SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Storm the Castle! ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Skylar looked at the castle and chuckled, “No problem, I'll just bust down the front door.”
“Wait!” shouted Cobramaru. Skylar stopped suddenly and did as face-planter. “You can't just charge into a castle's front door,” said Cobramaru.
Baku looked at him, “Then how do you get in Castle Conquer?”
Cobramaru smiled and chuckled at his old nickname, “As an ex Castle Conquer with a record of 9 out of 10, I know you should always find a secret passage inside or trick the guards away. If you use the front gate, you'll be met by an army.”
“Okay, we'll just use obtuse bush to hallway armor,” said Fleur.
“Huh?” asked Shute.
“A secret passage in and out,” answered Lucky.
“Why didn't you say so?” asked Genkimaru, “Come on!” Genki walked towards the castle but was stopped by Durin the silent Demon Slayer, “What do you want?” Durin got on one knee and shouldered bazooka like weapon aiming at the castle. He fired a pulse of plasma at the castle, knocking down and invisible barrier, which surrounded the castle. He smiled and gestured for the Gundam Force to go ahead.
“I was wondering how we would get pass that,” said Captain.
Fleur, Lucky, and Azural ran over to the castle's right side and into some border bushes. They pushed all their weight against a section of the wall
“A little help please?” asked Azural. Captain, Shute, Guneagle, Zero, Rele, Bakunetsumaru, and Genkimaru trotted/ hover over to them and pushed on the stubborn wall section. Skylar lazily walked over, put on paw on the panel, and easily pushed it open causing Lucky to fall in.
“Ow!” Lucky shouted, “You guys comin'?”
“Comin'!” Shute, Rele, Genki and Azural jumped in after Lucky followed by Fleur, Zero, Guneagle, Captain, and Baku. Skylar first dug the hole wider and then squeezed into the secret passage after them.
The passage's staircase spiraled down twice then went up and straight lit by torches. Having to duck several times, the Gundam Force worked their way through the confusing maze. Skylar, being the biggest, despised the low ceiling and narrow passageway.
“Where is it?” Lucky growled, “Are you sure this is the right way Fleur?”
Fleur answered, “I was going to ask you that.”
“Great,” said Shute, “we're lost.”
“We're not lost,” said Lucky, “we…just don't know where we're going.”
“Same thing,” said Bakunetsumaru.
Captain looked through his scanners and spotted something, “Strange…that torch has a green fire.”
“Where?” asked Zero.
“Exactly 4.126 feet above us,” Captain answered.
“That's it!” shouted Fleur, “that's how we get out of here. Can you get Zero?”
“Gladly m'lady,” Zero, being the only one who could still fly in the narrow passage, hovered the to torch. After fidgeting with it, he managed to push it into the wall, opening a hidden door.
“Alright Zero!” Lucky pushed the door open and stepped into the silent hall. The others filed out and looked around. The hall was filled with tapestry torn to different degrees; suits of armor and dusty tables where digital picture frames sat deactivated. A stained glass window at one end absorbed the sun lamps light and showed a battle scarred, royal looking gundam. The air was stagnate and choked with high concentrations of demon dust, which had settled on everything giving the castle an abandoned look.
Baku looked around with a grimace, “Not very homey. There' aren't any gh-ghost in here right?”
“No,” the royal siblings answered in unison.
Rele ran her white glove across the table leaving a fine line in the dust, “Yuck, this place is in shambles.”
“Now where's EagleEye,” asked Shute.
Captain quickly scanned the area, “I detect no demon life forms in this area. Perhaps we should try else where.”
Their footsteps echoed down the silent, dark, deserted corridors. The only light came from Captain's, Guneagle's and Lucky's headlights as well as Shute's flashlight. Genkimaru shivered, “this place gives me the creeps.” They entered another room, this one was longer and contained a grand staircase extending to the upper levels.
“No life detected here either,” said Captain.
“Strange,” said Fleur, “where is everyone?”
Demonico sensed something and looked up, “Heads up!” Everyone looked up and saw a grand chandelier hurtling towards them, “MOVE!” They scattered as the chandelier smashed into the floor sending glass and crystal flying everywhere.
“Where did that thing come from?” asked Zero.
“I thought you said there was no one in here Captain,” said Azural while holding onto her sister's head.
“Is everyone okay?” asked Skylar.
“Shaken more than anything,” answered Shute.
“What was that?” asked Zapper Zaku.
“What was what?” asked Grappler Gouf.
Zapper looked at him, “Didn't you here that crash?”
“Big boom! Me here big boom!” shouted Destroyer Dom happily.
“Keep quite!” Grappler knocked Destroyer upside the head, “we're trying to hide remember.” Prisoner sighed and continued to clean and reload his twin machine guns. A left-handed sword rested on his right side. D. Dom recovered from the blow, although it caused little damage, and continued the stuff his gallop full of the weapon room's various firearms.
Prisoner stood up and stuffed his machine guns under his golden wings, “That sounded like a chandelier. It was probably aimed at the Gundam Force you were talking about.”
“How did they get in undetected?” asked grappler, “Surly a siren or something would have gone off.”
Prisoner chuckled at a memory, “Fleur and Lucky could sneak anywhere in this castle. Gave the knights plenty of trouble.”
Zapper laughed, “If they're in here then they can take of EagleEye while we sneak out. I'm sure my loyal Zako minions are in good favor with them.”
“Hey yeah,” said Grappler, “If we're quite we can sneak out no problem.”
“Agreed,” said Prisoner, “I've been in here to long.” He finished off some saki then followed the Dark Axis trio out, leaving Demon General bound and gagged to a heavy shield.

“What was that?” Shute quickly shined his flashlight around the room.
“What was what Shute?” asked Captain, “Did you hear something?” Shute nodded.
Skylar's ears perked up, “Did anyone else hear that?”
“Hear what?” asked Genkimaru.
“It coming from this way,” Skylar walked over them and followed the barley audible noise to a heavy solid wood door. He placed one ear on the door and listened like a safe cracker, “Someone's in there.” Everyone else put one ear to the door and listened closely.
“Did you honestly think you could escape that easily?'
“That was EagleEye,” said Captain.
“Truefully, yes.”
“I do not recognize, that voice,” said Captain.
Lucky did, “Hey Fleur, did that sound like…?”
“Yeah, a little bit,” Fleur replied.
“My, my, my. You have grown foolish in your cell.”
“Foolish? I believe I've grown desperate more than anything.”
“Desperate for freedom?”
“Desperate to live.”
EagleEye chuckled, “What's left to live for? They will all die after I finish you.”
“Who's he talking to?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Azural tried to look trough the keyhole, “I don't see anyone.”
“Let me see!” Genkimaru pushed Azural aside and looked through the keyhole, “No one's in there.”
