SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam Force: My Version ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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“I'm late I'm so late,” Kiko yelled as she raced to school.
Kiko was an eight year old girl with black hair. She was in elementary school but was always late to get there before the first bell. So she was hurrying to get there so she won't get in trouble again. So she was cutting across a field to get to school faster. Just then purple spheres gathered in spot in the air and a golden gate with teeth and horns appeared. Kiko stopped in her tracks fixated on it as a red ship came out of it and landed. A hatched opened and a large red robot followed by a group of smaller green robots. It was clear that the red robot was not happy with where he was.
“Alright who was in control of the driving and landing,” the red robot said as he turned to face those who followed him. One of them raised his hand and was grabbed by what must be the commander.
“Does this look like the city we are suppose to attack,” He asked.
“Hey no one attacks my city,” Kiko said before the grunt could respond.
“What this, an organic pest?” He seemed to ask as he let go of the grunt and faced her.
“Yeah I'm an organic pest and you're a big idiotic dorkazoid,” Kiko said.
This seemed to anger the red robot.
“Alright men get rid of this pest,” He ordered.
The grunts raised their guns and began firing. Kiko ran for her life trying to dodge the gunfire. After running for awhile she tripped and fell flat on her face. She quickly covered her head waiting for the end but it never came. She could hear the bullets hitting something metal and she looked behind her. She saw a white and blue gundam holding a shield in front of him.
“Neka take the girl to safer location and look after her,” He ordered.
Then a blue and white tiger wearing a golden saddle like armor appeared behind Kiko and grabbed her by the scoff of her shirt and flipped her onto his back.
“Yes sir,” He said then ran off carrying Kiko to a safer location.
The gundam then used his jetpack to fly up and over the enemy. Then he raised he gun and fire upon them. The red robot fired his own guns at the gundam. He dodged and then use he jetpack to move about and firing at the group. Kiko stared in aw as she sat on Neka. The red robot charged with sword in hand. The gundam stopped, put down his shield and gun and brought out his sword and charged as well. Their swords made contact and the sword fight began. They matched each other blow to blow until they back off and then the red robot pulled out a communicator.
“Open the gate and bring the ship around,” He ordered.
Then the same from before appeared again and the gundam could see a ship on the other side
”Oh no,” he said as he saw the ship's cannons began charging.
He looked behind and saw that the Kiko was still in the area. He raced to shield and grabbed it then ran in front of Kiko and Neka. The cannons fired and hit the shield dead on. The shield began to melt until a huge explosion came sending shockwaves across the field. Neka and Kiko had to hold on tight until everything settled. There was a huge hole in front of them.
“Captain Gundam sir where re you?” Neka called out but got no responds.
“I think he flew over there,” Kiko said pointing behind her.
“Thank you can get off now,” Neka said.
Once Kiko was off he ran in the direction Kiko pointed out but then stopped and faced her.
“I must ask you to forget what you had seen and to not tell anyone about what you had seen here,” He said then off he went.
Later that day Kiko was returning from school. She had gotten yelled at for being late again and gotten another detention. She had not told anyone about what she had seen earlier that day not only because the tiger told her not but because she knew no one would be believe her. She finally reached her house.
“Mom I'm home,” Kiko said.
“Hi Kiko can you look after your brother for me?” Her mom asked.
“Alright mom,” Kiko called back as she picked up her brother Ben and took him outside.
“Hey Ben you would never believe what happened to me today,” Kiko said and began to tell him about her story. She knew that Ben didn't understand what she was talking about but at least she talk to someone about what happened. Once she was done she happened to look towards the shack that was behind the house. She saw hole in it and she knew it wasn't there that morning. Just then her dad came up the porch.
“I'm going to the shack,” Kiko said as she handed Ben to him.
“Where is you mom?” Her dad asked.
“I think she is in the Kitchen,” Kiko replied.
