SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Final Fight ( Chapter 29 )

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The sunlamps circled the remains of the shocked and scared city. EagleEye waited calmly on his next opponent. The glowing white skin of the human Skylarkain's seemed to outline what little remain of their home's former glory. Most had feared struck faces, others, anger beyond compare; several weeped for Skylar, other clenched their fist in rage. It seemed as though there was no more reason to fight, for without Skylar, no one would see the sun rise again. Humans and gundams alike, both old and young, no matter what they were feeling, stood fast even though they were staring defeat in the face, this was their home, and they weren't going down, not without a fight.
EagleEye grew tried of waiting and walked forward, “Well?! Is there not one brave fool among you who will face me?”
Demonico, Raptor, Karisha, And Hubert stepped forward and blocked his path, “We will fight,” said Demonico weapons at the ready.
Raptor nodded and bore her teeth and claws, “These humans and gundams have given us more then you ever have and will.”
Karisa grabbed her diamond whip, “We will make you pay for harming those weaker then yourself.”
Hubert pawed the ground and stretched his wings, “Your reign ends here and now.”
“Ah, the traitors,” said EagleEye, “You four were my first target but if you insist.” With a flick of his wrist, EagleEye sent the spirit demons skidding backwards.
“Attack!” Demonico led his quad in a full-scale assault on EagleEye. Hubert charged forward but soon found his four feet bound together and he preformed a face planter. Karisa tried her whip but EagleEye allowed it to wrap around his wrist then he pulled her in and kicked her into Bakunetsumaru. Raptor first used her fire elemental power but EagleEye managed to put it out with out much fuss. Then she decides to use her fans and claws but was paralyzed by the demon king and tossed into the Dark Axis. Demonico meanwhile fried everything in his arsenal at the demon king. EagleEye put up a shield, which absorbed every last missile, beamrifle shot, and anything else that was thrown at him. He then fired it back at the youth in one power blast causing Demonico to slam into the Gundamusai as Lucky. Hubert was the quickly tossed over and behind the gundamized ship.
EagleEye yawned, “Is that it? I was expecting more but what do you expect from such weaklings.” Missiles whistled in the air but he easily sidestepped them.
“There goes my plan,” growled Zapper.
“Trying to delay your demise I see,” said Eagle, “I knew giving you powers was a waste of my time.”
“Zako! Allow us to fall them.” The demon Zakos marched forward and stood ready to fire.
“You? Mere cannon fodder?” EagleEye laughed, “The only reason I gave you demon powers was so I could increase my own when I reabsorb them!”
The demon Zakos looked at their king, “Zako? You mean….”
“You talking trashcans were mere pawns in my plan,” EagleEye answered, “I have no further use for you.” He then planted his scepter in the ground and placed his crown on top of it, “Now I will show you the full power of a demon king!” EagleEye spreads his feet as though bracing himself. His muscles tighten as he increased his energy levels.
Captain quickly scanned him with a fearful look, “His energy readings, they're off the charts!”
Wheeler gasped in fear, “How can one being contain that much power?!” Popping indicated the sunlamps blowing out along with the anti-demon lasers frying.
EagleEye shouted to the heavens, “Come to me my demons! Give me your power!” Every demon that ha been in hiding obeyed his command and seemed to leap into his body multiplying his own strength. As more and more merged with their king; numerous energy scanners began to crack
“Wait what's happening zako?” the demon Zakos felt themselves being pulled towards EagleEye.
“Zako! He's pulling us in!” The demon Zakos dropped their weapons and ran to the normal Zakos, “Please help us!”
“Why should we Zako?” questioned Z1.
“We're sorry!”
“Please don't him get us!” Some cried in fear.
Several normal Zakos grabbed them , “We won't let him take you zako!”
“Th-thank you!”
EagleEye looked at the opposition with a power hungry look, “Don't even began to think this excludes you Dark Axis. Or the spirit demons!”
Grappler felt his feet trying to slide towards EagleEye, “Hey! What's going on!?” Grappler planted his oversized claw into the ruined street.
Zapper tries walking backwards, “You can't have my power.”
D. Dom was trying his best to run away, “No get Dom! No get Dom's weapons!”
Finally they slipped but were saved by Commander Sazabi who grabbed Zapper, who in turn grabbed Destroyer, who grabbed Grappler. “I don't even know why I'm doing this!” shouted Sazabi straining. Raptor had dug her clawed hand into the Gundamusai's hull, “I won't let him get me that easily!” She too lost her grip but grappler caught her, “Hang on I got ya!”
Karisa was holding on to Bakunetsumaru for dear life while Genkimaru, Zero, Captain, Shute, and Entango helped. “Just hang on,” said Baku, “We won't let him get you!”
Hubert was trying his best to hang onto the city wall. Fenn, Draco, and several Skylarkains held him back, “Don't worry! We've got ya!”
“It's too strong,” Sazabi finally slipped but was then saved by Tallgeese, Kibaomaru, Cobramaru and some nearby Skylarkain gundams and humans, “Thanks.”
“No! I won't go that easily!” Lucky firmly planted his feet in the Gundamusai. Phoenix held onto Lucky with help from Fleur, Guneagle, and Azural.
The scene turned into a tug-o-war with an invisible rope. Despite everyone's attempts, EagleEye was winning.
“This is taking to long,” EagleEye stretched out his arms and clenched his fist. The Dark Axis and spirit demons yelled in pain. Snapping his wrist towards him; the demons that had posses the Dark Axis along with the yin yang spirit demon crystals inside of the foursome were pulled out and absorbed. Everyone tugging on them fell backwards holding their limp lifeless bodies.
“Hubert? Hubert!” Draco nudged him, “Come on wake up!”
“Zako! Get up! Get up! Zako please get up!" The Zako soldiers pleaded for their fallen comrades, who have changed back to green, to awaken.
