranded here until Dr. Bell Wood can fix the trans-dimensional device,” Bakunetsu snapped back.
“There's no need to remind me you hothead,” said Zero.
“Why you-!” Baku went for his swords.
“Calm down!” Captain restrained Baku.
Zero smirked, “You can release him Captain. I can handle this samurai.”
“I thought they were on the same side,” said Rex.
“Usually,” said Fleur.
Doc tried to ignore the bickering gundams, “What's the `Gundamusai'?”
“It's their ship and their only way home,” answered Techno, “Can you please fix it Dad?”
Doc though it over, “I guess I could try.”
Captain, Shute, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru led the way back to the Gundamusai through the pocket forest. Joey and Techno tagged along sense that was the only way Dr. Electrocudo would come. Raptor and Karisa came as well to provide protection.
Chief Haro heard them coming and looked up, “Welcome back Captain Gundam. Guneagle and the Gunchoppers have reported your finds to me.”
Captain saluted the chief, “Always a pleasure to find you and the SDG unharmed.”
Doc was instantly lost in the foreign technology, “Amazing. I was right. There are other dimensions out there. And they're as advance as we are.”
“Who's the new guy?” asked Bell Wood.
“This is Doc,” answered Shute, “he's going to try and fix the Gundamusai.”
Julie looked pass them and noticed Karisa and Raptor, “Demons! Right behind you!”
“We're on your side!” they shouted in unison. Raptor growled out of annoyance, “Didn't you tell them about us Guneagle?”
Guneagle scratched his head, “I'm pretty sure I did.”
Karisa sighed, “This is going to take longer than I thought.”
Thief was hanging around the mini base humming when he noticed the gundams, “Friends return! Thief find many things. Now you fix ship. Thief ability to find things helped.”
Joey whispered out of the corner of his mouth, “Probably stole them more likely.” Techno agreed with a nod.
Kao-Lynn was hanging around the damaged Gundamusai doing various random karate moves when he noticed Doc, “Ah-ha. Finally, someone who is familiar with these materials. Yea woo hoo-hoo!” He performed a back flip. Joey, Techno, and Doc took a step backwards from Kao-Lyn somewhat scared of him. Shute couldn't help but snicker.
Doc walked slowly around Kao-Lyn, keeping his distance, and up to what once was the left engine, “Nice shot Draco.” He examined the burnt hole before jumping inside, “Amazing, such technology.” He looked back at the supplies Thief had gathered, most of which were pieces of scrap metal and a few broken wires, “That should be enough.”
“So you can repair our left engine?” asked Chief Haro.
“With some time and a better understanding of your technology, yes I could,” answered Doc.
“Now if we just had our dimensional transport working we would be set,” said Bakunetsumaru.
Bell Wood glared at Bakunetsu, “I told you it's going to take me a few weeks.”
“Why don't you just use ours?” asked Techno.
“You have a dimensional transport device?” asked Zero.
“Yep,” answered Dr. Electrocudo, “I've been working on it for about 15, 16 years and I still can't get it to work.”
Chief Haro got an idea, “I'll make you a deal Doctor, you fix our ship and we'll help finish your device.”
“Deal,” Doc continued to work on the ship.
Something in the air changed and Raptor's ears shot up, “You sense that Karisa?”
Karisa sniffed the air, “Yeah, I do.”
“Sense what?” asked Shute.
“Demons,” they answered in unison, “Five of them.”
Leaving Doc, Guneagle and the Gunchoppers behind, Captain and the others raced back into the village, finding that everyone was already on high alert. Hubert and Skylar had sensed the demons but still didn't know where they were or what they were.
“I knew we couldn't trust those demons,” said Rocket, “they led more of there kind straight to us.”
“We're on your side,” snapped Hubert. A thunderous roar shook the ground and rattled the trees and houses in the village. All eyes on the sky, four shadows encircled the moon's light.
“Let's get out of here!” Jay led Genkimaru and Rele to safety.
“Shute go with them,” ordered Captain.
Shute protested, “But, Captain-”
“Go!” Captain ordered. Shute reluctantly ran after Jay.