“Come on there has to be some one in there,” said Guneagle.
A pained yell sounded from the other side, “NO! HELP!”
“There's no point in crying for help. The kingdom is mine.” Everyone grew wide-eyed as they listened to EagleEye torture someone, “No one can save you. Your cries for help fall on deaf ears.”
“Gahh! No. I won't die! Not like this…ahhh!”
“We have to help him!” shouted Rele. Everyone grabbed onto the elaborate gold handles and forced all their weight against the heavy solid wood door.
“It's locked!” shouted Shute.
“Not for long,” Skylar turned around and kicked down the door with his powerful hind legs, splintering it into the throne room.
“Right into my trap.” Demon bonds grabbed the unprepared Gundam Force and pulled them swiftly into the room and pinned them against the wall. The gundams and humans were held spread eagle on the wall while Skylar was strapped to the floor at the wall's base and now wore a demon magic muzzle. They struggled to get free but the demon power bond held strong around their arms, legs, wrists, ankles, midsection, and throat.
“I can't move!” Captain struggled to get free. Demonico couldn't break them either. They were trapped like rats.
EagleEye cackled as he walked forward, “Well, that was easy.”
“Not you again!” shouted Genkimaru.
“Who were you torturing?” demanded Zero.
“The royal brats,” answered EagleEye calmly.
Fleur growled, “You son of a-”
“Language!” cautioned EagleEye, “There are young tasty morsels here.” Skylar grunted in an attempt the break his muzzle.
“What do you want with us?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
EagleEye smiled, “It isn't I who wants you but your greatest foes.”
“You mean, Commander Sazabi, Tallgeese, and Kibaomaru,” said Captain.
“Correct,” EagleEye replied.
“Uh-oh, that doesn't look good,” said Grappler from an over head walkway.
“What?' asked Zapper. Grappler motioned with his over sized claw to the trapped gundams.
“The gundams have been captured,” said Destroyer.
Prisoner looked over the side, “They're alive?”
EagleEye walked up to the Gundam force, “Let's se how did it go again? Oh, yes. Sazabi will have the pleasure of dismantling Captain, Shute, and Guneagle. Tallgeese will take care of Zero and Princess Rele once and for all. And Bakunetsumaru and Genkimaru, you two shall be destroyed by Kibaomaru.” EagleEye cracked his knuckles, “But first, I'll claim by prize. But where to start?” He first walked over the Skylar, “Hmm? The New Great Protector that doesn't even know how to use his powers.” EagleEye ran his fingers through Skylar's bristled fur. Skylar growled and showed what he could of his razor sharp fangs. The demon king chuckled as one finger came to rest on Skylar's spirit crystal in his forehead, “No…not yet. I want all of Demonlark to see.” He walked pass Captain and Guneagle before stopping in front of Lucky, “The traitor returns to fight his king.”
“You're not the king,” said Lucky, “And you never will be.”
“Still rebellious I see,” EagleEye touched the clear diamond that topped his scepter to Lucky's gunsoul cover, “Maybe this will teach you some manners.” The jewel topping the scepter glowed brightly sending black sparks across Lucky's body.
“Ahh!” Lucky fought off the pain with Demonico's help. EagleEye stopped the torture allowing Lucky to catch his breath. Lucky glared down at him with Demonico's red eye.
EagleEye chuckled, “Your luck holds out. I need you for later.” He continued pass Lucky, Zero, and Shute, this time stopping in front of Fleur, “Hello princess.” Fleur growled in response. “Is that you growling or Ancient?” asked EagleEye.
“Who?” asked Fleur confused.
EagleEye let out a small laugh, “Amazing, the main player doesn't even know her role in all this. But I would much rather finish the fight then start a new one with you.” He moved further down pass Bakunetsumaru and Rele to Azural. Azural gasped and gulped loudly. EagleEye grabbed her lower jaw and examined the kid, “You look just like your mother. It would only be fitting that you die like her.” He released her jaw and turned his slender scepter into a broad double-edged sword, “Say goodnight, Princess
The other shouted in protest as they tried to get free, “No! Don't do it! She's just a kid! Leave her alone!”
“No! Don-!” Prisoner tried to shout but was muffled by Zapper Zaku
“Be quiet! He'll here us.” Zapper snarled.
Prisoner knocked away his hand, “I don't care! He tried to jump over the railing but Grappler and destroyer grabbed his golden wings
“It's to late!” said Grappler, “They're done for!”
“Not if I can help it!” Prisoner's body became engulfed in flames burning the trio. He leapt from the rail and flew towards EagleEye. EagleEye saw him coming and quickly jumped back and soon found himself in a ring of fire.
“Heat of a thousand suns!” Prisoner circled the demon king, “Flaming Phoenix Fire!” Prisoner first punched the demon king in the stomach, then keened him into the air, and finally hammered him back to earth and to the far side of the throne room all while engulfed in fire and burning the demon king. Prisoner landed in front of the Gundam force minus the fire with his flame marks glowing, “If you want them, you'll have to go through me first demon!”
“That was awesome!” shouted Shute and Genkimaru at the same time.
“Your assistance is much appreciated,” said Captain.
Zero and Baku nodded and said in unison, “Yes, thank you stranger.”
Rele sighed in relief, “What is your name kind sir?”
The old gundam turned halfway around and faced them, “My friends call me Prisoner.”
The royal siblings gasped upon seeing his face. Fleur stuttered, “Is…is that you…?” Prisoner smiled and let out a soft chuckle. EagleEye's struggling to get up, captured Prisoner's attention, causing him to face forward again.
Guneagle looked at Lucky, “What's wrong bro? You look like you just saw a ghost”
“I…I think I just did,” Lucky answered.
Grappler shook off the burn, “He's a maniac.”
“Uh…should we help him?” asked Destroyer.
Zapper shook his head, “Let's see how good he is against EagleEye first.”
EagleEye shook off the surprise attack and stood up, “Not bad old timer, you caught me off guard.” He picked up his scepter, which had lodge itself in the floor. After wiping away some mouth blood, he turned his scepter back into a sword.
Prisoner drew hi left hand sword and exposed his golden retractable claws on his right hand, “Tell me EagleEye, when was the last time you fought a left handed warrior.”
“Once I finish you, it will be seven,” EagleEye charged Prisoner sword raised to kill. Prisoner ran his right hand through his wing and made a shield out off the golden feathers. The shield deflected EagleEye's attack as Prisoner swung at him. The demon king preformed a backhand spring away from the old gundam and into the shadows.
A small scanner came down over Prisoner's left eye, “Where are you coward!?” As if one cue, the scanner beeped and flash Skylarkain symbols. Prisoner jumped into the air and flew away from EagleEye's from below sneak attack.
