Shaman King Fan Fiction ❯ The Black Hole ❯ Black Hole ( Chapter 1 )

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Yoh was doing his usual thing, listening to music and enjoying the nature. It was so fun for him that he forgot everything that he had to do but to have fun. He forgot that he had to go home and cook dinner for Anna, his fiancée. But the brunette suddenly got up as soon as he heard the call for him that came from few miles away.
His thoughts suddenly ran out of his mind.
He got up as quick as he could and made a fast movement. He ran toward his house with fear all over his face. He was afraid that he lived no longer in this world.
As soon as he found his house, he sped up and ran to the door.
“Coming, Anna-chan!” He replied the call with smile on his face.
“You haven't made the dinner! I'm hungry, baka!” A young itako marched toward him impatiently.
She was a beautiful maiden. Her golden stripes hair was falling around her face, her fragile and skinny posture stood perfectly, leaning on the wall.
She gave him a death stare and crossed her arms.
The Shaman King nodded and ran to the kitchen. He took an apron and started cooking as fast as his hands could do.
It was his fiancée after all. And all he could do for her was to make her happy every single day. But who cared? For he loved her so much he would give away his title as the Shaman King for her only.
He grabbed some vegetables and a knife and started to do his job.
Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! He was chopping some vegetables when he heard something from his living room.
It was something that he had never heard before. It sounded strange. It was like waves in ocean or rushes in hurricane. It did sound dangerous, but it did not sound real too.
Well, maybe it was just Anna listening to some weird music as she was. He continued to chop the vegetables and ignored the rushing sound from his living room.
Apparently, a friend of Yoh came to their house.
It was a really familiar voice, and it was Tao Ren's.
And then, he heard the door opened.
“Yooh-kuun... Anna-chaaaan...”
Oh yes, it was Pirika Usui.
He ran out of his kitchen to greet his friends. He put the best of smiles he could ever do.
Then, he realized something... he forgot to put away the apron.
He stopped. Well, it must be Pirika chasing after Ren, he thought and turned back.
He ran back to the kitchen to put away his apron and ran back to his friends, whom he believed were in the living room.
“Ren! Pirika! What a...”
He stopped.
There, in the living room, he saw, was a tiny little black hole that slowly faded away.
What was that?
He walked to the black hole, but the hole suddenly disappeared.
“Anna! Ren! Pirika!” He called them.
No reply.
He started to feel uneasy.
“Annaaa... Annaaa... Annaaa...!”
No reply.
And just then, his eyes met the floor.
There were blue beads that the most important person in his life always wore around her neck, a Chinese sword that his best friend always brought, and a pretty band that a blue haired girl always wore on her head.
He gasped.
It could not be...
They were gone.
And everything turned black.