“Lucky, get out of here,” said Fleur.
“Will you be okay by yourself?” asked Lucky
“That doesn't matter,” said Fleur, “You're far too severally injured to fight right now. Hide!” Lucky went and hid with Azural. All of the other Skylarkains were long gone hiding throughout the village. Only Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fleur, the Guntriplets, Skylar, Draco, Raptor, Karisa, and Hubert remained to protect the village.
“I only see four,” said Draco, “Where's the fifth one?”
“Hiding,” Hubert answered.
Skylar's eyes sifted around the village, “There!” He shot a blast of energy near the village gate. A black and gray centaur ran out and trumpeted on a curled horn. The other four black metal beasts circling the moon dive-bombed the village.
“Scatter!” Everyone went a different direction as a dragon, phoenix, hippogriff, and griffin landed in the village pounding the ground. Five pairs of glowing red eyes sought out their targets, the look to kill dominating.
The sliver griffin called out, “Here, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor.”
“Don't worry,” said the sliver and gray hippogriff, “We won't hurt you too much.”
Rocket, Dragoon, and Wheeler, were hiding behind Draco, Fleur, Zero, Captain, and Bakunetsu had ducked behind Skylar while Karisa, Raptor, and Hubert were no where to be found.
The phoenix taunted them next, “Come now Fleur. Your father was named after us great fire-birds.” Zero held Fleur back by her wings.
The dragon chuckled, “Very well. If you will not come out, I'll just level this city like I leveled Travel's Rest.”
“You bas-“Joey gets cut off by Amy covering his mouth.
The centaur drew his bow and arrow, “Okay, we'll do this the fun way.” He shot a single arrow into the air. One arrow became hundreds and rained down on the village. “Heads up!” Captain raised his shield as arrows fell around them.
“There,” the griffin jumped clear over the hut Skylar was hiding behind, “Pay dirt!” He stretched his talons and bore down on the gundams. Captain fires a single shot at the griffin clipping its wing. Skylar swiped at the demon knocking him out of the air while Captain, Zero, Baku, and Fleur ran out from behind the hut. The pitch-black dragon caught them off guard and spat fire at the gundams.
“Get down!” Draco spat fire at the dragon.
Skylar kicked the griffin into the hippogriff missing the dragon, “Get out of this village!” he growled. Rocket and his brothers ducked behind Draco, “Are you four okay?” they asked in unison.
“For now,” Zero answered.
Captain thought up a plan, “Bakunetsumaru, Fleur. Can you two expose the griffin and hippogriff's demon crystal as you did before?”
“If we can get close enough,” Fleur answered.
“That prize is mine!” The centaur galloped at the gundams from behind bow drawn. They readied for the attack when another demon appeared in front of them.
“Hi!” Raptor popped out of the shadows and sunk her teeth and claws into the centaur shattering his demon crystal. The centaur screamed in pain before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.
“Traitor!” the phoenix dive-bombed Raptor but a diamond whip cut across his eyes. Karisha jumped out of nowhere wielding her whip and cracked it at the demon phoenix again. Unable to see, the phoenix retreated to the skies.
“Oh great,” groaned Wheeler, “we owe a demon.” A roar snatched their attention as the black dragon body-slammed Draco knocking the copper and gold dragon onto his back. Draco racked his claws across his attacker's face and righted himself. The demon shook off the attack and growled. Just before he could attack again, Hubert body slammed the demon dragon knocking him off balance.
Draco gave Hubert an angry glare then said, “Thanks.” Hubert smiled grateful Draco didn't want to attack him.
“Well,” said the hippogriff, “Here's three traitors. Now where's Demonico?”
“We're not telling you,” snapped Dragoon
Captain saw their chance, “Baku! Fleur! Now!” Bakunetsumaru shot out from behind Skylar aiming at the griffin and Fleur flew towards the hippogriff.
Rocket thought they were crazy, “What are you doing you idiots?” Baku jumped on the griffin's back and Fleur got on the hippogriff.
