Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Brothers ❯ My Big Brother! ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sonic was dead silent as the boat pulled into the ferry. Shadow harrumphed.

"Come on, Sonic. It's not that bad."

"Hey! Sonic's back!"

"Screw you, Shadow," Sonic muttered then turned to see the gathering crowd. They were all talking excitedly.

Sonic's face was stony as he marched off the boat, and into his own personal hell. They all wanted to be near him. The mayor of the town was waiting. He was a large purple cat with slits for pupils. Sonic was shocked he'd been reelected.

"Sonic the Hedgehog! It is good to see you remember where you came from."

"Hard to forget, Bumbles," Sonic replied, eyes and voice devoid of emotion.

"What brings you here?"

"Chaos Emerald."

"We haven't see one around here," Bumbles said.

"They tend to hide," Shadow said when it was apparent that Sonic wasn't going to grace that with an answer.

"Yeah," Tails said, eyes glued on his brother. "Have there been any noticeable changes in scenery?"

"There was an earthquake about two months ago. The epicenter was somewhere near the Jagged Peaks."

Sonic paled but stayed silent.

"Hey, Sonic, can we get a quote?" a beige porcupine asked, holding up a camera while his yellow goose partner held a recorder.

"Yeah, Peter, you can take that camera and—" Sonic started. Knuckles slammed his gloved hand over the porcupine's lens as Tails slammed his hand over Sonic's mouth.

"And what?" Shadow asked, smirking.

"Nothing," Sonic growled. "Let's just get to the Jagged Peaks." He grabbed Tails and Knuckles and shot out of there so fast that he broke the sound barrier. Shadow followed with Rouge, Omega, and Amy half a second later. They slowed outside of town to see Sonic muttering to himself.

"Wow, Blue Boy. I thought you were going to swear on the record," Shadow snickered.

"Shut your damn, mouth, Shadow," Sonic mocked.

"Ha! So you do know curse words!" Rouge laughed.

"Yeah? You know what you can do?"

"Sonic!" Knuckles barked. "We need to get to the Jagged Peaks!"

"Yeah, the good news keeps on coming!" Sonic spat.

"Why isn't that good news?" Tails asked.

"Because that's where my parents fell to their deaths."

With that, Sonic began walking, arms crossed. Even Rouge and Shadow had nothing to say about that. At all. They didn't know what to say to an admittance like that. Amy dashed over to him.



"Stop for a second."

He did so, tears in his eyes. "What?"

She kissed him. It was chaste, but it was long. The tears fell freely by the time she pulled away. He sniffled and wiped them away.

"Thanks, Amy. Let's get to my personal hell inside my personal hell."

They dashed off and were there much too soon in Sonic's case.

"Nobody but Rouge and Tails go past that crack. The cliff is crumbling which is how my parents…Anyway, we got to find that Emerald. Eggman will be here any time."

They searched the tall, leafy trees and scattered, red rocks. Soon the only option was staring them in the face. Sonic watched nervously as Tails and Rouge flew down and began searching the cliff face. They came up empty and tired.

"It's just not there, Sonic," Tails said sadly.

"Well, let's get to our hotel rooms," Sonic said. "With as little interaction as possible, please."

They had a suite to themselves at the best hotel in town, but Sonic accepted the gift bitterly. They called out for food, eating greedily. Except for the blue hedgehog, who only picked half-heartedly at his chili dogs.

"Why do you hate them so much?" Shadow finally asked.

"They only love what I've done for them and the world. They care nothing for me."

"I know the feeling," Rouge said.

"Yes," Shadow replied then took another bite of his cheeseburger.

"At least I'm not alone," Sonic sighed, not pressing for information. He then took a bite of his food.

They went to bed early and got up to explosions. Sonic grinned.

"Alright! Let's go kick some Eggman butt!"

He was in a hovering device this time, and he looked gleeful at his challenge for the day.

"Looks like Team Dark is here, too! Goody, goody! Prepare to meet your demise, Sonic the Hedgehog!"

"Think again, Eggman!" Sonic mocked.

A gun fired, and they scattered. Tails noticed the cameras trying to record that. Sonic wouldn't want that, so he threw out his electro-bombs and destroyed all of them. Once the news crews had stood up, they glared at Tails, who smirked then turned back to the battle.

Ten minutes later, Eggman had pulled his vanishing trick again, leaving his emerald. Tails picked it up as Sonic shook hands with Shadow and Rouge. Suddenly he was pushed violently.

"You little rat!" one of the cameramen snarled.

"Sonic doesn't want you recording him!" Tails spat.

He was pushed again, and he sat down hard. The beaver stood over him.

"He isn't worth anything but video footage. He's still just as big of a jerk, and an even bigger freak. Now, we're going to take some pictures."

"You take it back," Tails growled in a deadly voice.

"That's he's a freak?" the green beaver asked. "No."

There was a huge zapping of energy, and Sonic turned to see every news crew writhing on the ground.

"Tails!" Knuckles gasped.

"Let off the button!" Amy ordered.

Tails obeyed. "Next time you say it, it'll be worse for you," he promised then turned and stormed back to the hotel room.

"Why did you do it, Tails?" Sonic asked when they had all settled in for lunch before heading back to the mainland.

"Simple," Tails said, taking a big bite of cheese pizza. He swallowed then grinned. "Nobody gets to mess with my big brother."

Sonic blinked at him then smiled, mussing the fur on top of his head. "Yeah. Nobody gets to mess with you either. Now give me a piece of that!"