“Pretty fast old man,” EagleEye turned his own hand and arm into a three clawed elongated grappling hook and grabbed Prisoner, “But not fast enough.” He first flung him into the wall behind Prisoner, then the wall behind EagleEye, then he smashed him into the throne shattering it and causing prisoner to hit a third wall, and finally EagleEye tossed Prisoner against the wall the Gundam Force was pinned to. After being released, Prisoner feel from the sky and landed face down, his sword out of reach and his shield once more tens of feathers.
“Ahh! I'm getting to old for this…,” Prisoner rubbed his back while on one knee.
“Yes bow before your king,” said EagleEye.
Prisoner growled, “I bow to no one!” he stumbled back to his feet but still needed to catch his second wind.
“We will see about that,” a black aura formed around EagleEye.
Prisoner quickly grabbed his twin machine guns from under his wings and opened fire on the demon king but to no effect. The bullets merely bounced off him, “Oh crap!”
“He's going to get himself killed,” said Zapper.
“Not if we help him,” said Grappler, Come on!” Grappler shot his giant claw at EagleEye but the demon dodged it easily. The claw lodged itself in the wall allowing Grappler Gouf to use the chain zip line and go to it while Zapper Zaku and Destroyer Dom held onto his feet. Zapper and Destroyer jumped off when they were right in front of EagleEye.
“Gallop! Fire full arsenal!”
“What!?” Destroyer's attack interrupted EagleEye's.
“You okay Prisoner?” asked Zapper.
“I owe you one Dark Axis!” Prisoner replied.
EagleEye coughed in the smoke, “What's the meaning of this!?!”
Grappler dislodged his claw, “Let's see…you messed with our minds. Tricked us and our zako's into coming here and working for you. And made us think that we wanted revenge on the gundams when in fact we owe them our lives! Furthermore we would much rather be back on Ark working for Genkimaru!”
Genki laughed, “I knew you guys wouldn't betray me! Now get us down from here!”
EagleEye smirked, “Congratulations. You three are the first to fight off my mind fixer.”
“Grappler free them!” ordered Prisoner, “Zapper! Destroyer! We'll keep him busy.” EagleEye laughed a returned to his fighting pose, “Bring it on!”
Grappler hurried over to the gundams while his companions fought EagleEye, “Here goes nothing,” Grappler trusted his claw into the wall and used his own demon magic to break their bonds causing them all to fall on the floor.
“Never thought I would say this but thanks,” said Fleur.
Demonico grabbed Skylar's bonds in an attempt to break them, “Figures there would be more power in these.”
Skylar said muffled, “Fus et mo mounth fee.”
“Huh?” asked Shute.
Captain answered, “I believe he said, `Just get my mouth free.'”
Demonico and Grappler pulled hard on the mouth and neck bonds, “Success!” shouted Demonico.
“Heads up!” Skylar fired a spirit blast at EagleEye.
“Hit the deck!” Zapper, destroyer, and Prisoner, slammed into the floor as the blast sailed over them and nailed EagleEye in the leg.
“AHHHH! My leg!” EagleEye sprouted wings and hover in mid air. First, he growled then literally went in six different directions. Laughter surrounded the new allies, “Beginners luck. Next time the outcome will be different.”
“Why are you helping us Dark Axis?” Bakunetsumaru demanded.
Zapper looked at him, “Simple. He's planning on killing us.”
Shute sighed, “Guess we're on the same side again.”
Genkimaru jumped on to Zapper's head, “Good. The Genki Energy Force isn't the same without you three.” Zapper growled at the kid musha but with no effect.
Prisoner seethed his sword and faced the royal siblings, “Are you three okay?”
Azural quickly ducked behind her big sister, “Is that really him?”
“It' can't be that's impossible,” said Fleur.
“So was you being alive,” said Lucky.
Prisoner looked hurt, “Fleur, Lucky, Azural… don't you recognize me my little one's?”
“Hold up!” the sibling said in unison, “Only our dad, calls us that!”
Prisoner smiled a made tiny Phoenix shaped fires dance in his hand, “Now do you recognize me?”
Azural and Fleur were on the berg of tears, “It…it's really you….” Azural ran toward him, “Daddy!” Azural jumped into his arms
“Papa!” Fleur flew into his arms knocking him slightly off balance.
“Dad!” Lucky flew to his father and managed to knock him down.
Their father laughed, “Hey! Three against one. That's not fair.” He sat up, hugged them back and wrapped his wings around his long thought dead children, “Thanks goodness all of you are okay. I don't know what I would've done if I had lost you any of you as well.”
Lucky choked back tears, “Man, we thought we lost you forever.”
“Daddy!” Azural cried into his chest.
Their father smiled and stood up, “We're all here alive together. That's victory enough for me.”
“Wait a second!” shouted Zapper, “You're the king!?”
Prisoner nodded, “My actual name is King Phoenix.”
“King!?” Zero quickly bowed, “Greetings your majesty.”
“I don't believe this!” shouted Zapper.
“If you're the king then why did you tell us you were the royal assistant or whatever it was?” demanded Grappler.
“The title of king is given to those who have sworn to protect their homeland,” answered Phoenix, “and I thought I had lost both my home and my family. But now, I gladly reclaim my title as king. And by the way, the royal advisor was a human named Gramps.”
Captain bowed, “Pardon me your majesty but we must stop EagleEye.”
“Ah, yes. The Gundam force correct?” asked Phoenix.
“Correct, I am Captain Gundam,” Captain started, “And this is Shute, Guneagle, Zero the Winged Knight, Bakunetsumaru the Blazing Samurai, Princess Rele, and Genkimaru.
“Hey don't forget about me,” Skylar walked over to them, “Thanks for leaving me back there.”
“Sorry Skylar,” Fleur apologized.
“Great Spirit above! What is that!?” asked Phoenix clearly surprised.
“I'm Skylar, the New Great Protector of Skylark!” Skylar struck a pose trying to look impressive.
Phoenix sighed out of relief then whispered, “How big is this family going to get?”
Lucky quickly snapped his head towards an over head walkway, “So that's were he went.”
“Where who went?” asked Guneagle.
Lucky changed to Demonico, “I'm 99% sure that EagleEye went into the back garden.”
“When did you gain control over Demonico?” Phoenix asked.
“Long story,” answered the Gundam force in unison.
EagleEye sat in a tree healing his leg, “Damn gundams. Who knew they would be so troublesome? And the Dark Axis betraying me.” He snarled, “Oh, well. They are just small nicks in my master plan. Nicks I intend to smooth out. Why do you trouble me Tallgeese?”
Tallgeese wore a look of surprise wondering how EagleEye heard him, “Forgive me sire but, when will I get to fight the winged Knight?”