“Let's go Zero!” Captain and Zero shot out from behind Skylar and into the battle.
The hippogriff saw what they were up to, “Oh no you don't. Grok!” The griffin, Grok, charged at high-speed to the hippogriff.
“Now Heruka!” Grok and Heruka, the hippogriff, jumped into the air and slammed their backs against each other squashing Baku and Fleur. Feeling like a gundam sandwich, Bakunetsu and Fleur flopped onto the ground in a daze. Grok and Heruka turned their attention to Zero and Captain who had preformed a sudden stop.
Zero gulped, “I hope you have a plan `B'.”
“Don't move!” Various missiles and beam rifle shots landed near the two demons forcing them to retreat. “You guys owe me one!” shouted Wheeler.
“Thank you,” said Captain.
The black metal phoenix regained his sight and saw an open opportunity, four gundams standing right out in the open. He chuckled and gave a loud shriek.
“Look out!” Rocket literally shot into the air aiming his sword at the demon's chest. The phoenix hammered Rocket hard into the ground with his powerful wings.
A blast of demon energy came out of nowhere almost hitting the phoenix, “Pick on your own species.” Guneagle and Lucky, now fully healed, double-teamed the phoenix knocking it off course.
The dragon knocked Hubert down and looked at the twin gundams, “Which one's Demonico?”
Grok and Heruka were busy fighting off Karisa and Raptor, “Pick one!” The demon dragon readied for another attack when Dragoon jammed his sword into the dragon's shoulder joint. Roaring in pain, the dragon attempted to bite Dragoon but Draco sunk his teeth and claws around the black dragon's neck. Baku and Fleur finally snapped out of it. “Ah…my head,” complained Baku.
Fleur shook out her wings, “Ow…that hurt.”
“Lookout!” Captain shouted. They looked up and rolled out of the demon phoenix's second attack's way.
Guneagle and Lucky whistled, “Over here demons! Catch us if you can!” they shot into the sky with the phoenix following. After flying straight they dove back down aiming were Skylar waiting. The second they passed Skylar, the spirit unleashed a spirit blast onto the phoenix. Going to fast to stop or dodge, the phoenix was instantly vaporized.
“After him!” The dragon broke away from Draco and charged Skylar with Grok and Heruka close behind.
Grok and Heruka jumped onto Skylar pinning him, “Now Thence!” The dragon, now known as Thence bore his teeth only to get pelted by projectile rocks and dirt clumps. He stopped and backed away from the sudden attack.
“Leave them alone! Get lost you demons!” More rocks mixed with arrows struck the demons causing them to back off of Skylar. The entire village armed with slingshots, bows, swords, or their own two fists stood ready to fight.
“What's the meaning of this!?” shouted Thence.
Joey casually tossed a rock in his hand, “Simple, we're tried of being afraid of you!”
King Lucky stood in front of his loyal subjects arms crossed, “We no longer choose to live in fear of the dark and of are own shadows. We're taking back Skylark and bringing back the sunlight.”
“500,000 against 3,” said Heruka, “Later!” They tried to run but their feet got stuck in Shute's glue traps.
“You guys aren't going any where,” said Shute.
Lucky took command “Elements ready?” Everyone with an elemental power prepared to unload, “Around the circle. Fire!” Fire elemental powers rushed at the demons scorching them, “Earth!” The ground shook and quaked knocking them off balance and pelted them with more rocks, “Water!” water rushed at them instantly soaking the demons, “Karisha!” Karisa took the hint and form some of the water into ice crystals cutting deep into their skin, “Electricity!” Lighting shot down from the sky electrocuting the already soaked demons.
“Give! Give! We surrender!” shouted Grok.
“Have mercy!” pleaded Heruka.
“I didn't even know you knew that word,” said Skylar.
All of the villagers said in unison, “Finish them Skylar!” Skylar opened his mouth and fired a spirit blast at the demons. They yelled in pain as their demon crystals shattered and they vaporized into thin air.
“They did it!” shouted the little kids.”
Genkimaru shouted, “They'll think twice before messing with us again!”
