Smallville Fan Fiction / Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Clark's Twin Brother ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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16 years later…
Clark, is tall, has black hair, green eyes, wears blue jeans, short red shirt, and grew up in
Smallville. Peter, has brown hair, is a little shorter than Clark, brown eyes, and grew up
in New York with his Aunt and Uncle. Peter's human parents died in a plane crash when
he was a baby. (Somehow Jor-el knew that Jal-el, who is Peter, couldn't control his
powers so Jor-el did something to Peter so he could become a human. It would wear off
when he turned 16.) Peter was on his way to becoming Spider-man after his Uncle's
death. Here is how it happened: Peter was on a science class field trip. He was a
photographer for his school newspaper. His class was at a science lab at a college. They
were learning about genetically altered spiders. While he was taking pictures, he didn't
notice that a spider that was missing came down on him and landed on his left hand and
bit him. He felt a bite and suddenly the spider died. When he found about his powers he
used them for a wrestling career. One night, when has was getting ready to go into the
wrestling ring, a guy passed him by. He was muscled, with blond hair. A security guard
was chasing after him and said, “Stop that robber!” Peter just let the robber pass and said,
“Hey, I am a wrestler, not a cop!” When he came home that night there a dozen cops
outside. He ran into his house, and saw his aunt sitting on the couch crying. A sop came
up to him and said, “You must the nephew. I'm sorry that got shot by a robber.” Peter
just stood there feeling sadness and shock. Then he overheard the cop's radio. It said that
they got the robber at warehouse down by the docks near the river. He then ran into a
alley way, and changed into his costume, climbed onto the building and headed toward
the warehouse. He went into the building and found the robber. He started beating the
robber out of revenge and anger. When a light was shown through the window, Peter
recognized the guy fro the wrestling arena. He was shocked! He realized that he should
have stopped him and his uncle would still be alive. So, he tied up the robber, letting him
hang there and left. A few minutes later, he stood on a building down. He remembered
his uncle's words are: “With great power comes with great responsibility.” He understood
it to mean he would use his powers to help people. That's how he became Spider-man.)
One night, Clark was asleep and was dreaming. Suddenly, he was in a white void with
2 people standing before him, a man and a woman. They were Clark's biological parents,
Jor-el and Lara. “Mom? Dad?” said Clark. They both nod. “Yes, Kal-el, it is us. We come
to you now to tell you the truth.” said Jor-el. “What truth?” said Clark. “The truth is that
your not alone in this world.” said Jor-el. “What! How could that be, because I am the
last son of Krypton?” said Clark. “That you are not alone because you have a twin
brother.” said Lara, speaking for the first time. “Yes, you need to find him soon.” said
Jor-el. “Why?” said Clark. “Because he is human right now. I can tell that you're brother
could not control his powers when he got to earth.” said Jor-el.
To be continued…