“Patience is a virtue,” EagleEye answered, “They are on they're way now, or so I think.” He reached for his scepter but it wasn't there, “What the? My scepter! Where is it!?”
He frantically looked around the garden.
“Sire?” M'Fier knelt before his king holding the scepter, “I have retrieved your scepter for you my king.'
“Very good M'Fier,” EagleEye took his scepter, “At least you are still loyal.”
“Oh, too the very end of time sire,” M'Fier answered.
“Very well then,” answered the demon king, “lead the Gundam Force here. it's time to put my plan into action.”
“At once sire,” M'Fier bowed low and disappeared.
“He went this way!” Skylar barreled through the castle busting open every down and breaking down a few.
“Skylar! Slowdown!” Guneagle and Lucky struggled to keep up with the speedy spirit. Fleur flew close behind them followed by Zero, who was carrying Rele, then Shute using his rocket skates and Captain using his jet boaster. Next Baku was running after them while carrying Genki and leaving twin trails of fire behind him, then Phoenix flew even with him while carrying Azural piggyback, then the DA trio brought up the rear. Zapper and Grappler held onto Dom's gallop while he pulled them using his wheeled feet.
“Come on hurry!” Skylar pulled further ahead leaving the others in his dust.
“Skylar! Fleur shouted, “Get back here! You don't where you're going!”
“'Course I do!” Skylar shouted back, “To EagleE-” He ran head-first into an invisible barrier, “…Eye.”
“Serves you right for leaving us,” said Genkimaru.
Shute placed his on the barrier, “Where did this come from?”
“It appears to be of demon origin,” said Captain.
“What's it blocking is the better question,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“The wrong way,” said Phoenix out of breath, “That takes you to the servant quarters. The garden is this way.” Phoenix turned down a separate hallway with the others following. Skylar shook off the embarrassment and brought up the rear.
M'Fier looked over the railing, “That's right we mustn't keep them waiting much longer.”
“The door's open,” said Azural. She pointed to a cracked door leading outside.
“They are probably expecting us,” said Zero, “We must stay on our guard.”
“Agreed,” Captain pulled the door open reveling a decaying garden full of black mold. The stale air choked out any remaining oxygen and clogged their sense of smell.
Rele coughed, “Stupid demon dust.” The dry grass crunched under their feet as they traveled deeper in.
Shute shivered, “This place is giving me the creeps.”
Baku drew his twin katanas, “I sense an abundance of evil here.”
“That would be EagleEye,” replied Grappler.
“Negative Grappler Gouf,” said Captain, “I do not detect EagleEye hear.”
Zero looked slowly around the garden's remains, “I have sensed this evil before.”
“Do you mean me?” Tallgeese descended from the tree tops `till he was hovering a few feet off the ground, “I was wondering when you would get here Zero the Winged Knight.”
“Tallgeese!” shouted Zero angrily, “What do you want?”
The Tempest Knight chuckled softy and replied, “To merely finish what was started many years ago. You see, sense your Spirit Feather Dragon, one of Lacroa's Sacred Beast, finished off Death Scythe, EagleEye granted me this power along with the ability to use a demon griffin.” Said griffin stood amongst the trees waiting. Tallgeese continued, “Here's a fair warning knight, sense EagleEye cannot bring back those who were killed by a spirit, he has given me Death Scythe's power, times ten. After I finish you, I might take that cut feathered princess.” Tallgeese gave her a seductive look. Phoenix growled, stepped in front of his eldest daughter, and placed his hands on his machine guns.
“Not in this lifetime nor the next perv!” Fleur shouted back.
“Oh ho!” said Tallgeese, “I always did like the feisty ones.”
Phoenix drew on of his machine guns, “Don't even think about it.”
“Leave her alone Tallgeese!” shouted Zero, “This is between you and me.”
“Just as planned,” EagleEye snapped his fingers causing crystallized red light pillars to emerge from under ground. A barrier stretched between each pillar surrounding the gundams, Dark Axis, and humans. Then another crystallized red line drew itself around Zero and Tallgeese creating the battlefield's boundaries. EagleEye sat in what looked like a spectator box overseeing the battlefield, “Rules are simple, last on functioning wins. No outside help is allowed. And tricks are not only allowed, but encouraged. Began!”
Tallgeese moved first, “Griffin! Come to me!” The demon griffin charged in and merged with Tallgeese turning him into Griffin Tallgeese Demon. The griffin's black and silver claws formed a protective armor over Tallgeese's feet and hands. Its wings became Tallgeese's and the griffin's chest now protected his, “Now, die Zero!”
“O Mana! Come to me!” Zero summoned his shield and Buster sword. But before he could defend himself, Tallgeese knocked Zero into the invisible barrier marked by the red line, was electrocuted, and fell face flat in front of his companions, “That wasn't very sporting.”
“Are you okay Zero?” asked Baku.
Zero stood up and shook it off, “I'm fine. He just...Huh? My shield and sword!” They lay on the opposite side of the battlefield.
“Aw…already lost your weapons?” teased Tallgeese, “to bad you can't use your wings to fly from this fight as well Winged Knight. Or else you'll be electrocuted again.” Tallgeese slammed Zero in the side of his head with his griffin lance sending him flying across the small battlefield. “Now you will parish!” Zero landed on his back stunned from the blow. Tallgeese hovered above him ready to strike. Aiming true, Tallgeese dived-bombed Zero, his lance pointed directly at his gunsoul.
The Gundam Force called out “Zero! Get up! Run! Move! Fly! Get out of there! Before he hits you again! Move!” Zero regained himself and rolled out of the way losing a piece of his red cape.
Zero clutched his racing gunsoul, “Too close.”
“In the name of Dark Mana!” Tallgeese yanked on his lance trying to dislodge it, a piece of Zero's torn cape trapped under it, “Damn you Zero!”
Zero quickly grabbed his sword and shield and headed straight for Tallgeese ready to attack, “Time to send you back to the depths of the under world Knight of the Tempest!” Tallgeese gave up on his lance for now and turned around, “You shouldn't be so eager.” Demon energy appeared from the griffin claws protecting his hands. He raised up his hand and brought in down attempting to squash Zero. Zero quickly switched strategy and raised his sword and shield to block the attack. Tallgeese laughed evilly and began to press down harder and harder until Zero was on one knee.
Zero strained to keep the attack from coming down on him, “I wish I had Fenn right about now.” Suddenly, as if on cue, Zero's gunsoul began to glow brightly.
Rele closed her eyes and folded her hands, as though she was summoning something, “Please Fenn, here Zero's plead.”
“Captain! Captain! Come in Captain Gundam!” Chief Haro vainly shouted into the communicator, “Captain! Shute! Guneagle! Anyone! Answer!” he sighed, “Cunning fiend, he's jammed all communication.”