“Down with the demons!” shouted Joey, Amy Techno, and Rex, “Down with EagleEye!” Then everyone joined in, “Long live King Lucky! Long live the Gundam Force! Long live Skylar!”
Celebration broke out across the village. Hope and faith restored, big feast was prepared in the Gundam Force's honor. Much to Chief Haro's disapproval, food that was once prepackaged cardboard from the Gundamusai was turned into succulent delicacies. Music and games insued as joyfulness flourished. Demons forgotten, a party soon broke out under the night sky complete with every crazy thing that went with it. Azural and Jay showed Shute, Rele, and Genkimaru how to play a ball game that was a cross between football and dodge ball. One team would try to reach the opposite goal while carrying a ball about the same size as a soccer ball while other the other team attempted to either peg the runner with smaller softball sized balls or tackle the runner.
“I could get use to this,” said Karisha, “No longer needing to harm the helpless.”
“Even though we still need to eat human souls in order to survive,” said Raptor.
Karisa replied sarcastically, “We could eat something else.”
Raptor huffed, “I wish.”
The royal sibling look like such, dressed in long flowing robes, expensive jewels decorating his or her armor and their crowns resting neatly atop their heads.
“Now this is what I remember,” said Fleur.
Captain enjoyed the peaceful scene, “After those demons were destroyed, the village really came together.”
King Lucky placed his feet on the table crossed legged, “If things keep going like this, Skylark will be returned to it's former glory in no time.”
“Do you really think it will be that easy?” asked Zero.
Bakunetsu stopped eating for a second, “You saw how Skylar, destroyed those demons. EagleEye doesn't stand a chance.” He resumed eating whatever the no longer starving Skylarkains missed.
Dragoon couldn't help but wonder how Baku was managing to eat all of that food, “And I thought you ate a lot Draco.”
Draco was watching the samurai in disbelief, “I think his stomach is a black hole, Dad.”
Rocket sighed, “I can't believe I'm about to say this but those outlanders. Well…they're all right. And they are pretty strong fighters as well.”
Wheeler looked over at the green knight, “Who are you and what have you done with my brother.” Dragoon held back a laugh.
“Say, Demonico,” said Hubert, “How come you were unable to detect those demons earlier.”
Lucky shrugged, “I guess it's because I'm a spirit demon.”
This caught Raptor and Karisa's attention, “A what kind of demon?” asked Raptor.
“Basically, I have all the power of a demon, but I don't have to eat souls nor listen to EagleEye.”
“So you're a demon that serves Skylar?” asked Karisa.
“Pretty much,” said Lucky.
“And Skylar can turn us in spirit demons?” asked Hubert.
Skylar was to sure about that, “Well…yeah I guess I could. But when I did it on Demonico I was a lot smaller. Plus I don't want to accidentally kill you guys.”
Hubert no longer liked the idea, “Hold up. You could kill us?!”
“Not on purpose, “said Skylar.
“I say let's try it,” said Karisa.
“Just one second, “said Raptor, “Yes I know you don't like being a demon but do you honestly want to risk your life to become a spirit demon?”
Karisa replied, “Think of it this way. Whenever EagleEye finally bites the big one every demon goes down with him including us. On the other hand if we change and EagleEye gets destroyed, we stay alive.”
“Good point,” said Raptor, “Okay sure, I'll try it.”
Hubert balanced his options, “What do I got to lose? I'll go for it.”
Skylar stood up and backed away a few feet, “Okay, show me your demon crystals.” Karisa and Raptor held up their demon crystal necklaces and Hubert puffed out his chest. “Ready?” Skylar asked. The three demons nodded nervously. Skylar closed his eyes and focused his thoughts, “Change not destroy. Change not destroy.” His purple crystal in his forehead began to glow brightly. His eyes glowed with a bright white light. He shot a single spirit energy blast at the three demons. They swallowed as the blast came closer and finally hit their crystals. All three screamed in pain as their crystals began to crack. Every soul of every being they had ever eaten left their body in the form of butterflies and flew away. The escrutinating pain stopped as suddenly as it began. All three fell down on there side supposedly dead. The Skylarkains gasped in horror but the silent demon slayer gundam chuckled thinking it served them right.
