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Chapter 2: Red and Green (Part 2)

*Flashback interrupted

"Oy! Kaga!" a bulky white Gundam shouted from behind the chair Kaga (Red) was sitting on.

"Gah!!" Kaga jumped out from his chair in shock,

"Don't…..*pant* .…….. *wheeze*.......that, Odin!" Kaga wheezed, trying to regain his breath. "You almost scared the life out of me…"

"Sorry about that there, lad!" Odin replied. "You're a little too young to be so high strung. You hafta learn to relax once in a while, eh?"

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Maybe I should give myself a break,"

"That's the spirit!"

"Right after I'm done with the report." Odin sweat dropped.

"C'mon, laddie. No one ever reads those reports anyway." Odin snorted.

"Aw c'mon. I'm almost done here." Kaga replied. "And besides, the chief would have my head if I don't get this done on time."

"Hah! This coming from the guy who stuck pins on the prisoner's chair during an interrogation!"

Kaga fumed. "That was a long time ago, Odin."

"Check your wee memory, lad. It was 3 weeks ago!"

"Don't you have anything else better to do, Odin? Besides tormenting me."

"Nothing yet, but I was thinking more of the line of, lunch!"

Kaga sweat dropped. "Um, Odin. Lunch was at 12.00. It's 2 Pm now."

"I know that. I'm talking about second lunch!"

Kaga *fell down anime-style*

"Whatever. I'm just going to finish up my report. See you later, Odin."

"Hokay, lad!" Odin then left the room.

The red Gundam then continued typing his report while recalling his flashback….

*Flashback continued


Kaga (Red): (talking through his headphones) Recon 3, report! Recon 3, what is your status!?

Doan: Any luck so far?

Kaga: Nein. Nada. Negative. I just found out I lost three of my Zakus.

Doan: What about the other two?

Kaga: I'm contacting them right now.


Doan: Well?

Kaga: Damn. There's too much interference. We're cut off.

Doan: Well, we'd better get moving right now. I'm not staying here when HE's around.

Kaga: Wait, who's the "HE" you keep mentioning about?

Doan: I'll tell you on the way. But first, we have to find your remaining squad members, and those plans you're looking for. That, and I have to retrieve my weapons. They're in the armory, probably where the plans are also kept.

Kaga: Shouldn't they keep the plans in a safe or something?

Doan: Well, last I've heard, they were in a hurry to prepare the building for inspection. They were quite disorganized, last time I saw. They were stuffing doughnuts in lockers, books under the tables,..etc, etc.

Kaga: I know how they felt. We have the same problem too, admittedly. ^^;

Doan: I'm not too sure whether it's there or not. I just heard it from a GM. By the way, I didn't really catch your name. Who are you exactly?

Kaga: Kaga's what people call me casually. Red's my code name. But my enemies call me the Blood Cadaver.

Doan: Wow. How come you have enemies that give you cool nicknames?

Kaga: Believe me, it's not that great Doan. -_-;

Doan: Why not? I'll bet nobody will bother your bullocks with that title. Zaku! ^^

Kaga: Yes, but then they would all try to kill me when I least expect it. So far, they've been doing a very bad job at it. But my time will come, unfortunately. ;_;

(Arrives at the armoury)

Kaga: (searches cabinets) Hmm..lets see here; AOL CDs, Microsoft Windows XP backup, some can of lima beans..

Doan: (searches weapons rack) hmm…. Where is it…Aha! (Picks up a sawed-off beam rifle)…and now for my..Aha! (Picks up a katana sword) I'll never, ever leave your side again, I swear, by my oath! Zaku!

Kaga: Um, Doan? Your choice of weaponry is questionable. o_O

Doan: What do you mean by that, Kaga?

Kaga: I mean, a Katana sword?! C'mon. The sawed-off Beam rifle is understandable, but why an old-style Katana sword?

Doan: (shot Kaga a dirty glare) What do you mean by that?

Kaga: You do know that you can get ten times the effectiveness from a mêlée weapon less than tenth of a size, don't you? Like Beam sabers. Or Light sabers if you're a Star Wars junkie.

Doan: (points the tip of the sword towards Kaga's face) I like the shiny reflections I get out of this one. (Sword makes a shiiing sound)

Kaga: oO; The reflection of doom from the blade is a nice effect, too. ^^;

(Continues searching)

Kaga: (Picks up a blueprint) This must be it. This is what I came here for. Now to find my..

(Zaku corpse flies into the room crashing into a window)

Kaga: ..squadmates? oO;

????: (In the shadows) In the name of the Federation, you will withdraw at once. I would prefer to avoid further violence, but I am warning you; that I will use this weapon for which I have been issued a special permit by the authorities.

Kaga: Wha..? Come out of the shadows! Show yourself!

