SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam Force: My Version ❯ Witcho to the Rescue ( Chapter 4 )

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Kiko was enjoy very boring weekend at her house. Ever since she met a gundam named Captain she formed a secret life as Witcho, a female gundam who fights along side Captain against an evil group known as the Dark Axis. Kiko learned that her father was the leader of the organization that Captain works for. She never told her father that she was Witcho for she knew that she would be in a lot of trouble for it. But that is not the point. Kiko was bored for she had to do, no one to play with, and Dark Axis had not shown up since the last battle three days ago when she and Captain met Zero. Kiko sighed wishing something anything to cure her boredom on this day. As if hearing her plea her locket beeped. Kiko rushed to pick it and transform before answering. It was Juli from Blanc base.
“This is Witcho what's up?” She asked.
“Witcho we just detected Dark axis activity near the lake toward the west,” Juli responded, “Captain has already been sent but he is going to need your help.”
“Understood I'll be there as soon as I can,” Witcho said.
She closed her locket and before she left she wrote a note for her mom saying that she was at a friend's house. Then she leapt out the window and headed west toward the lake. It took Witcho 15 minutes to reach the spot where the Dark Axis was. She voices nearby and thought that maybe she could get a jump on the enemy. She took a shortcut through the bushes and when she was on the other side she saw a scene that shocked her. Captain and Zero were incased in sphere made up of what looked like rubber but it was strong enough to hold two gundams. But then she something that made her want to burst out laughing. Zapper and Grappler were trapped in the same substance and they were not happy about it and were auguring.
“Were getting nowhere with this,” Grappler said, “Zakos get the Gundams take them to the Kazame to take to the main ship.”
“Don't forget us,” Zapper shouted.
As the Zakos carried their commanders and the gundams Witcho knew that this was her only chance to save her friends. She carefully snaked her way to the Kazame and when it ready to blast off Witcho jumped on before it entered the portal. She was in a tunnel filled colors until they reached the other side. What Witcho saw scared very much. The world they entered was a dark void with lava on the ground and boulders floating in the air and the lava itself. An intimidating and huge ship was hovering in front of a purple sphere with three curved horns. Kiko was having second thoughts about staying behind but she got over it knowing she was here to save her friends. The small Kazame landed on the bigger ship and Zapper, Grappler, and the gundams were unloaded. When the coast was clear Witcho jumped off.
“Now where did they take Captain and Zero to?,” Witcho whispered.
Knowing no one would answer she decided to take a look around and hope that along the way she would find a way to free them from the rubber they were in. Witcho was walking by large cannon when she heard voices that belonged to that of Zapper and Grappler. She stopped and slowly looked around the corner to see that the two were still trap as well.
“Now what are they up to?” She whispered. She strained her ears to listen in. Then a Zako came carrying a strange vase.
“What took you?” Zapper Shouted.
“Pipe down your lucky I had this Zulfer,” Grappler said, “It's the only thing that can melt this stuff and free us.”
“Good I was getting a rash,” Zapper grumbled.
“Ah, I see,” Witcho said, “So that Zulfer is what I need to free the others now I just need to get it.”
Zapper and Grappler were finally free from the rubber.
“Now that over we have to figure out what to do with the gundams.” Zapper said.
“Not yet we still have to capture that female gundam Witcho.” Grappler pointed out.
“How can I forget about her,” Zapper growled, “She been just much a pest as Captain and Zero.”
Just something ran past and knocked over the Zako holding the Zulfer.
“What was that?” Grappler asked.
“Hack if I know,” Zapper replied.
Then a Zako ran around the corner at top speed.
“Sir the female gundam is on the ship zako.” He said when he came to the two and salute.
“WHAT?” The two shouted.
“How did she get on our ship?” Zapper asked.
“It doesn't matter it just makes it easier for us to capture her,” Grappler responded.
“Ah, sir, zako.”
“She also stole the Zulfer, zako.”
“Damm it, Stupid Zako now the whole base knows I'm here,” Witcho gasped hiding in what looked like a storage room after outrunning a group of Zakos. After getting her breath she plucked up the courage to go out, “Now I have to find my friends.”
Just then Witcho saw a white crane sticking from the ship's side and when looked closer at what was hanging from it she saw that it was Captain and Zero. It was a struck of luck for Witcho. Before she could move toward her friends a shout was heard from behind. She turned and saw Grappler and Zapper with a bunch of Zakos.
“Get her,” They ordered.
The group of Zako gave chase as Witcho ran as fast as she can towards her friends.
“Don't let her get to the other gundams,” Grappler Shouted.
Another group of Zakos came around the corner in front Witcho. She stopped in her tracks when she saw them. Witcho was trapped and she still hasn't saved her friend.
“Well, well, it's so good that you can join us,” Grappler taunted, “Now you get to join your friend.”
“You think it that easy to capture me,” Witcho said.
And to prove her point she bent her knees and did a back flip over the Zakos, turned and made a beeline to a Captain and Zero.
Things were not looking good for Captain and Zero. Everything started out okay with the battle with the Zapper Zaku and Grappler Gouf until Grapple pulled out a bazooka and imprisoned in a rubber sphere.
“How is it that a knight of my skill gets caught?” Zero asked.
“Zero I was wondering where you came from?” Captain asked.
“To simple put it I'm not from your world or your dimension,” Zero replied, “Dimension that fell to Dark Axis.”
“I'm glad that Lady Witcho is not stuck with us,” Zero said.
“Yes it will give her a chance ton save us.” Captain said.
“That is not what I meant,” Zero said, “How is it that I get stuck with a gundam with such crass.”
“I'm crass?”
“I don't know Zero I kind a like Captain the way his is,”
The two Gundams looked up to see Witcho hanging off the cable that held them up holding a strange vase.
“Nice to see you guys too,” Witcho said happily, “I don't worry I got the stuff that can get you guys unstuck.”
She poured the Zulfer on the rubber like stuff and it began to melt. She was half way down when a bullet hit the back of her cheek. The bullet went completely through destroying the armor along with bit of the mask damaging the skin underneath causing her to scream out and to drop the Zulfer to place a hand on her damaged left cheek.
Luckily Witcho had enough of the stuff to the point that they can break out themselves. Captain climbed up to Witcho as Zero hovered near her.
“Are you alright Milady?” Zero asked.
“I think so” She answered.
Captain moved her hand to get a better at the wound.
“Her cheek and mouth guard are damage and she is bleeding,”
“Those villains how dare they attack a lady.”
“Zero,” Witcho said.
“I might know way to open the gate back to our world” She explained.
“Of course.”
With the help of Zero they were able to dodge any other shot and make it the Zakarello Gate.
“Better make it quick the enemy can come at any time,” Captain said.
Witcho push a small button on the right side of her helmet to activate the voice changer she had installed a day ago out of boredom.
“Ahem, open a portal to Neotopia you stupid gate or I'll pull out all you teeth,” But instead of her own voice she sound like Zapper Zaku.
“In coming.”
Witcho just look back to see that they had fired the ships cannons before Zero pulled her through the gate just as the shots hit. The three gundams found that the gate had dropped them high up in the sky and were quickly falling at high speed to the ground.
“We are doomed,” Witcho shouted.
“No we are not,” Captain stated.
And to prove it they landed on a cloud.
“Is this even possible?” Witcho asked.
“This cloud isn't made by nature.” Zero stated when tested it.
“That is right for in truth this Blanc Base.” Captain explained.
“Well that explains a lot.” Witcho said as she got but a sharp pain caused her to grab her left cheek.
“We should get that injury checked.” Captain said.
“Come Milady let us go inside,” Zero said as a platform came up from the base.