SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam: Fun with phones! ❯ More question! ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Arisasora- Uh we are officially back. Thanks to NeoYami.

Zero- WHAT?! I thought she was dead!

Shadow- Do you want her to be dead?

Zero- …

Arisasora- *cough * welcome back to SD Gundam: Fun with phones! Today there will be a special event at the end of the chapter!

Zero- I bet that `special event' involves us.


Zero-I think it's going to be humiliating and painful.

Bakunetsumaru-I think you're probably right.

Arisasora- Both of you shut up. Any way time for QUESTIONS!! Zero read the question.

Zero- Why me?

Arisasora- Cause if you don't I'm going to let Shadow FORCE you to.

Shadow- *evil grin*

Zero- This is for…..Bakunetsumaru.

Bakunetsumaru- Really?

Zero- It say, if you saw Kibaoramu walking on the other side of the street what would you do to him?

Bakunetsumaru-Hmm…there's a lot of bad things I want to do to him-

Zero & Arisasora- *inches away*

Bakunetsumaru- THAT'S NOT WHAT I MENT! Anyway the best thing I would do to him is-

Shadow- Burn him!

Bakunetsumaru- Burn him? I guess that's okay, but I want to suffer him more….

Shadow- You're talking to the master of torture. If you want him to suffer, first you have to grab him and tie him down. Then stab him with knives all over his body, but don't push down too hard or he'll lose too much blood and he won't suffer as much. Then you have to burn him, but only on his legs and arms, and there will be lots of blood. That way he doesn't die as quickly and you are inflicting the maximum amount of pain because you've left his organs alone. One time I got this guy, but I wasn't being careful and I sliced off his head with my sword, then I chopped up his body, but he was already dead so he didn't feel any pain. That's why you need to leave his head and torso alone, so he can live longer while you torture him, and you can hear him scream if he still has his head. Since I cut off that guy's head, I didn't get to hear him screa-

Arisasora- I think that's enough! Baku get's the point!

Bakunetsumaru- Yeah, but I'll have to admit, that Shadow's right. If I want to make him suffer I-

Arisasora- Zero!! Next question!

Zero- Right…*looks at the paper* this person want's to call Julie for her fortune telling on what kind of torture Shute is going to get….poor shute….

Arisasora- *picks up the phone and dials Julie's number* Hello? Julie?

Julie- Yes, how may I help you? Would you like to know about he sufferings you'll go through?

Zero- *takes the phone from Arisasora, who smacked him on the head* OW!

Julie- Was that pain I heard?

Zero- Never mind. Anyway can you tell us what pain Shute will go through the future?

Julie- Sure! Well Shute is going to get captured by the general and believe it or not Carbela is actually a gundam made from the Data from Captain!

Zero & Baku- WHAT?!

Julie- AND he actually has a soul drive, that is powered by people's pain!

Zero- Talk about mental…

Arisasora- Zero, wrong word.

Julie- It also tells me that there is a certain grave for this general called MADNUG.

Baku- What kind of name is that?!

Arisasora- Well if you actually read is backwards….

EOE-……*gasp *

Julie- Now I am going to read your minds…


Julie-Fine them! *sniff * You guys are so mean! *crys * WAHHHHHHHH- *beep *

Shadow & Mona- oops.


Arisasora-Baku! That's mean! We already damaged her fragile mental stability and self-confidence!


Arisasora-You should have laughed in her face, you dork!

Baku-I'll make sure to do that later.

Zero- Next question, this person is asking if she can borrow Shadow to cause mass destruction and doom.



Arisasora- Yeah.

Baku- cool.

Shadow- hehe.

Zero- You both are weird.

Baku- you mean me?!

Zero- Yes you dork.

Baku- I hate you.

Zero- good.

Arisasora-Ermm…yeah. So Zero have you found out that Baku is actually a sick little pervert who has fantasies about you?

Baku- WHAT?! I DO NOT!!!

Zero- *with a grossed out look *

Arisasora- Yeah sure…

Baku- really!

Arisasora- Okaaay….Zero…uh…if you and Baku `did it' would you mind being on the bottom?

Zero & Baku- WHAT?!!!?!?!? * looks at them if they were insane.*

Arisasora- uh…huh, I'll take that as a no. Next question! Baku? Were did you get Entego?(the horse)

Baku- Off the internet.

Arisasora- riiiiiiight. NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE SPECIAL EVENT!

Zero & Baku- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camera man- Uh ma'am?

Arisasora- What!

Camera man- Were out of time…


Camera man- YES!!!!

Arisasora- SHADOW! KILL HIM!!!

Shadow- With pleasure. *advances toward him*

Camera man- uh….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!