Then Raptor slowly stirred and open her eyes half way. Her demon crystal clutched in her clawed hand had changed from solid black to yin yang. Her eyes then traveled up her arm and noticed that her scales were a slightly lighter brown. She sat up and rubbed her head when she noticed her reflection in her own demon crystal. Eyes that had once glowed red changed into less intense red irises on a white background, “What the hell!” she jumped to her feet and examined her body, “It worked!”
Karisa had also noticed the change her tannish skin had a slight glow of a human Skylarkain, “Holy crap! I'm a spirit demon! Awesome!”
Hubert's color had completely changed. His skin was green mixed with sliver markings. His spines remained black, “Whoa! Amazing!”
Karisa started to dance around acting goofy, “We don't have to listen to EagleEye anymore,” she said in a sing song voice, “No more orders from the demon king. Hahaha!” Lucky and Raptor slapped their foreheads in embarrassment while Skylar happily wagged his two tails.
“Unbelievable,” breathed one Skylarkain.
“Awesome,” said Shute, “Now we have four spirit demons on our side.”
“We'll beat that demon king in no time!” said Jay and Genkimaru at the same time.
“You'll have to get pass us first.” Everyone looked around frantic as demoniac laughter surrounded the village.
“Ahh, the look of terror. It never gets old.”
“Agreed brother.”
“Now then brother, shall we reak havoc on those responsible for our older brother's death?”
“Yes, indeed we shall. I have been waiting for to long.”
Rocket drew his sword, “Who goes there?
“Reveal yourself!” shouted Dragoon
“That hurts. You don't even remember us…Gunbrats!”
“It's Trio Trouble!”
“Correct!” Lighting struck the ground around the villagers, as black crystals appeared wherever the lighting hit.
MimicCat jumped onto a rooftop, “Long time no see eh, Gundams?”
Fang slithered into the village, “The Winged Knight and Feathered Princess are here. Oh, this will be fun.”
“I remember you two,” said Zero, “You tried to attack Fleur while she was to weak to fight back.”
“A+ for memory knight,” said MimicCat.
Fang laughed and licked his lips, “Now Fleur, tell us how you did it.”
“Did what?” she asked.
“Don't play dumb,” said Fang, “How did you kill our brother Sliver Death?”
“You killed Sliver Death!” shouted the Guntriplets in unison.
“I can't remember,” Fleur answered.
“Very well,” said MimicCat, “we'll play it your way. Now Fang!” Fang slammed his clawed paws into the ground causing a trail of black crystals to travel to Shute, Rele, Genkimaru, and Azural and imprisoned them inside a huge demon crystal
“Help! Get us out of here! Help us! Gets us out!” The frighten kids pounded on their crystal cage.
“Hang on Genkimaru!” Jay pulled a metallic bat out of his backpack and started to whale on the crystal with no success, “Don't worry, I'll get you out.” Some other villagers started attacking the crystal.
“Release them at once!” ordered Captain.
“Not until she tells us how she did it,” said MimicCat.
“I told you I can't remember!” Fleur shouted angrily. Captain, Zero, Baku, and Fleur attacked the crystal.
“Alright,” said MC, “we'll do this the fun way.” The crystal pulsated knocking everyone away from it, then it grabbed the Gundam Force and pulled them in. Demonico led the spirit demons in an attack but to no avail, the crystal merely knocked them away. Skylar attack with the same result. Laughing demonically, Fang and MimicCat jumped into the crystal ready to fight.
Trapped, Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fleur, Shute, Rele, Genkimaru, and Azural were being force to fight the last remaining members of Trio Trouble. Thick smog of demon dust swirled around them choking the air of its oxygen. Panicked, they began to beat on the crystal wall but with no effect. They could see the villagers and Chief Haro shouting orders and trying to free them.
Fang snickered, “Demon Dust swirls `round and 'round, soon you all will go down.” He said in a taunting voice. Two pairs of glowing red eyes peered through the thick dust.