Sazabi shouted at his minions, “Zapper Zaku! Grappler Gouf! Destroyer Dom! Get up! You to Raptor! Get up!”
“Karisa!” Bakunetsumaru gently shook her, “Karisa! Can you her me?”
“Karisa wake up!” shouted Shute. Captain and Zero didn't even bother. Genki just stood there wide-eyed. Phoenix held his fallen son in his lap, “Lucky! Lucky! No…not you to.”
“Lucky!” Azural shouted, “Don't die Lucky!”
Fleur stared in shock, “Lucky…no…. Wake up!” Guneagle sadly hung his head.
EagleEye's laugh was loud and evil, “Yes! I finally have it! I'm finally immune to the Great Protector's attacks! This power feels so good!” The demon king grew to and immense size roaring until he was towering over the city. His body was haunch over to where his hands hung only a few feet off the ground. A forked tongue slid out from behind his fangs and tasted the air. A third eye had opened on his forehead.
EagleEye's breaths sounded like growls, “Too long it has been since I reached full power. Once I'm done here, I'll just hurry and finish off this planet. And don't even bother calling for help. The other four kingdoms will not come. They are far too scared and so are the other four Great Protectors.” He opened vents along his body and exhaled demon dust into the air, “Without Skylar, it will take your sun exactly 10 years, 11 months, and 26 days to break down all the demon dust. But by then, this planet will…be…dead.”
King Phoenix had had enough of listening to him, “You think it will be that easy!?” He drew his left-handed sword, “You killed my wife! My son! My friends! My home! Now it's your turn to die!” He charged EagleEye in a blind rage.
Fleur shouted, “Papa! Wait!”
“It's easy to tell were your kids get their foolish bravery!” EagleEye raises his right hand and strikes Phoenix straight through two buildings and in to a third, which promptly collapsed on the gundam king.
“Papa!!!” Fleur and Azural were horror struck. Not knowing what else to do, Azural burst into tears. Fleur was crying as well, “Papa why…why do you have to be so stupid! You knew you couldn't beat him!”
“But he tried anyway because loves you, your sister, your brother, and your mother.”
“Yeah but, that was sheer stupidity. He attacked in a blind rage without a plan,” said Fleur angrily.
“You do foolish thing for those you love. Why do you think he attacked EagleEye when you sister was in trouble? Why do you think he stayed behind to fight? When this all started?”
“Damn you EagleEye,” said Fleur ignoring the voice, “If it wasn't for him, none of this would had happened.”
“But it has happened and standing here crying isn't going to solve anything. I have a plan so long we stick to it, we might succeed.”
“We?' asked Fleur, “Wait…are you?”
“Ancient? Yes. Do not worry. You will remember this time.”
Everyone else was to distracted by EagleEye to notice Fleur was talking to herself.
“Just go ahead and give up!” said EagleEye, “You know you can't win! Just make it easier on yourself!” He suddenly stopped his approach
and wore a look of fear, “What the hell? Where is that energy coming from?”
Captain's cracked scanner beeped and read and energy increase coming from Fleur, “Huh? Is she going to change again?” This captured Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Guneagle's attention.
Fleur shook in rage with clenched fist, “First my mom, then Skylar, next my little brother, and then my dad.” She locked eyes with EagleEye and shouted in Ancient's sly yet powerful voice, `You'll pay for your misdeeds EagleEye!” Purple black spikes shot out of her back and ran down her spine. She spreads her fingers allowing her retractable claws to show and grow longer and her wingspan increased.
Azural looked at her, “Are you okay big sister?”
“Azural stand back,” said Fleur, “I don't want you caught in the cross fire.” Azural slowly retreated at first then ran behind Guneagle.
Wheeler noticed Fleur's rise in energy, “How on Pagno Desidero can she have that much power?” His scanner broke from the energy reading.
EagleEye growled, “Damn it, looks like I'll have to finish what I started 4,000 years ago.”
Fleur then crossed her arms and her energy continued to increase. Blue flame marks ran up her legs, watermarks decorated her helmet, a green vine pattern ran up her left arm while yellow lighting, her right.. On Fleur's body, expanding from he gunsoul, a bluish white sunburst covered most of her body and replaced her purple flame marks. Fleur uncrossed her arm and howled towards the heavens, “Now EagleEye! You will suffer the consequences for your deeds against my home! 4,000 years ago we started this duel only for it to end in a tie. But now I have returned to this world to finish our battle.”
EagleEye laughed causing Fleur to become confused, “A draw? From what I remember I shattered you spirit crystal!”
“Then why am I standing before you?” she asked calmly.
EagleEye tried to stop laughing, “I…hee hee…I guess what you were saying about you returning when the time was right was true.” He snickered failing at holding back his laughter, “But…even though one of your last two sh…ha ha ha…shards were in Skylar…you…heh heh…you do of course realize you're in a girl don't you?” EagleEye fell over laughing.
Fleur growled, “Fleur was to be born at the right time and I did not have the luxury of being choosy.”
EagleEye stopped laughing and breathed deeply, “Okay, so after you halved my demon crystal, you left on of the shards here in Skylark and took the other one with you to the Garden of Souls. But one question before I kill you, why out of all five did you challenge me.”
Fleur smiled, “Because knew how to gain second life. Even though I am a mortal now, and a girl at that, I can still finish my destiny.”
Rex thought to himself, “It makes sense now. That ancient text I found. When the Protector of old returns from the Garden of Souls, Pagno Desidero will witness the end of a millennia year old duel.”
EagleEye scoffed, “Well, well, well. Destiny screws you over 4,000 years ago and now my density will be realized!” EagleEye shot a pulse of energy at the gundams. Fleur raised her hand and created a barrier, witch scattered the attack. With the sound of a gunshot, Fleur flew forward and swung her claws at aiming for his eyes. EagleEye preformed a backhand spring and kicked her in the back and sent her skidding down the street. Fleur shook of the attack, “Forget about my spikes.”
