SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ SD Gundam: Fun with phones! ❯ Questions for the gundams! ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Arisasora- Hello! And welcome back to SD Gundams: Fun with phone!

Shadow- Cut the crap and move on.

Arisasora- Right, I received a lot of questions and comments from my friends to ask to the

Gundams! First up…. it for Guneagle! *Pulls out her cell phone and dials the number *

Guneagle- Hello?

Arisasora- Hi this is-

Guneagle- Are you a fangirl?

Arisasora- Me? I'm the AUTHORESS FOR GODS SAKE!

Guneagle- Oh, why didn't you tell me earlier?

Arisasora- *covers her phone with a pillow and screams * Okay, she wants to know if you

need a bodyguard for the fangirls and an anti-fangirls spray.

Guneagle- really? Okay-

Arisasora- But, there's a catch.

Guneagle- what is it?

Arisasora- She want's you pull prank on Chief Haro. By making his bedroom pink and frilly!

Guneagle- Sure! I'll do that! Wait a sec!

A few moments later……………..

Guneagle- Okay! I'm back! Just waiting for the chief to come.

Chief Haro- WHAT THE HECK?!

Guneagle- Mission accomplished! Uh-oh……..Chief's coming this way..*beep*

Arisasora-…………..I'll take that as a yes. Okay! Next one!

Shadow- Okay*going through the to do list * Next is for…..Zero!

Arisasora- Okay! *dials the number *

Zero- Hello?

Arisasora- Hi Zero! This is the authoress with a question for you!

Zero- Okay…………

Arisasora- Is it true that the princess's real name is Lilygimana-mya-do-Lacroa princess?

Zero-…..yes why?

Arisasora- That's a awfully long and strange name. By the way this is all true because…I'm

watching SD Gundam in Japanese version! I'm not lying seriously.

Zero- *sigh * The American version ended very lamely.

Arisasora- I know! There's actually a sequel to that, or should I say, it wasn't suppose to end

that way.

Zero-…is that all?

Arisasora- Oh yeah, on more. Is it also true that the princess acts like a brat and never listens to people's speech and get pissed really easily?

Zero- Sadly yes. She looks like one but, doesn't act like one.

Arisasora- Oh that's sad, well thanks you for answering our questions!

Zero- Anytime. *beep *

Arisasora- The next question is for Captain! *dials the number *

Captain- Hello? Captain Speaking.

Arisasora- Hello this is Arisasora. Few have some few questions for you.

Captain- Really?

Arisasora- Yup! First question! After you defeated the dark axis is it true that you took their Magmasai (Dark Axis's Ship) And remodeled it to use it to travel to other dimensions?

Captain- Yes, we named our new ship the Gundamsai!

Arisasora- Okay…….next question, when you went through the dimensional transportal gate, you ended up in Dark Axis and you saw new bad villain?

Captain- Yes, The large one is the General, the leader or possibly the creator of Dark Axis and the most powerful. Then Kibaomaru, many of you should know he's the villain from ark and lastly Professor Carbela whose plan it take over Neotopia.

Arisasora- Oh, well thank you for your time! I hope you have a nice day.

Captain- It was my pleasure……* Shute's laughter can be heard in the background * Oh no…..*beep *

Arisasora- Wow, looks like Shute went sugar high. Oh well! NEXT QUESTION!

Mona- The next question is for……..Grappler.

Arisasora- *dials number *

Grappler- Hello?

Arisasora- Hi this is Arisasora, I came to ask a few questions to you!

Grappler- Make it quick.

Arisasora- Okay……..after you were captured to the SD Gundam Force, is true that you became a janitor for the Gundamsai? And your favorite weapon is not a machine gun, but a mop? And you're obsessed with cleaning?

Grappler- Yup!………zakos! Get cleaning! I want this place spotless! You hear! Spo-* beep *

Shadow- Of all the people I never thought he'd will be obsessed in cleaning.

Mona- Yeah….

Arisasora- Is that all?

Shadow- Nope, one more is more Baku!

Arisasora- * dials the number *

Bakunetsumaru- Hello?

Arisasora- Hi Baku! It's me Arisasora!

Bakunetsumaru- Hi!

Arisasora- We got some question for you to answer!

Bakunetsumaru- Uh…..okay?

Arisasora- when you enter the Dark Axis with the dimensional portal and ended up in the Dark Axis, you said you say an kid gundam from Ark trying to beat Kibaomaru?

Bakunetsumaru- Yes, his name is Genkimaru, he is supposedly to be a son of a great leader in Ark.

Arisasora- Uh-huh…..wait, how can you have a SON in Ark?

Bakunetsumaru- In Ark, Gundams are much like human, they can grow and also have babies!

Arisasora- (O.O;;;) Uh………that was really nice to hear…….

Bakunetsumaru- Huh?

Arisasora- Never mind……well thanks for answering the questions…..

Bakunetsumaru- No problem! *beep *

Arisasora- (O.O;;;) Uh…that was very disturbing….

Shadow- * has a sick look on her face *

Mona- *runs into the nearest trashcan and throws up *

Arisasora- Moving on…..Now it time for PRANK CALLS! (^_^)

Shadow- What are you going to do?

Arisasora- Um……Shadow! Go to Zappers house and destroy all the furniture! *hands her a gun *

Shadow- * runs *

Arisasora- *dials Zappers Phone number *

Zapper- Hello?

Arisasora- ……………………

Zapper- * getting annoyed * Hello?

Arisasora-…………………R 30;

Zapper- * Now pissed * Hello?!

Arisasora- * in a eerie voice * Zapper……


Arisasora- Look behind you……

Zapper- Wha- HOLY FUCK!!!!! I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!! * a lot bangs and evil laughter of Shadow's can be heard *

Arisasora- AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That was priceless! If you have any questions for the SD Gundam force just review and we'll answer them!

Mona- Read and review!