MimicCat smiled, “Good, all according to plan. Soon those two humans will pass out and suffocate on the dust. It's a pretty powerful weapon, no?”
Baku drew his swords, “What do you fiends want?”
“Nothing more than to avenge our brother, Sliver Death,” said MimicCat, “You see, he was all we had left after some no good demon slayers killed our parents.”
“Go cry me a river!” shouted Rele.
“My, that was unoriginal,” MC commented.
Fang hungry eyed the gundams, “Can I eat them now brother?”
“You eat to much,” said MimicCat, “But yes, you can eat the munchkins but remember, King EagleEye wants the Gundam Force alive.” Fang charged at them with blinding speed, his two saber fans, on shorter than the other, gleaming in the moonlight. Captain grabbed the half-oriental dragon half-human by his tail and flung him against MC.
Captain drew his beamrifle, “If you want them you'll have to go through us first.”
MimicCat pulled himself out from under his little brother, “We don't need to get pass you in order to hurt them, Captain.” Rele started to cough violently, choking on the demon dust before passing out.
“Princess Rele!” Shute shook the Lacroain princess, “Rele wake up!”
Zero gasped in horror, “Princess Rele, no!”
Fang looked up, “Figures a girl would go first.”
“What was that!” shouted Fleur.
Fang replied slowly, “Girls…are…weak.”
“Why you little!” She charged the demon brothers.
“Fleur! Get back here!” shouted Bakunetsu.
“Gotcha!” Fang wrapped his left hand around Fleur face and sunk his claws into her helmet. Fleur struggled to free herself but Fang made sure she couldn't attack.
“Keep struggling,” said Fang, “It makes it more enjoyable.” His huge paw muffled Fleur's cries for help.
MimicCat walked behind her a place one finger right between her wings, “Let's see how many scars Sliver Death gave you.” He sent a pulse of energy into her body causing every wound she received from Sliver Death to reemerge. Fang then tossed Fleur against the opposite wall. Wings broken, left arm useless and searing pain running up and down her body, Fleur could no longer fight.
“Fleur!” Azural ran over to her sister, “You're going to be okay right?”
“Yes,” Fleur lied.
MimicCat huffed, “See? Girls are weak, and pretty dumb as well.”
“Villain,” growled Zero, “I teach you the meaning of pain!”
“Zero!” shouted Captain get back here!” He grabbed Zero's cape, “Do you want to die as well?”
“What are you guys waiting for!” shouted Shute, “Use your special move- Cough! Cough!” The swirling dust started to effect Shute.
Captain, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru shouted in unison, “Right. Gundam Force Triple Attack!”
“Super magical violet tornado!” Zero's attack swirled out of the Mana circle of magic.
“Scared Arts, Bakunetsu, Tek-no-ken!” Baku's swords formed a flaming X.
“Soul Drive Activate!” Captain revved up his attack. They all charged towards the gundam slayers. The triple attack knocked Fang and MimicCat against the crystal cage's wall and cracked it slightly.
The demon brothers slid down the side of the cage and landed on top of each other, “Ow…that hurt.”
“No…” said Shute, “the crystal didn't…” he passed out next to Rele.
“Shute!” Captain flipped Shute onto his back, “Shute say something. Wake up.”
“They're poisoned,” said Azural, “we need to get them to the herb medic Rowan. She can make them better.”
Fang shook of the attack, “You'll pay for that.” Fang ran at them again, darting pass Zero and Bakunetsumaru.
Baku yelled, “Captain! Look out!” Captain turned around to see Fang lunging at him claws ready to strike. Baku then grabbed Fang's tail and pulled him back. Snarling, Fang snapped his head around and faced the samurai. “I won't let you attack them,” said Baku straining.
Fang growled, “And just who's going to stop me?” Fang literally warped his snake like body around Bakunetsu twice, pinning the musha's arms, “Now what samurai?” Fang began to constrict him.
“Bakunetsumaru!” shouted Captain.
“Worry about your own life for once!” MimicCat leapt at Captain but was knocked away by Zero.