EagleEye quickly healed his foot and stood on all fours, “Only for a minute.” He lunged at his prey but Fleur jumped out of the way and shot a spirit blast out of her hand and directly into his three eyes.
“Rrahhhhhh! My eyes!” he rubbed them painfully, “Damn you Ancient.”
(A/N Okay just to clear something up, Ancient is acting through Fleur. Fleur doing the action in her spirit form but Ancient is the one talking but I'm just going to say Fleur's talking. Okay? Good.)
Fleur flew behind the demon king and dove towards the middle of his back claws out. EagleEye the opened a huge eye which covered his back, “I see you!”
“What the-!” Fleur didn't finish her swear as demon bonds wrapped around her and smashed the gundam into a building.
EagleEye turned around and reviled three more eyes, one on each shoulder and a third on his chest, “Come now Ancient. You didn't think I wouldn't have a few spare eyes did you?”
“Okay!” shouted Baku, “That's beyond unnatural!”
“As much as I hate to admit it,” said Zero, “His name suits him quite well.”
Captain nodded, “Agreed. Fleur will have to be more cunning in order to win this fight.”
Fleur lay in the rubble struggling to get up. Debris had pinned down her wings and covered her armor. EagleEye towered in front of his opponent, “Get up and fight!” EagleEye backhanded her out of the building and into the street.
She rolled a few times then got on all fours shaking her head, “Man this guy is strong. I'm running out of ideas.”
“I said get up!” EagleEye formed a massive ball of energy and tossed it into the street below. The following explosion left an immense drop into the sewers beneath the city along with a steep crater and bent buildings. Fleur's helmet somersaulted through the air landing near the Gundamusai.
Fleur was back in the air minus her helmet. Without it, her `hair' flowed down her back in a ponytail. Several diamonds, emeralds, and rubies dotted the top of her head and gundamium hair, which gently blew across her back thanks to the steady wing-beat.
“Now you're mine!” EagleEye swung and missed.
“You'll have to catch me first!” Fleur zipped into the city with EagleEye close behind.
“What does she think she's doing?” shouted Rocket, “Surly she knows that one swift blow to the head will spell disaster.”
“Fleur's stubborn but not stupid,” Joey, “There's a method behind the madness.”
EagleEye continued to chase Fleur around the city and castle grounds at lighting speeds. Every attempt at attacking made by the demon king was swiftly dodged. “I've had enough of your games!” EagleEye jumped in front of Fleur and punched her lights out with a blow to the head. Fleur landed in the city street unconscious.
Zero shouted, “Princess Fleur!”
“No!” shouted Captain.
“Aw, man she's done for,” said Guneagle.
Baku silenced his friends, “Wait. She's planning something.”
“Planning something?” asked Dragoon, “She just knock in the head with out a helmet. She took immense damage.”
EagleEye bent over his prey and wrapped his forked tongue around her wings. All of his eyes, including the three on his forehead that had now healed, followed the female as he tilted his head back, “Looks like I win.”
Azural cried out, “Fleur! NO!”
Chomp! EagleEye swallowed the spirit gundam. He coughed and thumped his chest, “Bit spicy.”
“Didn't anyone ever tell you to chew your food?” The voice snapped its fingers causing the trap to spring. The copy EagleEye swallowed exploded into thousands of razor sharp gold feathers, which cut their way out of EagleEye's body in every direction.
“Whoa!” shouted Shute.
Cobramaru was surprised, “Nice one.”
Bakunetsu smiled, “I told you!” EagleEye fell to the ground severely injured, coughing up a few remaining feathers.
Genkimaru pondered, “Wait…if that was a clone then where's…?”
“Miss me?” Princess Fleur, still in spirit form, jumped from her perch and skillfully kicked her helmet into her hands then placed it back on her head.
Jay laughed, “Awesome trap your highness.”
EagleEye pushed himself up blindly, “You tricked me!”
“Yep! Fleur flew back into the fray, “Although I must admit, I didn't think my single feather would multiply into that many.” Fleur took her advantage and kicked EagleEye into a decaying building, “How does that building taste!?”
EagleEye regained himself healing his seven visible eyes in a flash of black light. He spat out insulation and wood, “You'll pay for that.” He inhaled deeply and shot a demon blast from his mouth. Fleur reacted and shot Ancient's spirit blast from her hands.
“Not this time,” EagleEye fired a second blast, which circled the first, a spirit blast. Both broke past Fleur's attack and hit her full force. Both her and Ancient screamed in pain as her gunsoul began to crack.
Azural's eyes weld up in tears, “He's… he's going to kill my big sister!”
EagleEye stopped the attack and held Fleur firmly in his hand, “Thanks to those spirit demon crystals even your most powerful attack is useless Ancient.”
EagleEye grinned a toothy grin and formed a black ball of energy near her damaged gunsoul, “Any last words?”
Fleur vainly struggled to get free until something caught her gaze, “Just one question. Do you know what a pheonix's ablity is?”
Techno slapped himself in the face, “Come on Fleur, everyone knows that. Why let those be your famous last words?”
Captain saw something, “Perhaps that is why.”
EagleEye couldn't help but laugh, “They can rise from their ashes.”
Fleur smiled, “Correct.”
“Rise from the ashes, a furious volcano!” An eruption of fire nailed EagleEye charring the pseudo king. Fleur managed to get away-unscathed thanks to her mock fire elemental.
The Phoenix that caused the attack landed on the Gundamusai exhausted, “Officially…too old…for this.” He fell on his back.
“Daddy?” Azural leaned over him, “Is that you?”
Phoenix smiled at his youngest, “Hey, Littlest One.”
“Daddy!” Azural hugged her father.
