Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Destiny and Desires of the Heart ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Destiny and Desires of the Heart
"Well, now what?" Silk asked, wearing her usual clothes: jeans, a black sports bra, a red vest, and black gloves and shoes. She was a white hedgehog with white and black striped hair that reached her lower back. "We've done like everything we could think of to stay entertained. What do you think Blast?"
Blast, a gray fox with hair reaching down to his shoulders, was leaning against the wall on the other side of the room, wearing black shoes, gloves, pants, a blue shirt and his trench coat, which was of course, black. He looked up at her with his usual calm look upon his face. "Perhaps your, as you always so bluntly put it, "Scootykins" can assist you."
Silk shrugged. "Scootykins is out getting milk. And what's wrong with me calling my boyfriend Scootykins?"
Blast sighed. "It's a childish nickname that only someone as sophomoric as you might use."
"You bet Blastykins" She said grinning, knowing that this annoyed him more than anything.
"Do not address me by that demeaning name" he said, his face no giving off the calm aura of before.
He sighed and left the room, Silk not far behind him. "So what're you doing now?"
He turned back around and was getting pretty annoyed. "Going to my room. Is there a problem with that?"
Silk smiled with an innocent look upon her face. "Nope, not at all. Have fun!"
When Blast went upstairs and was no longer in her sight, Silk went back downstairs, grabbing the cordless phone before plopping down on the couch.
Silk's P.O.V.
This is the life! Much better than living in an abandoned basementand living off food in dumpsters! We're lucky we met this guy, even more lucky he let us live with him.
Silk dialed numbers on the phone, waiting for Scoot to pick up. It rang twice, and he picked up. "Hello?"
“Hey Scootykins!” Silk yelled, excited to hear her boyfriend's voice. “Where are you?”
“Hey Silk” he replied. “Line's long at the market is all. I'll be home in a few, okay? Love you babe”
“Love you too”
And of course, within a few minutes Scoot was back from the market, with the milk, placing it in
the fridge and plopping himself on the couch next to Silk. He was a burgundy hedgehog with
quills longer and spikier than Shadow, and each had a yellow ring-shaped accent near the tips.
“So what did I miss babe?” he asked, wrapping his arm around Silk, holding her close to him.
“Not much. Blasty is still Mr. Grinch, as usual, but everything's about the same.”
“Actually Silk, I heard from Vulcan about this treasure……rumors are if you collect all the pieces it will grant the heart's desires.”
“Scoot, we have a place to live now. The last thing we need is another crazy adventure and risk losing our rooms here.”
Silk turned on the TV, hoping to distract herself from Scoot's ranting about treasures and
adventure. Of course it didn't help when he just stood in front of the television and continued. He
continued this for what seemed like an hour until her patience ran out.
“Okay Scoot I get it!!” she said, giving up trying to avoid a hunt for a treasure that probably didn't exist or had been already found. “Tell me what you know about this artifact.”
“Alright, I should first point out that this artifact is more like a few, per say. Alone each object can't do much, but when put together they can grant the heart's desires. They don't really have a name, so they've been dubbed the Anonymous; objects that were fit for a king. I've even found out about one of the locations. Apparently one object is like a detector to the others: when you have one Anonymous object and it's close to another, they'll glow.”
“Okay… where is the first Anonymous?”
“In the desert” he replied, knowing Silk would protest.
“The desert? As in brutal scorching days, and freezing nights? As in dying of thirst and becoming hopelessly lost?”
“I don't know Scoot… and I don't even know about surviving in the desert.”
“I do”
Silk quickly turned around and was surprised to see Blast behind her, looking right at her.
“You Blast? Why would you help us? You hardly even like us!”
“Understand that I have no intention of doing this for your benefit. I know of the Anonymous and have been trying to find them for awhile. I am simply doing this for my own benefit, and you two may come with me. Your assistance, if only useful to a small extend, could be beneficial nonetheless.”
“Okay!” Scoot yelled. “We go out tomorrow!”