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Yabureru Mapputatsu
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Wow, I’m alive and updating, amazing huh? ^^; Lol, sorry, this year has been total hell for me. X____x Nonetheless, here’s the update! Sorry it doesn't go anywhere in plot, but it definitely is cute. :p

Prologue: For All Time

It was like reliving that day that changed his whole perspective of the world.
Baku stared up at Neotopia’s night sky, or more like the individual particles of dark blue and deep purple and empty, black nothingness. So much time had passed since he discovered his loving brother was no more, and even a further length of time since he found that loving brother was leaving forever. Days. Weeks. Months. He was tired of thinking about his lost family, tired of visiting the only grave he knew here.
Well, maybe not entirely. Somehow that damn knight was always there before him with flowers.

Baku smiled and sat up, glancing over at his twin swords by his side. Despite Kibaomaru’s appearance and Taishi’s death, his thirst for home was just as well as it had been when he left. Apparently, only wishing for a place to take comfort in was considered absurd.
There would never be comfort again. That state of mind, that fragile state of mind called home, was shattered. Peace wasn’t something that was handed to people.
Especially not to gundams.
Maybe that was why he slowly stopped quarreling with Zero. He realized something through the rape and the fights and the loss.

He blinked and slowly raised his amber eyes up above the cement block next to him, where another gundam sat, also starring at the same spot Baku was previously.

“Never forget what we’re really fighting for.” Baku’s eyes wavered for a moment in slight understanding, then confusion.

We fight for something that will never come.

“What’s the point, Ybaso-sensei?” Baku sighed while frowning at the ground again. If it was futile, why should they bother trying?
Ybaso was silent.

“That’s just another lesson in life that you have to learn on your own.”

I roll the window down
And then begin to breathe in

There was different levels and depths of staring, though it was hardly ever recognized as an important factor.
Baku rubbed his tired eyes, they were weary from the intense levels of fixing them upon a single spot. Well, he was just overall tired, too excited to sleep, too sleepy to be excited.
But not nearly excited or sleepy enough to stay on the hard, cold roof any longer.

Lifting his arms up and stretching out like an overly large cat, he yawned and pawed at the ground to work his lower back muscles, pushing his butt into the air.

A swift hand movement, yelp, and lunge forward later, Baku clung to the side of the roof, his face at least seven different shades of red. Zero poked his mildly amused yet concerned head out.

“I’m sorry, did I startle you?” Baku growled a series of cuss words before finally slowing down his caffeine-high-like-rant for Zero to understand.

“DAMN IT, Zero, when I get back up, I’ll wring your neck out!!”

“Guess I’m not helping you up then,” Zero grinned mischievously while leaning over some broken railing. Even if not helping was only going to increase the beating (or attempt at beating, Zero snickered) that was sure to come for fondling Baku without any sort of hint or warning like so, Zero figured at least pulling himself up might blow off some of his steam.

“You,” Baku hissed but was cut off abruptly by the sound of his hand sliding off of the concrete wall. He blinked and quickly panicked, swiping it back up but losing his balance in the process and forcing the other supporting hand down.

Zero blinked as his eyes widened and, with a sharp gasp, dived over the loosely hung railing over the side of the building.

The darkest country road
And the strong scent of evergreen
From the passengers seat and

Zero shook his head while chuckling and drifting slowly upwards, Baku dangling from his arms.
“You’re slacking again if you can’t even manage to pull yourself up,” He muttered while softly placing him back on the ground, nuzzling the back of his neck while purring.

“Shut up,” Baku murmured while leaning back against Zero and tilting his neck. “I’m tired, trained too much today.” Zero sighed while draping his arms over him.

“You train too much everyday.”

“Better than never training,” Baku grinned tiredly while shoving Zero lightly. He frowned.

“That’s not true, I train. Just not when everyone’s around and all the time like you. Show off,” Zero chuckled lightly while resting their feet back on the cement roof. Baku glanced back at him.

"I don't want to be up here. Go back down." Zero sweatdropped and grumbled.

"Oh so I'm suddenly an elevator now?" Baku grinned a broad smile and sighed softly.

"Well, that's best use for you I've heard so far, you useless flirt." Zero continued to pout while taking his arms back from around Baku and folding them defensively over his chest. Baku blinked and moved back over to him, poking him on the forehead. "...I'm joking, Zero, you know that, silly. You're great in battle." Zero looked up in surprise. He had never heard Baku admit that he was a good knight and ally- not that he was complaining about being complimented. Zero's eyes softened again as he smiled confidently. "Yeah, who else but you could annoy opponents into submission with flowers??" Ouch. Zero twitched as a vein bulged from his forehead. Well, he could always fanaticize.

"Why you little--!" Zero wrapped his arm around Baku's neck and forced it down, proceeding to keep him in a head lock. "You tricked me into thinking you were actually going to say something nice!!"

"Ah, hey, leggo!!" Baku squirmed to pry his head out of Zero's arms.

"Only if you admit I'm a damn fine knight," Zero smirked. Snorting, Baku pushed the sheath of his sword backwards roughly into Zero's gut and pulled himself away when his grip loosened, making a face at the Lacroan.

"Only if you admit I'm a bad-assed samurai!!" Zero looked up and growled playfully.

"Oh it's on alright," And proceeded to tackle the musha to the ground.

Then looking upwards
I strain my eyes and try

Ybaso watched the two brawl on the ceiling and sighed, shaking his head.
"Those two..." Sitting down on the ledge and dangling his feet over it, he watched for a while longer in pensive silence. "Maybe you already know the answer, Baku. Even weapons of destruction can fight for peace in ever-going inevitable war...because they have someone to protect or even something to fight for," He mumbled aloud to himself and paused to watch the two finally pull away from each other, breathing heavily. Taking in a deep breath of the night air and standing up, Ybaso smiled sadly, before turning away, whispering, "Learn to be strong, little fire spirit," and disappearing in an instant.

To tell the difference between
Shooting stars and satellites
From the passenger’s seat and

"Zero," Baku mumbled while curling up next to him on the rooftop, lying on his side. "Do you think we'll ever save our homes?" Zero blinked while frowning.


"Do you blame me," he looked up into Zero's eyes sadly. Zero stared for a moment before sighing.

"...No. But we can't afford to think things like that Baku." He patted the samurai on the head quietly, forcing on a grin. "We are the hope of our countries." Baku nodded in silence but his eyes were filled with deep contemplation, swimming just outside the meaning.

"I don't want to be the hope," Baku murmured as the knight blinked incredulously. "I want... to free Ark of evil." He nuzzled his head with Zero's while staring back up at the morning sky.

“Do they collide?”
I ask and you smile
With my feet on the dash
The world doesn’t matter

"Baku?" With a groan, the musha snuggled further into his chest and mumbled something horribly incoherent. Zero chuckled at his while throwing his cape over him while sighing and closing his eyes.
"It's nothing."

When you feel embarrassed
Then I’ll be your pride
When you need directions
Then I’ll be the guide
For all time
For all time