Phoenix hissed in pain, “Easy, easy…that took a lot out of me.”
Shute was riddled with confusement, “Wait…but you were…you got smashed into….” The outlanders looked in amazement but the Skylarkains breathed a sigh of relief.
“How did you do that?” asked Sazabi.
Phoenix pushed himself up, “There's a…reason my name…is Phoenix.”
Fleur flew to the Gundamusai and asked in her normal voice, “Are you okay Papa?”
Phoenix looked at his eldest surprised but decided not to ask, “I'm almost out of energy. Don't expect me to do that again.”
“Understood,” Fleur's voice changed into Ancient's, “Are you still among the living EagleEye!”
EagleEye forced himself back up, “Damn it. Did not see that one coming. You just had to choose someone who is as clever as her father is and as cunning as her mother.”
“Fleur glared at EagleEye, “give it up. You're out of energy. Now show me the remaining half of your demon crystal and I'll make it quick..”
“Never!” EagleEye snarled, “I refuse to lose. All I need is a quick snack.” Shute, Rele , Genkimaru, and Azural were quickly pulled into the shadows then appeared in EagleEye's grasp. Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Kibaomaru, and Rocket drew their swords while Captain readied his gattling gun..
Captain ordered, “Release them at once!”
“Not a chance,” EagleEye quickly swallowed the terrified kids whole, “Not bad.”
“Give them back!” Fleur charged but EagleEye pulled a machine gun on her and opened fire. Fleur easily dodged thankful for her feminine flexibility.
“Give me a few days and you can have their remains back,” said EagleEye. Fleur growled and though to herself, “Now what my spirit blast are useless. I need to destroy his demon crystal, even if it means destroying my little brother in the process.” She then noted her armor decoration, “Hmm…it's a long shot but it might work.”
EagleEye grinned, “So are you ready to finish this fight?”
“I've been ready for far to long,” Fleur's water pattern on her helmet glowed brightly, “Take this!” she drench the demon king.
EagleEye shook off some of the water, “Okay so I'm a little wet big deal.”
Next her earth and electrical elemental patterns lit up, “Rock bomb!” Parts of buildings formed a tightly packed ball covered in electricity.
EagleEye took a step back, “wait and second! Those two conflict!” The rock bomb exploded on him scratching his skin and electrocuting the drenched demon.
“Hey that's our move!” Techno and Rex shouted.
“Now here's one of my favorites,” the water and fire patterns shined brightly, “Piro Agua!” Fire and water spiraled together into one attack, severely damaging the demon king. EagleEye screamed out in pain as whips of smoke slowly spiraled into the air.
“Now here's a new one,” Fleur spun around faster and faster creating a tornado with a fire in the middle and something shining in the center.
Captain scanned the move “Is that what I think it is?”
“Triple attack!” Fleur first sent the tornado, then the fireball, and finally the energy ball at EagleEye knocking him into the castle.
“I didn't know she could that!” shouted Baku.
“Give up?” asked Fleur.
EagleEye started laughing insanely, “Oh thank you! Thank you for hurting me so. The more damage I recover from the stronger I become!” EagleEye jumped forward and knocked Fleur into the castle rubble, “You grow weaker as I grow stronger. I'll be back to finish you later. Now Gundam Force, you're mi-ahh!” EagleEye clutched his stomach., “I guess foreign food doesn't agree with me.” EagleEye took another step then doubled over, “Ahhh….my poor stomach.” He breathed deeply then regained himself, “Okay I'm fine.” EagleEye roared in pain again and looked ready to hurl, “Keep it down. You just ate too much too fast again.”
“What the heck?” asked Kibaomaru, “He's acting like he ate some bad rice.”
EagleEye gripped his stomach tightly, “Oh no…I knew swallowing them whole was a bad idea.” He breathes in deeply, flexed his throat and spat up Shute, Rele, Genkimaru, and Azural along with a crystal ball. The four kids screamed and landed near the gundamized ship covered in gunk.
Rele cringed, “Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!”
Shute attempted to rid himself of the slime, “Most, disgusting thing, ever!”
“Sick, sick, sick, gross, gross, gross,” Azural attempted to clean herself off.
“That was beyond disgusting!” Genkimaru shouted.
“Shute! Rele! Genkimaru! Azural!” shouted Captain, “You're alive!” Zero sighed in relief.
“Dude what are you covered in?” asked Guneagle.
“I really don't want to know,” said Shute.
“Are you okay?” asked Baku.
“Besides the fact he ate us!” shouted Genkimaru.
“Here,” Chief Haro tossed them each a towel.
“Uugghhh…so much for my snack…urgghh,” EagleEye then spied the crystal ball, “No! My crystal!”
Captain picked it up, “You mean this?”
EagleEye got nervous, “Come on don't play around with me. Just hand it over and I won't eat them again.”
“Not going to happen,” Captain smashed the Crystal against the Gundamusai's hull.
“No!” EagleEye shouted, “The spirit demon crystals and the Dark Axis energy was in there!” Streams of light shoot into the air carrying either an Axis energy signature or a spirit demon crystal. The zakos were the first to have their energy returned, “Zako-o…. Wha…what happened?”
“You back to normal zako! The other zakos cheered. Zapper, Grappler and Destroyer had their energy returned next.
Zapper groaned, “Ow…my head.”
Grappler looked up, “Huh? Hey what happen?”
Destroyer Dom shouted gleefully, “We're alive!” Sazabi sighed, “Never though I say this but thank goodness.”
The spirit demons' crystals buried themselves deep in their owner's chest healing their wound.
Raptor shook her head and pushed herself up, “Wh..what the? How did get back here?”
Karisa came back next, “Ohhh…it feels like someone smashed a watermelon over my head.”
Hubert shakes his head slowly, “What happened?”