“Uh…actually the castle automatically blocks out any unregistered signal,” answered Joey timidly, “Sense your signal is unfamiliar the castle is jamming it.” Joey let out a weak laugh and sweatdropped. Chief Haro growled in response.
Then the Gunchoppers, in unison, looked up and said, “Chief. A dimensional portal is appearing at seven o'clock.” Everyone else looks behind and to the left as a portal; materialized in thin air.
“Now what?” asked Chief Haro. A deafing thunderous roar came from the gate as the Sacred Lacroian Feather Dragon appeared, flew over the startled Skylarkains and headed for the castle.
“Was that a dragon!?” asked the Guntriplets in unison.
“What's Fenn doing here?” asked Juli.
Cobramaru watched Fenn fly off, “Hmm, it appears that the knight is in trouble.”
Fenn's roar echoed into the garden and entered the barricaded battlefield.
“What was that!?” asked Genkimaru.
“Better question,” said Azural scared, “What made that?”
“It's Fenn!” Skylar wagged his twin tails happily, “I'm sure of it!”
“So what,” said the demon king, “It's not like he can get in here.”
Fenn flew above the crystal red barricade and shot his spirit blast into it ripping a hole. The attack landed close to Tallgeese who jumped away and stopped his attack on Zero.
“What the hell!?!” EagleEye shouted, “No one can break my red crystals!” Fenn flew into the battlefield as the hole was sealed behind him.
“Fenn!” shouted Zero, “Here boy!” Zero flew up to meet him.
EagleEye ordered, “Stop him Tallgeese!” But it was too late. Fenn flew straight at the knight and merged with him forming Zero Custom Knight of Silver Wings.
Zero then summoned his twin feather dragon swords, fused them together and readied an attack on Griffin Tallgeese demon, “Now Tallgeese! I will in your and send you back to the depths of the underworld from whence you came.”
“That I would like to see!” Tallgeese charged Zero lance pointed straight but was countered by Zero's swordsmanship. Zero then took an open shot and attempted to slice Tallgeese's gunsoul. Tallgeese flew backwards and only gained a shallow mark on his gunsoul cover.
“You'll have to do better then th-aahh!” Tallgeese dropped his weapon and held his head, “Help me Zero!”
“What?” Zero turned around clearly confused.
Tallgeese growled and shook his head, “Silence slave. I control your body now.”
Captain's suspension was confirmed, “Zero! Tallgeese is not willing doing this. One of EagleEye's demons is controlling his mind and quite possibly Sazabi's and Kibaomaru's. Get rid of the demon and he should be returned to normal!”
EagleEye laughed evilly, `So you figured it out eh Captain. Not like it matters. They only way to remove the demon is my destroying the demon crystal witch is right behind their gunsoul, or soul drive in Sazabi's case. Now Tallgeese, finish him!”
“As you command sire!” Tallgeese charged Zero.
“Can't believe I'm about to do this,” Zero ducked Tallgeese's and jammed his sword in up through Tallgeese's lower chest then pulled out his sword along with a black sliver encased demon crystal.
“Success!” Zero smashed the crystal against the ground shattering it.
“NOOO!” Tallgeese screamed in pain as all his demon power left him along with the demon griffin whom promptly fled. Tallgeese fell to his knees then collapsed on he ground unmoving. The liquid red crystal battle field dissipated leaving the gundams, humans and Dark Axis alone in the dead garden, EagleEye was no where to be found.
Zero and Fenn separated, both exhausted. Fenn sat on the dry grass, while Zero leaned on his normal Buster sword for support. The Gundam Force was at first stunned then cheered and ran over to Zero, “Awesome! You thrashed him! Why didn't you tell us you could do that? Way to go! Dude, I've never seen EagleEye that scared before! Are you okay Zero? Very impressive I must say.”
Zero blushed from all the attention, “Thank you my friends. But if it wasn't for Fenn and Prince Rele, I would have never succeeded.” Fenn snorted and let out a soft roar. Zero looked at him, “What do you mean quit being so modest?”
Tallgeese moaned and struggled to get on all fours. He held his bleeding chest and waited for the world to come into focus, “Wh-what happened? Where am I?”
“He's still alive!” shouted Shute.
“Zombie!” Azural ducked behind her father.
“Huh? What?” Tallgeese looked up and saw the wrong end of Captain's gattling gun, “Now what did I do?”
“Get up Tallgeese!” ordered Captain.
Being in no mood, nor having the energy to fight, Tallgeese obeyed, “Wait a second…that voice. It's…it's gone! I'm free! I'm free from that demon!” Tallgeese laughed, “Thank you Zero!” Tallgeese flew at Zero and hugged the surprised knight's foot, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
“Get off me!” Zero yanked his foot out from his grasp.
Tallgeese stayed on all fours, “Say, if I tell you some of EagleEye's secrets, will you forgive me for trying to conquer Lacroa?”
Zero and Rele answered in unison, “NO!” Rele added, “But we will take those secrets.”
Tallgeese growled and stood up, “Not unless I get something in return. Let's say, a kiss from the gundam princess?”
That was the last straw for Phoenix. He swiftly grabbed Tallgeese around the neck, his left hand golden claws pressing against his soft exposed neck armor, and slammed him against a tree, “Either tell us those secrets or I'll put you to death for unwanted flirting with my eldest daughter.”
Fear struck Tallgeese's eyes, “Okay sure, uh…your majesty. Demons had possessed some of the zako soldiers along with Sazabi and Kibaomaru.” Tallgeese began to choke.
Phoenix tighten his grip, “We already know that. I meant useful information.”
Tallgeese frantically answered, “Traps! Ton of traps. Even in the secret passages. Sazabi's halfway up and Kibaomaru is at the top. The demons have found a way to not be detected by scanners. And EagleEye is scared of Skylar and someone named Ancient. That's all I know I swear!”
Phoenix dropped at the base of the tree, “That's more like it.”
Captain nodded, “Very well, we'll find Sazabi and get that demon out of him. Tallgeese you're….” Tallgeese was attempting to sneak anyway undetected. Zapper, Grappler, and Destroyer stepped in front of him and glared.
Zapper spoke, “If we're going to get dragged through this then so are you.”
Captain grabbed Tallgeese's cape and pulled him back to the group, “You're coming with us and you are going to show us all of the traps.”
Tallgeese hung his head, “Drat.”
EagleEye quickly and skillfully jumped from one room to the next until he entered a large room with a high ceiling, “Sazabi!” His yell echoed in the room.
“Yes sire?” Commander Sazabi causally waked up and bowed to him.
EagleEye drew his breath as growl, “You better not lose to that low tech Captain Gundam.”