(The mysterious mech began walking out of the shadows to reveal..(Guess who?)

Doan: That's the "HE" I was referring to.

Kaga: Holy Crap. It's EVIL ME!!! O_O

Doan: Er..not exactly. He's an upgraded version of the RX-78-2 Gundam. And besides, he came first. You came later.

Kaga: Oh. Right, right. Still, it is spooky to see another guy who looks like me, well, minus the scouter, donning armour with a grey and midnight Blue colour scheme, wheels on his heels, etc.

Doan: They codenamed him, Admiral Gundam. Don't ask me why they didn't named him Captain Gundam. (Ryunjin23k: My bad. XP) I guess the Feds have their own reasons.

Kaga: Is he the fully operational Bio-Mecha they were talking about as well?

Doan: Not really.

Kaga: Whew.

Doan: He's ONE of them.

Kaga: You mean there's more!?

Admiral: Surrender at once, or I will be forced to fire my weapon.

Kaga: Um…..hey! What's that up there?! (points to the ceiling)

Admiral: Huh? (Looks up)

Kaga: (Pulls out a grenade) Doan! Cover your eyes!

Doan: Ahem. T.T+

Kaga: Oh. Ahem. I mean, eye. ^^;

(Lobs the grenade towards Admiral and a bright flash engulfs the area, followed by a loud bang.)

Admiral: Aarrgghh…Can't see!

Kaga: (grabs the plans as well as a few guns from the rack just for the sake of it) Let's go, Doan!

Doan: Flashbang grenades?

Kaga: Yep. They come in handy when you want to make an escape or if you want to blind your enemies before striking them)

Doan: Cool. ^^

Kaga: This is Red, calling base. Is the drop ship ready?

Base comm: It's waiting for you outside!

Kaga: Excellent. Over and out.

*flashback ended

Kaga sighed after finishing his report. "I lost all of my squad members that day. I guess have to look at the bright side."

Kaga got up from his seat after shutting of his computer, and looked through the window, watching Doan playing basketball with the other Zakus. "At least I made a new friend."

Kaga then walked out of the room, shut the lights and locked the door before he left.


Admiral: My apologies, Commander. I will not fail you again.

???: See to it that you don't. And that goes for you two, as well.

???2: Yeah, yeah. I know.

???3: They will not screw us up this time. Mwahahahaha! Mwahahahaha! Mwahahaha!

???: Shut up, you.

???3: Okay. (Quietly) mwahahah..mwahahaha..



Red Mic Zako: Mina-san! Konnichiwa!

Blue & Yellow: Konnichiwa!

R: Today's meeting is about…


Y: Let's have a look shall we, Zako?

(Screen shows a split screen between the Dark Axis Zakos and the Alpha Zeon Zakus)

Y: The Zakos in this fic were portrayed as the good guys, where's the SD Gundam Force were the bad guys. I guess that makes it a future fic, ala' Terminator.

R: Agreed!

Y & B: Zako! Zako!

B: Demo, demo, demo!

R: What?

B: How come the Alpha Zeons get to have two Gundams?!

R & Y: Gundams?

(screen switches to a picture of Kaga with dual beam rifles & Odin with Dual RPGs)

B: See, they get to have 2 Gundams, and we don't, ZAKO! (Cries) It's not fair!! ;_;

R: Oh there, there.

Y: Wait, what about the Zako that was rescued by the Gundam, Zako?

(Screen switches to a scene where Doan poses ala' Bakunetsumaru with his Katana sword)

Y: Gah! That Zako is so lucky!! He gets to have his own Katana sword, Zako! (cries) ;____;

R: It's okay. It's okay.

B: (stops crying) Wait. Why are they called Zakus instead of Zakos, Zako?

R & Y: Zakus?

(Screen shows Kaga)

K: Good afternoon, boys. I just want to let you know that this is just an alternate universe fic, formed by the twisted minds of the authour. And, if we're not lucky, they might be a crossover fic between your dimension, the Neotopian Dimension and the Colonised Century Dimension. Oh, and the Zakus are called Zakos in this fanfic because it's the author's decision. Bye!

(Screen deactivates itself)

R: Oh, well. At least Captain Gundam got the short end of the stick for once, Zako.

Y: Wait, who's the alternate Captain?

B: The Grey one or the Red one?


B: Aarrghhh!! THIS IS SO CONFUSING!! ZaKo!!

Y: We haven't made any progress at all!!! Zako!

R: Let's just end this meeting for know and continue it some other day.



Well, I've finally updated my fanfic, and I guess I apologise for not updating for so long. I'm sorry if the Zako Zako hour guys weren't any help. I'll try and get a full character profile ready soon for the next chapter. Oh, and please review and don't flame me. ^^;