SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam Force: My Version ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Kiko was in school but wasn't concentrated on school work. Her mind was on what happened last night. She wondered where Captain was and what he was doing.
“Kiko…..KIKO!!” Mrs. Hetrect shouted.
“Yes ma'am” Kiko said as she stood up.
“It's bad enough that you are late for school everyday so the least you can do is pay attention,” Mrs. Hetrect said sternly.
“Yes ma'am,” Kiko said and sat down as the other classmates snickered.
Captain was at HQ delivering his report to his commander.
“And once we had defeated them we separated and Witcho took off,” Captain ended.
“I see so it was upon the arrival of this female gundam Witcho that your Soul Drive activated and you two were able to merge,” Commander Laken said.
The commander was rough built man with broad shoulders. He had black hair and a mustache.
“That is right sir,” Captain confirmed.
The commander was deep in thought.
“If we are going study this new ability and fight the Dark Axis we need to find Witcho but find her will prove difficult,” Commander Laken said at last.
“Sir there may be a way to contact her,” Captain said.
“And that would be?” Laken said.
“Before she left she had told that if I ever wanted to get her to go to a girl name Kiko,” Captain explained.
“Kiko!?” Laken said in what Captain describe as shock.
“Is something wrong, commander?” Captain asked.
“No nothing is wrong,” Laken said then continued, “Tell me about Kiko.”
“Well I met Kiko in the early morning of yesterday when the Dark Axis first attacked,” Captain explained, “I was lucky enough to get there in time and that when I told Neka to get her to a safer location and look after her and that when I did battle but suddenly they fired their ship's cannons and I did what I could to protect her. The next thing I knew I woke up in a shack and Kiko was and learned that she had fixed but I soon left.”
“I see then we must go and meet this Kiko,” Laken said.
“We?” Captain asked.
“I will be coming for I want to meet both Kiko and Witcho in person,” Laken replied.
Kiko was coming from school and was now arriving at her house.
“Welcome home Kiko,” her mother said as she greeted her daughter hold Ben.
“Hi mom hi Ben,” Kiko said.
“Are you going to start repair your shack?” her asked.
“Yep I thought the weekend would be the perfect time to start repairing,” Kiko replied.
Kiko had not told her mother about what happened yesterday and to the shack. Kiko got the tools from the closet and went outside to begin work. She walked up to the shack and opened the door but stopped in the doorframe when she saw that someone was inside. Sitting on a chair was her father and next to him was Captain with Neka by his side.
“Hey dad what are you doing here?” Kiko asked.
“Hello Kiko we need to talk,” Mr. Laken said, “You have already met Captain and Neka here since they had saved your life yesterday.”
“Yes but I haven't told anyone about it even mom,” Kiko said.
“Good now Captain had told me that when he awoke he was in your shack and that you had fixed him and he went off in order fight the Dark Axis,” Laken continued.
“Yeah a thank you would have been nice,” Kiko said.
“As I was saying when Captain confronted the Dark Axis but he was out numbered but that is when a female gundam named Witcho came and assisted but that when something else happened,” Laken said, “Captain's Soul Drive activated and the two gundam merge and became a new gundam and in this new form they were able to defeat the Dark Axis.”
“Captain has also told me that Witcho had said if we need her to talk to you,” Laken said, “So we came here to ask you to get Witcho for us.”
“Well I guess I can Witcho for you guys,” Kiko said, “Just give me a minute and I'll get her.”
Kiko went out of the shack and closed the door behind her. She got out her locket and transformed into Witcho. She then went to the side of the shack on jumped up onto the house and jump down through the hole.
“Hey what's up?” Witcho asked.
“Ah you must be Witcho,” Commander Laken said.
“As if there was any other,” Witcho replied, “So what do you want?”
“We want you to help us with a study,” Captain explained, “We want to learn more about our merging last night.”
“And you need me in order to do it,” Witcho said.
“Yes so are you willing to help us?” Commander Laken asked.
“Well it's not like I have anything to do so what the heck I'll come and do the study,” Witcho replied.
“Good now if you would kindly follow me and Captain to the ship we can go to HQ,” Laken said as he led the way.
Witcho jumped down and followed. The commander just opened the door when he heard his wife.
“Henry is that you?” Diana asked.
Captain and Witcho stepped back to stay out of view.
“Yes Diana I just came here from looking for something and Kiko found it for me,” Henry answered.
“Oh so are you going back to work?” Diana asked.
“Yes but I'll be back by seven,” Henry replied.
“Okay dinner will be ready by then,” Diana said and went inside.
Once she was inside the trio left and went to the ship. Once inside the ship took off.
“Commander?” Captain asked.
“Yes Captain,”
“You never told me or anyone at HQ that you had a family,” Captain said.
“The reason why I didn't tell you and the others about my family and not telling my family about you and my work is to protect them danger,” Commander Laken explained, “We are to protect people not cause hurt and you are required to keep this classified.”
”Yes sir,”
Witcho and Captain were in the training room trying to repeat the merging but were having no luck.
“Alright that enough,” The commander said.
Witcho and Captain took the chance to take a breather.
“Commander we have study both Soul Drives but nothing came up nor did they activated,” one woman said.
“Maybe they only activates only under certain situations such as in battle or when emotions are strong,” another woman said.
“Maybe your right,” Henry said, “Study their Soul Drives the next time they are in a battle.”
Suddenly the alarm went off.
“There is portal opening near a harbor,” a woman said.
“Witcho Captain get on it,” Commander Laken said.
Captain and Witcho took off and headed to the harbor.
“Alright mean keep shooting if we are going to attract the two gundams,” Zapper Zako ordered.
Then Captain and Witcho appeared.
“About time you got here alright fire,” He ordered.
The gundams were able to dodge the shots but Zapper Zako had a plan. He jumped up on a crane on stuck a red horn on it. Then the crane's eyes turn red and then two others were fitted with the red horn. They swung the boxes they carried over Captain and dropped them. Captain tried to hold them up but soon collapsed under the weight.
“Captain,” Witcho cried and tried to reach him but was stopped by a hail of bullets.
“One down one to go,” Zapper Zako said and the cranes charged at Witcho.
Witcho dodge the attacks and then jumped up and over Zapper Zako. Her glove started to glow brightly as brought it back and punched him off the crane. She then punched the horn off all three cranes. Then she went to Captain and helped him get the boxes off.
“Ready Captain,” Witcho said.
Then there Soul Drives activated and they were able to merge into Captain Witcho. His left hand glow bright yellow and he punched Zapper Zako and sent him and his men back through the portal.
Later back at HQ.
“I think I have a better way of contacting me,” Witcho said then she took off her locket/Soul Drive off her chest, “You guys can build a beeper into my locket that way Kiko won't be involved.”
“I agree,” the commander said.