Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ His Story ❯ His Story III: Sonic's Discoveries ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
For me to continue the story of Shadow The Hedgehog's search for the emeralds and fight agaist the evil Doctor Eggman, I must change the general setting for a chapter and change the subject to Sonic for one, so I'm sorry to say that this is the end of our story... oh what the hell, I'll continue the story. Sonic The Hedgehog woke up at night, again, exact date unknown. He was still slightly sleepy, and was annoyed by the sand in his shoes. He noticed Knuckles, his Echidna friend had made a bed out of fallen branches, grass and dirt. "Great idea Knuckles, you were able to make a bed!" Sonic exclaimed in excitement. I am sorry about the constant alliteration in this chapter, but there is no other way to explain the story of when Sonic woke up on the beach of Jungle Island. And I'm sorry to say, but there will be more alliteration to come as I describe the horrible truth about what happened to Knuckles in Dr. Eggman's lab. "You okay buddy?" Asked Sonic, not knowing why Knuckles wasn't talking about what he had done like usual. "Chirp, Chirp!" Chirped Knuckles, exactly like a bird. "What happened to you Knuckles?!" Asked Sonic, not knowing why Knuckles was acting nothing like Knuckles. I know, knowing and Knuckles start with K, but they make the N sound. "I'm gonna go try to catch some fish." Said Sonic, who normally wouldn't eat fish or go in water, but he needed to eat. Knuckles started chirping like a madbird. Then Sonic saw something farther out that looked like a shiny rock. He went out farther and then fell in the water. He realized he could breathe underwater. He used this new ability to go swimming and wat he found, was a chaos emerald. He showed it to Knuckles, who, being a birdchidna, had no idea what it was. Sonic was about to go see what else he could find, when Shadow and Rouge appeared. I would tell you about the conversation they had, but I will have to save that conversation for another chapter. Stay tuned for Chapter IV
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