“I take it Tallgeese to that pansy knight,” said Sazabi, “I always knew he was weak but no matter. With this power I'll get my revenge on that damn Captain Gundam and those humans he protects. He will never see another sun rise.”
“You better be good to your word or I'll make sure you suffer for all eternity. EagleEye leapt to an overhead walkway and readied to watch a fight.
Meanwhile, Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Fleur, Lucky, Azural, Zapper, Grappler, Destroyer, Guneagle, Shute, Rele, Genkimaru, King Phoenix, Skylar, and now Tallgeese, were back inside the castle and were working their way up. Tallgeese pointed out and sprung many traps as they slowly ascended. Fenn had long sense flown back to the Gundamusai to wait on them.
“How do we know we can trust?” whispered Shute.
“We can't,” answered Zero.
“Unfortunately he is the only insider we have working for us right now,” said Captain.
“Hey!” shouted Zapper, “what about us?”
“Come on think about it,” said Grappler, “EagleEye more than likely told each of them parts of his `master plan'. And all we found out is that he renamed this place Demonlark, and is planning on turning us into building materials.”
“Ah great,” said Zapper, “Now I'm even more depressed.”
Skylar continued to sniff the air trying to get EagleEye's sent, “Blasted demon dust. I can't tell whose sent is whose.”
“Ahh!” Lucky felt a chill run down his spine, “Brrrr…man I hate that feeling.”
“What's wrong son?” asked Phoenix.
Lucky's eyes changed into Demonico's, “EagleEye's calling all the demons to watch something. More then likely Captain vs. Sazabi.”
“Where is the signal originating from?” asked Captain. For an answer, the suspended walkway broke from underneath them in an explosion. Phoenix quickly grabbed Azural, Zero snatched up Rele in his arms, Guneagle grabbed captain who held onto Shute, Fleur grabbed Genkimaru, and Lucky grabbed Bakunetsumaru.
“Conveniently forget to tell us that one Tallgeese?” asked Zero coldly.
“I didn't even know that one was there!” Tallgeese snapped back.
“A little help please!” Zapper hung onto the side railing with Grappler and Destroyer holding onto his feet.
“Guneagle get them,” said Captain, “I can maintain flight with Shute.” Captain turned on his jet boasters and hovered in midair while Guneagle pulled Zapper and company up. They flew across the gap and landed on solid ground.
“Ohh, sorry. Where you standing there?” Sazabi hovered a few floors above them, “I thought you were some more of this castle's rats. Well, you almost qualify.”
“Commander sir!” shouted Zapper, “Thank-”
“Silence!” The DA trio whimpered, “I have no use for you three. Not since I've gained a demon crystal.” His laser blasters darted around his head then fired at the trio. The trio yelled in pain then fell down burned to a crisp.
“I've beaten you once before and I'll do it again!” Captain flew to Sazabi's floor.
Sazabi quickly ran off, “Catch me if you can!” Captain gave chase.
“Captain!” shouted Shute, “Wait for us!” The other flew up and chased after the rivals.
Sazabi led them into an enormous open room. Suits of armor lined the walls and the sky outside was reflected in the high ceiling. As soon as they all entered the room, the liquid red crystal sealed off all exits.
Sazabi flew to the far side and faced the gundams, humans, and Dark Axis, “Captain Gundam. We meet again.”
Captain aimed his entire arsenal at Sazabi, “Come on Commander. I know you are still in there. While you did try to destroy my home I will not allow anyone to be a demon puppet.”
“Oh don't make me laugh,” said Sazabi, “This demon crystal has greatly increased my black soul drive's output. I don't need your pity.”
“C-Commander sir,” stuttered Zapper, “You're allowing yourself to be controlled by him.”
“Silence!” Sazabi snapped, “No one controls me, not even EagleEye.”
“But sir,” said Grappler, “he brought you back to life. Surly he must have some form of control that we don't-”
“Silence you fools!” Sazabi's laser blasters danced around his head causing the trio to step back in fear, “True he has given me second life, which is more then I can say for that ingrate Zeong. Now all I want is to finish Captain Gundam once and for ahhh!”
Sazabi grabbed his head then suddenly shouted, “Quickly Captain! Kill me again!” Sazabi shook his head and growled, “Stubborn soul. That makes four times he's done that.”
“Just as I thought,” said Captain, “Sazabi is trying to fight off this demon.”
“That's one fight he's going to lose,” said Lucky.
“Please Captain,” pleaded D. Dom, “Please don't destroy the commander again.”
“Removing the demon crystal when it is so close to his soul drive will be nearly impossible. I cannot make that promise.”
“Less talk more fight!” Sazabi charged at Captain rapidly giving the Neotopian barley enough time to put up his shield. The others scattered as Sazabi forced Captain against the wall. Captain held fast as his shield pushed back against Sazabi's arm. Captain then pulled out his repaired v-rod and jabbed it into Sazabi's abdomen. Extending, the v-rod forced Sazabi into the opposite wall. Captain then drew his gattling gun and fired on the Dark Axis commander trying to disable his weapons. Sazabi held up a demon shield, which absorbed all the shots.
“Thanks,” Sazabi fired the shots back at Captain but he easily evaded them. Sazabi then trained the lasers on his fight boaster wings at Captain and opened fire.
“Whoa!” Captain tried to side step them but many connected, thanks to some demon magic, and tore up pieces of his armor. Sazabi then flew forward and knocked off some off Captain's damaged armor. Captain however responded with numerous quick punches of his own knocking away some of Sazabi's armor.
“Your stronger then when we last met,” said Sazabi. He then wound up and sucker punched Captain in the jaw knocking off half his mouth guard, “But not strong enough,” He kicked Captain in the stomach, sending him flying back to the others stunned.
“Captain!” Shute and Guneagle ran forward, “Captain? Captain! Captain come on! Say something,” pleaded Shute.
“Something?” answered Captain.
Guneagle sighed in relief, “Can you get up?”
Captain attempted to move, “That last attack has stunned me. I can barely move for the next 43.87 seconds.”
Demon bonds Shute and Guneagle unexceptingly and pulled them towards Sazabi. Shute and Guneagle strained to get free while Sazabi laughed, “How perfect. Now I can dismantle you two closest teammates while you helplessly watch.
Captain struggled to sit up, “Leave them…alone Sa…zabi.
“We'll get them!” Zero and Bakunetsumaru tried to reach them but they hit and electrified barrier and were tossed backwards.
“Ah, ah, ahh,” EagleEye waved one finger and smiled evilly.
“Come on Captain get up!” barked Skylar.
“They need your help! Come on!” shouted Rele.
“Get up Captain!” shouted Genkimaru and Azural.
“You can still fight! “Get up!” shouted Phoenix.
“You have to save Sazabi! And them!” shouted Zapper.
