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Ryunjin23k: BOO! Sorry. ^^; Bet you all thought I was dead eh?

Kaga: Actually, yes. And we were quite hoping that you would STAY dead.

Ryunjin23k: SILENCE, HERETIC!!! (Changes his viewpoint towards the audience). Whoops. Anyway, I found out that many people still don't really get the real idea about this fanfic. Probably because instead of making a fanfic based on the story itself, I made a fanfic based on my imagination. My bad. So, before I continue the next story chapter, this chapter will fill you in about the who's who & what's what of this universe I've made.

GM: Is it ready, human?

Ryunjin23k: Be patient! So, here's the long-awaited profile chapter!


Profile Chapter.

What is this all about?

What is Jaburo, you ask yourself? Well, Jaburo is the main free city of planet Terra, much like our planet earth, except prettier. It is a technologically advanced & prosperous city, where humans and mechs co-exist peacefully. Jaburo, unfortunately, after the past few years was the last remaining free city of Terra after the Federation invasion.

The Federation Empire is a group of Imperials who felt that in order to achieve perfection; they must unite all cities under its rule and crush all those who oppose the Empire. 3 years have passed and almost every city in planet Terra was under the Federation's rule, all except Jaburo. Jaburo then became a haven for scapegoats and survivors from cities that fell under the power of the empire. In a last ditch effort to combat the Federation, Jaburo united all survivors, scapegoats & escaped prisoners, as well as the soldiers of Jaburo themselves, to form an alliance known as The Alpha Zeons. Now, Jaburo's fate lies under the men & women of Zeon, and they will struggle to crush the Empire, or die trying.

What is so fearsome about the Empire?

The Federation's troops are some of the most deadliest & powerful mechs of the colonised century. Their technology is beyond The Alpha Zeon's entire current tech, so much so that comparing The Federation's Tech with Alpha Zeon's Tech is like comparing a DVD player with a toaster. However, powerful technology comes at a price, since their troops are fewer in number and that their troops are not what you call "cheap" to produce. But even a few of them are enough to wipe out an entire city if under the hands of a masterminded commander. Their loyalty to the Empire is so great, that they will obey no one else but the Federation. Their troops are versatile, meaning they can do anything. Unfortunately for them, they can't exceed in any particular role. So against specialists troops, they might not be so lucky.

Basic infantry:

Assault GMs:

Mainstay of The Federation Force. Tough as nails and highly versatile, they are the backbone of the Federation. They can be equipped to do almost anything. However, they can't excel at any particular role. For instance, they are equally good at close combat, shooting, running and whatnot but they can't get any better at their current roles. Armed with beam sabres, plasma grenades and plasma rifles, they shall fear no threat. (Unless it is 32-feet tall, that is. XD)


This is what you get when you cross a GM with a Zaku. The result? A Hi-Zack!

Close combat specialists. They share the same toughness as Assault GMs but lacking in ranged combat. Aside from that, they also make effective tankbusters. They are armed with laser pistols, acid grenades and Heat Hawks.

GM Snipers:

Basically GM scouts. They can cloak themselves to be able to infiltrate enemy bases and take down enemy sergeants to damage enemy morale. They have better range and speed then assault GMs but perform poorly in close combat do to their poor close combat damage & low armour. They are armed with plasma grenades, combat knives & sniper rifles.


Yagers: Highly trained, upgraded & experienced GMs. Yagers are ungodly tough but much more expensive and fewer in number than normal GMs. However, their presence alone will make even those most battle hardened soldier quake in fear. They share the same versatility with the GMs as well. They are armed with Mk-II Sabres and Submachineguns.


Admiral Gundam: Among one of the leaders of a GM army and much tougher & stronger than a Yager as well. Admiral Gundam was among one of the first few mechas constructed through experimental bio-technology. He is armed with a beam rifle and duel beam tonfas. His most powerful ability is "The Force of the Federation" where he would gather all his energy from his tonfas and release them forming duel crescents that can cut through almost anything.


This part shall remain unknown for now.


Ditto. I'm not gonna ruin the surprise for you folks, you know. :)

But, what about the Alpha Zeons?