“Captain, help Bakunetsumaru,” said Zero.
“Oh, no you don't,” MimicCat changed into a spider and cuts off Captain. Captain drew his beam saber but MimicCat knocked it away, “You can't save anyone now Captain Gundam.” Zero drew his sword and punctured the spider's back. MimicCat screeched then changed into a loin and pinned Zero, “I thought knight didn't believe in backstabbing.”
Roaring loudly and with a knife in his back, Fang released Bakunetsu. Genkimaru laughed in victory, “You owe me one Bakunetsumaru.”
Baku rubbed his sore arms, “Than you Genkimaru.”
Genki coughed a little, “No problem.” The kid musha passed out from the demon dust.
Fang pulled out the knife then saw Genki, “It's about time he passed out.” Fang pounced towards Baku, but Baku picked up Genkimaru and ran back to Azural. He placed Genkiamru near Shute, “Azural, keep an eye on them.”
“Fang you idiot!” roared MimicCat, “Get them!” Fang ran around Captain and Baku trying to constrict both. Captain jumped out of the way but Baku was too slow on the draw and was constricted again. Captain aimed his beam rifle at Fang but something jumped from the shadows and he was captured by…Sliver Death.”
Fang and MimicCat gawked in disbelief, “Sliver Death!”
“Hello, my dear little brothers,” said Sliver Death calmly, “Long time no see.”
Captain struggled to get free, “You're suppose to be dead!”
“Wrong-o,” said Sliver Death, “I slipped away at the last second.”
“Im…possible,” said Fleur weakly, “I might…not remember how but…I did defeat you.”
Sliver death glared down at her, “Then why am I standing before you?”
Azural pointed her triton at Trio Trouble, “You three have caused enough trouble. Now leave us and this village alone.”
“Oh ho! A brave fish out of water,” said Sliver Death. Fang and MimicCat laughed at the scared kid gundam.
“She doesn't know proper demon edict!” shouted Fang.
“Let's teach her some manners!” shouted MimicCat.
“Don't touch her,” said Fleur.
“Or what?” Sliver Death, keeping one arm around Captain, raised his sword above Azural's head. He brought it down with a tremendous force and got splashed with water. “Azural!” Fleur shouted.
“Yes?” Azural was on the opposite side of the crystal.
“Slippery little fish aren't you?” said MC.
“Thank you,” said Azural smiling. She then curled her self into a ball and rolled towards MC and swiped her triton at him. It went right through him as if he were a hologram.
Fang gulped, “Uh-oh.”
“Tricky,” Azural shot at Sliver Death and landed a hit. Sliver flew backwards and hit the crystal wall. A cloud of smoke surrounded him leaving MimicCat. “I was right, I was right,” said Azural, “Sliver Death was MimicCat in disguise and the lion is demon magic.”
“What!?” Zero swung his sword at the lion. It disappeared.
“Uh…later!” Fang released Baku, destroyed the crystal cage and ran out of the village scared.
MimicCat rubbed his head and found himself surrounded by many demon slayers, monks, priest and priestess “Heh heh. Hey now, let's not do anything we'll regret.” They raised their weapons and destroyed MC.
“Whoa! What happened in there!” shouted Guneagle.
“Fleur!” Lucky ran to his injured sister, “What happened?”
“Demon scars,” she answered.
A female green and white gundam wearing a red cape and had eyes the same color as Zero's ran forward, “Oh great, they're poisoned. Get them inside the medicine hut!” Rowan ran inside the hut followed by Captain, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru who've picked up Shute, Rele, and Genkimaru while Lucky picked up Fleur. Doc sighed and followed knowing they needed repairs.
Fang ran as fast as possible back into Imperial. Upon arriving, Demon General stopped him, “Well?” asked D.G., “Where are the gundams?”
“You want the Gundam Force,” said Fang, “Go get them yourself. I'm not messing with them anymore.” He ran off.
Two zakos watched the terrified demon run away, “Zako, sounds like the gundams are getting stronger.”
“Well what are we waiting for zako,” said the second one, “Let's go see if they will help us.” Z1 and Z2 left the city for Dracion Village.