“Save you breath,” said Sazabi. He activated two beam sabers in his wrist, shot them out, and expertly one caught in each hand, “Nothing will stop me from fulfilling my destiny!” Sazabi forced Shute and Guneagle faced down on the floor and held the beam sabers above their throats, “Say goodbye to your teammates.”
Shute shouted at the top of his lungs, “Captain!!!”
Captain's soul drive activated and glowed brightly in its compartment. A fighting fire appeared in his eyes as he jumped up and shot towards Sazabi while winding up his Captain Punch, “You will never succeed!” Captain landed the punch square in Sazabi's soul drive, knocking out the demon crystal. The demon bonds disappeared and Sazabi feel to the ground apparently dead. The crystal fell threw the air and shattered on impact with the floor.
“Damn,” EagleEye vanished once again.
“Are you two okay?” Captain asked.
Shute jumped up and hugged his best friend, “Thank you , thank you, thank you, thank you! That makes another one I owe you.”
Captain blushed, “Well…I…aw, shucks.”
“Phew! Too close for comfort,” said Guneagle
“Commander!” Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom raced to the fallen commander, “Commander! Commander! Please wake up!”
Sazabi groaned and opened his mano eye, “What do you sniveling bucket heads want?”
“Commander! You're alive!” shouted D. Dom.
“Thank you Captain!” said Grappler, “Wait…did I just thank a gundam?”
“Yep,” answered Zapper.
Sazabi stood up and shook his head, “What the? Where am…how in the…wasn't I…I'm alive?”
“Yes,” answered Captain.
Sazabi stepped back in shock, “When did you get here? And where is here for that matter. What the hell's going on?”
“Tallgeese answered, “Do you want the long story or the short one?” asked Tallgeese.
One long story and some repairs later, the Gundam Force plus Tallgeese, Sazabi, the trio, and Phoenix traveled, higher and deeper up into the castle.
“Two down one to go,” said Guneagle, “How easy do you think Kibaomaru will be?”
“He won't be,” answered Bakunetsumaru.
Genkimaru looked nervous, “All we have to do is get the demon crystal out of his gunsoul and he'll be find…right?”
“I don't know” Baku answered, “It was a miracle that Tallgeese and Sazabi weren't killed. And last time I checked, the same miracle doesn't happen three times in one day.”
EagleEye watched them from above, “Yes, keep walking, straight to your doom Bakunetsumaru. This time, my plan, will work. Or there'll be hell to pay.”
“Huh?” Baku suddenly stopped and sifted his eyes around the room.
“What's wrong Bakunetsumaru?” asked Zero.
“He's near,” Baku snapped his head to the right, “This way!” He shot down the hallway leaving a trail of fire.
“Bakunetsumaru! Wait for us!” Captain and co chased after him. Baku dashed through the castle zigzagging his way to his target.
“Slowdown Baku!” shouted Shute.
“Pick up the pace!” Baku shouted back, “Hurry!” he rounded a corner and entered a gigantic room with seemingly no ceiling, “Where are Kibaomaru?” Baku walked slowly into the room, katanas drawn, “Where are you?”
“Man, I didn't know he was that fast,” said Guneagle. All of the other gundams save the kids plus the Dark Axis and Skylar entered to room about half a minute later. Shute, Rele, Azural, and Genkimaru came in behind them out of breath.
“What's…the hurry…Baku,” asked Shute out of breath, “He's not ….going any…where.”
Genkimaru looked around the room, “Father!? Father? Are you here?”
Phoenix looked down at the kid musha, “Kibaomaru is your father?” Genki nodded.
Something chuckled, “It's about time Bakunetsumaru.”
Kibaomaru opened his crimson eyes, his black and gold armor seemed to gleam in the moonlight. However, he still appeared to be in a puppet like trance.
Baku raised his guard, “Take it easy Kibaomaru. I'm here to free you from EagleEye's grip.”
“Free me?” asked Kibaomaru as if Baku was joking, “From this awesome power? “I don't think so.” Kiba charged and brought his heavy sword down on Baku. Baku quickly crossed his twin katanas and caught the attack, “Open your eyes! You're being controlled!”
“I'm not doing this by control,” said Kiba, “I'm doing it my choice.” Kiba kicked Baku in the side of the head knocking the samurai off balance. Kiba then grabbed one of Baku's arms and flung him into the wall.
“He's going to get himself killed” shouted Rele.
“There is a barrier here as well,” said Captain, “we are unable to intervene.”
“Then again,” said Zero, “Bakunetsumaru would never let one of us interfere.”
Bakunetsumaru recovered from the toss and charged the musha warlord, “I knew you couldn't be trusted! Bakunetsu sacred arts, Tekyoken!”
“You won't get me that easily!” Kibaomaru jumped over the flaming x.
“What the!?” Baku shouted in disbelief.
Kibaomaru came down with full force and stomped on Bakunetsu's back forcing him into the floor. Kiba jumped off him then stood before him, “Where's is your samurai spirit? Get up and die standing!”
EagleEye shouted, “You idiot! Finish him!”
Kiba ignored him, “Get up Bakunetsumaru. I want to fight the Blazing Samurai, Hero of Ark. Not some weakling who gives up easily.”
Kiba then flinched in pain as EagleEye clutched his fist tighter and tighter, “Either kill him now or I will kill both you!”
“Very well sire,” Kibaomaru raised his sword above Baku as he tried to get up.
“Father! Don't do it!” Genkimaru ran onto the battlefield and jumped onto his father, wrapping his arms around his neck, “Father it's me, Genkimaru. Come on! Fight off that demon!”
“Genki…maru?” Kiba seemed to be coming out of his trance.
“Don't you remember?” asked Baku now on one knee, “You agreed to serve EagleEye so long as Genkimaru was not harmed. He's your son.”
“My…son?” asked Kibaomaru. He appeared to be fighting off something.
Genkimaru squeezed tighter, “Don't you remember me Father? Come on! Fight off this demon!”
“Fa…ther?' Kibaomaru began the fight off the demon, “What are you…doing here Genkimaru? Get…out of here.”
“Not without you,” Genkimaru continued to hug his father.
“You good for nothing gundam!” shouted EagleEye, “Get rid of that brat and finish the job!”
“As you command sire,” Kiba entered his puppet like trance again, grabbed Genkimaru's wrist and flung him across the room and into some wall-mounted armor and weapons.
“Genkimaru!” Baku shouted.
“Kiuma Oukatana!” Kibaomaru shot a wave of lighting from his sword aimed at Baku. Baku dodged the attack and ran to Genki, “Are you okay Genkimaru?”
“Yes,” the kid musha answered weakly.
Baku faced Kibaomaru outraged, “Villain! Attacking a child. Have you no honor?”