The Alpha Zeons are troops consist of survivors from fallen cities followed by Jaburo's own military force. To look down unto the Alpha Zeons is to look at death in the eye and get screwed. Though their technology is not as advanced as the Empire, they are indeed very resourceful and possess a certain cunning that can take down a haughty commander's army fairly easily. Although their ranged weaponry is not as sophisticated as the Federation's, they're more close combat oriented than GMs. Meaning that even the weakest Alpha Zeon soldier is better than a GM when it comes to close combat.

Basic Infantry:

Zaku IIFs:

The backbone of the Alpha Zeon force. Slightly weaker than GMs in terms of armour and weaker ranged combat, but are cheaper to train and are practically monsters in close combat. With their ultimate dedication, they shall crush the Federation beneath their boot. They are armed with Mk-II Heat Hawks, frag grenades and assault rifles.

Rick Dias's:

Armoured tankbusters. Tougher than Zakus but more expensive and are much more suitable against vehicles and in ranged combat although they can hold their own in Close combat. They are armed with RPGs, mines and Dias sabres.

Zaku Gen-Is:

Lightly armoured assassins that specialise in infiltration and assassination. Their powerful close combat ability makes up for their terrible armour and ranged ability. They are armed with desert eagles and Assassin knives.


Geara Dogas:

Heavily armed & experienced Zakus. Much like Yagers except cheaper, and much more close combat oriented. Their armour is tougher than a Zaku II but weaker than a Yager's. Their presence is always a welcome treat for the Alpha Zeon but a nightmare for their enemies. They are armed with Bastard light Sabres and Plasma Pistols.


Kaga aka. RED. (RX-79 Variant Zeon Gundam):

Kaga's past was a tragic one. He had absolutely no idea about his creation & who his creator was. All he knew was that he was adopted and loved by a human family he loved so much. Unfortunately, his happiness was short lived when he came back after running an errant for his family, he found that his family was butchered and his house burned down. He noticed then that the GMs that killed his family were still lingering around. In revenge, he picked up a pole, sneaked up to one of the GMs and stabbed him in the eye. The second GM tried to retaliate, but Kaga picked up the plasma gun from the dead GM and shot him in the head. The GM felled, and Kaga then fainted from excitement & exhaustion. He was eventually rescued by one of the Alpha Zeon members. He was then taken under their wing and trained under the ways of the Zeon. 3 years had passed and the Gundam became a powerful leader who is both a soldier and a tactician. You would think that a person like him would be angst filled and gloomy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kaga's personality is somewhat sometimes cheerful, witty, yet cynical and a bit childish and cowardly at times. Although to him, his slight cowardice can be justified. "With respect sir, I'm NOT being afraid! I'm merely being sensible! And I for one am sensible not to fight a 6 foot tall behemoth all on my lonesome just because you said so, sir!" His favourite weapons are duel beam sabres, duel sub-machineguns and stolen plasma grenades.

Voice Accent: British. (Monty Python-ish)

Doan aka. ZAKUMARU (Zaku-IIZ):

Kaga's best friend. Doan was once the leader of the now-deceased Cyclops team. His team members were killed in a skirmish and he was captured by the Fedearation. However, due to his sensitive nature of his nose, he couldn't stand the smell of paint, and the prison was just painted when he was thrown in. The GMs got so fed up that they decided to transfer him into the Federation battle labs. (God knows why. Maybe because they're so loyal their common sense had deteriorate.) There, he was rescued by Kaga & since then became friends. While Kaga can come off as sarcastic, Doan is very cheerful. He's friendly, very approachable and has a particular love for English Bagels. His favourite weapons are the Katana Sword, frag grenades and a sawed-off Beam rifle.

Voice Accent: Liverpool

Odin aka. GATO (GPO2-D )

Odin was a former member of the federation's Minovsky Strike Force. He betrayed them because he did not want to be a part of such a bloody Empire. That, and the canteen food were terrible from his view. He's the type who's very laid back and like to take things a bit easy. However, he's extremely focus when in combat. He's the only Gundam in the force who could withstand a nuclear blast from an Atom Bomb. He DOES however, misses someone he loves dearly who is still in the Federation and deeply regretted leaving just for his love one. (Who's his admirer, we'll never know yet.) When it comes to food and blowing things up, you know that he's always around for that. He is armed with duel RPGs, Atom grenades, Machetes and a Nuclear Bazooka.

Voice Accent: Scottish


Well, that's all I can write for know in this filler chapter. The next chapter will definitely continue the story, I promise you. Oh, and please don't flame me. It's been awhile. ^^;