Lucky flinched and clenched his fist, “Wha…how in the…I'm back?” His eye screen flickered on and he looked around, “ feels like someone tried to rip out my gunsoul.”
“Eh, close enough,” said Demonico
“Lucky!” Azural hugged her older brother.
“Hey! What the! Azrual get off!” Lucky pried his sister off.
“Are you okay Lucky?” asked Phoenix worried.
“I think so,” Lucky answered, “How did you come back?”
Phoenix smiled, “So far eight lives.”
EagleEye yelled, “No! My plan's ruined!” Those who were revived quickly ducked behind someone, “You damn spirit demons were my only defense against Fleur and Ancient.”
“Fleur and who?” asked Lucky, “Okay I'm lost. And where is Fleur?”
“Unsure,” answered Guneagle, “But man you missed one hell of a fight.”
EagleEye reared up on two legs and loomed over the gundams opening an eighth eye on his stomach, “Might as well take care of you three while Fleur's out of the picture. And I spoke too soon.” Fleur the Spirit Gundam charged straight at EagleEye's fourth eye, “Didn't you try that already?” Demon bonds grabbed the princess and flipped her into the Gundam Force.
“Fleur?!” asked Lucky.
“Long story, explain later,” Fleur righted herself and faced EagleEye then turned back around, “Wait you're alive? And how did you four get out?”
Shute shouted, “Behind you!” EagleEye had his hand raised to strike then ached his back inwards and roared in pain.
“Good boy!” Fleur shot at the demon king's chest and sliced her way through, “Now!” A 7-ft. beast jumped over EagleEye with Fleur holding onto one of its tails. The beast was Skylar.
Skylar flipped his tails forward an placed Fleur on his back. He flew a few feet in the air trying to catch his breath, “'Sup guys?”
“Skylar!” Everyone shouted in disbelief.
Zero pointed at his cracked crystal, “But he killed you.”
Skylar rubbed his crystal, “He didn't shatter it just cracked it a little. The pain knocked me unconscious.”
“Skylar,” said Fleur, “His crystal wasn't there.”
EagleEye recovered, “That pup's still alive!”
Skylar flatten his ears and growled at EagleEye, “Alright where is it?”
“Obviously not where you think it is,” answered EagleEye.
“I guess it makes sense for you to hide you crystal,” said Fleur.
“Oh so you finally figured it out,” said EagleEye, “Yes I his my remaining demon crystal half somewhere in this universe. And I'm the only one who knows were it is.”
Raptor shouted, “Fleur! It has to be somewhere close by! A demon must always keep his or her crystal near them at all times!”
“Somewhere close by,” Fleur repeated, “Then it's somewhere in this city. Probably under some kind of protection spell.”
“Great,” said Skylar, “This will be like finding a needle in a hay stack. Plus my energy's depleted. I don't know how much mare I can take.”
“Just hang in there a little longer,” said Fleur, “We'll find it and bring back the sun.”
“Don't you know when to give up?” EagleEye fired his demon blast at them. Fleur and Skylar countered with their spirit blast. The two forces pushed on one another but spirit over whelmed demon and EagleEye was pushed back badly damaged.
“Let's go Skylar!” shouted Fleur, “Not only is Skylark but all of Pagno Desidero is depending on us finding and destroying EagleEye's crystal! We will bring back the sun! Now let's finish this!”
“You got it!' Skylar charged EagleEye with Fleur on his back. His forehead crystal glowing brightly, Skylar head-butted EagleEye, “Bomb blast!” The resulting explosion sent EagleEye flying further backwards causing him to hit his crowns and scepter. In turn, both sailed forward, the crown picking up multiple dents in it's soft gold, the scepter landed up side down causing the diamond to get scratched on the street. EagleEye grabbed his chest and winced slightly.
“Hello,” Fleur jumped off Skylar's back and picked up the scepter, “Last time I checked, diamonds don't get scratched on streets.” She drew one claw across the top of the fake diamond.
EagleEye gripped his chest and yelled ion pain, “Stop! I can't take it!”
“Ha! So I was right!” said Fleur in triumph, “This is no diamond, This is your remaining demon crystal.”
“Give it back!” EagleEye vanished into the shadows. Before he could reappear, Skylar and Fleur jumped out of range.
“Mercy?” asked EagleEye.
“Mercy!” shouted Fleur, “You don't know the meaning of the word!” Fleur then smashed the diamond against the street shattering it into millions of tiny pieces.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!” All of EagleEye's power left him as he shrunk back down to normal size. Every soul that had ever been devoured by a demon was finally free and turned into a small white butterfly. Soon the city was full of the small white butterflies as EagleEye laid in the street his body slowly vanishing.
“I did it…,” Fleur said in disbelief, “I did it! I beat EagleEye!”
“Hey! Skylar butted in, “We did it!”
“Okay fine,” said Fleur, “We beat EagleEye!”
“They did it…,” everyone stood in disbelief the shouted together, “They did it! No more EagleEye! No more demons!” Everyone jumped for joy, punched the air, danced for joy, and yelled in excitement.
“Who here said girls couldn't fight!?” asked Fleur in her normal voice.
“Fleur you rock!” shouted Lucky and Guneagle.
“I always knew you were strong!” shouted Azural.
“Alright Princess Fleur!” shouted the Dark Axis.
“Awesome!” shouted Shute.
“Very well done indeed,” said Captain.
“So glad you're on our side!” shouted Bakunetsumaru.
“Way to go Fleur!” shouted Zero.
Phoenix was beaming with pride, “I always knew their was something special about you!”
“Yeah! Way to go Fleur and Skylar!” shouted Genkimaru.
“Thank goodness he's gone,” said Rele.
Fleur turned to Skylar, “The Nightmare may be over but we still need our sun back.”
“One long overdue sunrise coming up!” Skylar dashed towards the castle knowing that he needed to get as high as possible to get all of the lingering demon dust at once.