Kibaomaru laughed evilly and answered, “Honor is foreign word to demons. Women, children, men, sick, healthy, old, young and everywhere in between. I don't care. I only live for the thrill of taking another's life.”
“You attack those weaker then you?” asked Bakunetsumaru, “Then you have no honor demon!”
Juli continued to type furiously on the computer, “Chief, I'm getting a strange reading from both inside the castle and inside the Gundamusai.”
“Now what?” ask Chief Haro clearly agitated. The Bakunshin armor, which had been stowed away aboard the Gundamusai, shot of the air ship, into the air, and into the castle almost hitting Cobramaru in the process.
“20 bucks, Baku's in trouble,” said Bell Wood. Entango neighed in agreement.
The Bakushin armor surrounded Bakunetsumaru before taking the place of his original armor.
Kibaomaru stared in terror, “Are you kidding me!?”
“What's going on here?” shouted EagleEye.
“Have you forgotten Bakushinmaru?' Bakushinmaru spread his katanas allowing his red and gold armor to be seen by all.
“Amazing!” said Phoenix.
Kibaomaru scoffed, “You changed you're armor so what?” The black and gold musha charged Bakushinmaru.
Bakushin crossed his katanas, “Bakushin Kaitennobo!” He uncrossed them and sent a ball of exploding fire at Kibaomaru.
“Not this time,” Kiba created a ball of black energy and encased the attack around Bakushinmaru causing it to damage attacker. Baku screamed in pain as his own attack dealt heavy damage to the musha.
“Bakunetsumaru!” Captain, Shute, Zero, and Fleur shouted in worry.
Genkimaru looked up from under the pile of armor that still covered him, “Oh no.”
Bakushinmaru was forced to lean on his twin katanas, “That was a dirty trick.”
“Demon,” replied Kibaomaru.
“Now this is more like it!” laughed EagleEye.
Bakushinmaru pushed through the pain of having his body burned, “One more attack like that and I'm done for. I have to finish this…now.” Bakushinmaru charged at Kibaomaru katanas raised.
“Ready for round three?” Kibaomaru charged at Bakushinmaru sword raised . They both swung at the same time, both cracking the other's gunsoul with their attack. They landed backs toward each other opposite of where they started. A demon crystal smashed into the floor shattering. With that, Kibaomaru fell face forward onto the cold marble floor. Bakushinmaru stood up a sheathed his swords. EagleEye could do nothing more but stare in disbelief, his plan didn't work. In fact, it failed, miserably.
“I'm sorry Genkimaru,” said Bakushinmaru. He took off his helmet and walked back to his friends, “But, your father will need some time heal.” Bakushinmaru smiled at the kid musha.
Genkimaru's face lit up and he ran over to his father, “Father! Wake up! Are you going to be okay?”
Kibaomaru groaned and got up on all fours, “That depends. Know where I can get about two hundred riceballs?” Genkimaru laughed and hugged is father.
EagleEye fumed then roared, “That's it! I'll do it myself!” EagleEye jumped from his roast holding a black purple ball of energy and blew up the room. Everyone outside looked up and gasped as one of the highest towers fell from the castle. They also saw everyone save Skylar riding the shock wave away from the castle and were plummeting towards the ground.
“The fliers had restrainers on!”
“They going to get killed!”
The gundams, humans, and Dark Axis screamed in fear as they dropped out of the sky.
“I got `em!” With green vine pattern glowing Rex pounded the pavement causing it to leap up and turn into a slide. The pavement caught those falling and allowed them to safely slide towards the Gundamusai that waited opposite the castle. A small jump at the end sent them back into the air. Sazabi and the trio in the middle of some very shocked zakos. Tallgeese crashed near Fenn, Zero and Rele however where caught by Fenn. Kibaomaru and Bakushinmaru landed near some Skylarkains, Genkimaru landed on his father and the Bakunshin armor, being out of energy, removed itself and Bakunetsumaru's original armor was replaced. Guneagle, Lucky, and Captain landed on the Gundamusai, Shute and Azural were caught by them. Rocket caught Fleur and placed her down while Phoenix was left to crash into the Gundamusai.
“Ow…I'm getting to old for this,” Phoenix rubbed his sore back.
“K-K-K-King Phoenix!? You're alive?!?” shouted Rocket, Dragoon and Wheeler in unison.
Phoenix stood up and looked around at his shocked loyal followers, “Fear not my fellow Skylarkains. I am King Phoenix the Benevolent returned to aid my country and vanquish the demon king.” Doc used his elemental power to deactivate the flight restrainers. “Thank you Dr. Electrocudo,” Phoenix gave him a short head nod.
“Beat EageEye,” whispered Sazabi, “I'll believe that when I see it.”
“Freeze Sazabi!” Chief Haro along with several other SDG employees and mechs aimed a weapon at Sazabi.
“We're on your side!” shouted Zapper.
“Calm yourself good sir,” said King Phoenix, “The Dark Axis saved me from my prison deep in the dungeons. I owe them.” Chief Haro called his men to at ease.
“Hey Phoenix,” said Grappler, “You got him off our commander's back, we're even.”
“Long live King Phoenix!” shouted Joey.
The other Skylarkains joined him, “Long live King Phoenix! Long live King Phoenix!”
“Oh will you please shut the hell up!” shouted EagleEye, “In case you haven't noticed, you might have your king but I have your Great Protector.” Skylar held onto the crumbling remains of the tower for dear life while EagleEye used his powers to hold down his wings.
He knelt down so that only Skylar could hear him, “Do me a favor and say `hi' to Fleur's mother Aquarmia for me will you?”
Skylar gasped and fear struck his face. EagleEye stood up and announced for everyone present to hear, “Well, Gundam Force. You certainly made things quite troublesome for me,” then he spoke with increasing length on each word, “But now…you've really pissed me off.” He raised his pointed scepter above Skylar's spirit crystal, “Say goodbye to Skylar, the Worthless Protector of Skylark!” He stabbed Skylar's crystal causing the spirit to cry out in pain.
“NOOO!” Fleur shouted. But it was too late. Skylar pained yell was quickly silenced. Lifeless his claws released the castle and he fell into the waiting pile of rubble below. Everyone watching could no do more then just that. They watched wide-eyed and in horror as their last hope for bringing back Skylark's former glory was silenced forever.
“He's…dead….” Fleur began to cry, “SKYYYLAAAAARRRRR!!” She broke down in tears while EagleEye laughed in triumph.
He then jumped into the city below and faced the opposition, crown tilted slightly to the side and scepter in hand, “Who's next?”
Skylar's dead and the final chapter is up next. And can someone tell me if Bakushinmaru's attack is Bakushin Kaitennobo or Bakukaitenshou. I saw it both ways so I wasn't sure. Review please.