Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ The Search ( Chapter 10 )

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A New Shadow
Chapter 10.
Rouge paced around the room anxiously. “I'm sure he's fine,” Amy kept telling her, but that wasn't good enough for Rouge. “He'll turn up Rouge, don't worry,” Sonic said. It had been four hours since Sonic came in with the news. “The one good time my life was actually good, and I liked it too, something bad happens.” Rouge nagged.
“Everything will be fine Rouge,” Frost tried to make her feel better. “Knuckles and Tails are looking for him right now.”
“I'm about to take the shift too Rouge,” Sonic added.
Tails was flying around central square looking frantically for their missing pal. Knuckles was putting up signs. The echidna saw a man walk down the street. He have the man a flyer. “Have you seen this hedgehog?” Knuckles asked. “Get lost pal,” The man replied in a frantic tone while throwing the flyer back into Knuckles' face. No such luck. Another man walked down the street. “Have you seen this hedgehog,” Knuckles asked hopefully while giving the man a flyer.
“As a matter of fact, I have. I saw a depressed looking hedgehog just like that walking down the lane to the casino. That was about ten minutes ago though.”
“Thank you so, very, very much sir.” Knuckles shook the man's hand and headed off towards Rouge's house. As Tails and Knuckles walked through the door way Sonic greeted them. “He's at the casino,” Knuckles told Sonic.
“Let me go, I can handle this,” Sonic said. They agreed, and he set off for the casino. As he arrived he read a sign that said, “Free Shot Tuesday.” Today was Tuesday. It wasn't hard to find Shadow. He was sitting at the bar, head deep into his hands. Sonic walked quietly over to the drunken Shadow.
“Shadow, what are you doing here?” Sonic asked. “I can't do it,”
“Do what?” “I can't get married okay, I just can't!” Shadow replied raising his voice a little. “What do you mean?”
“You wouldn't understand?” Shadow said. “Try me,” Sonic replied determined to find out. “I've never made a commitment this large in my life, and I don't know if I'm ready.” Shadow explained. “I love Rouge, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if I'm ready yet.”
Sonic took a deep breath. He had never heard Shadow express his feelings like that before. “You can always post pone the wedding. Running away from your problems doesn't solve them Shadow. I think you need to have a talk with Rouge.”
“Me too,” Shadow replied. “Then let's go.” Sonic and Shadow walked through the doors into the open night. They walked back to Rouges house none of them saying a word. The door opened, shadow walked in followed by Sonic. Rouge ran over to Shadow.
“I was so worried!” Rouge hugged Shadow firmly.
“I'm sorry I left you, I love you so much,” Shadow replied, “We need to have a talk.”