“Hey Rowan, they're coming to.”
“Took them longer than I thought.”
Genkimaru woke up in a daze, the strong smell of medicine herbs in the air. He looked around and spotted Rowan.
Rowan smiled, “Hey there sleepy head. How are you feeling?”
“My head hurts,” Genki answered.
“That's common,” Rowan handed him a potion, “Here drink this. It's the antidote for the demon poison. Genkimaru took the warm cup of some thick green liquid. With a grim look, he chugged the potion…and almost chucked it back up.”
“Ugh!” What is this stuff?!” he asked.
“I told you it was the antidote,” Rowan answered with a giggle.
“Wh-where are we?” Shute had woken up.
Rowan walked over to the Neotopian and gave him the potion, “Drink this.” Shute did so with the same reaction as Genkiamru.
“Man, that's bitter,” said Shute. Genkiamru couldn't help but laugh.
“What happen?” Rele rubbed her head. Rowan moved to her and gave Rele the potion. Rele actually like the potion, much to Shute and Genkimaru's surprise.
“Are you three felling okay?” asked Captain.
“Yeah we're fine,” said Shute, “What happened to MimicCat and Fang?”
Captain was about to answer but Fleur yelped in pain, “Take it easy Doc that hurts!”
“Hold still and it won't!” Doc was trying to fix Fleur's wings.
“What happen to her?” asked Rele.
Zero answered, “Somehow MimicCat was able to make the wounds Sliver Death gave her return.”
“They're called demon scars,” said Rowan, “and unless fixed properly, any demon can make them resurface.”
“Cut it out Doc!” shouted Fleur
“I said hold still!” Doc snapped back.
“My gold feather can fix them now leave me alone!”
“Then why did they resurface?”
Everyone outside could hear Fleur and Doc fighting. Joey sighed, “Yep, still as stubborn as ever.”
Skylar kept his eyes on the hut, “What do you think made Fang run off like that?”
“Simple,” answered Azural, “I scared him off.”
“Did not you little liar,” said Lucky.
“Did so!”
“Did not!”
“Did so!”
“Everything scares you not the other way around,” said Lucky.
“Leave me alone!” Fleur finally managed to get away from Doc, her left arm and wings were bandaged up, “Annoying gundam.” She limped to Skylar and flopped against him.
“Why do you insist on being so stubborn?” asked Zero.
Fleur shrugged, “I like to do things myself if I can.”
Raptor was busy calculating something on a small computer, “Both energy divided by the square root of the tangent, take the cube root, multiply by the 18th degree of 7 plus the mass of both minus to cosign of their velocity. Yes, yes, that could work. In fact that's the only thing that will work at this point.”
Chief Haro glanced at the computer screen, “What are you talking about?”
Raptor looked up, “A way to defeat EagleEye. You see, while they were trapped, all of us spirit demons and Skylar felt the old Great Protector of Skylark's power. The old protector, Ancient, was defeated by EagleEye but did something to the last two usable shards of his spirit crystal. On shard in obviously inside Skylar's forehead crystal and the other must be inside Fleur's gunsoul.”
“That explains it,” said Baku, “Fleur that's how you became that spirit gundam before.”
“That's fight's something we learned in history,” said Amy, “And besides it supposedly just a myth.”
“Key word `supposedly',” said Rex.
Fleur stood back up, “Myth or not that's all we have to go on.”
Skylar wagged his tails, “I say we go and attack EagleEye before he attacks us again.”
“Right,” said Lucky, “Wheeler, give us your best, most recent map of the kingdom. It's time we ended this Demon Nightmare.”
Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlbots today's meeting is all about
Z1 &Z2: Will the Gundam Force actually help us!
Z1: Zako zako.
Z2: While we don't know exactly what happened in Dracion Village we do know that the demons are getting fidgety zako.
Z1: Why else would EagleEye send five black metal beast and two gundam slayers to try and take out the gundams zako?
Z2: I don't but (metal curtain slams down) we'll find out if they'll help next chapter
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis, zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
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