EagleEye however wasn't done for yet. He summoned the last remaining ounces of energy in his dying body, “You may…hove won…Ancient but…I'll have…the last laugh.” He formed a single arrow out of his crystal shards, “I'll see you on the other side, Princess Fleur.” He shot the arrow with deadly accuracy.
All eyes were fixated on Skylar as his swiftly ascended the castle. Captain however saw the arrow and its target, “Fleur! Lookout!”
Fleur didn't have time to react; the arrow went straight through her gunsoul forcing out a tiny shard, which shattered on impact. Horror took over the scene; Fleur changed back to normal and fell out of the sky.
Phoenix shouted, “Fleur! NO!” Zero and Rocket quickly caught the fallen warrior and placed her gently on the Gundamusai while she clutched her bleeding gunsoul. Skylar saw what happened but knew that Fleur's dyeing wish would be to see the sun one more time.
Phoenix, Lucky, and Azural quickly surrounded her as she winced in pain.
Phoenix held her protectively in his arms, “Fleur! Fleur! Can here me? Come on…wake up!”
“Come on sis you can pull through this. Please don't die not after all this,” pleaded Lucky.
Azural begged, “Please don't leave Fleur!”
“Pa…pa?” Fleur slowly opened her eyes and gave a weak smile, “I'm sorry…for all the times…I scared you and…mom.”
“Shhh, saved your energy,” Tears weld up in the old king's eyes as he tried to hold back his rage.
“Lucky,” Fleur continued, “I'm sorry…I always called you Little Lucky. Can you…forgive me?”
Lucky choked, “Hey you had full right to call me that. I'm your little brother and half an inch doesn't count.”
“Azural…do me a favor and…keep them out of…trouble, okay?” Fleur asked.
“Don't start talking like that,” Azural pleaded, “You're going to be okay aren't you?”
Fleur laughed softly at her sister's optimism. She breathed for a second and continued, “Joey?”
Joey rubbed his eyes, “Yeah?”
“Promise me you'll show…Skylar all of…Skylark for me….”
Joey nodded, “Yeah sure, no problem.” Joey rubbed his eyes again trying to hide his tears from his first and best friend.
Phoenix tried to make her stop, “Please that's enough. Save your strength.”
Fleur continued to ignore her father, “Gundam Force…thank you for everything. If it wasn't for you I…I would have never…made it…this far.”
Shute was crying, “Hey, that's what friends are for.”
“Please Fleur you must conserve your remaining energy,” said Captain.
Zero was trying to hold back his tears, “Just hang in there a little longer princess.” Bakunetsumaru turned away in order to shield his tears from everyone else. Fleur drew a harsh breath and clutched her gunsoul tighter. It had dulled as her life slowly left.
Skylar clambered to the top of the castle. Eyes closed he concentrated his energy blast. His eyes now solid white, he fired a concentrated ball of spirit energy into the demon dust filled sky. A blinding white light engulfed the land and everyone present. For a minute, that's all they could see. The light faded into something less harsh but warm and familiar. Everyone shielded their eyes at first, then saw what they thought they had lost for good, the sun. It's warm rays stretched across the revived kingdom, Skylar's blast had renewed the plant life. The Skylarkains were first speechless, then yelled and cheered at the top of their lungs. Two crossing rings, which circumnavigated the planet hung high in the blue cloudless sky. Cerebration erupted as many danced, whistled, whooped and hollered. Skylark had been returned to its former glory but at a price.
“It's back!” shouted Lucky, “The sun's back! Can you see it Fleur? Fleur?” he turned around and saw his father cradling his lifeless sister, “Fleur…no….”
Several tears ran down the old gundam's 'stache and landed on Fleur, “Goodbye, my rebellious angel.”
The Gundam Force hears this and looks back at their fallen comrade. Out of respect, all warriors sheathed their weapons. Skylar descends his perch not caring about his achievement. He trotted towards Fleur but a pillar of white light shot up in front of him blocking his path. The little kids screamed in terror, others stepped back in shock wondering now what. The pillar took the shape of a being with two strong legs, a club like tail, an elongated body, the arms of a hippogriff and the head of a dragon. Spikes ran down his back.
“Ancient!?” asked Skylar in shock.
Ancient looked down at his processor, “thank you Skylar for helping me save my home. Myself along with the other Great Protectors were created from the hope of this planet's inhabitants and now that is were you draw energy from. Continue to protect our homeland as I did before you. Farewell.” He lifted of the ground and hovered towards the sky, millions of butterfly souls quickly following him. In his right hand, he held Fleur's battered soul along with the halved spirit crystal shard.
Skylar looked at Fleur's battle weary body then shouted at Ancient, “So that's it? You just used her in order to finish EagleEye? She's still young! She had her whole life ahead of her! Her home has been restored and you're just going to accept that she can't enjoy the fruits of her labor!”
Ancient closed his right fist, light shined from in-between his talons, “Patience is a virtue. I was not planning on taking Fleur to the other side with me.” He opened his fist reviling a whole shard, which is then shot back into Fleur's gunsoul, “It is not her destiny to die today.”
Fleur groaned and squinted her eyes. “Fleur!” Everyone gathered around her as she opened her eyes, Seeing double, she blinked several times then looked at her family, “Mom says hi.”
“Fleur!” Phoenix hugged his daughter tight. Lucky, Azural, and the Gundam Force breathed a sigh of relief. Overwhelmed with joy, Skylar reared up and howled at the top of his lungs.
King Phoenix stood in front of the remains of his castle, Fleur and Azural stood on his left, Lucky, his right. The Skylarkain crown sat neatly upon his head, whose previous owner was EagleEye. Captain, Shute, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru stood facing the royal family. The Skylarkians stood waiting behind them in the city while the outlanders waited near the Gundamusai.