Kiko reached the shack and carefully opened the door then peeked inside. Nothing was out of the ordinary but Kiko notice a hole on the second floor of the shack. Kiko went inside and when she inspected it she saw that a robotic arm was coming out of it. She quickly took the stairs and when she got up there she gasped. It was the same white and blue gundam from that morning. She raced over to him and inspected him. From what she can tell he wasn't damage that much but that blast knocked him out.
“Maybe I can fix him,” Kiko said to herself, “It's the least I could do.”
She then tried to lift him but he was too heavy so she decided to leave him just the way he was. She got the tools she needed and began to work on him. A half and hour past but nothing seemed to work.
“Come on let fix you,” Kiko said in anger as she banged a wrench on his chest. The chest popped opened and flipped revealing a sphere with gold ring and a small flame inside. Kiko stared in aw at it and then reached out with both hands and touched it then placed her cheek on it. She can feel the warmth of the flames on her cheek and she smiled.
“At least you flame is still burning,” Kiko said.
Another half an hour past and Kiko was asleep. Just then the gundam's eyes activated and he got up and looked around.
“Hey you're awake,” Kiko said once she had seen the gundam up and awake.
“Did you fix me?” He asked.
“Yeah, it the least I can do after you and Neka helped me,” Kiko said.
Just then his crest began to glow.
“Is it them?” Kiko asked.
“You stay here and forget you saw me,” He said and used his jetpack to fly off.
“Well your welcome,” Kiko shouted as bended back and fell through the hole. When she got up she saw that the gundam or Captain forgot his shield. Then she got an idea.
“This is a perfect time to test it out,” Kiko said as she took out a locket (locket from Dorime along with the same dress but metal and black with part of the gundam helmet and mask). She stood up and then slammed the locket on her hands twice and metal appeared on her arms along with metal gloves. Then she hit the locket once on each foot then metal and boots appeared on her legs and feet. Now she hit the locket twice in the air and a metal dress appear and she slipped it on. Now she hit her head twice with the locket and a witch hat with the bottom half of a gundam helmet and mask appear on her head.
“Now its time to fight,” Kiko said as she picked up the shield and ran out the shack.
Zapper Zako and his men were at factory and causing mayhem. Just then Captain Gundam appeared and began to fight them but Captain was in a losing fight since he didn't have his weapon or shield and the Zako had him pinned with their gunfire. Just then a figure came out of the sky and landed in front of Captain and then grabbed him by the waist and jumped out of the gunfire.
“What the?” Zapper Zako said as he looked to his left and saw what looked like a black and white witch female gundam holding Captain in her right and his shield in her left.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“The names Witcho,” She said, “Let just say I'm a friend of Captain.”
“Thank you,” Captain said.
“No prob,” Witcho said.
The Zakos began firing again and the two jumped out of the way. Witcho charge and punched a few Zakos with Captain following shortly. Finally there was only Zapper Zako and the ship left. He got out his communicator again and ordered the main ship to come and the gate to open.
“I think its best if you step back Witcho,” Captain said as he stepped forward.
“No,” Witcho said making Captain turn and face her, “We are in this together,”
She lifted her hand and offered her hand to Captain witch he took. Suddenly Captain's soul drive and Witcho's locket both activated and a bright glow surrounded them both. Once it dead done a new gundam stood there that was a cross between Captain and Witcho.
“What the?” Zapper Zako said surprised.
“Now that we have merged,” the gundam said in what sounded like two voices, “We are now Captain Witcho.”
“This is not good,” Zapper Zako said as the ship's cannon fired but Captain Witcho punched it sending it and Zapper Zako back into the gate that closed after. Once they were gone a bright light engulfed the gundam and Captain and Witcho were returned to normal. A ship came by and a robotic officer came and greets Captain.
“Are you sure you don't want to come with us?” Captain asked.
“Not now but maybe someday,” Witcho said and began walking off but then stop, “Oh one more if you want contact Kiko the girl you saved earlier.”
Then Witcho and Captain went their separate ways until the next battle.