SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam Force: My Version ❯ Winged Knight ( Chapter 3 )

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On the outskirt of Neotopia something was up. In the forest everything was turned to stone. A lone figure walked within the forest and stopped as he knelt to pick up a bird frozen in mid flight. He gave a sigh as he looked up at his surrounding.
Kiko was at home doing her homework outside. Her mother was grading some test as Ben was in a roller next to her. Her father was going over the newspaper that came that morning. Kiko looked up from her homework at looked up at her father. She had not her father, who was a leader of the SDG, that she was Witcho. Kiko knew if she did Mr. Laken would forbid her to fight against the Dark Axis. Just then Mr. Laken cell phone rang and he picked it up and looked at it. He then got up and walked to the far end of the porch before answering.
“Yes……. Get Captain and Witcho on it.”
Just then something started beeping in Kiko's bag.
“Mom I'm going to my room to finish my homework,” then ran off to her room. Once inside her room she took out her locket and hit it against her hands to start the transformation. Once done she opened the window and jumped out. As she ran she opened the top of her locket.
“Witcho here what's up?” She asked.
“Witcho you are need at the outskirts of Neotopia On the east side Captain will be waiting for you there,” a voice replied.
“Got it,”
She ran east until she was at the forest that surrounded Neotopia. She slowed down and looked around before heading to the right. She looked around some more until she saw the Gunparry. As she ran she could seen various officers walking about.
“Hey where is Captain?” She asked one of them.
“He is in the forest,”
Witcho nodded and walked into the forest. As she walked she saw more officers walking about with machines but there was something with the forest. She stopped to look at a tree. Just then she heard rustling behind and looked back ready for a fight but calmed down when she saw that it was Captain.
“I see you came,” Captain said.
“I was in the area when Blanc Base called saying to come and meet you here,” Witcho said, “But when I came I notice that something was wrong with the trees and when I looked closer it looked as if was turned to stone.”
“Yes I too notice that as well,” Captain said, “I predicted an 89 percent chance that it was done by the Dark Axis.”
Just then a call came saying that the Dark Axis was at the harbor. Captain and Witcho went to the Gunparry and once on they took off and headed to the harbor. As they drew near they could smoke coming up and then the side door opened to let the gundams out. When they were over the harbor, with Witcho holding Captain, they jumped. Captain used his jets to make a soft landing and once they did they saw the Dark Axis causing chaos. Zapper Zako was not alone for with him was a bluish zako.
“Well it's about time you gundams showed up,” The blue zako said.
“I may ask who you are.” Witcho asked.
“Why would I waste my breath on you,” He said.
“Enough talk let's start already,” Zapper said, “I take care of Captain while you take care of Witcho Grappler.”
Zapper Zako charged at Captain as Witcho and Grappler were in a stand off.
“Shouldn't a lady like yourself be in a kitchen or doing something lady like,” Grappler said.
“Unlike other ladies I like to fight,” as she said this her gloves glowed as she charged forward. Unknown to all of them they were being watched by an unknown figure. As the battle waged on Witcho was having a hard time with Grappler but tried her best. Just then a Grappler shoulder her into a near by tree. As Witcho tried to recover the Grappler fired a missile from his arm. Suddenly something came in front of Witcho causing the shots to blow up and smoke to cover where Witcho was.
“Witcho!” Captain yelled but was unable to go to her since Zapper Zako stood in his way.
As the smoked cleared everyone could see that someone was standing in front of Witcho. The person was a dark blue and white gundam with what looked like fins coming out of his helmet. Her wore a red cape and held a sword in one hand and a red shield in the other.
“When ever a fair maiden is in trouble I so help come to thy aid,” The gundam said.
“Oh great just what we need another gundam,” Zapper said, “Alright Zakos take care of both him and his maiden.”
The Zakos prepared to fire but the gundam beat them to the punch by bringing his sword up to his face.
“Mana Tornado,” He cried as he swung his sword down and wind blew forward blowing the Zakos away. Then he lunged forward and sliced the remaining Zakos with his sword. A zako came up behind him but was punched away by Witcho. The new gundam turned to face her as she stood over the zako she hit.
“Thanks for the help but this maiden can fight back,” Witcho said.
The battles continued and with the new gundam's help Captain and Witcho gained the upper hand until Grappler Gouf called a retreat. Once the Dark Axis was gone Captain and Witcho were able to turn their attention to the new gundam.
“Your help was most needed,” Captain said, “But what is your name.”
The gundam walked up until he was face to face with Witcho. He raised his and with a snap of his fingers a blue flower appeared.
“You can call me Zero the Winged Knight,” Zero replied and handed the rose to Witcho, “When ever you need me I'll will be there.”
And with that he flew off leaving Captain and Witcho behind.