“Thank you Gundam Force,” said King Phoenix, “for all that you have done for not only my country, but my friends and most importantly, my children. Without your help, I shudder at what today might be like. I believe I speak for all of Skylark when I say we owe you our lives. And are forever in your debt.” King Phoenix removed his crown and bowed at the waist. Fleur, Lucky, and Azural followed suit and knelled before them. The gundams and Shute turned around and saw the natives bowing even lower with their weapons on the ground. Captain, Shute, and Zero were stunned at the respect they were receiving from Phoenix but Bakunetsumaru stood thinking it was about time. Phoenix righted himself and replaced his crown, “How can we repay you brave warriors?”
Captain spoke, “No thanks are necessary you majesty. We only do what is right.”
“Plus Princess Fleur, Prince Lucky, and Princess Azural are our friends,' said Shute, “And that's what friends do for each other.”
“I will not take no for an answer,” said Phoenix.
“You four risked your lives to save your,” said Fleur.
“Isn't there anything you guys want?” asked Lucky.
“Anything at all?” Azural pushed.
The out-land gundams looked amongst themselves and came to a silent agreement.
“Well, if it's not to much to ask,” Zero started.
Baku finished, “We would like only to return to our home-worlds.”
Phoenix nodded, “An admiral request. Dr. Electrocudo! Is your trans-dimensional device ready?”
“Just a few more tweaks and she'll be good to go,” Doc answered, “Now if you will just follow me Gundam Force.” He snapped on some hover boots and flew towards to mountains with Techno close behind on his hoverboard. The gundams raced back to their ship, waving goodbye and followed after Doc.
The king smiled and chuckled, “Friends like that don't come along every century.”
“I'm going to miss them,” said Fleur.
Phoenix looked at his oldest, “Why don't you go see them off?”
“You mean it?” asked Lucky.
“Their father smiled, “Go on. We can start with out you.”
“Alright!” Skylar scooped up the royal siblings and chased after the Gundamusai.
The Skylarkains ducked as Skylar ran over them and flew off. Phoenix chuckled then ordered, “Alright this place isn't going to clean itself up! First order of business, clear out this debris!”
The Gundam Force waited in front of the Skylarkain dimensional transport device. It consisted of a long tower topped with a three-quarter circle. Inside the circle sat a sphere with a cylinder going through it and the circle. At the towers base sat a large control panel in which Doc, Bell Wood, and Techno were waist deep trying to finish.
Captain, Shute, and Guneagle patiently waited by the Gundamusai, Commander Sazabi was in their custody.
Over by Fenn, Zero hovered near Princess Rele, who held Tallgeese in a magic prison. The Ark gundams stood in a very loose pack. Bakunetsumaru waited by his steed Entango, Cobramaru hung upside down from an overhang, Genkimaru walked around looking for something to do, wishing EagleEye hadn't drained his energy, so he could create a dimensional portal. Kibaomaru took the time to mediate and Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer, having helped Phoenix escape, were free to return to Ark so long as the Zakos remained behind to repair the kingdom.
Baku finally got fed up with waiting, “This is taking to long! Can't you three work any faster?”
“Get off your high horse,” shouted Doc muffled, “This isn't as easy as it looks.”
“This is unbelivea-huh?” several roses appeared on Baku's armor.
“Calm down samurai,” said Zero, “Why not take this opportunity to enjoy this planets beauty?”
Baku tore up the roses, “The only reason you want to stay here longer is because of your girlfriend, Fleur!”
“Oh I get it now,” said Zero, “You're jealous cause I have a girlfriend and you don't.”
“What!?” shouted Baku, “I can get any girl I ever want when I want.”
“But she will never be as fair as Fleur,” Zero countered.
Baku steps forward, “Admit it. You're only interested in Fleur because she's a princess.”
“I could care less if she was a princess!” shouted Zero, “True love knows no title. Me and her are meant to be.”
“Oh, come on,” said Baku, “You' may not be in a separate dimension but you're sure as hell on a different planet. She's just using you!”
“Is not!” Zero shouted outraged, “How dare you make such an accusation!”
“Who's to say it isn't true?” asked Baku.
“Okay that's it!” Zero raised his arm, O' Mana! Come to me!” His sword and shield dropped from the magic circle
“You want to settle this with swords?” asked Baku drawing his katans, “Fine by me!” They charged each other but a rock wall shot up blocking them.
“Jeez can't you two go one day without trying to fight each other?” Skylar jumped over the rock wall and landed in front of the machine.
Fleur jumped off his back, “Good you haven't left yet.”
Lucky immediately flew in front of Zero, “Now what was that you were saying about being my sister's girlfriend?” Zero gulped and slowly stepped back as Demonico advanced on him.
“Leave him alone Lucky!” shouted Fleur.
“Yeah right,” said Lucky, “He's no where near good enough for my sister.”
Fleur body slammed her brother away, “You think I care what you think?”
Zero whispered, “Thanks.” Genkimaru and Azural gagged.
Captain asked, “Why have you three come?”
“We wanted to see you off,” Fleur answered. Guneagle helped Lucky back up.
“It was our pleasure,” said Zero, “At least it was mine. Even I some of your actions were foolish.”
“You're one to talk,” Fleur countered.
Rele giggled and whispered, “They make such a cute couple.”
They heard Doc grumbling at his device, “Come on you piece of junk work!” He connected a few more wires and was promptly electrocuted. The surge sent him skidding backwards.
“Are you alright?” asked Bell Wood.
Doc rubbed his permanently blackened face, “It's not the first time the curse has hit.”
“Curse?” asked Shute.
Techno answered, “Everyone in our family ends up with a blackened face from countless blowups and backfires. I however refuse to fall to such a curse.” Techno tested something, which promptly backfired on the youth. Techno pulled his head out f the control panel coughing, “Damn it!” he fanned away the smoke.
Doc smiled, “A little late but looks like it finally hit.”
Techno looked at his reflection and screamed, “No!” He rubbed his smudge face only to smear to black smudge, “Stupid curse.” Fleur and Lucky stifled their laughs.
“Got it!” Bell Wood shouted, “There. It should work now.”
“Excellent!” Doc furiously typed on the keyboard, “Activating gateway generator!” the three-quarter circle apparatus begins to spin slowly at first then picks up speed, “Activating dimensional bridge generator!” Another machine whirred and began to rip a hole in the Minov Boundary Sea More machines located in the rock hummed to life, “Activate tri-gate stabilizer!” More machines located in the rock hummed to life and shot a beam at the main tower. The main apparatus spun faster and faster creating three separate dimensional gates. One displayed Neotopia; another, Lacroa; and the third Ark. Doc smiled, “Okay you better hurry. I don't how long it will hold.”
“Understood,” said Captain, “Let's move!”
“Wait,” said Fleur, “Will you guys come back to Skylark sometime?”
Shute nodded, “Sure. So long as you promise to come back to Neotopia.”
Zero smiled, “You are always welcomed in Lacroa, Princess Fleur.”
Baku agreed, “Feel free to come to Ark whenever you want.”
Captain then handed her a communicator, “Remember if you ever get in trouble, we're this close.”
“Got it,” Fleur looked ready to cry.
Zero cupped her cheek, “What's wrong Fleur?”
She shook her head, “Nothing. I'm just going to miss all of you.”
Zero gave her a small kiss on the mouth guard, “I'll miss you to.” Fleur, Lucky, Azural, and Skylar stood back and waved goodbye to their friends.
“Good bye Fleur! Good bye Lucky! Good bye Azural! Good bye Skylar! We'll see you later!” Everyone save Tallgeese and Sazabi waved back as the Gundam Force disappeared back to their own separate homes.
In Lacroa, Zero, Princess Rele, and Fenn received a warm welcoming while Tallgeese was immediately dragged to the dungeons to await further punishment. King Lacroa greeted them, happy for his daughter's safety. Fenn flew back to his rightful perch while various human knights surround and congratulated the last remaining loyal gundam knight. Zero thanked them but his mind was elsewhere. He hovered outside and stood in the castle garden staring off into the sunset, “Fleur…one day soon. I will return to you. Just wait for me please.”
Bakunetsumaru, Entango, Genkimaru, Kibaomaru, Cobramaru, Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf, and Destroyer Dom were deposited a few yards from the Ark palace. The rest of Genkimaru's Genki Energy Force, which consisted of four-experienced musha warriors and some Zako Busshi, greeted them and begged to know what happened. Genkimaru explained to them while Kiba retired to his castle, just wanting some sleep. Baku mounted Entango and went on their way. Baku started at the twilight sky and though out loud, “Now that EagleEye is gone, I wonder what evil will rise up and take his place. I remember my master saying that every time some great evil is destroyed an evil that is even more so takes its place. Hopefully nothing will. At least not for a while, I could use some peace and quiet."
The Gundamusai smoothly sailed out of the Minov Boundary Se and back into the safety of Neotopia. The SDG Base provided a welcoming sight for the tried travelers. Captain and Shute stood on the runways while everyone else ran a post mission check.
“Thank goodness that's over,” said Shute.
Captain nodded, “Agreed. EagleEye prove to be quite a challenge. Thankfully Fleur failed him in the end. With Skylar's help of course.”
Shute sighed and wondered, “How do you think Skylar survived having his crystal cracked and why was Fleur given a second life?”
Captain went into deep thought, “I don't know. Perhaps those questions are better left unanswered. One thing I would like accomplish when we return to Skylark is to meet the other four kingdoms on that planet.”
Shute looked of into the distance, “You know what? I wonder just how many dimensions and how many planets that have life are out there.”
Fleur, Lucky, Azural, Skylar, Doc, and Techno returned to the remains of Imperial, sunlight quickly fading. Everyone was busy shuffling through the ruins trying to find a place to sleep.. Moonlight began to grace the sky no longer bringing fear but instead wonder. Joey greeted the royal siblings, “Hey welcome back. Everyone's sleeping in or around the castle until we get the kingdom repaired.” The siblings slid off Skylar's back and looked around.
“Man, this place is a mess,” said Lucky.
“It's going to take forever to fix this, even with the Zakos help,” said Fleur.
“Don't be so sure about that,” said Lucky, “Remember, the other kingdoms owe us big time for getting rid of EagleEye.”
“True,” said Fleur.
Azural looked at the moon and made a face, “You don't scare me.” She then saw something unfamiliar to the night sky, “Whoa! Check out the rings!” Everyone who heard her looked at he sky, the planet's rings in the moonlight gave the night a romantic feel.
Then another kid shouted, “Look! A sky diamond!”
“Hey there's some more!” another kid shouted. Even the adults were caught in amazement at the sparkling lights in the sky.
“Wow! What are they?” asked Joey.
Fleur smiled, “Well, back in Neotopia, they were called stars.”
Good and evil, these forces keep the universe in balance. If one is thrown off balance, the opposing force must rise up to correct this. However, the force that does the correcting may just throw it back out of balance, thus creating chaos and turmoil. It's a never-ending struggle to maintain balance. It will probably never be achieved until the end of time. A dark figure shifted in a tree, “Every demon that was absorbed my EagleEye was destroyed along with him. I guess I should be grateful I was bound and gagged during the fight.” It rubbed its aching body, “Unfortunately when EagleEye fell my power went with him. I nee some time to heal before I do anything. Plus I'll need a plan, “It chuckled, “oh well. Wither it takes 4,000 years or 40,000,000 years, the demons will rise again.” Demon General spreads his wings and returned to the Underground Demon Citadel.
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